Meaning of the name Tyler

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Meaning of the name TylerMeaning of the Name Tyler

Tyler is an English name that originated around the 13th or 14th century. By studying its etymological background, I’ve discovered the meaning of the name Tyler and what it represents.

Meaning of the Name Tyler:

Derived from the Old French word tieuleor, the meaning of the name Tyler is “tilemaker,” “maker of tiles” or “tile installer.”

Origins of the Name Tyler

The name Tyler originated in 13th or 14th century England where it derived from the Old French word tieuleour. In the Old French language, tieuleour was used to describe a person who made or laid tile. As with many other names, though, widespread usage of this word eventually led the creation of a new name, Tyler.

The name Tyler first appeared in England, though it quickly spread to other English-speaking countries. Tyler is most commonly associated as a masculine given name, but it’s also given to girls. Furthermore, many families have the surname Tyler. Overall, though, Tyler is most common as a masculine given name in English-speaking countries.

Popularity of the Name Tyler

Consistently ranking as one of the top 40 boys’ names in the United States, Tyler is a very popular masculine name. However, it hasn’t always been this popular. In 1880, Tyler was the 802nd most popular boys’ name in the United States. In 1900, Tyler was the 834th most popular boys’ name in the country. In 1920, Tyler declined even further to the 1,348th most popular boys’ name in the United States.

In 1940, Tyler ranked as the 1,133rd most popular boys’ name in the United States. But from there, things began to pick up for the name Tyler, with more and more parents choosing this name for their newborn sons. In 1950, Tyler climbed to the 777th most popular boys’ name in the United States. In 1970, Tyler was the 284th most popular boys’ name in the country. The name Tyler peaked in 1993 and 1994 when it ranked as the 5th most popular boys’ name in the United States.

Famous men named Tyler include American cyclist Tyler Hamilton, American actor Tyler Hoechlin, American basketball star Tyler Honeycutt, American football player Tyler Conklin, American actor Tyler Christopher, American baseball player Tyler Chatwood, American chef Tyler Florence, Canadian basketball player Tyler Ennis, American musician Tyler Hubbard, American football player Tyler Patmon and American movie/TV producer and actor Tyler Perry.

Popular variants of the name Tyler include Tylor and Taylor.


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