Meaning of the name Mohammed

Meaning of the name Mohammed

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Meaning of the name MohammedWhat is the Meaning of the Name Mohammed?

Mohammad is a name which is one of a kind. Multiple types of research have been done to bring forward the purest form of information related to this meaning of the name Mohammed. Keep on reading this article to find out what this name has to offer.

Meaning of the name Mohammed: Mohammed is one of the most famous names in Islamic culture. It is most popular in the Arabic Language and the Islamic world. Its meaning is “he who deserves praise.”

According to the Quran and Islam, Mohammed was the last and the most beloved prophet of Allah.

Origin of the name Mohammed:

Mohamed is the most common transcription in Spanish, French and other languages of the Arabic name Muhammad. Mohamed is the most popular name in the Islamic world since it was the name of the Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam. Muhammad always refers to the prophet while the Mohamed form is also a name. You can also find other transcripts of this name such as Muhammad, Mohammed, or Mohammad.

Local Origin of the name Mohammed:

This name is from the Arabic origin but has numerous variations in English, Arabic, Albanian, Somali, Senegal, Indonesian, Pakistani, Afghanistani, Egyptians, and Latin languages.

Different Country Variations of Mohammed:

  • Egypt: ⲙⲁϩⲙⲏⲧ (Mahomet)
  • Iran: Mohammed
  • Afghanistan: Muhammed, Mohammed
  • Pakistan: Muhammed
  • Indonesia: ꦩꦠ꧀ (Mat)
  • Albania: Muhameti
  • Bosnia: Muhamed
  • UK: Muhammad
  • Senegal: Mamadou
  • Kazakhstan: Мұхаммед (Mukhammed)
  • Somali: Mahamad
  • Latin: Mahometus
  • Catalonia: Mafumet
  • Greek: Μωάμεθ (Moameth)
  • Spain: Mahoma
  • Portugal: Maomé
  • France: Mahomet

Nicknames of the name Mohammed:

Due to the religious significance of this name, people avoid deriving a nickname out of it.


According to the Columbian Encyclopedia (2000), Mohammed, along with its variation, has become the most common name in the world. Around 150 million men are blessed to possess this name. According to the 2013 statistics, Muhammed was found to be the most famous name in England and Wales. The variant Mohamed became got the rank of 430th in the United States in 2009. Due to the increased rate of people naming their newborns Muhammed, the Chinese government issues a list of 20 names banned which included Mohammed. Currently, Mohammed is the most common and the most popular first name in the world. Specifically, all the Muslim countries have the name Muhammed or its variants at the top of the list.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Mohammed:

A person named Mohammed is very noble and loyal, he would never do anything that could harm his neighbor. He is a straightforward person who doesn’t take the support of harsh sentences. He is a very supportive person since they have a very human and humanitarian side. They are men of solid character, and sometimes they are very authoritarian, although when they are well known, and discover that they have a big heart. He is a man who knows how to listen and give good advice. They possess a considerable amount of patience in their personality. They are very intuitive and can predict how people act, which sometimes can prevent some disappointments.

About love when you meet the woman who truly loves your feelings are genuine and very pure. He has no qualms about declaring himself and fighting for who he loves since they are very direct.

Emotional Spectrum:

Firstly, individuals named Mohammed give love more than the rest – and they endure more. You give more than the rest, and they are more optimistic than the rest. They turn out to be progressively baffled. You have mystic power. Mohammed can carry on with others with delight. You have a sensitive nature and may bear troubles for other people.

Also, You are sober-minded, careful, solid willed, useful and obstinate on occasion. Mohammed is dedicated and a regular saint to obligation. He is honest, systematic and has confidence in the law, framework, and requests. You are successful and a born leader, to lead other and define the correct path. He is giving, courageous and striking, activity oriented, energetic and stable willed. You need to have any effect on the planet, and this mentality regularly pulls in you to social interests, legislative issues, social issues, and the development of your artistic abilities.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Mohammed:

First, you have spiritual power. He can continue with others with pleasure. You have a sensitive nature and may bear inconveniences for other individuals.  He likes home and security above all. You are straightforward, deliberate, and believe in law, system, and demand.

Also, you are unique and a conceived pioneer, to lead other and characterize the right way. He is giving, courageous and striking, vivacious and strong-willed. You have the personality to bring changes to the world, and this mindset consistently pulls in you to social interests, authoritative issues, social issues, and the improvement of your innovative capacities.


Individuals named Mohammed may realize from early youth that there are either relationship, convictions, qualities or individual power must be given away. Although a disturbing part, however the most satisfying one as well. Once got to the intensity of giving up, they are cheerful and joyful. Also, They don’t inspire joined to individuals and things throughout everyday life. They consider themselves to be a piece of the comprehensive view and feel tuned in to the cosmic flow.

Travel and Leisure for the meaning of the name Mohammed:

People named Muhammad are the lovers of diving into the sea. If you have been working for a long weekend, try getting a break from work and giving time to the sea. Visit a beach and make yourself feel at home. You would love to have long walks along the beach and see the sun setting down. You must take a break from your dull day to day life and take a long drive toward an open sea. Go cruising or walking along the beach to give yourself a fresh start.

Career and Money for the Mohammed name meaning:

As discussed above, Mohammed is a born leader. They are meant to lead people to the right path. No matter which field they select, they succeed in it and become the best at it. Business will be the best career choice for them. They can quickly become their boss, and it will help them in becoming successful in life. You are born with certain qualities which will take you to the glory in your lifetime. He will find tasks easy to do. You will always stay optimistic and will get anything that you find fulfilling.

Life’s Opportunities:

As your name says, “the person who lauds,” you are the individual who has a real existence loaded with circumstances. Your life is full of opportunities that you can use to make things useful for yourself.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Mohammed:

Mohamed is the most popular name in the Islamic world since it was the name of the Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam. Muhammad always refers to the prophet while the Mohamed form is used as his name. You can also find other transcripts of this name such as Muhammad, Mohammed, or Mohammad.

Traditional Color for the name Mohammed:

Blue and White are the colors for people named Mohammed. Blue represents the peaceful nature of people named Muhammad while White represents the purity that they have. This combination is one of the unusual ones.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the meaning of the name Mohammed:

First, your expression number is 9. Your little nine wants to play the elder sibling or elder sibling, and make the ideal elder sibling. They are incredibly delicate to the requirements of others, exceptionally humane. Nines are regularly imaginative, fantastic and aesthetically capable. Socially cognizant commonly, your young nine may end up included with ecological gatherings and be extraordinarily aware of being green and offering back to nature.

Second, your Soul Urge number is 3: A youngster with a Soul Urge of three has the core of a craftsman, designer. Their most noteworthy satisfaction originates from innovative undertakings. It can incorporate anything from traditional craftsmanship, painting, drawing, form, composing, to progressively explorative or creative interests. Anything which encourages innovativeness and its adjoining social association will influence a number to flourish.

Lastly, your personality number is 6: If your kid’s personality number is 6, he will do well in his life. You need to give him an open chance to do what he wants. It will change his life and make things enjoyable. People named Muhammad are the born leader, and this kid will face no difficulty in proving that.

Flowers for the name Mohammed:

The traditional flowers for the name Mohammed are Anthurium and Gladiolus. These flowers talk about faithfulness and joy. People named Mohammed are born with the faithful and joyful spirit.

Famous People Last Names with the name Mohammed:

Mohamad Jawad Chirri, the American imam

Politician Mohamad Aziz, Malaysian politician

Mohamad Kasebi, Iranian actor

Footballer Mohamad Nor Ismail, Malaysian footballer

Mohamad Bazzi, Lebanese-American award-winning journalist

Footballer Mohamad Zbida, Syrian footballer

Mohamad Elzahabi, the Lebanese militant

Poet Muhammad Iqbal (1877–1938), a poet born into the British Raj, considered one of the founding fathers of Pakistan

Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (1924–1988), ruled Pakistan from 1977 to 1988 under martial law

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan 1990–1999, 2013–2017

Muhammad bin Nayef (1959–), Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia


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