Meaning of the name Francisco

Meaning of the name Francisco

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Meaning of the name FranciscoMeaning of the name Francisco

What is the Meaning of the Name Francisco?

Today we will talk about the meaning of the name Francisco. Due to religious affiliations, this name is quite common in the US. People named Francisco have had significant influences throughout history and reflects robust personality features.

Meaning of the name Francisco: The name Francisco originally means “Free condition” or “The Idol to Follow.” Origin of the name Francisco is Latin, but it is also found in old France and Anglo-Saxon. It is a variation of the name Francis, which is an English and French name that has origins in America. It comes from the Latin personal name ‘Franciscus.

There is a lot of interesting information and stories related to the meaning of the name Francisco. Continue reading to learn more about the personal characteristics and other onomastic interpretations for the meaning of the name Francisco.

Origin of the name Francisco:

It originated as a nickname ‘Francesco’ (‘Little Frenchman,’ ‘Frenchman’) by Giovanni Bernardone, known as St. Francis of Assisi. The German form ‘Francis’ is a Latinization of this Italian nickname. The common name ‘Franz’ is a short form.

In the thirteenth century, the rich Francis of Assisi, after a tumultuous life and dedicated to a bright future, distributed all his goods to the poor and dressed in clothes, following a dream that revealed his future presence. With his disciples, he founded the order of the “Franciscan” brothers, whose ideal was poverty and detachment from the world. He died stigmatized in 1226.- January 24, we celebrate St. Francis de Sales.

Local Origin of the name Francisco:

Francisco is the masculine variant of the name Francisca. It is believed that Pietro di Bernardone, a wealthy Italian merchant, named his son Giovanni with the nickname of Francesco as a sign of love for the French land. Giovanni later became San Francisco de Asís. The meaning of the name Francisco in this sense is “The French.”

Different Country Variations of Francisco:

Frantzisko, Patxi (Basque) Frañsez (Breton) Francesc, Cesc (Catalan) Francesco (Corsican) Frane, Franjo, Franko, Francesca, Fran (Croatian) František (Czech) Frans (Danish) Franciscus, Frans (Dutch) Francis, Fran, Frank, Franny (English)

Nicknames of the name Francisco:

Kiko/ Paco/ Chico/ Quico/ Curro/ Frasquito/ Pancho/ Jicko/ Cisco/ Franci/ Isco/ Cisco/ Xisco/ Siscu/ Fran

Personality Traits:

Francisco is a phlegmatic enthusiast who can struggle when it is necessary but also withdraw. Like its animal totem, the crab, Francisco attacks, pinches, and leads its prey. However, if the threat is considerable or the opponent is unequal, it hides like the crab “burrows in the sand.” Francisco is shy and needs affection and encouragement to trust people. He is suggestible and seeks the approval of his peers by justifying his behavior for fear of being misjudged. He has a vivid imagination that cuts him off from real life and allows him sometimes to escape the bad reality. Francisco will discover the existence of this one once the act is “accomplished” and will then ask the question of whether it was moral or not. Francisco has a quasi-feminine intuition.

Francisco has an Obstinate Nature

From an absolute frankness to indelicacy, they are generally stubborn, obstinate and brave. They work more by reason than enthusiasm but are very insightful. They sometimes tend to neglect their surroundings to take an interest in their business. With a strict morality, they are tolerant. They are good-natured, talkative, and faithful men.

Definitive Features of Francisco

The features that best define Francisco are his balance, strong personality and desire to grow. He is not a man who goes through life but tries to enjoy every moment. Francisco is always looking for his personal growth. He is a neutral person, who does not like extremes or radical ideas, tries to respect and find balance in everything.

Emotional Spectrum:

This intense emotional spectrum gives Francisco a moving vision of people and things, but in certain circumstances can lead to unreasonable enthusiasm and temperamental instability. Francisco has a deep sense of friendship, but sometimes it brings him to mix love/passion and love/friendship feeling, which does not necessarily please the women around him. At certain times Francisco often crashes without reason, which is apparently due to an unhealthy fear of failure and emotional repression. He wants to express himself more, but his timidity blocks him.

Personal Integrity:

Francisco sometimes shows a willingness on the verge of stubbornness. However, he is just as capable of letting some things pass without reacting. Not particularly passionate about traditional studies, Francisco is an autodidact who likes to work for himself alone. Francisco is not a force of nature and gets tired very quickly. He, therefore, needs a rigorous discipline of life both physically and psychically. That is why he tries to avoid the wanderings of his mind. Being friendly and tender, he is attentive to others. Francisco is a skinned, worried, waiting for the impossible and misses the real. It is one of the weak points of Francisco that he has in action hesitant gaits. He is not a man who can coach or be an enthusiastic leader.

Meaning of the name Francisco in Intelligence

An artificial intelligence characterizes Francisco. He does not bother himself with details and goes to the essential. His knowledge is made of cunning and a certain sense of opportunism. He has dedicated memory and a great curiosity, which is leading him to engage fully in companies from which he must go out sometimes thanks to a clever evasion.

Francisco is hard to tame and can quickly feel choked and run away if you invade your space and take it badly. Francisco is very independent and needs a shelter where he will find security and tenderness. One should not expect Francisco to have an explosive sensuality since one has seen it. Francisco sometimes tends to hide or even to flee. His sensuality is mostly psychic, and he is very mental about the act. He dreams about his love more than he lives it.


Meaning of the name Francisco in Love

As for the love life, Francisco is a tender, kind and loyal man. He is always trying to get the attention of his partner and be interesting. He will still be in search of a person with the same qualities since he does not like fake appearances or bad taste.

Regarding this, when they find that particular person, they will give everything to her, even if it’s a matter of life and death. A person who strives to excel each day will be the right person for them. They will always be faithful to her and also solve all their problems in the relationship in a fast and fun way.

Meaning of the name Francisco in Family

As a member of a family, Francisco will always be that person who will give everything for his loved ones, who will be his protector and will be there on all occasions whether difficult or unique. He likes to help encourage so that each member of the family has the kindness and will always support them overcome themselves as people.

As for family, when the so-called Francisco have already established their own family, they will always try to educate their children with the need to become good people and with a helpful attitude. So that in this way they still manage to give proper help in society.

Career and Money:

Meaning of the name Francisco in the Study

Since Francisco begins to study, he will always see the positive side of everything at any time, he will never worry about doing his duties or work, but he will always try his best to get good grades and at every opportunity learn everything is necessary.

The personality of Francisco in the studies will always be curious about the unknown. But this is one of the reasons that he manages to surpass himself and begin to define what he wants to be in the future and his adult life both professionally and spiritually.

Meaning of the name Francisco at Work

Regarding their attitudes regarding work, Francisco is a person who surpasses himself. He is intelligent, skilled and powerful. Because of his spiritual perspective, Francisco has a lot of mental resistance. Therefore, he will always be the person in charge of the most challenging obligations. He desires to have a good economy without being ambitious.

For them, they always stand out in helping the public, which is why it will never be strange to see them in social or service sectors where people can receive full support from them. In professional life, the people called Francisco will always need to contribute something to society.

Life’s Opportunities:

People named Francisco are thinkers. Thinkers have a love for abstract ideas, whether in the area of humanities, medicine or technology. They enjoy doing general and logical tasks, so much so that they are often called “intellectuals.” In this type of personality are doctors, psychologists, scientists, researchers or academics.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Francisco:

Francisco is a religious person and with balanced emotions for a full life. Regarding his personality, as previously mentioned, Francisco stands out in being a person who always tries to reach high spiritual degrees. He will always strive to enjoy every moment of his life to the limit. He will still be that influential friend for all occasions and will give his full support to those who need it most.

He does not stand out in being a radical or extremist person, but on the contrary, his personality is generally neutral and have balanced attitudes and thoughts. Because of this, Francisco will always be that part that will complement each person who seeks to be at his side, be it a family member, friend or even that particular person.

Emerald is Francisco’s lucky stone. It symbolizes rebirth, love, and eternal youth. Such a gem is known to be a symbol of spring and connotes happiness and joy. The ancestors have long believed that the emerald could provide an excellent memory and develop intelligence. The Mughals of India, for their part, were convinced that this stone has extraordinary power. They engraved on their sacred texts and used it as a talisman.

Traditional Color for the name Francisco:

Yellow is the color of the name Francisco. It is a joyous color that creates a dynamic atmosphere in the space that welcomes it. Yellow relates to festive events and connotes joy and good humor. Ancestors have associated this color with lies, treachery, and adultery. When yellow is bright, it symbolizes ego and power. When he is pale, he refers to sadness, gloom, and disease.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Francisco:

The number that best reflects the character of Francisco if 4. Those having this sign are known for their generosity. Being determined, they do not easily drop their arms in the face of obstacles. As confident people, they can achieve even the most ambitious projects. People with number 4 have a sense of family. They are caring and protective of their loved ones. They invest themselves body and soul in their work to offer luxury and comfort to their family. Such people also tend to trust people blindly and are always disappointed. They do not hesitate to remove from their list of friends those who betray them.

Flowers and Foods for the name Francisco:

The flower for the name Francisco is Gerberas. It means that you are a retailer, a friend, and a happy person. You may seem a bit shy, but everyone knows that you are quite extroverted when you set out to do so. You have strong decisions. However, you are not one of those who will try to convince others that you have the right opinion. In part, you are one of those who “live and let live.”

Famous People Last Names with the name Francisco:

  1. Francisco BACON: Painter
  2. Francisco Bautista – athlete
  3. Francisco Cabrera – baseball player
  4. Francisco Cordova – baseball player
  5. Francisco de Goya – painter
  6. Francisco CLAVET: tennis player
  7. Francisco de Goya: Painter and engraver
  8. Francisco de Herrera: Painter and artist


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