The Meaning of Names and Name Meanings

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Hi! I’m Mark.

You might call me a  seasoned name expert. Have you ever wondered what someone’s name means? I have the answer for you right here! I have been interested in studying names and how it correlates to changing peoples personalities for over 25 years now. This site has come to life as a chronicle and tribute to my findings in the field of etymology. Also to help out everyone who wants to learn about what specific names mean and what it has to do with peoples personalities.

Why names are important…

I have learned that a person’s name is one of the most crucial decisions and factors in determining the way that people will treat you throughout your everyday life. In time, people will treat you differently due to the name that you are given and have. A name often molds people into different personality types and characteristics which are listed here in my blog.  Also, by no means am I suggesting that every single person with a particular name will fall into this particular name personality mold every single time. My belief is every person is a unique being and ultimately in control of their destiny. I find it fun and interesting to share my findings with you. I hope that you will find it fun and interesting too. Enjoy.