Meaning of the name Kimberly

Meaning of the name Kimberly

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meaning of the name KimberlyWhat is the Meaning of the Name Kimberly?

Have you ever wondered why every time you walk past a few people, you hear a person who bears Kimberly? Or are you in search of a name for your unborn child and are in a dilemma as to which name to give him or her? Maybe the name Kimberly has popped up in your head a few times. Did you feel excited? Or not so excited? No, not Kim Kardashian. We will be helping to make that decision a lot easier for you as we will unwrap, like a beautiful gift that the name is, the meaning of the name Kimberly and all the information you need to have about this name that is ranked number 339 in the most popular name list.

Who is the name Kimberly?

As you must have observed, the name is closely related to the female gender. Although it originally started as a name for males, it; however, evolved into a predominantly female name. In Korea, the name Kim is not in any way related to Kimberly.


Historically, it is gotten from the “Kynburgha’s field.” The two parts of England where this name was popular had two local heroes. One a princess and the other an abbess from medieval times. The “Ly” at the end of the name means meadow or field. The Kinniburgh in Anglo Saxon means royal fortress. The new meaning – royal fortress meadow – is a combination of Kinniburgh and Ly.

The origin of Kimberly, although an English name, has been traced back to the Northern Cape in South Africa. This city, it is believed was named after the King of England, Lord Kimberley. John Woodhouse was the first Earl of Norfolk, England, and so it was named after him. The name was however made famous after the second Boer war in the 19th century. Kimberly means from the wood of the royal forest. Or from the royal fortress meadow. The name is not however trendy in 2018. Out of a million people, you would only find a handful of them bearing Kimberly.


The name has been around for more than a millennium, and it is pertinent we saw how well it has performed over the last few years. Even though the name has dropped drastically on the name popularity rank, it still has some people who love it and would not change it for anything in the world.

The name was first used popularly used for boys, but it has been dominated by females recently. Some statistics have it that in the United States, we have just 0.5% of boys who bear Kimberly while the remaining 99.5% are females. In 1965, a whopping 28832 babies were named Kimberly, an all-time high. In 2018, it has plummeted to a meager 366.

Although an English name with an English origin, the name Kimberly became popular in the United States of America in 1833, it has since then grown into a household name for cute babies. There have been a few different ways the name has been spelled. These variants in spelling are a reflection of the creativity of those bearing the name and how they have been able to change the spellings to match their style. Some of those spellings of Kimberly include Kimberley, Kimberlee, Kimberli, Kymberly, Kimbrielle.


The name is closely associated with the colors Pink and blue. These colors represent a profound sense of personal awareness and stability. The blue represents the sea and the sky. Spiritually, this means that whoever has this color would tend to be more loyal, calm and truthful. The pink represents love and compassion. Kimberly is emotional types that love and give their heart to those they trust, no wonder they are associated with the pink color.


Like every name, the name Kimberly has a host of nicknames that are as sweet as the original. Some of these nicknames include:

Kim, Kimchi, Kimbo, Kimbra, Kimber, Kimbers, Berlin, Berly, Kimly, Kimel, Kimmels, Kimmer, Kimmers, Kimie, Kimmie, Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimi, Mimi, Kimberlina, Kimbro, Kimborough, Kimbree, Kim-Lee, Kim-Bee, Kimberly, Beryl.

There are no other variations of the name in other languages. It is solely an English name and has no other equivalent in other words.


In understanding Kims or Kimmy, we need to know what numerology says about those who bear Kim. The expression number for Kim is five while the soul urge number is also 5.

On the numerology table, every alphabet assigned to a number. Now, to find the numerology of a name, sum up all the different numbers assigned to each alphabet found in the title. Once you have a total, add the first and second character of the whole to get the numerology of the name.

Here is an example:

Kimberly is made up of eight alphabets. When we add up the individual numbers of these alphabets, we will have a sum. For Kimberly, we have

K (2) + i (9) + m (4) + b (2) + e (5) + r (9) + l (3) + y (7) =>> 41

The total being forty one has the numbers four and numbers one. We add the four to the one, and our answer is five. The destiny number, according to numerology of Kimberly is 5.


• Kimberly is a lovely person, but they are short tempered. As loving as they can be, they can quickly flare up and cause a scene when they feel offended. They don’t have the patience to listen to the other side of the story whenever they are angry.

• They are also very stubborn and strong headed. They have a powerful will and are not easily swayed after they have taken a decision.

• They are brave and eccentric. Kimberly will easily make any gathering she finds herself in burst with life. They are what most would call the “loudmouth.”

• Kimberly, like those with the number 5, is very ambitious. They have a knack for seeking perfection in all they do.

• They always find adventure. Still on the lookout for something novel to do. They have the high tendency to be very demanding, no thanks to their perfectionist nature.

• When they want a thing done, they want it done. They demand the highest level of perfection from those around them. Most times, they do this failing to realize that their energy and creative ability are not the same for everyone. They will keep sending you back to get it right. They can’t deal with anything less than a perfect job, or a near perfect one on the days they are generous.

• Most make great artists, partly due to their eccentricity and also due to their ambitious nature. They don’t like to be tied down by rules, always in search of ways to break the mold and do something out of the ordinary. Just take a look at Kimberly Kardashian, she sure breaks molds every time.

• They are always in search of some form of balance because of their eccentricity. They are unable to keep still and stick it out with a project. They want always to express themselves but can sometimes overdo.


• Easily relatable, they can fit into any group they find themselves. Blending in has never been a problem to them. Who doesn’t want the life of the party at their side?

• Their unsteadiness makes it hard for them to follow through on personal goals. But if they decide to follow through on their goals and stay true to them, they are easily the best among the bunch. Their eccentricity is not one that goes to waste — the burst of energy they possess can, however, wither fast because if their need to try out something new, they get bored quickly and so would always need a new task to get on their “creative high.”

• One other personality trait of Kimberly is their emotional state in times of difficulty. They can be broken down when things don’t go their way, easily throwing in the towel. Also, they have a very, in most cases, low emotional intelligence. They are easily broken down by situations and thus can lash out without control. Their brutal honesty, when repaid with dishonesty, can be painful, cutting them deep with hurt.

• They value the most excellent things in life, wanting to have beautiful things for their selves. They know beauty when they see one and are quick to acknowledge it.


• They can be futuristic. They have a beautiful sight of what their future would look like, eagerly waiting for it with gated breath and commitment. Their ability to create the future with their minds is phenomenal. Kimberly knows that they can build their future and so go about with aplomb.

• Kimberly is quite emotional, so that hampers how well they heal from hurt or heartbreak. They value trust a lot, and so it can be challenging for them to let go or forgive a person whom they have trusted wholly but went on to disappoint them — some hold on the past for too long, which eventually affects how they relate with other people.

• When you meet a Kimberly, you have reached a person who is very independent and has the potential to do well in business. Their character is one that values honesty and so can thrive in a business world that is not cutthroat. They make great managers cause of their high level of perception, so can conveniently lead the affairs of a business, grow it to an extent, given they have a person to help them balance their wild enthusiasm with commitment.

• Those who bear Kimberly have a high sense of family. They love the feeling they get from family and would do anything for those they consider family.


What makes a person successful in their careers, aside their educational qualifications is their personality traits. These traits, with some level of accuracy, can predict what jobs would best fit a person. This does not, however, mean that there are cast-in-stone rules to these things. Some of the possible career paths for those who bear Kimberly include the following:

1. Great Entrepreneurs: This is one of the most accessible routes for the meaning of the name Kimberly. They have the attractiveness to win over people and influence them with their charm. This is not the only thing that helps them succeed in business; they also can be madly creative. The Kimberly can take on projects and make a lot of success out of it, only if they keep the embers of their enthusiasm burning after the first few weeks of starting.

They have an analytical mind that can carefully dissect through complex numbers and information to draw useful conclusions. There is also their mild level of energy that can be very infectious to those around them. Also, their ability to be flexible with whatever situation they find themselves makes them great at business. They don’t stay stuck in one plan. They can switch things up quickly, adapting to the changing climate.


2. Entertainers: The Kimberly have a very adventurous spirit. They can’t be pecked back and stifled. They want to experience the world and are willing to take risks, caring less for the eventual consequences. This free-spirited nature makes them a perfect fit for the arts – entertainment individually. They have this massive dose of creativity that they can’t keep boxed. Their high level of energy is one that makes them exceptional in the entertainment industry. You can never go wrong with a creature that is energetic and can connect with people on deep emotional levels. They do have their wrong sides, but they generally have the energy and wit and intelligence to navigate through the arts and make entertainment out of anything at all.

3. Politician: What makes a great politician? Their ability to convince you even when you don’t want to be confident. The Kimberly will make a fantastic politician if they venture into politics. Their keen sense of self and their ability to motivate people serves them well in winning over people. Not to talk of their charm they carry like a well-processed perfume. Their love for traveling makes them the perfect fit for campaign travels. They want to see the world and are not scared one bit to get it whichever way possible.


4. Advertising professional: Their eccentricity mixed with vibrant colors of creativity makes the name Kimberly the advertising gurus. They can think outside the box (if there is one) and aren’t held back by rules and regulations. The advertising world is ruled by those who can take risks and unafraid of the decisions they make. The Kimberly will very happily break the rules if they feel it enables them to create better work. They are stubborn like that.

These are just some possible career paths for Kimberly. There are thousands of other jobs that they fit into correctly, but we have restricted it to only a few as they help give you an idea of what kind of career they would naturally fit into; baring, of course, the educational and social backgrounds that vary with people.


1. They quite easily: With their high octane level energy, you would expect them to keep burning with enthusiastic fire all the way through, but they don’t. Quick to move from one “adventure” to the next, trying their hands at many things but never really being able to complete them.

2. They are Rash: With their honesty and love comes the unstable nature of their emotions when they feel hurt. It makes them quick to lash out.

3. They can’t keep relationships going either can they can stay through to a course long enough: You want them to stay on a project for long, but they are too excited to stay put. Routine sucks the life out of them, so they are always on the lookout for new things to do, new people to love and new places to visit.


4. They can be impulsive and make irrational decisions: Kimberly is confident in their thoughts and ideas. Because of this confidence coupled with stubbornness, they don’t always have ears for the advice of other people. When they take a decision, they don’t go back on it even when others advise them. They believe firmly in what they think is right. Such an attitude makes them not so great leaders in that regard. This impulsiveness and stubbornness can cause a great deal of loss, especially in business when decisions are made.

5. They are easily given to depression: They love adventures and would cave into a ball of despair if the situations they find themselves restrict them from exploring. They also do have emotional highs and lows that are not stable and can fluctuate at any time, leading to sporadic emotional bursts.


It can be a difficult task staying with a Kimberly. Most, because of their eccentricity, are always too busy to stay put. They still want adventures, and so it can be tough to keep them interested for long. But a person who is, maybe not as eccentric as they are but can find some balance between being excited and being rational, can deal with them. Their need for adventure means the person who would be with them should be able to juggle between fun and seriousness; between being overly excited and concentrated. They can be amazing spouses if they honestly find love and can be assured of excitement most of the time from their spouse.


You might have been around people who bear Kimberly and so are used to how they behave and their temperament. You are the true definition of friend. But if you have not met any or have but are quite unsure as to how to approach them or deal with them (especially the guys who want to become friends with them), let me offer my teeny-weeny help. When you contact a Kimberly, you should know that she doesn’t like to be caged and controlled.

As they are mostly free-spirited, make sure you are open with her and have a few adventures up your sleeves. They are also very creative and so can come up with crazy ideas, if you don’t like them, be tactical in relating what you think to them. Also, she has a likable personality so do not feel threatened when you see them in the midst of a group leading the pack like an alpha. They tend to be natural leaders. Be calm; if they love you, they love you. Just make sure you keep your game up at all times. Don’t be monotonous.


Kimberly should be rechristened Travel and Adventure. They love to travel, to see the world and create new memories. Their love for freedom makes them the perfect travel buddy.


You are not alone in the beautiful world of the Kimberlys. Here are some influential people with their first name as Kimberly:

Kimberly Yee, Kimberly Ann Moore, Kimberly Elise, Kimberly Wyatt, Kimberly Po.


Kimberly is a beautiful name to give a child. And you can’t go wrong if you do. There are exceptions to the rules, and then you might meet one who is calm and relaxed going. Whichever way, remember that Kimberly is a natural sweetheart and can be badass at the same time. But if you can understand them, you will be glad to have one in your life.


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