Meaning of the name Frank

Meaning of the name Frank

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Meaning of the Name FrankThe Meaning of the Name Frank

Do you want to know the meaning of the name Frank? By scouring etymological documents and historical records, I’ve found the meaning of this famous name and its origins.

Meaning of the name Frank: The meaning of the name Frank is “free man.” During the early days of the Frankish Empire, being a Frank was considered being free, thus leading to the name’s meaning of “free man.”

Origins of the Name Frank

The name Frank originated from the German tribe of its namesake, the Franks. A Germanic tribe, the Franks first appeared in Europe during the third century. As they invaded areas of Rome, they were able to form their empire, which was ruled by the Frankish King Charlemagne.

Local origin of the name Frank:

It’s unknown why the Germanic tribe decided to call themselves Franks. One of the most plausible theories, however, is that it was a reference to a weapon commonly used by the tribe during their battles with the Roman Empire and other enemies. The Franks relied heavily on a spear called a franco, which they often threw at their enemies from afar. Because of the franco’s significance in the tribe’s history, many etymologists believe that this is the reason for their name.

The popularity of the Name Frank

Frank has been a favorite boys’ name for well over a century. In 1880, it was the sixth most popular boys’ name in the United States. It retained this rank until 1893 when it dropped to the seventh most popular boys’ name. The popularity of the meaning of the name Frank gradually declined in the years to follow. In 1950, it was the 29th most popular boys’ name. By 1980, it was the 81st most popular boys’ name. And 2011, Frank was the 308th most popular boys’ name in the United States, with birth records showing that 1,038 newborn boys were given this name.

The name Frank was most popular from 1850 through 1950. During this time, several famous men named Frank helped introduced it to the public, some of whom include Frank Sinatra, Frank Marshall, Frank Capra, Frank Borzage, Frank Thomas and Frank Morgan. This led to the widespread adoption of Frank as a boys’ name.

More about the name Frank meaning:

The meaning of the name Frank generally isn’t considered a unisex name, but thousands of girls have been named Frank nonetheless. In 1986, birth records show that 32 girls were named Frank. In 1987, 27 girls were given this name of Germanic origin.

Popular variations of the name Frank include Frankie, Franc, Francis, Franco, Francisco, and Franklin.

Meaning of the name Frank

What is the Meaning of the Name Frank?

Frank is one of the most common names among people of the male sex. For this reason, many parents may want to know the meaning of the name Frank and its origin. In this article, we will be talking about the meaning of the name Frank and how it could affect the child’s personality.

Meaning of the name Frank: The name of the tribe may be derived from ‘frank,’ an old Germanic word for ‘free,’ as in ‘frank and free.’ However, Frank was named after their characteristic weapon, the ‘Francisca’ (Latin ‘secures Francisca’, a throwing ax). Moreover, Frank is a short form of Francis. Francis is an English name that has origins in America. It comes from the Latin personal name ‘Franciscus’ which was the Latin name of a Frenchman.

If you want to learn more about the meaning of the name Frank and how the name and origin of the name determines his destiny and personality, continue reading to find some really interesting details about this name

Origin of the name Frank:

Speaking of the origin of the name Frank we go back to the ancient times full of barbarians and Vikings. You can familiarize yourself with the numerous invasions that they made in search of the construction of great empires, to which many names of today are attributed that can be found in great warriors or conquered cities.

Local Origin of the name Frank:

It originates from the German, French and English language and occurs historically in one of the invasions that the Welsh people made to a region called “Frank.” Frank’s name derives from “‘Franciscus” which refers to “the man of the spear” or “the free man.” The meaning of Frank also comes from its main root “Franklyn” which means free. However, there is much more to know about the personality of whoever has this name.

Different Country Variations of Frank:

• English: Franck

• German: Franco

• French: Franc

• Frank: Ancient Germanic

• Frank: Italian

Nicknames of the name Frank:

Franky/ Franky-Boy/ Frankie/ Fränki/ Fränk/ Franko/ Frenki/ Frankie/ Fränky-Pänky/ Knarf/ Fränkileinchen/ Frankenstein/ Fränci/ Gangi/ cabinet/ Akki/ Fränges/ Franker


The origin of the name Frank also comes from an old English surname and is sometimes used as a first name by American citizens. Sometimes it is used to remember and honoring one of the main political and scientific heroes of North America. This man is known as Benjamin Franklyn.

Personality Traits:

From an absolute frankness to indelicacy, they are generally stubborn, obstinate and brave. They work more by reason than enthusiasm but are very insightful. Frank sometimes tends to neglect his surroundings to take an interest in his business. With a strict morality, they are tolerant. They are good-natured, talkative and faithful men.

Frank is greatly passionate

Frank is an angry person with intense emotion. Paradoxically, Frank always thinks before getting excited and sometimes feigns an “explosion” that he controls completely. Behind this impressive facade, Frank hides a significant weakness and is much more delicate than it seems. Having a double morality, he is irreproachable. He agrees according to circumstances. Never in real opposition to anyone, there is always common ground for Frank. His intuition is infallible, and as he has a real sense of business, it serves him effectively to succeed in his various businesses.

Frank has an amiable Nature

Commonly he is very friendly, in addition to requiring an active social life. He is usually expecting support from others if he needs help to get out of a problem. He fits very well with new people. His advantage is his intellect because he likes good knowledge and loves to be aware of what is happening, both in politics and new fashions. He can cover all issues of social and cultural interest.

Meaning of the name Frank in Honesty

Frank is a sincere and direct person to such point of becoming hurtful. He will not be sorry for letting you know his opinion. Besides being candid, he is upset that the people who are with him daily do not tell him things in front of him by calling third parties to let you know what you think of him.

The careful and Diligent nature of Frank

He is diligent and cautious, as a good employee develops quickly in teamwork contributing creative ideas and a great help for the proposed goals. Frank is very responsible when finishing his work on time. Because he has a very active social life, Frank must always be surrounded by people with whom he shares opinions and ideas. Therefore, he is terrific at facilitating a job as in public relations.

Frank is grateful for his loved ones

With his partner, he is someone very detailed and thankful for what they give him. He does not care for expensive gifts. What is most valuable to him is and always will be the intention. Be careful what you can say because due to his impressive memory Frank tends to be very spiteful.

Emotional Spectrum:

Frank is highly sensitive, but always in control. He goes deeper and is carried away by his strong intuition which still allows him to get out of delicate situations and adapt to all lifestyles. He is also quite suggestible. However, he has extreme confidence in himself. Being irritable, susceptible, leaping, aggressive and comedian in the soul, Frank likes to make “his number” and impress his entourage. He has an extreme reactivity in this.

Personal Integrity:

A powerful will characterizes Frank. However, it is transformed quickly into stubbornness to see in aggressiveness if it does not pass as Frank decides it. This desire is undoubtedly mainly the pledge of Frank’s success. People named Frank must not can not, and never remain without occupation. Idleness is a state that is banned from his life with the pain of developing complexes. Frank is catchy. When he acts, it is always with an idea in his head and in the service of a superior cause, which he defends with passion and which often corresponds to his interests. Being naturally cautious, his ability allows him to escape many “through,” so we can say that Frank has a prodigious vitality and excellent resistance. All this on condition that Frank does not give in to his nervousness, which sometimes invades his psyche and overwhelms him.

Frank is very comfortable in the crowd, in the middle of meetings. It feeds on the contact of others and often needs them to flourish. Friendship is an essential value for him, and as such, it can quickly become tyrannical, especially with the certainty that everything belongs to him. His dynamism peaks and sometimes causes him to do too much! Especially with this certainty that everything belongs to him. His dynamism peaks and sometimes causes him to do too much! Especially with this certainty that everything belongs to him. His dynamism peaks and sometimes causes him to do too much!

Meaning of the name Frank in Intelligence

It is above all a practical intelligence, Frank is endowed with great persuasiveness and strong opinions that he affirms without appeal, with great precision, but always with a definite purpose. Frank has a lively curiosity and a great professional conscience. His imagination is above all practical, and he imposes a severe discipline when he wants to succeed.

Being sensitive to flattery, Frank needs to feel loved, to be told and to be shown by declarations and demonstrations of tenderness and love. The family is a sacred domain for Frank, even if outside of it everything is allowed. Frank ‘s possessiveness appears in his relationship with others very early, using his charm and his raw seduction on all his entourage from an early age. For him, to live is to possess, and appropriation is essential.


Meaning of Frank in love

People with this name usually tend to be a little cold and self-centered, so it’s hard for them to find true love. They are also very independent and dependent at the same time.

In the sentimental field, their partner must learn to study their attitudes and behaviors, since he likes to be discovered. At one point he may seem overconfident in himself and the next he may appear to have doubts about how to act.

Due to his rapidly changing personality, he finds it difficult to find a partner. You could say that his personality resembles an iron fist in a silk glove.

Meaning of the name Frank in the family

He is an individual who changes his mood according to the people and the moment in which he finds himself. In the family environment, it could be said that it is influenced and receptive.

From a very young age it is characterized by being quite emotional, and it is divided between having autonomy and freedom and dependence on your home and the members of your family.

Even the meaning of Frank could also include in his personality for cutting the emotional umbilical cord. Put another way, and they refer to difficulties in not depending on parents.

In this case, the ideal would be to provide an education that is flexible, and that can be given a little effective security. But you must be very careful not to go to the extreme of giving him overprotection.

Frank in the family is a man dedicated to his family, is very affectionate and protective with his family. He even develops his sense of responsibility as much as possible until he becomes the protector of his sisters and brothers.

Career and Money:

Meaning of the name Frank in the study

Frank in the academic field stands out for his leadership skills and his need to be admired. It is common for Frank to lead study groups and the likes of these.

He is also a person who knows how to make friends easily, is charismatic and communicative. He can demand a lot in the studies because he likes to stand out among the others.

Although Frank may not know how to ask for help if he needs it, someone will have to give it to him. This is because he is very social but also has a great altruistic tendency.

Meaning of the name Frank at work

The meaning of Frank and its origin is based above all on his need to be observed and admired by other people. He is a perfectionist and wishes to develop a leading role in the role of his life.

He is a person with a very insightful attitude and represents the right balance between listening to others and listening to himself. Thanks to this, you will be inclined to choose professional careers related to aesthetics and creativity.

He will also have a particular interest in careers in which he requires advice and in which collaboration, cooperation, and association with other people are needed.

It also performs very well thorough jobs that require seriousness and attention on your part. Among these works are some such as accounting, psychology, and parapsychology.

Life’s Opportunities:

Frank is conventional by nature. Details and organization are the words that frame your work. In this group are located financiers, economists, event organizers, and human resources personnel. They work with data and are experts in creating routines.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Frank:

In the thirteenth century, the rich Francis of Assisi, after a tumultuous life and dedicated to a bright future, distributed all his goods to the poor and dressed in clothes, following a dream that revealed his future presence. With his disciples, he founded the order of the “Franciscan” brothers, whose ideal was poverty and detachment from the world. He died stigmatized in 1226. On January 24, we celebrate St. Francis de Sales.

Traditional Color for the name Frank:

The color for Frank is Maroon. It means that Frank is a person who loves to grow intellectually every day, caring to learn something new every moment. Mostly Frank is someone serious but who enjoys every day to its smallest detail.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Frank:

Frank is credited with the number 3 as a lucky number. His personality number is 6. He is a loving, compassionate, and generous man. It is also characterized by being balanced, stable and above all responsible. They are perfect friends, and their relationships last a long time due to their fear of rejection. Not everyone has the honor of knowing them as they are, and they try to please everyone.

Flowers and Foods for the name Frank:

The flowers for Frank are Wildflowers. It implies that if there is something that is noticeable about you and you let it out, you are unpredictable. You are a free spirit, you are always looking for new adventures, and you are excited to think about what

Famous People Last Names with the name Frank:

  • Frank Baker – baseball player
  • Frank Billings Kellogg: American diplomat, Nobel Peace Prize 1929
  • Frank BORMAN: Astronaut
  • Frank Calder – hockey player
  • Frank CAPRA: filmmaker
  • Frank DELHAYE: singer, band 2Be3
  • Frank Gifford – football player
  • Frank Sinatra – singer


Frank lives life to the fullest and never lets it go. His will leads him to cling to everything that resists him and his work and his obstinacy allow him to succeed.


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