Meaning of the name Fiona

Meaning of the name Fiona

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Meaning of the name FionaMeaning of the name Fiona

What is the Meaning of the Name Fiona?

This article covers the meaning of the name Fiona and origin of the name Fiona. We have the tools and ways to learn about her personality from the meaning of the name Fiona. Here you will know how these girls develop in various aspects of their lives with the information we provide.

Meaning of the name Fiona: The translation for this expression is broad, such as “innocent,” “clean” and “white.” Therefore, the meaning for the name Fiona would roughly turn out to be “Girl on clear skin.” It is a feminine name, and the origin of the name Fiona is Welsh. This name is a derivative of “Fionn.”

The most characteristic and attractive of Fiona is that these women are very mysterious and strange regularly with everything. People with the name Fiona often have unusual tastes, and their friendships are just as different. There is a lot more exciting information about the meaning of the name Fiona. Continue reading to learn everything about her.

Origin of the name Fiona:

Fiona originates in the Gaelic languages and means “fair woman.” It’s a feminine form of Fionn. It was popularized by James Macpherson, a Scottish poet in her poems. As a given female name has been quite popular in the United States and also outside of them. This name is also derived from Foy. Comes from the Latin “fides” means “faith” is celebrated on October 6th. The Latin versions of this name are: of faith, faith, trust.

Local Origin of the name Fiona:

The name Fiona, of Celtic origin, is derived from the term “fionu” which means “white.” By extension, the first name can be translated as “brilliant” or “wonderful.” Nevertheless, it is a relatively new name, having made its entrance during the late nineteenth century.

This name was imposed in the Celtic countries (Scotland and England) before spreading on Canadian and Australian soil around the 1950s. Fiona only very moderately attracted the Americans, contrary to its success in other European countries since its birth. Apparition around 1990.

Fiona is celebrated on October 6th in honor of Sainte-Foy d’Agen. This martyrdom refused to apostatize her Christian faith and was sentenced to death after her appearance in the Dacian court.

History of the name Fiona

Young Christian twelve years, Foy is martyred in Agen, with many of her companions during the persecutions of Diocletian. Her cult is significant in Europe, Spain and all of Christendom from the ninth century. A city in South America bears her name: Santa Fe.

Different Country Variations of Fiona:

English: Fiona

Scottish: Fiona

Irish Mythology: Finn, Fionn

Irish: Finn, Finnagán, Finnán, Fion, Fionn, Fionnán

English: Finnegan, Viona

Irish: Finnegan

Nicknames of the name Fiona:

Fioni/ Fifi/ Fio/ Finchen/ Fina/ Fini/ Fine/ Fia/ Fona/ Nona/ Fibi/ Fifo/ Noni/ Ona/ Fijo/ Fiu/ Fili/ Oni/ Jonah/ Fino/ Filo/ Fitschi/ Fidi/ Fone


Fiona is a rather rare female name, having been successful in the 1950s and 1970s. Several names are derived from Fiona: Faleen, Fionna, Fiora, Flora, Florette but also Floriane and Fionnuala. The main features of Fiona’s personality are idealism, dream nature, generosity, and kindness. They are very sensitive and are easily moved. They charm their surroundings with their great aspirations and their passion for the universe.

The United States has more than 11,729 Fiona with an average age of 16 years in 2018. We can mention some celebrities who had this name: Fiona Gélin (actress), Fiona Kay Avery (author), Fiona Button (actress) and Fiona May (athlete).

Personality Traits:

Somewhat temperamental and capricious, Fiona is continuously moving, and it is often difficult to follow. Being invested in everything, she performs her duties well. Her animal totem is the traveling pigeon. She will impose things on others with force and intensity if necessary. She only has an illusion of strong appearance and Fiona works in sawtooth. Fiona sways continually between high moments and low moments, alternately excited and no longer in place or withdrawn and sad; even if the moment is short-lived. That’s why you have to be around her, in her world that ultimately interests her more than the outside world. In principle,

Meaning of the name Fiona in Nature

Fiona is of good character, but she is also opportunistic. Therefore, she can put aside her values, her morals if they do not agree with her actions and the circumstances of the moment. Surprisingly, Fiona is a real attraction, which has made her even disturbing and fearsome. However, once again everything is related to her state of mind of the moment.

Meaning of the name Fiona in Sensitivity

The excellent sensitivity of Fiona is striking, making them fragile and susceptible. They are shrouded in an absolute mystery, making their personality more interesting to those around them. They wear a false indifference to protect themselves from betrayal or abuse. Fiona is shy and tends to reflect on themselves, the world and others. They like quiet and remote places to make the most of their loneliness. In their free time, Fiona is introspective and reflect on their past because of their nostalgic penchant. Their silence is often considered indifference while Fiona is shy enough.

Fiona is a dreamer

Being dreamy, Fiona testifies to a fertile imagination that usually plunges them into a bubble. In these moments, they tend to fall back on themselves and communicate very little with their loved ones. Their discreet and dreamy temperament makes Fiona great idealists who do not have their feet on the ground. This nature makes them sink into disappointment, and they are subject to many disappointments.

Fiona needs to be shown affection

Fiona shows a need for love and asks their support and encouragement. They like to feel brooded, appreciated and adored leaving them extremely sensitive to flattery. Fiona lacks confidence and depends on others to succeed. The support of their loved ones helps them to move forward and offer the best of themselves.

She is a deep Person

Far from being superficial, Fiona appreciates the simple pleasures of life and are attracted by nature. Solitary at times, they enjoy moments of calm and seek peace and serenity daily. Fiona is in search of balance and regularly need to let go.

Her Obstinacy is her Power

Fiona, however, is recognized for their unwavering determination and stubbornness at the risk of becoming capricious. Being stubborn, they refuse nothing and sometimes demand that we satisfy all their desires by using all means available. Their outspokenness is worth a few depreciations on the part of a part of their entourage. Fiona does not like hypocrisy and is terrible avengers when they feel betrayed.

Charming and Sentimental at the same time

On the affective plane, Fiona is sensitive and sentimental, without being romantic. They know how to be appreciated thanks to their charm and their mastery of the art of seduction. According to the meaning of the name Fiona, they seek balance and care about their material well-being. Fiona needs to be surrounded and enjoy good times with the family.

Meaning of the name Fiona as a Complex Personality

The complex nature of Fiona makes it challenging to make a career choice. They are endowed with many hidden talents but are slow to find their vocation. However, they can flourish in the areas of parapsychology, psychology and social assistance. Fiona can also join the artistic community by becoming artists or event managers. They can also seek their way in medicine or pioneering professions.

Emotional Spectrum:

Linked to her strong emotivity and excessiveness, Fiona tends to act on impulse and to react very quickly while showing a great susceptibility. One must try to appease Fiona who lives in excess.

Personal Integrity:

It is not just about will but more stubbornness when it is driven by strong desire. Nevertheless, Fiona is weak when she is “in the hollow of the wave.” She goes through ups and downs as well as her mood. Fiona needs a balanced and calm life whereas, on the contrary, she lives in agitation, excess and sometimes imprudence. Demonstrative, seductive, and irresistible are the terms that describe her personality. Fiona likes to be surrounded, but you have to succeed in following her as well in reality as in her head, on pain of being taken over in the background. Fiona flees everything that can annoy her or chain her. She needs to live, to move, and so she tends to choose to do what she likes, without compromise.

Meaning of the name Fiona in Intelligence

From the youngest age, Fiona must be channeled and disciplined, both her intelligence is explosive, and her devouring curiosity. With a somewhat synthetic mind, she understands everything quickly and leaves out what she considers as a mere detail, as excessive, which is not without consequence.

Capable of big dashes of love one day, Fiona can plunge into despair the next day. All her character traits are governed by her state of mind of the moment. Endowed with a power of seduction, she sometimes plays with her feelings to make people follow her and listen to her. Fiona likes to be surrounded by her friends, whom she changes often.

Often there is too significant a gap between the whimsical life that Fiona leads or would like to direct and the inertia that takes place around her. Fiona is excessive, reacts on impulse and therefore sometimes has shattering reactions. To counter this it needs to be secure, stabilize, that it indicates limits.


Meaning of the name Fiona in love

In regards to the love field, Fiona has the problem of always complicating everything, most innocently. This makes forming a relationship quite tricky due to her sensitive and romantic nature. For them, the perfect link is one in which I manage to be as in osmosis with their man.

It is a commonplace that Fiona does things that nobody understands, or falls in love with people that nobody considers for her. They are not very obvious when they fall in love, which will make it hard to get them to discover them. Even so, already within the relationship they will be self-sacrificing and will make the necessary sacrifices for him.

Meaning of Fiona in the family

At home, she will show herself as she is, and get into trouble with her parents for not having her feet on the ground. They often feel lonely in the world despite being surrounded by family members.

They are truly sensitive and fragile to the things they are told. Although if they support them, they will become women who give their best for others. As mothers, they will leave their insecurities.

Career and Money:

Meaning of the name Fiona in studies

Fiona likes what is out of the ordinary, that intrigue and keeps her on the lookout. They will seek friendships with these same tastes for the beautiful and mysterious world to engage in long conversations.

On the other hand, these girls are very critical of the opinions of their peers. She will be known for always keeping her points of view until the end in a somewhat stubborn way at times.

Meaning of Fiona at work

It takes some time for these girls to achieve professional maturity to choose a definitive one among many. Since the load and commitment that some tasks require, they are very heavy for their age when looking for employment.

They can do very well as psychologists motivated by their curiosity towards the human mind. On the other hand, she is also attracted by the artistic professions with which he can express herself. In the same way, she could go for those linked to fashion, and more.

Life’s Opportunities:

According to the meaning of the name Fiona, she is an entrepreneur. Are you able to see the possibilities that a business idea has? Do you consider yourself an adventurous and impulsive person? Your group would belong to lawyers, people dedicated to public relations or marketing, and logically, those entrepreneurs who bet on their own business.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Fiona:

Libra is the zodiac sign associated with Fiona’s personality. The most defining traits of Fiona and Libra are the kindness and the sense of hygiene and cleanliness. They reject all forms of disloyalty and lies. They attach importance to the opinions of their relatives and are capable of great sacrifices not to thwart them. The natives of the sign and Fiona are attentive, attentive and respectful.

Fiona’s favorite stone is the emerald that evokes wisdom and love. This gem reflects the hope and seems well adapted to the personality of Fiona who never ceases to hope for a better future. It helps in the realization of projects by promoting perseverance and patience. The emerald has the power to grant wishes for material comfort.

Traditional Color for the name Fiona:

The color attributed to Fiona’s character is white, reflecting purity and innocence. This color indicates pacifism and is widely used in initiation rites. White also connotes marriage and virginity. Sincerity and openness are among the qualities associated with this color.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Fiona:

The number of personalities that best characterizes Fiona is 7. This number usually relates to women of intense and spiritual emotions. However, what best characterizes Fiona’s character is its mystery and enigma.

The number 7 also speaks of an analytical and logical person. It is also dynamic, active and insightful. She is an observant and intuitive woman but, above all, she is realistic.

Flowers and Foods for the name Fiona:

The flower that goes with the meaning of the name Fiona is Gerberas. It implies that you are a retailer, friend and happy. You may seem a bit shy, but everyone knows that you are quite extroverted when you set out to do so. You have firm decisions, however, you are not one of those people who tries to convince others that you have the right opinion. In part, you are one of those who “live and let live.”

Famous People Last Names with the name Fiona:

Fiona Apple – musician

Artist Fiona Burnett – jazz artist

Fiona Capp – writer

Writer Fiona Cooper – writer


One does not get bored with Fiona, and her life is whimsical and alive. Nevertheless, Fiona is far too submissive to the roller coaster of her moods to have a calm and serene experience.


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