Meaning of the name Freya

Meaning of the name Freya

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Meaning of the name FreyaMeaning of the name Freya

What is the Meaning of the Name Freya?

Every name has a different origin and meaning, and each of them is special. Many cultures firmly believe that the character of people derives from their names. On this occasion, you will know the meaning of the name Freya and her origin. We encourage you to continue reading and start the exciting experience of traveling through the character of Freya.

Meaning of the name Freya: According to the etymological background, we find that meaning of the name Freya is “Lady.” In terms of the origin of the name Freya, this meaning has been derived from Old Norse, and the word from which it stems is “Freyja.” It has a significant association with the mythology in the Norse culture. According to the mythology she has been among the heroes of the Norse. The name is quite unique, and now it’s becoming growingly popular and the United States and outside.

In the past, it was common to use the names of characters that stood out because of their relationship with the faith. Meaning of the name Freya derives from spiritual surrender and devotion to mythology, allowing it a name full of peace and humility.

Origin of the name Freya:

Freyja is the goddess of love and beauty in Germanic/Norse mythology. The name of the day ‘Friday’ is derived from her name. Meaning of this name has several positive feminine annotations, such as love and beauty. Freyja was, in fact, the goddess of beauty, death, war, and love according to the Germanic and Norse mythology.

Local Origin of the name Freya:

This name crippled its way into the European and English cultures through history. According to the records, the goddess of beauty and love who had this name is claimed to be someone who battled with half of all the heroes in the battle in a company of her father and her brother. According to some experts, this name has also been associated with another goddess Frigg. This name especially began to get popular in the English-speaking countries with the start of the 21st century.

Different Country Variations of Freya:

Freja (Danish)

Freja (Swedish)

Freyja (Icelandic)

Frøya (Norwegian)

Nicknames of the name Freya:

Fee/ Fey/ Fey/ Feya/ Frey/ Free/ Freezy/ Faye/ Fresh/ Frio/ Fesch


If we look at the numbers for the popularity of the name Freya, we get to know that this name is ranked as the 5,588th most common name in the world. This doesn’t make it a trendy name. It is therefore quite a unique and rare name from a global perspective. There are only some 53 thousand people around the world who have this name.

Personality Traits:

Freya is an endearing person who will try to balance the two great tendencies that make up her character all her life: her angry side, and her deep sense of dedication. Her animal totem is the doe which explains the emotions and anxiety that sometimes seize her. As an extrovert, always with an eye on the world, Freya never gives an opportunity to serve and to devote herself to others. She has a strong sense of honor and cannot easily be influenced. Being highly objective,

Freya can give it all and sacrifice everything she possesses, but she hates being deceived or fooled. Freya has a strong self-confidence when she has a specific mission to accomplish. Otherwise, she returns to her nervous shyness. Her character which is open to the Community can only be based on exceptional morality. Freya seeks excuses for the mistakes of others while forgiving nothing for herself. Being intuitive but suspicious, Freya prefers to act with the reasons that she draws from her philosophy and her code of honor.

Meaning of the name Freya in Characteristics

This name embodies a noble, intelligent, enterprising and impulsive woman to make decisions. She is firmly confronted with injustice, especially if her loved ones are involved since she would be able to defend them from anything. Freya likes to take on challenges that require effort, and then enjoy what she has wanted to achieve.

Meaning of the name Freya in Friendship

Her natural sympathy allows her to have good friendships that appreciate her. However, for her noble character, she must be alert to avoid those people who want to take advantage of her kindness. Her family is everything to her; she does not doubt her love and tries to maintain a constant relationship that allows her to share moments of happiness.

Meaning of the name Freya in Social Life

Freya is loved by her classmates due to the charisma that she offers. She proceeds with efficiency and assumes her work with responsibility, always leaving a space to help others.

Sentimentally despite being passionate, affectionate and understanding, she is a bit demanding when choosing the ideal man. Your partner must be a retailer and have qualities that can draw Freya’s attention, with the same aspirations to get ahead and form a stable and harmonious home.

Meaning of the name Freya in Professional Life

Freya is a real workaholic. When she has a goal in sight, she is not easily distracted. As a leader in her soul, she wants to lead and does not miss any opportunity to demonstrate her leadership skills. Being patient, she would gradually climb the ladder.

Freya is sometimes overwhelmed by her emotions. However, she tries to recover quickly to avoid failures. She needs the affection of her loved ones to find the motivation to go to the office every day.

As a child, Freya needs a stable family environment. Violence can traumatize her and force her to turn back on herself, neglecting her schoolwork. She can be instrumental if her parents succeed in stimulating her creativity. This exceedingly sentimental girl does not hesitate to give the best of herself to make her family happy. She encourages solidarity in her home. Freya demands the same treatment in return.

Meaning of the name Freya as a Child

During childhood, she is a charming little girl who does not stand still and is quite affectionate. But their receptivity and intuition are very developed, and if the family environment is not harmonious, Freya will be very distinct. Therefore, she will be seen introverted, taking refuge in dreams or studies, fleeing from the world and repressing her sensitivity. That is why we should avoid separations as much as possible, which would destroy their freshness and spontaneity a bit. Also, it would be reasonable to monitor her eclectic choices closely.

Emotional Spectrum:

Freya is extremely sensitive which makes her very nervous. Nevertheless, Freya manages to sublimate this emotional spectrum by turning it to a devouring and exciting activity. Freya remains perfectly in control of herself, on all occasions, even though we could have believed with such a strong emotivity and a will, she could fly in shine. She has a real sense of friendship, and for her, nothing is better than being able to illuminate a soul in sadness or solitude.

Personal Integrity:

It’s a strange desire, both in terms of intensity and quality. This intense activity is the counterpart of its important emotivity. It is a broad activity that gives her this radiance and deep humility. Being disciplined and conscientious, she considers her profession as learning their whole life. Freya resists fatigue and even overwork due to her great vitality. She knows how to bring to others the joy of living but too often forgets to listen to herself. This girl is at ease in all circumstances, with all types of personality, and remains very sociable. This dynamism does not play a dominant role in the character of Freya, especially since she does not obey a precise motivation and her impetus towards the others does not respond to a search for interest.

Meaning of the name Freya in Intelligence

Freya has a synthetic intelligence that allows her to become aware of all the problems quickly and to deal with situations that are often inextricable. Freya is curious, but it is a healthy curiosity. She also has a very high level of memory, especially emotional.

Although Freya is happy when sharing, do not conclude that she does not need to feel loved to blossom. However, she refuses any games that touch near and far her affectivity.

In intimacy, Freya is characterized by a total lack of selfishness and particular attention to the Other. Her seduction is powerful, but she does not try to charm with the same weapons as other women.


Freya is an honest woman, forthright and she likes this quality in people. She detests lies in equal measure, and people act with falsehood and hypocrisy.

This person is not very friendly and does not like parties/crowded places very much. For Freya, it is not very easy to make friends, and she values what she has. If you are a friend of some Freya, you will know that she is a great friend and confidant.

Meaning of Freya in love

In love, Freya is a very transparent person, sincere at all times. She likes real relationships, does not keep secrets with her partner and expects the same in a relationship.

She is a very faithful person and does not tolerate infidelity, and This girl would not hesitate to cut the relationship if she discovers that they deceive her. Freya is very dreamy and can come to ask for more love and attention than she can give.

Freya is not one of those people who maintain a relationship by commitment. If she discovers that the link has no future, she can finish it tactfully but firmly at the same time.

As a partner, Freya never ceases to surprise her companion. Sometimes attentive, smiling and devoted, while other times she is mysterious and reserved- it is difficult to define. Freya often wants to be divined from her spouse. She never goes out with a man out of pity, out of interest or because she is in a moment of weakness. Only love can push her to engage in a romantic relationship. She can wait a long time before finding the man of her life because she prefers to be alone than badly accompanied.

Freya is a sweet and caring mother. She listens to her children and is a true mother hen. For her, the family comes first. However, as a woman, she also needs to thrive in an area outside her home, including the professional world. Human contact allows her to open up to the world. Loneliness can make her bitter.

Meaning of Freya in a family.

In the family, Freya may have disagreements with several members of her family frequently. This is because this girl is straightforward and honest, which can disturb many people.

Freya must work on saying what she thinks tactfully so as not to offend or hurt her loved ones and close friends.

Travel and Leisure:

Above all, Freya seeks contact with others, and that is why she is gentle, cordial, helpful and friendly. On the other hand, she has a deep sense of friendship, revealing herself as an excellent confidant with attentive listening ability. The sentimental life is essential for her, where she will make as much effort as in friendship: she will show herself as a passionate woman, capable of showing tenderness, sensibility, and also a passion. On the other hand, motherhood will be important for her.

Career and Money:

Meaning of Freya in studies

Freya is usually very lonely when it comes to reviews. She is not very sociable, and the lack of interaction keeps her focused on the reviews.

This girl is a sincere person and does not measure her sincerity. For all this, it is difficult to make friends with those who share these ideals.

It is not difficult for Freya to focus her attention on the studies. For this reason, she tends to stand out in almost all the academic field.

Meaning of Freya at work

In the workplace, Freya does not lose sight of her goals. Pursue your work goals with enthusiasm. In this sense, it is an excellent motivation and a great example to follow.

An ideal calm job for Freya is writing. As a writer, she could live from her fantasy attitude, in a quiet work environment. Another of the professions for Freya are those related to social work.

Life’s Opportunities:


Freya excels in areas requiring great attention to detail such as architect or stylist. She is also attracted by professions that can put her critical mind to work as a psychologist or graphologist.

Freya is an idealist. She tries to make her life as original as possible to avoid falling into monotony. You could be interested in everything related to sale, tourism or travel. For a twist in personality, you may otherwise seek for what is relevant to counseling or with children, instruction, education, or something that is linked to advertising, marketing, exact sciences or with technical specialties.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Freya:

The character of Freya is similar to that of the natives of Leo. Being affectionally dependent, she needs to be surrounded by her loved ones to flourish. This charm combines sweetness to attract the attention of men. However, when she is really in love, she can give up her games of seduction at once to devote herself to the happiness of her companion.

Freya combines determination and pride in her daily life. She wants to succeed on her own. Attracted by everything lavish, she sets ambitious goals and works hard to achieve them. Her desire for dominance encourages her to target only positions of responsibility or to practice as a self-entrepreneur to avoid having to comply with the hierarchical standards imposed within companies.

The Topaz is the gemstone that befits Freya the most. This stone highlights its kindness and its protective side. It also assures her well-being and wisdom.

Traditional Color for the name Freya:

Yellow is the color that best reflects the character of Freya, warm, joyful and loyal. This color also highlights her desire for success and her repulsion for treachery. Freya shows great enthusiasm for everything she does. Her optimism allows her to recover quickly after a failure. An individual named Freya is appreciated for her honesty. It is never the case that she acts without having established a plan of action beforehand. Freya is a maniac for cleanliness. Moreover, she does not like us to touch her affairs without her permission.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Freya:

The number that represents Freya is four. People with this number are kind and expressive, full of great spirituality to help others. This girl adapts quickly to any situation she has to face and looks for a diplomatic way to solve any obstacle that gets in her way. The numbers 1, 19, 22 and 36 bring luck to Freya.

Freya’s personality number is 9. She is an idealistic, disinterested, emotive, fantasist and a dreamer. People given this name may have unstable emotions, and they are easy to manipulate in this sense. It goes through stages of great enthusiasm followed by strong depressions.

She is a dreamer, idealist, and fights for that and with the intention of following a vocation. Its shortcomings are the lack of emotional stability and realism. This name can have an effect of being too dreamy and sin for being naive.

Flowers and Foods for the name Freya:

The most suitable flower for Freya is a sunflower. It means that with a heart of gold, she does not hesitate to reach out to her family when they are in trouble. She sets herself a rigorous discipline to be a model of righteousness and success for her children.

Freya is a responsible woman. This lady never neglects the missions entrusted to her. She manages to make a decision quickly. To look good in public, Freya tries to control her emotions. People related to Freya will nevertheless be able to testify to her as an angry and resentful character.

Famous People Last Names with the name Freya:

Audrey Freyja Clarke, Icelandic figure skater.

Model Freja Beha Erichsen, Danish model.

Freya Aswynn, Dutch neopagan.

Singer Freya Clausen, Danish singer/songwriter, also known by the mononym Freya.

Freya Hoffmeister, German sea kayaker.

Author Freya Klier, German author, and film director.

Freya Lim, Taiwanese singer.


Freya carries in her a strong power, an immense love, a great potentiality which makes of her a remarkable person who lives to warm and illuminate those around him.


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