Meaning of the name Kimora

Meaning of the name Kimora

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Meaning of the Name KimoraThe Meaning of the name Kimora

A variant of the given name Kim, Kimora has become one of the most popular names for newborn girls in the United States. By studying its origins, I’ve discovered the meaning of the name Kimora.

Meaning of the name Kimora: Derived from the given name Kim, the meaning of the name Kimora is “brave,” “righteous” or “noble.” Kim is a unisex name originating in Korea. During the 1900s, it was converted into the given feminine name Kimora.

Origins of the Name Kimora

Kimora is a relatively new given name that was popularized during the 1990s by American model and fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons. While the name was likely used before this time, Kimora Lee Simmons was responsible for placing it in the limelight for millions of people to see.

Kimora is the daughter of Joanne Perkins, who was born in Korea. As previously mentioned, Kimora is a variant of the name Kim, which itself originated in Korea. During the mid-1900s, Joanne Perkins went to the United States where she worked for the Social Security Administration. And on May 4, 1975, Perkins gave birth to Kimora.

Kimora Lee Simmons began her modeling career at the young age of just 14, during which she modeled dresses for the luxury fashion brand, Chanel. After working with Chanel, she began to model for other designers. Throughout her career, Kimora Lee Simmons was seen as being one of the most influential models in the fashion industry.

After dominating the runway, Kimora Lee Simmons set her sights on a new venture: fashion design. In 2004, she became the president of Phat Fashions, which consists of numerous brands including Baby Phat.

The popularity of the Name Kimora

Being that Kimora is a relatively new name, there isn’t much historical data regarding its popularity. Birth records for the name Kimora only go back as far as 1990, during which it was the 9,705th most popular girls’ name in the country. In 1998, Kimora was the 8,287th most popular girls’ name in the United States.

The name Kimora became increasingly popular around the turn of the 21st century. In 2000, it ranked as the 2,093rd most popular girls’ name in the United States. By 2005, it skyrocketed to the 591st most popular girls’ name in the country. As of 2011, Kimora ranks as the 607th most popular girls’ name in the United States, with roughly 400 to 600 newborn girls receiving the name each year.

What is the Meaning of the Name Kimora? A person’s name is mighty. In the following sections, we will provide research to help you discover the meaning of this name. The relationship between origins, locations, as well as the numerological and etymological significance of “Kimora” is explained for you here in this article.

Alternate Meaning of the Name Kimora Kimora is a Japanese surname and variant of the Japanese word, “Kimura.” It means “brave and noble” or “tree village.” The name has become more popular in the last decade due to its emergence as a female name in modern Western culture.

Continue reading to understand better what some results may mean for the character and fate of the individual named Kimora. By the end of the article, you will be able to determine if it is a good fit for you or your loved ones.

Many assume that the Japanese male name Kimora is known only in Japan as well as other Southeast Asian countries. Contrary to popular belief, its influence applies not only to Japanese interpretation. Distributed in Korea, Vietnam, China, and even the United States, it has high energy capable of having a substantial impact on anyone’s quality of life.

There is nothing known about its compatibility with simple Russian forms, although there are some examples. This name has never been included in the rating of the most popular Japanese male names, although some believe that Kim comes directly from the name Kimora as a masculine name in Asian countries.

Origin of the name Kimora

The first thing that is sought when studying the meaning of a name is the country of origin. The origin of a name tells us a lot about the use it was given and what it wanted to convey with it. The meaning of the name Matthew, for example, is “Gift of God,” and it comes from Hebrew. The same applies to the meaning of the name Matías or the meaning of the name Mia. They are all of Hebrew origin, and knowing this origin gives us a lot of information.

By knowing the origin and Meaning of the name Kimora, we can search for words similar to the name in question so that we can understand what the ancients wanted to communicate when using that name. This isn’t always as easy, though. For example, it is straightforward in the case of the Hebrew, Greek or Latin names, because we only have to review the written texts, and in general we will find characters (real or fictitious) that use those names.

What do we do with names that do not appear in the old texts?

The Kimora name meaning is defined the same way as Nicolás, or the meaning of the name Paola. Many names could never be known unless they appeared in older texts. Fortunately, there is some reference to Kimora, though the spelling may be slightly different.

In such cases, different possibilities are shuffled, looking for old words that resemble those that make up the current names. In this way, you can get to the origin of some names with this kind of “reverse engineering.” For example, the Kimora name meaning gives some references. In particular, two people who have acquired some fame, tracing back to a Japanese word.

Of course, this way of finding the origin of the names is not as effective as the previous one (it will always be better to see the name in a text than to intuit how it was historically built), but it allows us to answer less plainly the question of the origin of the names. We assume that it can be taken by a woman in the Western World. Kimora comes from Asian countries, like Japan, where it is mostly used by men.

Alternative Kimora name meaning

Kimura is a submission move(wrestling). The basis of the technique is characterized by one person holding the wrist of the other person and holding back the shoulder. The area of attack is the shoulder, continually pressing the arm. For example, during the Kimura Method, Antonio Nogueira kept his arm up, and the Kimura continued to break his arm. Henner Gracie analyzed and saw that his arm broke first by detecting how the shoulder became a flimsy flexible joint, indicating it was dislocated.

When you are in charge, you can go into a closed guard or side attack, so when your opponent tries to wrap his / her body in his / her rear arms, he/she picks up his / her opponent’s arm and hangs it in the Kimura hold. In Brazilian Jianzhuo, if Kimura did not put an end to the match, the opponent put his hand on his back and defended it, then swept to the mounting position once engaged the person using Kimura.

The History and Origin of The Name Kimura

There are several versions of the origin of the name Kim, one of which is the shortening of the name Kimura, and which of them relates specifically to the Japanese variation is unfortunately unknown. So, the first version, it’s also the most popular, says about this name’s Celtic origin, and that it first appeared in Europe. It could have been formed from a word based on this version, in the translation meaning “main.” It is believed that this interpretation also applies to the Japanese version, although it is only a theory.

As for the prevalence of this name in this form, it is common not only in Japan but also in many other countries, particularly in Southeast Asia. It is found in China, Vietnam, and North and South Korea, of course.

Local Origin and Kimora name meaning

The origin of the Meaning of the name Kimora comes not only from one of the Japanese surnames, but other uses for the word Kimura / Kimora are included in this section. One variation, Nakamura is often used in the name of a Japanese character, or as a surname often used for a detective or villain type.

Kimura is also the surname that Koreans often use when localizing Kim in Korean. Kimura Tsutai is an example of this. It is not sure that the name of Kim Seung-woo was derived in Korean textbooks from the Japanese name “Ichiro Kimura” in his work called “Petals Written in the Past.” That being said, the name of Kim Jung Un may also derive from the Japanese surname.

Model Kimora Lee Simmons made the name Kimora famous in the United States. Country Variations of Kimora:

Different Country Variations of Kimora

The names have a distant origin that is still used today, but some variations constitute the proper name. The country where Kimora was the most frequently spelled with an “o” instead of “u,” is in Paris. As a result, this name is more common in the country of Paris in proportion to the number of births. In terms of trend, the use of the name Kimora is currently declining.

This list contains ideas for names similar to Kimora.

Names that sound like Kimora See here all the names similar to Kimora:

  • Kimura
  • Kymora
  • Kymora
  • Kimose
  • Kimosh
  • Kimoto
  • Kimoya
  • Kimpee
  • Kimpen
  • Kimpho
  • Kimpoy
  • Kimraj
  • Kimran
  • Kimray
  • Kimren
  • Kimrey
  • Kimron
  • Kimroy
  • Kimryn
  • Kimsan
  • Kimsey
  • Kimsin
  • Kimson

Nicknames of the name Kimora

See here all nicknames of Kimora below:

  • Mora
  • Mimi
  • Kiki
  • Kim
  • Kimi
  • Maria
  • Kimo
  • Kimia
  • Mimora
  • Mia

The most popular of these nicknames is Kim

The popularity of the Name Kimora

The first name Kimora is such a rare name that there is not enough data to determine how much this name is used in the world. The name Kimora ranks in the 25,119th position of the most widely used names. It’s a unique name, therefore. It is estimated that the world has received this name from at least 8,000 people, representing 0.001 percent of the population.

True, we don’t have enough data to visualize the number of people receiving the name Kimora year after year, but we can determine popularity from past research. Since Kimora was a rare name in 2015, it is now 2637th out of the 379,781 births of the girls. In 2015 and at its peak in 2010, twelve children were named Kimora. As of today, the average popularity since the height of Kimora has been ten years, so imagine it’s more like a name for young people.

Personality Traits

In addition to the general meaning, personality traits can also be derived from the meaning of the name. You can thus know the defects or qualities associated with this or that name. For example, by analyzing the meaning of Kimora, you will find that his/her personality is fair and sincere.

There is an opinion that the meaning of the name Kimora can give the carrier a somewhat unpredictable character, especially when they are male. Usually, carriers of this name have such features as mobility, activity, effectiveness, unprincipled, unpredictability, kindness, benevolence, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, persistence, determination, self-confidence and independence in judgments. Such people usually stand out from the crowd; they are not inherent in the positions of “herd” life, they always behave differently from others, they have their point of view and their point of view on everything without exception.

During Early Childhood

In early childhood, a boy who received the name of Kimora, the value and energy of this simple form can give a whole bunch of excellent characteristics. They can include purposefulness, kindness, endurance, restraint, strength, efficiency, emotionality, activity, unpredictability, unprincipled, assertiveness. Such a boy is going to have his whole childhood in motion; he can’t sit still and do something, he needs to be active, doing something he can be praised for, or at least find a way to draw attention to himself. This boy can’t relax or calm down; he’s restless and busy all the time. At the same time, parents need to think in advance about where they will direct their energy-otherwise problems may arise against the backdrop of their restlessness.

In childhood, A female named Kimora is distinguished by qualities such as poise, calmness, and lightness. Therefore, she does not have excessive emotionality and passion in life. Her sparkle makes her an active person. She makes all her life decisions and actions quickly, preferring not to think about them for a long time.

In terms of communication, it’s all very simple here, boys named Kimora have enough sociability for everyone without exception, he’s always happy to communicate and chat with, even if it’s not about anything in particular. Significance can reward him with sociability and eloquence, thanks to which this boy will never have communication problems or experience a lack of friends. Only his friendliness can be envied. Plus, this name’s energy can reward male or female carrier with an excellent imagination, which will have a positive effect on peer communication.

During Teenage Years

The teenage boy, to whom the parents decided to give the name Kimora, can be very complex because it is unique and is usually seen as a female name in the west. This creates a unique dynamic.

These circumstances will enhance specific personality characteristics. Boys named Kim are unpredictable, emotional, sensitive, receptive, active, energetic, purposeful, hard-working, upbeat, confident, decisive, self-sufficient-in other words, boys named Kimora have many good qualities like being hard-working and a very reliable person.

There are, of course, a few “ character flaws,” the main “flaw” is excessive gullibility about one of Kimora’s characteristics. The value of this flaw promises excessive credulity, naivety, and shyness which cause adolescent boys to be often mistaken in the true intentions of people and suffer from betrayal. And last but not least, as friends, he will usually befriend quite a few traitors and brutal people.

Kimora himself will most likely understand this, but he’s gullible, so his energy is endowed with kindness that doesn’t allow him to be overly vindictive. Even the one who once betrayed him will still be able to ask Kimora to help him out in any situation; they will most likely forgive him and provide a shoulder to cry on. This is why Kimora won’t have any enemies.

Kimora During Adulthood

If Kimora has problems in his / her childhood due to excessive naivety and gullibility, then adults named Kimora will probably not have such issues. An adult disparaging the meaning of this simple form is already discriminating, prudent, capable of distinguishing between good and evil.

Kimora may seem like a good-natured, slow-tempered individual, but that’s not necessarily true. At the right moment, Kimora will turn into a real beast. Equally important, their values can also reward them with skills in adult leadership. More precisely, leadership skills may manifest when they reach maturity, not before. Ultimately, Kimora can be a great male or female boss and a great manager.

Kimora is an outgoing and friendly person in terms of communicating with friends and socializing as an adult, considering the importance and energy of the name. They are always ready for new acquaintances and will rarely go a day without new acquaintances. Kimora will never refuse to communicate and is still willing to devote one or two hours to even the most pointless conversations. More importantly, they’re never bored with them; they’re typically joyful and optimistic.

Emotional Spectrum

Kimora is thoughtful and shy, the name is characteristic of a quite cerebral person who, despite how calculated they are, is not cold. They still need to be comforted by those they’re most familiar with.

You seem cold and distant at first glance, but in reality, you are an incredible package of emotions with hidden sensitivity behind all that armor. At the same time, you are logical and attentive, always intuitive and sensitive.

All this, however, is just a theory. It is practically unreal to guess with absolute accuracy what features will appear in this or that person named Kimora.

Emotional Meaning of the Name Kimora

Kimora’s name suggests that he/she will live a quiet and stable love life. Therefore, if you are named Kimora, avoid situations without a future, the small adventure does not suit you. You will need to evolve towards a healthy, balanced and comfortable environment that encourages you to start a family.

Kimora’s feelings and emotions are usually immediately visible to others. This means you’re overly trusting in people, so you’re often deceived. In women named Kimora, it is more likely that you will be less likely to forgive deception. Women named Kimora can even be called a bit vindictive as you have been able to keep all of your insults for years.

It will be heartbreaking for men named Kimora to go through the many betrayals that may present themselves in your life. Because it’s safe to call you a man of your word, the world will sometimes seem unfair if you promise something to someone, you will certainly do everything you can to fulfill that promise. Many of the same people you’ve gone the extra mile for won’t do the same for you.

Personal Integrity

Thousands of people have this priceless gift, but they never discover it. Only a few people have a truly unique name. Also, those called Kimora are usually closely related to a clean and efficient work ethic, so you’re never afraid to work hard.

Name carriers must be patient in their endeavors to build brick by brick towards goals. Submit methodically and logically to the steps that will complete the task at hand. They never fear responsibilities and can adapt to teamwork. People with the first name Kimora feel great in performance or leadership activities.

This makes you an active person, but it will take a while to recover when you tire from working too hard. It’s best for you to lead a balanced life, so you don’t get stuck. A healthy lifestyle and adequate time to sleep are essential if you are to be more effective. The bones, the stomach, the nervous system, the bladder, and the chest are your weak points.

Women named Kimora may display such a quality as overconfidence. That’s because, even in youth, the girls’ name Kimora is characterized by purposefulness, but to achieve these goals, the person who received either of these names calms down, preferring not to take on new heights. Despite their restlessness, mostly positive emotions are formed in the Kimora collective so not many will be angry with you.


One of the first cases in which you may be interested in knowing the Kimora name meaning is what indicates a better understanding when pursuing opportunities for relationships with another person.

The meaning of names gives us a lot of information about the subject of love. For example, we can see how Kimora has historically behaved with both women (and men depending on the gender). We can also see what the name in question means etymologically. In turn, the etymological origin gives us enough information on how Kimora acts on many different occasions concerning love.

For example, Kimora as the name of a man indicates that he is a fighter, a conqueror, or a warrior, and he will most likely be a person who enjoys falling in love with women. For a woman, however, Kimora is a name that indicates purity so she may be harder to fall in love with.

We must also mention that if we look at the names each have, we can find proper complementarities (or quite the opposite) between two people on many occasions. So a perfect reason to be interested in the meaning of names is that there is a person you admire and you want to find more information about them to see if you are going to be compatible.

Relationship with Men

Women named Kimora tend to wait before meeting the right person, so finding love may take longer than expected. Commitment is something Kimora takes very seriously; she is attracted to men who have much to offer in a long – term relationship.

Relationships with the Family

As a girls name, Kimora is defined as being reserved and shy, so she will have some trouble communicating with others. Therefore, she tends to live in a bubble or a closed universe to calm down. She has few friends, but those who are in her life are reliable people she can trust. The lightness of Kimora’s character is reflected in their family life. Sociability and confidence in oneself.

Relationships with Women

This allows you to achieve victories quickly in romantic situations. But, unfortunately, these qualities are not as good for permanent and long-term relationships such as marriage. Kimora is not distinguished by constancy, so often he marries more than once. But even married, the meaning of the name Kimora entails that a carrier often doesn’t refuse new acquaintances.

An adult man named Kimora may have problems in relationships with women. As a rule, the impermanence and energy of his name do not allow him to build lasting relationships. This is a man who does not know how to live by the rules and needs diversity.

For the most patient and persistent woman, will find it challenging to build relationships with him. True, there is a chance that Kim will eventually become an exemplary family man, not too loyal and faithful, but obligatory and reliable, which is equally important.

Checking the meaning of Kimora has caused you to see that Kimora is a person who pursues relationships with fairness because that’s what the name says they’re going to do. Being aware of this can help you carry out your day with more naturalness, understand that you are what you are, and you don’t have to worry about changing into something different for other people.

Career and Money

You’ll be having a healthy relationship with money when you do your best to avoid living beyond your means. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for you to spend, but you are also excellent at saving money and working hard. So you have an incredible sense of financial management that enables you to live well. You dream of being an entrepreneur to build a solid foundation.

To mark a quality job, however, you must remain in good standing, which could be a struggle given some of your other characteristics. You will be an exceptionally reliable contributor to the following careers:

• administration,
• public services,
• construction,
• interior design,
• internships,
• consulting,
• administration,
• heritage,
• teaching profession,
• agriculture,
• justice,
• politics,
• organizational responsibilities

Life’s Opportunities

When Kimora leaves this or that team, few people will remember them as a valuable employee because the name doesn’t indicate much ambition. On the other hand, the sociability characteristics of Kimora with people can help them with networking. It is effortless to induce the name carrier into some joint venture, but at the same time, you need to be prepared in advance so you can leave your joint venture if it becomes necessary to do so.

As a result, the name is associated with mobility and restlessness, making Kimora extremely short of assertiveness and concentration, which often adversely affects his career development. Sometimes, relying unduly on luck, Kimora does not take any action while preferring to observe the coincidence of circumstances as if from the outside. But from time to time, Kimora takes on the implementation of some of their career plans, showing right firmness and perseverance despite the tendency to go from job to job.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Kimora

Each name has a series of spiritual meanings and general characteristics, beyond the specifications. For example, on a general level, the spiritual meaning of the name Jesus refers to sacrifice, humility, and peace. However, to know everything about the spirituality encoded into the Kimora name meaning, you will have to dig a little deeper with the following points.


  • Taurus,
  • Cancer,
  • Saturn,

Tarot cards:

  • the emperor,
  • the hermit,
  • the moon.

Astrological Symbols:

• Stone – Black opal.
• The patron planet is Mercury and Neptune.
• Patronizing element – Water.
• Animal symbol of carrier name Kimora – Elephant.
• Herbal symbol – Basil.
• The best zodiac signs to accompany Kimora are Sagittarius and Pisces.
• Happy day – Wednesday.
• The perfect season is Winter.

Traditional Color for the name Kimora:

• blue,
• earth tones,
• light gray
• yellow

Lucky Numbers and Numerology Meaning of the name Kimora

Numerology also gives the name Kimora meaning. The importance of these numbers is that they decide our life as we have them from the day our parents choose a name for us at birth.

Compared to other names referenced in our database, it is relatively medium in length consisting of six letters. In this case, the name of Kimora and the meaning influence how it will be dislodged and how the person whose name is Kimora will interact with life.

According to numerology, there is an excellent relationship between numbers and letters, giving the name of Kimora a number and the meaning of the name in question. There are several numbers for each name, and you can determine the number of things about her in this case. Kimora carries with it the amount of the name or expression number 6, which indicates that it is very family-oriented and homely. These are the pillars of it and its principal.

You can also take into account that there are six letters inside the name, but Kimora’s life path number is 4. Each figure has a meaning that reveals surprising parts of your personality. Still, the active number corresponding to the Kimora name meaning is 4. Interpretation:

  • Qualities: Responsible, Rigorous
  • Dominant planet: Uranus
  • Colors: Blue, Gray
  • Precious stones: Sapphire

Materials, pigments, minerals:

• natural materials,





•natural fibers.

Daily routines are necessary for number four because they are reassuring. They are united to their brothers and attribute great importance to their loved ones, to their roots or their country. The home is your charging station, which gives you energy and dramatically improves your mood. You also have a strong sense of organization associated with rigor and volunteering.

Famous People (or Things ) named Kimora

The first and foremost thing you will find while searching for the name Kimora on the web is the meaning or the different famous people who exist with the name. According to Wiki, the number one search result is Kimora Lee Simmons.

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1975. First of all, her exotic appearance draws attention, of course, because Kimora is an original ethnic cocktail. Her mother is semi Japanese, half Korean and her father is African American. Kimora inherited the Asian features of her mother’s extraordinary beauty and her father’s tall stature. She grew up in a small suburb and from childhood, stood out from her classmates. At the age of 10, she was almost 180 cm tall. Kimora felt very far from being beautiful, to save her daughter, her mother sent her to a model school. Two years later, Kimora Lee Simmons was able to work in Paris as a professional model.

The Kimura Lock

The Kimura Lock was considered initially in catch wrestling as an’ arm twist and’ double list lock.’ However, after Elio Gracie was defeated by the Kimura Lock in a matchup with its inventor, Masahiko Kimura, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community began to call the technique ”Kimura” or the “Kimura Lock” as a gesture of respect. That’s how the name became more popular. It is also called the Reverse Keylock because it is almost the same movement as a keylock; only the direction is reversed.

The Kimura Spider (Kimura Gumo)

The Kimura Spider is from 1 to 1.5 cm in length. The body is yellowish brown. It is considered a primitive species because the 12 chitin barks located in the posterior part of the abdomen are regarded as remnants of the ring structure and the separation between the spinous process and the anus. It catches prey by digging a 10 cm side hole in the cliff, then covering the hole to hide from an unsuspecting victim. The action of jumping on the prey that passes near the entrance is quick and agile. It was discovered in Shiroyama, the city of Kagoshima, in 1920 by Arika Kimura.

Finally, the evolution of people who have been named Kimora is also being studied. That is, what famous people or historical figures have (or have had) the name Kimora.

So, why is it important to look at successful people who have a particular name, if that doesn’t mean that all people with that name are successful?

Well, basically because it’s no coincidence that most people who have succeeded in calling themselves Kimora have achieved relatively similar things. Kimora by meaning is who he is, and if you work with that name, little by little you are taking steps towards your destiny. Of course, this does not mean that two people with the same name end up being successful in the same way, but they are things that are in some way related to each other because what they have achieved is what was written in their name.

What we want to say is that if you don’t work on it, the fact that your name indicates a specific destination doesn’t mean you’ll reach it. Now, if you work hard, you will most likely end up fulfilling what your name suggests. However, this is not the only reason for studying people who have been named the same name as you have. There is also a second reason to do so, and that is because in some cases the origin of a name may have a meaning, but a person will change it entirely by how they live.

These things happen in a few occasions because few people are capable of succeeding against their destiny, and even less those who are capable of making all people perceive this name differently. Sometimes it is convenient to study the evolution of a name and see the people who used it. On some occasions, this kind of name “revision” ends up having more importance than the original. Therefore, studying people who have had the name Kimora is also very important because it can give you a different idea of the name’s effect on the carrier.

You Should Research The Meaning Of A Name Because

At the end of the day, if you’re not looking for the meaning of the name Kimora, you probably don’t care so much about its etymological origin or what it will imply later on in your life (love relationships, work capacity, etc.). Aside from this, the name is usually chosen because of how beautiful it sounds, which is true for most people who believe the name has no other etymological value, but we beg to differ.

A general case in which people are interested in knowing the meaning of names is when you’re going to have a child. All the alarms are going on at that moment when you ask yourself, ”What name do we give him/her?” It’s a crucial decision because it’s going to mark their lives forever, not just in the sense that we tend to think about it, but in a much deeper one (which you’ve been able to read about throughout all the previous sections).

Usually, parents who seek the name Kimora for their children do so either guided by how well they sound and by the fashions of the moment, or by the celebrities who already have that name (and therefore do a “tribute”). While we’re not the ones to say how to choose your kids’ name, the truth is that we don’t think these two ways of doing it are the best for the child. The second is better than the first, of course, but it’s not the best option either.

The best option is to see what the different possibilities are, to study the meanings of the names you like, and to choose one that will enable your child to have a better life, with a much more useful destiny for the world in which we live.

For example, choosing a Kimora baby name that evokes success, dignity and overcoming will always be better than a name whose meaning is the opposite.

Of course, maybe you don’t want your child to be a fighter, but mothers generally want to pick strong names especially for their boys.

It also depends on the family concerned. You may be religious, and you want your son to have a biblical name. In that case, you must choose the name taking into account the meaning of the name and the role that character has in the Bible. In any case, these are just a few ideas. We want to make it clear that you are free to choose how to name your child. We’re only giving you advice on what we think is best.

Another common reason when looking for a name’s meaning is that you want to understand yourself better. Many people are looking for the meaning of their name for this, and it’s perfect for doing so. Everyone should at least do it once in their lifetime. Also, most people who are looking for the meaning of their name find it hits quite well and describe them with an excellent degree of reliability.


When you use a list of children’s names, you are likely to look up girl names, boy names biblical names, or even strange-sounding names so that you don’t give your child a standard name that everyone has. The Kimora baby name is an excellent example of this because it is a name that is rarely used. By naming your baby girl Kimora, you set the standard for her childhood. You can quickly teach her that she is a unique individual and that she’s not part of the crowd. This type of self-knowledge is significant in a person’s life.


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