Meaning of the name Frida

Meaning of the name Frida

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Meaning of the name FridaMeaning of the name Frida

What is the Meaning of the Name Frida?

If you know the meaning of names, you can discover data that will be very useful to know about the personality and character of others. Here we will provide you with information about the meaning of the name Frida and its origin. In this way, you will be able to treat this person with greater comfort after having learned everything that his name offers.

Meaning of the name Frida: According to the etymology of this name, The name Frida is derived from Elfried. It comes from the Germain “Edel and frido,” which means “noble and peace.” This name is celebrated on December 8th, and it is becoming more and more popular in the English-speaking countries despite being initially from Germany.

The name that is given to a person says a lot about her, her talents, creativity, character, how she is in love and working life, etc. Studying the meaning of these is a way to know more about someone. Therefore, we made this section for those who want to analyze the meaning of the name Frida.

Origin of the name Frida:

Frida has its origin in the Germanic languages and means “woman of peace.” It was popularized by the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and a film about her called Frida, starring Salma Hayek. As a given female name Frida is not very prevalent in the United States.

Three English princesses, Sabine, Elfried, Edith, decide to dedicate their lives to God. They leave their suitors and go to Rome. After stopping in Cassel, in the North. These ladies took the road but are murdered in a forest, with henchmen sent after them by the evicted pretenders. This happened in 819. They are adored at Caestre in the north, where a chapel stands in their honor. A pilgrimage is organized every first Sunday of July.

Local Origin of the name Frida:

This is a name of Germanic origin that means “the bearer of peace.” Its meaning comes from fridu and risks “princess of peace” which is the feminine of Fred and the component of several names such as Winifred.

Different Country Variations of Frida:

Fríða (Ancient Scandinavian)

Fríða (Icelandic)

Frieda (German)

Frieda, Freida (English)

Nicknames of the name Frida:

Friday, Finy, Fifi, Free, Fritos, Fridiss


This name occupies the position of 3,448 when it comes to ranking this name among all the names in the world.

For this reason, we can consider this a moderately common name. Apart from that, the name Frida is not very popular in the United States. However, its popularity is gradually increasing. Approximately there are over 103300 people all around the world who are given this name, which sums up to more than 0.002% of all people in the world.

Personality Traits:

Frida has a great deal of self-control, which allows her to deal with sometimes delicate situations. She often takes the time to think before jumping into the action. Fortunately, because Frida is passionate, her emotionality and her thirst for action push them towards extreme solutions. Frida is an extrovert who easily exteriorizes her reactions and who adapts with great ease to the outside world. She is objective in her judgments but subjective in her affectivity. She is animated by irresistible confidence in herself. There exists in Frida two types of morality: a very rigorous individual, formidable and a collective morality or circumstance, much more flexible. Since she can break through very quickly, do not lie to Frida as she sees things. His intuition is excellent and allows her to discover the secrets of life.

Frida is a generous person

Their lousy character does not prevent them from being generous. Their susceptibility and their authoritarianism are sometimes painful to live for their friends. They have emotional and sensitive skin and fleeing problems by giving themselves in intense activities. Being dynamic, fast, and useful, they have positive temperaments. Having horrors of loneliness, they are always surrounded by friends. In love, they are conquerors who like to seduce and dominate.

The characteristic traits of Frida

The feminine name Frida is a woman who is characterized as a woman of determined and enterprising character. She is a woman who faces life with courage and audacity, and this leads her always to achieve the goals and objectives that she proposes in life.

Her personality is always interesting as she is usually perceived as a woman of great strength and rebelliousness. Frida is very firm in her ideas and personal convictions and at the same time passive and calm. Sometimes it is allowed to dominate, and this is how in love she is a woman who is often between a high and low command to domination. Usually, find a couple who likes this dynamism to help them break the monotony.

Meaning of the name Frida in Sentiments

Although her temperament is variable, she is a woman who will always know how to dominate herself. She has excellent emotional intelligence that allows her to get placed in the shoes of others and create empathy links with them. Her life is very unpredictable, and monotony is not something that is good for her. It is common to find this girl in works that have to do with the psychological field.

Meaning of the name Frida in Life Philosophy


Frida has a complex personality, which is even ambiguous due to the two antagonistic natures that confront her: 1) a masculine side, which is active, voluntary, authoritarian, independent and somewhat egocentric, with a tendency to bring everything to her, administering, directing and looking for the first place’. Secondly, she has a 2) a feminine side, which passive, sometimes hesitant, shy, dependent, affectionate, listening to others and somewhat generous, which departs for the benefit of others. This curious mixture results in a cyclothymic character, which is sometimes enthusiastic, confident and active, and occasionally defeatist and passive. Her great receptivity and hyper emotivity are at the origin of her changing mood, and this feature will be accentuated if in her surname there are no letters B, K, T, L. T.

Meaning of the name Frida as a Child

Admittedly, it will be during childhood that she will suffer these ambivalences, divided between her desires for greatness (being the first or the best) and her need to be protected and contained, considering that her mobile number is 2 (inferiority and passivity). She will eventually live in 11, which is a master number and leads to take charge and take on others. These conflicts are translated by a lousy character, anger crisis, and a misplaced susceptibility. Parents then must constantly stimulate them in their studies, without which he would be divided between his desires of greatness (being the first or the best) and his need to be protected and contained.


Emotional Spectrum:

Frida has an extreme and fascinating emotional spectrum. Despite being intense, she still manages to control by keeping her cool and without ever falling into nervous excitement. Difficult to direct, Frida does not react, but she explodes when it’s beyond her threshold. She often speaks vehemently, but always with a conviction that drives adherence. It is difficult to dissuade her, to make her renounce such or such action unless one manages to convince her that something did not fit well with her mission.

Personal Integrity:

A powerful will characterizes Frida, and it allows her to carry his family at arm’s length, not to be allowed to walk on her feet. It shows a very rigorous will or adaptation depending on the circumstances. She must participate “in combat.” At a very early stage, Frida knows what she wants to do in life and what mission she is invested in.

On the other hand, if she loses her “vision,” she falls and loses her confidence in her destiny. Frida has good vitality. However, it must monitor her health and especially her diet. Frida is a person who is always under pressure and still in search of contact with someone to advise or even with whom she could get into conflict. She is rather proud and her friends but she is sometimes brutal. However, when she grants it, she has a remarkable solicitude and fidelity. Her dynamism lives up to her bubbling psyche, which does not always make it easy to live, but exciting to see live.

Meaning of the name Frida Intelligence

Her intelligence is both analytical and synthetic, i.e. Frida can fly throughout operation while going into details. Besides, she has an innate sense of diplomacy that serves her on all occasions.

It is the main engine of her activity. If she believes and if she likes she can move mountains. However, if she doubts, it seems to her that everything is falling around her.

Frida likes thrills, but it’s all or nothing for her, especially in terms of sexuality. Being passionate and thirsting for absolute, she can sacrifice everything to her ideal.


Meaning of Frida in love

As for romance, they are complicated to fall in love with. These women can be very seductive, sometimes making the mistake of demanding more respect than they are willing to offer. It is vulnerable to emotional imbalances.

They are attracted to romantic men in the old way. Men who do not follow the gallantry of today, and therefore are scarcer. These girls do not get carried away often by impulses since they are very cautious. Likewise, her ideal man is business since they prefer the details, and details regarding their dealings with them.

When they have a stable relationship, they are women who exude fidelity. But they will always demand more from their partners since it is never enough for them. Due to their mistrust and caution, they do not give 100% in their relationships.

Meaning of Frida in the family

For them, the family comes first. A value that characterizes Frida is fidelity, both to her husband and her family. Because of this, the people around her perceive her as someone of trust.

They stand out a lot for their way of seeing life. They do not like to plan how they will do things in the long term, so they want to see things flow calmly with their loved ones.

Travel and Leisure:

She likes to be a leader, to be an example, and often expresses himself fully in humanistic or committed movements, considering that he has a deep sense of humanism. He can listen attentively to others and be the ideal confidant, who is called upon to receive advice and consolation. Sentimentally, it is entirely secret, which could easily be interpreted as coldness. She is rarely satisfied with a single role, as a mother of the family, since she is ambitious and her life is fulfilled on the intellectual and social level. Being curious, Frida likes to know, learn and is often a perfect self-taught person. Imposing and dominating in the couple, it will not be easy, and you will not lose the opportunity to question your partner if you do not act as she wishes. Her criticisms are, on the other hand, frightening

Career and Money:

Meaning of Frida in the studies

They are women who need to fulfill their vocation and have concrete ideas. Although, sometimes they can be highly dispersed. This is due to their easy loss of interest in the issues.

It happens that they tend to make the mistake of not identifying their preferences since their tastes are wide, and when choosing a profession, they may take time to decide. However, they will be tarnished in achieving their final goal.

Meaning of Frida at work

The jobs in which they achieve better development are those that involve their great creativity or those related to social service. They are excellent decorators of interiors and events.

The other work environment in which these women can develop is in the arts. The performing arts and music are professions that are not out of reach. They can also be great stylists.

Life’s Opportunities:

The liberal professions, as well as the management or command posts, are ideally suited to her since she is first and foremost an independent woman. She is interested in the field of human sciences, so teaching for her would be the ideal path.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Frida:

Considering that her current number is lived most of the time in 2 (inferiority and passivity), It would be convenient for her to have siblings, she could be an excellent pedagogue, proud of her role as an older sister and of the respect she would engender in her younger siblings. Frida has character and can rise slowly but surely if well accompanied. The minimum failure or frustration can affect her profoundly and could cause her to have trouble or nervous disorders.

Traditional Color for the name Frida:

The color for Frida is purple according to the meaning of the name Frida. They have a hard time dealing with violent situations, and the lack of harmony is not tolerable for them. Focus on seeking peace are excellent peacemakers, politicians or diplomats. One of the things you should learn in this life is to take things less seriously.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Frida:

Frida is represented in numerology by number 2 and defines people who are friends. They always turn out to be amiable people and the kind of friend who is unconditional and with whom you can always count on in any situation.

In a number that corresponds to the personality of Frida, it is number 2. Numerology is also a great tool when it comes to knowing more about a person.

This number tells us that among the defects of these women is instability and disorder since they can have imbalances and alternating states of excitement or depression.

For Frida, the number of her destiny is 1. The success of her life mission is to concretize her thought with action. They are learning to solve by their means the difficulties that may arise.

It will not be easy to achieve this independence because of its tendency to engage. Even so, realizing your ambitions will take you on the right path to your satisfaction.

Flowers and Foods for the name Frida:

The flower for Frida is carnations. The ladies of this name have a personality that is defined as “somewhat complicated.” They are prone to fantasy, dreamy and emotional. Characteristics that contrast with a fair and idealistic way of being at times. Due to their high emotional intelligence, they are usually the ideal employee or the perfect friend since they are people who always show compassion and understanding towards others. They are still willing to collaborate, which again leads them to succeed in their objectives.

Famous People Last Names with the name Frida:

Frida Baranek – Brazilian artist

Frida Boccara: French singer

Frida Kahlo – artist

Frida Leider: German soprano (1888-1975)

Frida Utter – model


Her reactions are fierce, sometimes even violent. Frida’s opposition is strong, and she categorically refuses to give in when she believes she is right. Failure does not destroy her, and the most vexing and cruel disappointments only reinforce her fighting spirit.


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