Meaning of the Name Sofia

Meaning of the name Sofia

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Meaning of the name SofiaWhat is the Meaning of the Name Sofia?

The meaning of the name Sofia is one of the most unusual names that I have found while looking up for the names. The name possesses marvelous information in itself.

Meaning of the name Sofia:  The name Sofia is origin is in English culture. Its meaning is “Wisdom and Skills.”

The name has a Greek origin where people named Sofia are generally kind and loving. One would fall in love with the person having this name. Just like their name, Sofias is gentle and kind. They are beautiful, young, and glamorous.

Origin of the name Sofia:

The word Sofia comes from the Greek language which means Wisdom. The Slavic version of the name is Sonia who has the same meaning. People named Sofia are generally kind and loving. One would fall in love with the person having this name. Just like their name, Sofia is gentle and kind. They are beautiful, young, and glamorous.

Local Origin of the name Sofia:

As discussed above, many countries use this name in their language. This name is from  American, Arabic, Hawaiian, Celtic, Scotland, Canada, Ireland, Christian, New Zealand, and Spanish names.

Different Country Variations of Sofia:

Sophia- Germany

  • Soffia-Welsh
  • Zsófia- Hungarian
  • Sofija- Baltic Language
  • Zofia, Žofia, Žofie- Wet Slavic
  • Sophie-French
  • Sofie-Scandinavian

Nicknames of the name Sofia:

Nicknames Related to the name Sofia Include;

  • Fifi
  • Phia
  • Posy
  • Soph
  • Sophie
  • Sosie


  • The name ranks at #21 in New Zealand
  • Sofia ranks at #16 in Austria
  • The name ranks at #69 in Ireland
  • Sofia ranks at #51 in Australia (Victoria)
  • The name ranks at #7 in Canada (Alberta)
  • Sofia ranks at #12 in Canada (Ontario)
  • The name ranks at #19 in Germany
  • Sofia ranks at #75 in Canada (Quebec)
  • She lists at #247 in Norway
  • Sofia ranks at #37 in England
  • The name ranks at #7 in the United States
  • Sofia ranks at #5 in Canada (British Columbia)
  • The name ranks at#67 in Scotland
  • Sofia ranks at #25 in Australia (New South Wales).

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Sofia:

First ,as you can well envision, Sofia is an incredibly savvy lady, who comprehends what she does consistently, even though from the outside it might appear to be something else. Something that emerges the more significant part of Sofia is that she is a compassionate young lady and extremely exceptionally tender. Sofia is an extraordinarily wonderful and a cheerful lady. She is excellent around individuals.

Furthermore, we are discussing a lady who likes to education. It isn’t something new to find her perusing or tuning in to others to learn things. You can genuinely say that we are discussing a scholarly lady, who wants to learn continuously.

Also, connections like family connections are in every case great. As a savvy lady, however much as could reasonably be expected dependably stay away from encounters, so that consistently you can appreciate a genuinely relaxed and bright environment. She is a lady who likes to be extremely friendly with others, yet who thus likewise prefers to get this adoration. If you don’t get it, you will be protective to get consideration.

Finally, on account of her insight, she is a lady who knows she needs others to work to perfection. This insight transmits to the accomplices, so it very well may be said that she is a young lady who works exceptionally well in a gathering. Consistently he is accessible to help other people, similarly as he requests that others be available to him.

Emotional Spectrum:

Sensibility becomes the primary quality of her character and personality. Sofia is very affectionate with her loved ones but also with strangers. She offers her love and affection to everyone. She reflects warmth a lot on her actions and is a great thinker.

Sofia needs very few minutes for her own space, necessary to replenish her energies and tenderness. Here, she feels very protected by her memories. Only your family and your closest friends can access this space.

As for the emotional, she controls herself quite well and is very strong in support of her loved ones. The only problem is that this can lead her to be possessive because she also needs the attention of her partner and her children.

Finally, she is a great intellectual. You will always see her reading philosophy in her free time, or learning new disciplines such as science or mathematics. She is willing to expand her knowledge. Its meaning confirms it.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Sofia:

The Heart’s Desire Number is 7 for the general population named Sofia. It demonstrates the things dearest to you. Sofia shows your essential motivation or the general desire behind an extensive part of your activities. It impacts the decisions you make for the duration of normal daily existence. Its effect is wherever in your life – your calling, your condition, companionships, and lifestyle.

The number 7 is the most mysterious everything considered. Seven is the number of a Soul and symbolizes “Otherworldly Victory,” mission for higher truth. Peacefully, concordance and self-examination we go toward perfection. In an analysis of others, doubt, judgment, and sharp practice, we make our deterrents and challenges.

Sevens are significantly normal. They have a supply of roused intelligence joined with the obtained analytical limit, which could compensate them through articulations of otherworldly authority, business examination, publicizing, masterful dreams, and relevant research. Taking a shot at the profound side of their peculiarity can pass on Sevens to the mind-boggling statures, and drop them off if they ignore their real otherworldly character.


Even though you want to make congruity in your connection, you can be excessively genuine in your demeanor, mainly if others test you. You need to be progressively expressive, friendly and accommodating. However, you feel the constraint in your correspondence with others, and it makes dissatisfaction inside you. At that point, you can be discreetly obstinate and oppose taking exhortation. Your name, Sofia, gives you a craving to please and a friendly nature that could draw you into the business field. You show up very sure ostensibly. However, you do endure with the absence of certainty on occasion and draw upon the help and support of others. Shortcomings in wellbeing appear in the faculties of the head and also in the different liquid elements of the body.

Travel and Leisure:

People named Sofia are not a huge fan of traveling. A holiday trip in a year is more than enough for them. They would go without a trip for the whole year and wouldn’t mind it.

Career and Money for the meaning of the name Sofia:

First, a job is essential for the people named Sofia. Therefore, you would spend days and nights and would not care about any other thing when it comes to your exams and interviews. Likewise, you will even get out of the hospital bed if you have a good and potential job interview. Sofias give up their social life to reach their career at the peak. Also, this sacrifice can be seen clearly through their daily routine and their dedication towards their education. They are not the people who run after money but status. They need to be on the top of their field which eventually takes them to the top. However, it is essential for them to realize that social life is extraordinary too.

Life’s Opportunities:

Pessimism is never a part of your life. There will be a balance of opportunities in your life. You will never wait for opportunities to come to you. You will go out and will even travel for days to get the opportunity and seize it. Saying that you will hunt the opportunities will not be wrong. Your personality will inspire others.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Sofia:

According to the Greek culture, Sophia is the Goddess of Wisdom. She is considered to be the mother of all the creation. She is the symbol of love, wisdom, and devotion. Throughout the Bible, her references are many. She is famous with the names like the black Goddess or the Divine Feminine.

Traditional Color for the name Sofia:

Black and Yellow are the Colors of people named Sofia. Black symbolizes power and control. People named Sofia have good control over their people. They can easily control the mind and actions of the people who associate with them.

On the other hand, Yellow symbolizes happiness and optimism. No matters how hard the time gets, they never lose their hopes. They know how to make the best out of their time and efforts. They believe in themselves. Hence, pessimism is never a part of their life.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Sofia:

First, the expression number is 5: Five youngsters honor with adaptability and talent. They want to investigate and be free and will adjust as expected to accomplish this opportunity. They are discerning about individuals which empowers them to be enticing and coexist well with others. Fives can be unfocused and excessively hasty so make sure to help your little five in these territories, urging them to finish the tasks that they start.

Second, the Soul Urge Number is 7: Seven Soul Urgers appear on the scene with a solid otherworldly sense and need to interface with nature. Sevens like to investigate and find out about their general surroundings. They feel most mollified by keen and scholarly undertakings.

Also, the personality number is 7: Sevens are regularly antisocial people. They can likewise be tough individualists. Personality number sevens seem mindful, contemplative, and academic. Once in a while, they appear, by all accounts, to be chilly and reserved.

Flowers for the meaning of the name Sofia:

The traditional flowers for the name Sofia are Anthurium and Gladiolus. Where Anthurium is the representation of joy and happiness. Likewise, Sofia knows how to love and live her life. She would never compromise her principles for anything. She lives and struggles to stay happy in her life, and we can easily see that through her experiences in the past. Gladiolus signified honor and faithfulness which are the top qualities of a person named Sofia. They are the most faithful and honorable persons on Earth.

Famous People Last Names with the name Sofia:

There are multiple famous people with the name Sofia.

Margravine Sophia Dorothea of Brandenburg-Schwedt (1736–1798), Duchess of Württemberg

Sofia Djama, Algerian film director

Sophia Kokosalaki (born 1972), Greek fashion designer

Artist Sophia Laskaridou, Greek artist

Sophia of Nassau (1836–1913), Queen consort of Sweden and Norway

Painter Sophia Peabody Hawthorne (1809–1871), American painter

Sophia Bush (born 1982), American actress

Duchess Sophia Dorothea of Celle (1666–1726), Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg, wife of George I of Great Britain

Saint Sofia of Suzdal (d. 1542), see Solomonia Yuryevna Saburova

Sophia of Sortino (Sicily), martyr, feast day 23 September

Sofia Gubaidulina (born 1931), Russian-Tatar composer

Sophia Palaiologina (1455–1503), Grand Duchess of Moscow

Queen Sophia Magdalen of Brandenburg-Kulmbach (1700–1770), Queen consort of Denmark-Norway

Sophia Jex-Blake (1840–1912), English physician

Zofia Kossak-Szczucka (1889–1968), Polish writer

Sofia of Bavaria Wittelsbach (1376–1425), Queen of Bohemia


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