Meaning of the name Isabella

Meaning of the name Isabella

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Meaning of the name IsabellaMeaning of the Name Isabella

Derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba, Isabella is a feminine given name with Italian origins. My etymological research has led me to discover the meaning of the name Isabella.

Meaning of the Name Isabella:

The meaning of the name Isabella is “pledge to God,” “oath to God” or “person who serves God.” While the name was first used in Italy, it – along with its variants – is now used in over a dozen countries.

Origins of the Name Isabella

The name Isabella originated in Italy where it was derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba. In the Hebrew Bible, Elisheba is the wife o Moss’ older brother, Aaron, and the daughter of Amminadab.

In addition to being featured in the Hebrew Bible, the name Isabella also appears in the New Testament. Specifically, the Gospel of Luke describes a woman named Elisheba as being the wife of Zechariah and a direct blood relative of Mary.

Because of its prominence in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, Elisheba was a common name used in Europe and the Middle East. Etymologists believe, however, that Elisheba was converted into the Latin name Isabella.

Popularity of the Name Isabella

Isabella has been a very popular name in many English-speaking countries. In 1880, it ranked as the 215th most popular girls’ name in the United States. In 1900, Isabella was the 290th most popular girls’ name in the country. By 1920, Isabella had declined to the 420th most popular girls’ name in the United States.

The name Isabella continued to decline throughout the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Even in 1960, Isabella ranked as the 1,509th most popular girls’ name in the United States. It wasn’t until the 1990s when Isabella regained popularity as a feminine given name. In 1990, birth records show that Isabella was the 895th most popular girls’ name in the United States. By 1999, Isabella was the 60th most popular girls’ name in the country.

The name Isabella peaked in 2009 and 2010 when it ranked as the single most popular girls’ name in the country. In several other years, including 2007, 2008 and 2011, Isabella was the 2nd most popular girls’ name.

Famous women named Isabella include Italian poet and author Isabella di Morra, Brazilian actress Isabella Santoni, English explorer Isabella Bird, American actress Isabella Hofmann, American actress Isabella Acres, American actress Isabella Palmieri, Italian actress Isabella Ragonese and German snowboarder Isabella Labock.

Popular variants of the name Isabella include Isabelle, Elisa, Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Elize, Eisa and Isabell.


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