Meaning of the name Peter

Meaning of the name Peter

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Meaning of the Name PeterWhat is the Meaning of the Name Peter?

During my life, I have learned many interesting things about the meaning of the name Peter. Here is a list of definitions and facts I have compiled for you about the meaning of the name Peter.

The meaning of the name Peter: In etymology, the literal translation and the meaning of the name Peter is, “stone,” or “rock.” The origin of the name Peter is from Old English, Petrus, or Latin, Petrus, from Greek Petros.

As a verb, to peter out meant to become exhausted, 1846. Alternatives: Peteredpetering. For example, We walked in the mountain trails until I petered out. Amanda was petering out, at that point, as well.

Also, there are many other exciting things that you should consider when learning about the meaning of the name Peter. Read on to find out far, far more!

Origin of the name Peter:

Foremost, according to Matthew and Mark, Peter and his brother Andrew were fixing their fishing gear, when they were called. Andrew was initially a disciple of John the Baptist. However, he heard Jesus speak and switched masters. Right after that, he went to his brother Simon Bar-Jona and had him align with Jesus, as well. Simon was renamed Cephas, a Syriac name which translated to “Peter,” (John 1:35-42).

Local Origin of the name Peter:

Many languages have different variations of the name ‘Peter.’ It is common among the English, Scottish, German, Dutch, etc. In the Middle Ages in Germany. Also, Peter was the most popular non-Germanic name until the 14th century. Also, in Czech, the derivative is Petr, and in Hungarian, Péter. Ashkenazic Jews also use this as a surname.

Different Country Variations of Peter:

  • English: Peter
  • Danish: Peter, Peder, Per, Peer, Pelle
  • Albanian: Petro, Pjetër, Pjetri
  • Croatian: Petar, Pero, Periša, Pera, Pejo, Nino
  • French: Pierre
  • Italian: Pietro, Pier, Piero
  • Scottish Gaelic: Petar, Pater
  • Romanian: Petruț

Nicknames of the name Peter:

  • Male Nickname: Pete
  • Female Nickname: Pet, Petronela, Rocky, Petronilla, Petrina, Petie

Popularity for the meaning of the name Peter:

Peter as a name given to a male peaked in popularity around 1955. Famous fictional characters named Peter are Peter Pan from The Adventures of Peter Pan. Also, Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Also, Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, and also Peter Rabbit, Peter Parker.

Personality Traits:

  • 75% of users agree that Peter is a good, classic name.  Individuality, self-confidence, initiative, independence and a tendency towards physical activity. A loyal and steadfast friend, domineering and sometimes, argumentative. Males with the name Peter are likely to have weakness in health caused by this name in the cent in the head.
  • Foremost, in your close associations and family and life, sentiment, appreciation, sympathy, or encouragement, are rarely shown. Also, the way the male named Peter expresses himself is invariably candid, straightforward, and lacks the moderating, vital tone of tact, and friendliness.

Destination Number of the Name Peter :

The destiny number is 1, for Peter, and that translates to someone who can succeed, given the slightest chance. Such people learn quickly and are avid readers. Also, they know how to express themselves orally, and in writing as well.

Letter Analysis of the Name Peter

P – great self-confidence in nearly all environments and he knows it.

E – Extremely complicated emotional life. Can be sad and happy at the same time, without ever knowing it.

T – has difficulty expressing himself. Uncommunicative, or extremely blunt.

E – same as for above

R – Indecisive. Hesitant.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Peter:

He is a sincere person, and people rarely doubt him when he makes a decision. The exception is that he usually is indecisive. He has a lot of self-confidence and is much more comfortable as a leader and trendsetter blazing new paths rather than a follower of others.


Foremost, whether it be in business relationships or personal relationships, Peter’s only negative trait is taking revenge. Secondly, people with passion number 5 are usually quite honest and expect others to be honest as well. Also, this does not mean that a five is reliable or responsible.

Travel and Leisure for the meaning of the name Peter:

First of all, the name Peter has a passion number of 5. Therefore, this means that he is always trying to find new faces, new places, and new experiences. Also, he is very welcome by others, because of their honesty.

Career and Money:

The name Peter is connected with wealth. Also, Peter can make his money through hard work and skill.  Furthermore, he should try in industries related to the spoken or written word (journalism, etc.).

Life’s Opportunities:

The name Peter is connected with wealth. Also, a man named Peter is extremely well-heeled and has achieved success by using his mind, and ambition. Also, he takes life’s opportunities by the horns, works hard, and enjoys himself to the fullest.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Peter:

Firstly, the name Peter means, “rock, or stone.” Therefore, there is no religious meaning of the said name, as it refers to a rock or a stone.

Famous People Named Peter:

  • Actor Peter Sellers
  • Musician Peter Gabriel
  • Peter Dinklage
  • Athlete Pete Rose
  • Peter Boyle
  • Actor Peter Falk
  • Peter Jennings
  • Physicist Peter Mansfield
  • Peter Fonda

Traditional Color for the meaning of the name Peter:

Orange, gold, yellow, bronze are colors that usually go with the name Peter

Numerology for the name Peter:

Many men name Peter as, “I am,” resonating with their name. Similarly, Peter has a sense of uniqueness, of identity. However, if he is identifying with what his lower self wants, he will be very ego-centric. Also, he is more into spirituality and transcendentalism. Therefore, he will be very inspirational, and famous for it.

Flower and Foods for the name Peter:

  • Agapanthus “Peter Pan,” (African Lily)

Hackepeter – this is raw minced meat (usual pork) spread on bread, with fresh diced onions on top.

Wackelpeter – this is Jell-o!

Gemstones and Precious Metals:

Citrine, Topaz is the choice metals for Peters


Borage and Eyebright


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