Meaning of the name Gavin

Meaning of the name Gavin

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Meaning of the name GavinMeaning of the name Gavin

What is the Meaning of the Name Gavin?

Are you looking for the meaning of the name Gavin? If you know anyone named Gavin, we have some fascinating information for you. Today you will learn everything about the meaning of the name Gavin and what effects it has on his personality.

Meaning of the name Gavin: When we translated the name Gavin from Scottish language, it means “White Hawk”. Gavin is a variant of English and Scottish Gawain. Gawain originates in the Welsh language and means “hawk of white.” In the Arthurian legends, Gawain was one of the knights of King Arthur of the Round Table known from the title of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

People named Gavin are calm, patient, dedicated, they possess a natural authority and sense of command. It seems that nothing touches them and have principles that they never transgress. Continue reading to learn more about the meaning of the name Gavin and how it determines his personality.

Origin of the name Gavin:

Gavin is a male given name. It is the late medieval form of the name Gawain, which in turn is believed to have originated from the Welsh name Gwalchgwn, meaning “White Hawk.” Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an epic poem connected with King Arthur’s Round Table. Gavin also shares an origin with the Italian name Gavino, which dates back to ancient Latin. Saint Gavinus (San Gavino, Porto Torres, Sardinia) was an early Christian martyr, an ex-Roman centurion, decapitated in 300 AD and whose head was thrown in the Mediterranean before being reunited with his body.

Scottish medieval form of a Norman-French name ‘Gawain,’ which in turn goes back to a Welsh name ‘Gwalchgwyn’ in the Arthurian saga, Sir Gawain is one of the Knights of the Round Table.

Local Origin of the name Gavin:

Scottish and English: of the Celtic origin, but the last uncertain derivation; appears first in French sources such as Gauvain. The name is taken in the romances of Arthurian by one of the knights of the round table (more familiar in English versions like Sir Gawain). It became extinct in the sixteenth century, except in Scotland, from where it has been reintroduced in the last couple of decades. Now it is prevalent in England, Wales, and elsewhere in the English-speaking world.

Gauvain is the name of a hero in the legend of King Arthur. It’s a trendy name in Scotland since the 1960s. Anglo-Saxons easily call names of places, surnames or characters from novels to assign to their children.

Different Country Variations of Gavin:

Arthurian Romance: Gawain, Walganus

English: Gavin

French: Gauvain

Portuguese: Galvão

Scottish: Gavin

Welsh: Gawain

Nicknames of the name Gavin:

Gav/ Gavi/ Gövi/ Gavinos


The name Gavin is ranked on the 691st position of the most used names. Therefore, we can say that it is a ubiquitous name.

It is estimated that there are at least 826,000 people in the world who have received this name, which represents 0.012% of the population. The name Gavin is composed of five letters. It is relatively medium in length, compared to the other names referenced in our database.

Personality Traits:

Having an explosive temperament, Gavin is a loud, angry, and very emotional headed whose actions are sudden and reactions are impulsive. Psychically speaking, Gavin has many possibilities, he has had trouble choosing, and finally, he is looking for himself. It seems that this uncomfortable and indecisive situation is much more present in Gavin than in the others.

Gavin wants to believe in truth, in an exemplary morality and hates everything that may seem like compromises and schemes. He has a real sense of friendship that can even go to sacrifice. Gavin does not trust it too much, which is a shame since it is pretty good; he prefers to stay in a rational world. Moreover, his strong masculinity sometimes leads to an evident lack of psychology concerning women.

A man of Strength

Gavin is a strong man, but difficult to understand since his name includes different components. At first, he is masculine, angry temperament, excitable, and passionate. This name comes from the association of 1 karmic and eight karmic, depending on whether his day of birth is 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 26, 28, in January or August, or if you have a way of life. The other is the tendency of nervous, secret, internalized, timid, even inhibited temperament, which comes from the association of 7 and 9, if your day of birth is a 7, 16, 25, July, or if you have a way of life 7.

Meaning of the name Gavin in Dedication

Individualist and personal, is a man of duty, perhaps more in his purposes than in the facts. It is difficult to make him understand something, and his reactions are often unpredictable. He can react in a brutal and untimely way, or fall back on himself with a more or less painful sensibility. Dialogue, tact, and diplomacy are not his strong point, while they have a very developed intuition.

Gavin is Active but erratic.

He is an active person, but his extremist background makes him irregular. Either he gives himself entirely to his activities, dedicates himself very hard to his work, or takes refuge in total inactivity. As a child, Gavin will want to impose himself and spend a lot of energy to earn respect. As parents, avoid offending and encourage verbal communication. As a bright student, Gavin he can succeed in his studies (predominance of 7), unless his independence, his need to go fast and his versatility lead him to be self-taught.


Meaning of the name Gavin in Character

He likes to shine, be watched, admired, set the example and does not hesitate to resort to his innate theatrical sense. Gavin may show himself as a separate, original, eccentric or marginal character. If your intellect predominates, you will be passionate about astrology, psychology, ethnology, spirituality, or you will profess reactionary or, on the contrary, revolutionary ideas, under a cynical, critical and scathing appearance. In the matter of love, he is ardent and passionate, though not very sentimental. Gavin is generous with the condition that his authority is recognized and uncontested. He also wants them to take care of him with constant attention, and he can be jealous like a tiger.


A very generous Personality

Gavin is very generous being. He does not hesitate to help the poorest without expecting anything in return. For Gavin, helping his neighbor is an act that comes from the heart, and his greatest reward is to see the person to whom he has improved. He is a trustworthy man. This idealist is sometimes considered a great dreamer. Thanks to his determination, he always manages to do great things. He often sets himself goals hard to reach and never stops once his success at hand.

Gavin loves Adventure

Gavin is a man eager for adventure and action. It does not fall quickly, even in the face of huge problems. Being stubborn, he does not hesitate to move heaven and earth to get what he wants. Gavin is a glutton. He likes to enjoy the pleasures of life and particularly enjoys traveling. Apart from that, people having this name are always enthusiastic about making new adventures. Gavin a caring person and loves to take care of his loved ones. For him, the happiness of his family comes before everything else. When his loved ones have big problems, he is ready to take the maximum risk to help them. The bond of blood is sacred to Gavin. Therefore, he tends to overprotect his family. Indeed, he considers that the most significant mission of an individual on earth is to maintain the love he has for his family.

Meaning of the name Gavin in Life Philosophy

Gavin enjoys his life thoroughly, and he is often considered a right executioner of hearts. Once married, he becomes faithful. His only concern will be his family and not his ability to seduce or succeed. As a father, Gavin is a tender and caring, and always finds time to devote to his children by which he continually proves that he loves them. He is ready for great sacrifices so that they can still be happy. His best approach is favoring the spirit of self-help within his home and parent-child communication.

Gavin as an amazing Father

According to him, it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to what the toddlers have to say because they are not always wrong. Gavin is also trying to show them the right path. He teaches them the difference between good and evil. Despite his gentle nature, Gavin can still be firm with his children. He does not hesitate to punish them a little when they show insolence or when they do not have good grades in a class. In all, Gavin is a thoughtful father who cares deeply about the education of his children.

Loving nature of Gavin

Gavin is a romantic man. He loves, protects, compliments and respects his wife. For him, the sustainability of a relationship must be based on trust and loyalty. When his heart beats for a person, he commits to cherish it every day. For happiness to reign in her relationship, Gavin avoids plunging into monotony. This person regularly surprises his wife so that she knows how much he loves him. An individual named Gavin is very caring with her and makes sure she does not miss anything.

Meaning of the name Gavin in Loyalty

In friendship, Gavin is appreciated for his loyalty. Loneliness is his pet peeve. Therefore, he misses no opportunity to form new friendly relations. Gavin can easily recognize real friends. He always gives them a hand when they have trouble. He likes to spend pleasant moments with them and offers the best of himself to preserve their friendship. Gavin avoids doing things that could hurt his friends and destroy their relationship.

Emotional Spectrum:

Emotivity is always present, and Gavin is very sensitive to what other people think and to the opinion that we can have of him. It is this explosive and sometimes violent side which constitutes the most striking element of this type of character. If Gavin can sometimes seem aggressive, it is much more than he feels obliged to obey a deep sense of justice, which guides him and sometimes goes beyond him.

Personal Integrity:

This firm will is the most excellent characteristic of Gavin ‘s personality. It is what allows him not to feel coward and to have confidence in him. Being a spearhead, his activity is productive and hectic. Gavin judges himself and others by the importance of their operation and roles which is why he happens to develop inferiority complexes. Having a great vitality, even if it sometimes tends to abuse it. His sociability is versatile, and Gavin refuses to feel overwhelmed so that it can seem very cold. He is also very susceptible, almost skinned, and he cannot bear treason and lies. Under the look sometimes a little suspicious, sometimes a little shy of Gavin, is hiding a man with a big heart.

Meaning of the name Gavin in intelligence

His intelligence is thick but not always very fast, mainly because Gavin is often undecided and has difficulty making decisions. He is somewhat shy, but he has great intellectual honesty, and he is quite capable of giving himself thoroughly when he believes in a thing or a being.

Gavin is very independent, and that is why he should not be neglected. Gavin needs love to understand, but not an invasive love but instead a reasoned tenderness.


Meaning of Gavin in love

Try to be friendly and collaborative with everyone around you, especially with your friends and family. The love of others motivates all his way of acting. This same way of unfolding it when it is in search of romantic love.

He likes that his partner made him feel special and loved, primarily when the relationship is established and better founded. However, the life of a couple is a challenge, but he is willing to face any difficulty to emerge victoriously. Disloyalty is unforgivable on Gavin’s part, and he would never be able to harm his spouse with infidelity.

Meaning of Gavin in the family

Caring for your family is paramount for Gavin since he knows that his loved ones are the most valuable thing he has. Try to be as close to them as possible; do not let daily occupations steal the time you spend with your family.

Besides, Gavin always treats them with love and a lot of respect, especially when it comes to their parents. If you get married and have children, these will be the treasure Gavin most protects. Sometimes overprotects, to the point of making them feel drowned.

Career and Money:

Meaning of Gavin in the study

Strive to get good grades is the day to day of Gavin. The ability with which he performs his school activities is impressive. Eloquence is one of the most favorable points for this person. Having the facility to communicate and make people understand what you think helps a lot in the academic aspect.

Now, for Gavin, everything is not studied. He spends enough time to recreate himself so that he can be rested for new ways of learning. His intelligence and ingenuity are enhanced under the influence of disciplines such as music and painting. However, he also enjoys sports as part of his extracurricular activities.

Meaning of Gavin at work

Gavin will have to strive to achieve optimal results at work. This character does not have the discipline to keep a job. He could change his position again and again, in search of something that would fill him with satisfaction.

When Gavin gets a job that meets his physical, economic and intellectual needs, he will keep it for a long time. Therefore, we could see Gavin in positions of business, education, or independent trade. Gavin highly values the latter because it allows him to be his boss and earn proper sustenance for his daily life.

Life’s Opportunities:

In this multi-faceted character, there are different orientations: if your birthday is 8, 17, 26, or if your life path is 8, you will prefer professions linked to power and money (management, finance, accounting, bank, insurance, police, sport, industry, business), if you were born 7, 16, 25, or your way of life is 7, you will see it in technical professions, specialized (engineer, mechanic, computer), or research. If not, the scope of the paranormal can attract him, since he has a great intuition, which can quickly become clairvoyance.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Gavin:

Gavin’s character is associated with the sign of Sagittarius. Gavin is often attracted to women born under the signs of Gemini, Leo, and Aries. These are known for their romanticism and a great sense of friendship. Gavin often avoids flirting with the natives of Cancer and Taurus who do not see the world in the same way as him.

The name Gavin is usually associated with sapphire. This precious stone is very popular for its magnificence. It symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. It also connotes the taste for long trips and the thirst for adventure.

Traditional Color for the name Gavin:

Meaning of the name Gavin is associated with blue. This color reflects the opening to the outside world and denotes a particularly sociable character. It is also related to wisdom, serenity, and dreams.

Blue is distinguished from other colors by its omnipresence on earth. It also evokes the taste of adventure and travel. It is often associated with water, symbolizing honesty and calm. This color, which is very popular with Westerners, blends perfectly with other tones, just like Gavin, who quickly manages to befriend other people.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Gavin:

The numbers 15, 25 and 35 bring luck to Gavin.

Flowers and Foods for the name Gavin:

The flower for Gavin is the Birds of paradise. It means that you are a firm believer in yourself. You are not afraid to defend what you believe. People with this name are free-spirited, and maybe you like drama a little because sometimes you tend to create conflicts for your personality and strong beliefs.

Famous People Last Names with the name Gavin:

  • Gavin Coles – golfer
  • Gavin Degraw – musician
  • Gavin Glinton – soccer player
  • Gavin Hoffman – football player


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