Meaning of the name Michael

Meaning of the name Michael

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Meaning of the Name MichaelWhat is the Meaning of the Name Michael?

Over time in my studies, I have learned many interesting things about the meaning of the name Michael. Here is a list of meanings and facts I have compiled for you about the meaning of the name Michael.

Meaning of the name Michael: In etymology, the literal translation and the meaning of the name Michael are “who is like God” and “God like.” The origin of the name Michael is from the Ancient Hebrew and Ancient Greek languages. It has enormous popularity as a first name due to its religious derivative coming from the Archangel Michael.

There are also many other exciting things that you should consider when learning about the meaning of the name Michael. Read on to find out much, much more!

Origin of the name Michael:

The name Michael comes from a Hebrew term that describes a Hebrew archangel. Michael is also the patron saint of soldiers. It is an ancient name and has been widely used for centuries by countless people and boy baby names. It can also be found in many forms of literature including the Bible and many pieces of fine art.

Local Origin of the name Michael:

Although many languages use this name, the English language is the most common foundation for the name Michael. The name Michael is also found in the German, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Dutch, Greek and Danish Languages. However, the uses in these languages are slightly less common than in the English language.

Different Country Variations of Michael:

  • English: Michael, Micheal
  • Greece: Mikhael
  • Dutch: Michiel, Maikel
  • Spanish: Miguel
  • Norway: Mikkel, Mikael
  • Sweden: Mikael
  • Philippines: Mikel
  • Germany: Mishael
  • Chinese: Maikeer
  • Japan: Maikeru
  • Arabic: Mikail
  • Urdu: Mikaeel

Nicknames of the name Michael:

  • Male Name for a Baby Boy: Mike, Mikey, Micah, Mick, Mic, Mickey, Mitch, Mitchel
  • Female Name for a Baby Girl: Michelle, Michaela, Misha, Michala, Mikayla, Mikaela, Mikalene, Michaelene

The popularity of the name Michael:

Historically, the name Michael has been in the top ten list of most popular and traditional male and baby boy names around the world every year for over 50 years. Many would consider it the most used and masculine male first name of all time. In recent years the name has shown a bit of a downward trend in popularity. The current fad for boy baby names is similarly, in unique and less traditional, one of a kind names.


Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Michael:

Typically people with the name Michael are influential people. Similarly, he is a hard worker, and he always glows with enthusiasm. People that have this name are well versed in many different skills and are experts at many different trades or talents.

Emotional Spectrum:

He is a human dynamo of emotions and can be somewhat emotional letting his feelings

get the best of him at times. He has a rather tough time keeping his cool sometimes when in the presence of people that are much less prepared than he tends always to be. His meticulous preparedness is the basis of what gives Michael his incredible strength and confidence.

Personal Integrity:

He is a sincere person, and people rarely doubt him when he makes a decision. He knows what he wants and is much more comfortable as a leader and trendsetter blazing new paths rather than a follower of others.


A person named Michael is quite comfortable with privacy. A few close friends are mainly all that he needs to feel completely satisfied. He often values his alone time and doesn’t like to be disturbed when he is alone and uses his alone time to relax in style. In his mind, he is continuously planning or researching so that when the time comes, his decisions are calculated and well-planned.

Travel and Leisure for the meaning of the name Michael:

People with the name Michael are adventuresome in spirit and enjoy being outdoors and possible the cold weather and even winter sports. They are lovers of nature and are very happy being outdoors and have great respect for mother nature. He is also a lover of art and music and often has a deep appreciation for or creating these types of things.

Career and Money:

He is an analytical person, and studying is comfortable and welcoming to him. Also developing good study skills are the key to his excellent education and most profitable career. He handles money well and is mostly good and saving money although money is not one of the essential things in his life.

Life’s Opportunities:

He excels with preparing for things, and proper preparation is mandatory for him in every situation. Michael’s motto is “be prepared.” He is often very uncomfortable and possibly even frustrated when presented with a case that is not in his master plan of things.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Michael:

Michael is one of the most famous of all archangels and commonly knows how to protect the sick and injured. He is excellent at fighting evil and is in touch with the powers of God. Religion says that Michael visits you in times of need to protect you. Accordingly, keep you safe, guard you and give you strength. This refers to the being that defends and travels with departed souls and leads them into the gates of Heaven.

Traditional Color for the name Michael:

A blue beam of light that represents courage, strength, and wisdom. It is also the color of royalty.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Michael:

You get the numerology and lucky numbers for the name Michael by adding up the corresponding figure for each letter in the title. So the total of these would be the number 33. To further characterize the numerology of the name Michael, we would then reduce it to a single number by adding the two digits in 33 which would equal the number 6.

The characteristics for a name or person with the number 6 would tell us that the name Michael is witty and often serious-minded. Also, it also tells us that he is a very responsible and loyal person and will do his best to complete any challenge or task.  After that, it also tells us that he is widely independent and quite often maybe even a little bit too independent. However, he is a very confident person. Others will often rely on him to help them complete their difficult tasks due to his vast knowledge and study of a great many things.

Flowers and Foods for the meaning of the name Michael:

The traditional flowers for the name Michael are any autumn-colored flowers. Especially the fall colored Chrysanthemum and the aster daisy which is also known as the Michaelmas daisy. Furthermore, the traditional foods for the name  Michael are carrots, goose, and blackberries. A feast of these items is customary on the religious holiday of Michaelmas. It falls in the autumn time in September which more commonly refers to St. Michaels Day.

An old Irish proverb states that St. Michael stomps on blueberries and crushes the devil and the carrots bake into a carrot pie or bread with holes punched in the middle with a wooden spoon. It is commonly called by the name St. Michael Bannock. This carrot bread or cake represents the protection of Saint Michael’s shield. Finally, it protects those who feast on this sweet and tasty treat for the entire coming year.

Famous People Last Names with the name Michael:

Michael Jackson, Jordan, Tyson, J. Fox, Myers, Phelps and many, many, more!


Defining the meaning of the name Michael is a complicated thing and a huge task. We will continue to add to this article as more information is available. Please be sure to comment with future ideas we can add. Also, don’t forget to like and share this article so other Michaels can see the meaning of the name Michael also!


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