Meaning of the name Theodora

Meaning of the name Theodora

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meaning of the name TheodoraWhat is the Meaning of the Name Theodora?

I have been looking to find out the meaning of the name Theodora. This name has been famous for centuries and contains a fair amount of information that I would like to share with you guys today. Keep on reading this article to find out fantastic information if your name is Theodora.

Meaning of the name Theodora: Theodora is a feminine name, mainly derived from ‘Theodore.’ The origin of the name is Greek where Theodora is the name of a Goddess. In the English Language, Theodora means ‘the gift of God’.

If your name is Theodora, you should consider yourself lucky because this name has an extreme amount of information! Theodora, also called Theo, is one of the most admired names in the regions of the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

Origin of the name Theodora:

The name Theodora is the feminine variation of Theodore; hence, it is the name of a goddess. It was very popular in the Byzantine Era. Several empresses blessed themselves with this name. Even in the 6th Century, Justinian’s wife, a highly influential lady had this name.

Local Origin of the name Theodora:

The name that got its chief fame back in the 6th century needs a revival now. It is a charming, old-fashioned name from the Victorian era. Several Saints and the wife of Justinian blessed this name through their possession of it. Princess Theodora from Greece and Denmark also influenced this name with her charming personality.

Different Country Variations of Theodora:

  • English: Theodore
  • Greek: Theodoros, Theodorus, Theodoros
  • German: Theda
  • Hungarian: Teodóra, Dóra, Dorina
  • Icelandic: Theódóra, Dóra
  • Italian: Teodora
  • Macedonian: Todorka
  • Polish: Teodora
  • Russian: Feodora, Fedora
  • Serbian: Teodora
  • Swedish: Tea, Thea.

Nicknames of the name Theodora:

Tossi, Feodosia, Thekla, Docia, Teodi, Theda, Theadora, Theo, Thaddea, Dora, Tedda, Thea, Tedra, Thadine, Teddi, Tossia, Tedre, Teddy, Dosia,


The popularity of this name started growing in the 1880s after the cessation in the 6th century. It peaked during the 1920s when 63 babies among a million people were named Theodora. However, nowadays, rarely you can find anyone with this name. Therefore, if you are expecting a child, this glorious name is one of the best to name your child. You will be able to use the word “Theo” as the nickname.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Theodora:

Individuals with this name are energized by change, experience, and enthusiasm. They are dynamic, visionary and flexible, ready to make useful utilization of opportunity. The battle confirms standards and traditions. They will, in general, be idealistic, vigorous, talented, and to make companions effectively. They might be alterable, eager, chaotic, and insubordinate. Individuals with this name have a profound inward want to serve humanity and to provide for others by sharing cash, information, and encounter, or inventive and masterful capacity.

Emotional Spectrum:

You are reliable, lively, edgy, irritable, and stubborn. You are additionally loyal, sensitive, courageous. Your personality reflects confidence and trust. You are the most unpredictable. You neither acquire cash nor give flowery speeches, yet you will, in general, be considerate which will allow others to take your advantage. Brimming with imperativeness and eagerness, you are prominent even with the notoriety of being foolhardy and a ‘big mouth’ now and again.

Personal Integrity:

You are a sincere person, and people rarely doubt you when you decide for them. You know what you want, and you are much more comfortable as a leader and trendsetter blazing new paths rather than a follower of others.

Relationships for the meaning of the name Theodora:

You experience serious difficulties communicating your emotions. Theodora has an extremely convoluted enthusiastic world. You can be dismal and glad in the meantime and never at any point realize it which influences your relationship with others. You like keeping insider facts and make the most of your protection. Theodora would prefer not to account for yourself to individuals. You appreciate life and having some good times. You are dependent on them. Without fun, you cannot breathe.

Travel and Leisure:

Theodora is the name for nature. If you are not an individual who adores nature, think about changing your name. You like to take a break from work, go out, and appreciate quality. You want to inhale the natural air once in a while which influences you to understand that you are alive and carrying on with your life. If it were conceivable to carry on with an actual existence in the wild, you would have done it as of now.

You avoid the hazardous undertakings. Multi-days spent in the wild will revive your body and can undoubtedly set you up for the following day. If you have been working for as long as a half year, enjoy a reprieve, gather your pack, get a companion and go climbing. You like to be in nature where you can take time and think about your life. You want to take some time off from your work where you can feel and plan while enjoying the beauty of your nature. This adventurous nature keeps your mind fresh and helps you in focusing on your work.

Career and Money:

You are gifted, talented, and a stickler yet these characteristics make you unduly requesting on others. Theodora would be appropriate to be a craftsman, priest, or politician. You are balls of fire! You are brimming with essentialness and love of life. Continuously on the run, you drag your steadfast band of admirers behind you. You are boastful, unconventional, requesting, and giving. Theodora is always on the verge of seizing new opportunities which will help you much in your career. You reflect the qualities of a great leader who knows what her people want. Theodora has a high influence on people through your honest behavior and ruling nature. This nature reflects the view of a business owner. Therefore, you will be a perfect businesswoman. Your decision-making skills and emotional intelligence will help you in taking your business to the top.

Life’s Opportunities:

The people named Theodora are the explorers and the wanderers. They always desire the fruit of freedom and top knowledge. In the pursuit of the higher power, you will never be satisfied. You will still want more opportunities to seize. However, along with the path, you will always achieve the thing you desire. Although confident, yet you fear the uncertainty. However, remember that your life is full of opportunity to seize.

You are the person who would prefer to stand at the center of the room and try to grab all the opportunities. Your life is full of experiences and people. You don’t like to be tied by rules so you will use your methods of working to achieve the purpose you are putting your efforts.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Theodora:

Theodore is the name of a Greek God. Therefore, Theodora is considered to be the name of a Goddess. During the 6th century, the Empresses were found to be the Goddess. Thus, the name spiked and got the heat during that period. The name used to be considered as the sign of dignity and only the empresses were allowed to own the name.

Multiple saints blessed the name through their possession. Saints have considerable importance in Christian culture and religion. Therefore, old-fashioned, but the name is considered to be holy and powerful. People carrying this name are sought to be influential and inspiring. Therefore, if you are thinking to name your next baby girl, this is the perfect name.

Traditional Color for the name Theodora:

White and Gray are the colors of Theodora. White symbolizes the elegance and purity. It is a symbol of loyalty and power. People named Theodora to have a sense of power and influence over the individuals. The room where Theodora stands is the room where all the attention is towards her. However, the color gray signifies anger or stubborn nature. People named Theodora are famous for being short-tempered and eccentric. They tend to care about themselves and put themselves before the others. At some point, this practice is fruitful, while in some circumstances, the nature of kindness is mandatory too.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Theodora:

Your expression number is 5. Five kids are honored with flexibility and multi-gifts. They love to investigate and be free and will adjust as expected to accomplish this opportunity. They are discerning about individuals which empowers them to be powerful and coexist well with others. Fives can be unfocused and excessively imprudent so make sure to help your little five in these territories, urging them to finish the activities that they start.

Your Soul Urge number is 9. Nines are exceptionally empathetic and appreciate associating with individuals and having any effect on the planet. Indeed, even as a youngster, nines demonstrate incredible social mindfulness and need to profit society. As the two kids and grown-ups, they are often included with different natural and gatherings that help other people. They appreciate feeling that their endeavors have had any effect. Nine incorporate all numbers and all planets; therefore, it stands as a Universal Number. It can symbolize the lifetime of satisfaction, when Nine is committed to benefiting – anyplace, all over, to anybody. On account of its size of the expansion, Nine is the most enthusiastic impact we need to manage.

Your personality number is 5. Personality number fives are seen as free spirits with a love a real existence. They are adaptable, agreeable and adjust to any condition. They don’t require structure or supervision and much of the time use techniques that are imaginative and unconventional.

Flowers and Foods for the meaning of the name Theodora:

The traditional flowers for the name Theodora are Lavender Heather and Gladiolus. Lavender heather is the symbol of admiration and beauty. Your personality leaves an everlasting effect on the people you meet. The room where you stand in the place full of your admirers. The control of your emotions and the influence that you have on people are the top qualities of a great leader. You will never face a problem in your life that you find impossible to solve. You love challenges because you believe in yourself. When a stressful situation arises, you take a deep breath, take a step forward and tell yourself that you can do anything. This is the practice that always helps you in getting out of the trouble.

Gladiolus symbolizes faithfulness and honor. You don’t care about personal gains when the matter comes to show correct behavior. You know how to keep your promise, and you never let the others down. People around you know that they can trust you due to your experience of loyalty and honesty towards them. You will never face a situation where you will find not a single person in a room to trust you.

Famous People Last Names with the name Theodora:

  • Theodora ‘Teddy’ Altman, character on TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy.’
  • Musician Teodora Ginés, Dominican musician and composer
  • Theodora, character in anime “Negima!”
  • Character Theodora Dane, character in book/film “Ballet Shoes.”
  • Princess Theodora, princess of Greece and Denmark
  • Theodora of Emesa 5th-century Neoplatonist
  • Oratorio Theodora (Handel) (HWV 68), an oratorio by George Frideric Handel, based on the story of Theodora and Didymus
  • Theodora Greece, British actress Theodora Keogh, American novelist
  • Saint Theodora of Sihla, Orthodox saint
  • Theodora (Roman martyr), 2nd-century Christian martyr and saint
  • Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, daughter of Constantine II of Greece
  • Theodora “Thea” Atwell, character in “The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls.”


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