Meaning of the name Raymond

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Meaning of the name RaymondMeaning of the Name Raymond

Originating in Old Germany, Raymond has become a popular masculine given name. But there’s a surprising story behind the meaning of the name Raymond of which many people are unaware.

Meaning of the Name Raymond:

Derived from the Germanic name Raginmund, the meaning of the name Raymond is “protector,” “mighty protector” or “counselor.”

Origins of the Name Raymond

The name Raymond originated in Old Germany where it was derived from the masculine given name Raginmund. Etymologists believe that Raginmund was taken and converted into the name Raymond in Northern Europe.

Prior to its usage as a given name, though, Raymond was first used as a surname. The “Domesday Book,” for instance, mentions a man with the surname Raymond. With the “Domesday Book” being published in 1086, it’s safe to assume the surname Raymond has been around for at least this length of time.

After being used as a surname, Raymond was adopted as a masculine given name. There have been over a half-dozen Counts of Toulouse with the given name Raymond. Additionally, there have been two Counts of Tripoli with the given name Raymond. Even in the Greek city of Antioch, there have been two Princes with the given name Raymond. As the given name Raymond became more common throughout Europe, its popularity among the common population increased.

Popularity of the Name Raymond

As of 2011, Raymond is the 234th most popular boys’ name in the United States. However, you might be surprised to learn that it was even more popular during prior years. In 1880, birth records indicate that Raymond was the 87th most popular boys’ name in the United States. In 1900, Raymond was the 23rd most popular boys’ name in the country.

Raymond retained this level of popularity for several decades. In 1910, it was the 19th most popular boys’ name in the United States. In 1920, Raymond was the 15th most popular boys’ name in the country. In 1930, Raymond was the 17th most popular boys’ name in the United States.

Famous men named Raymond include American actor Raymond Bailey, American football player Raymond Berry, American author Raymond Carver, American martial arts expert Raymond Daniels, American author Raymond E. Feist, American artist Raymond Kaskey, American basketball player Raymond Townsend, Canadian actor Raymond Massey, French artist Raymond Sudre and American tech inventor Raymond Kurzweil.

Popular variants of the name Raymond include Ray, Rey, Ramon and Reymond.


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