Meaning of the name Felix

Meaning of the name Felix

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Meaning of the name FelixMeaning of the name Felix

Meaning of Felix and its origin

The meaning of Felix and his personality may surprise you. If you are thinking of giving this name to your child, you cannot miss this vital information we are about to provide you with. We will explain everything from the meaning of the name Felix to all of his life stories and its interpretations.

Meaning of the name Felix: As far as its meaning is concerned, Felix can be translated as “happy.” It is a masculine name and the origin of the name Felix is Latin. Another interpretation of the meaning of Felix is the one “who is happy and fortunate.” This meaning makes us think of a happy man of good fortune.

Even if you know someone with this name, you will know much more about him after reading the information that we have collected for you Below we present the meaning of the name Felix and its origin along with many other interesting facts.

Origin of the name Felix:

Although the formerly Roman surname Felix has long been known in the US as a male given name, he was still moderately popular at the beginning of the 20th century. Only since the 70s, Felix experienced the right popularity boost.

That may also be due to the meaning of the name. Felix comes from the Latin and means as much as “fortunate luck.” For this reason, one can speak of Felix also quite by “the happy one.” Already at the time of the Roman Empire, the name was given to many emperors as a nickname in the sense of a wish on the way.

The origin of Felix comes from the Latin and is recognized to be a biblical character that appears in the New Testament, where he was a freedman of Emperor Claudius, and when Peter was sent the prisoner to Caesarea, he appeared before him.

Local Origin of the name Felix:

Felix arose from the modification of a Latin surname, which was considered a denomination to refer to a good omen. Initially, it was established that this name meant “fertility.” Later the meaning of Felix was turned into “favored by the gods,” which was related to the goddess of abundance. Its meaning is also linked to the word happiness, as “he who considers himself happy or fortunate.”

Commonly attributed since Roman times, the name Felix was worn by many popes. Very popular in the early twentieth century, it was a huge success between 1901 and 1910. In 1905, it reached its peak of popularity with more than 1000 newborns so named. In the following years, the name Felix sank into oblivion until reaching its lowest level of attribution in 1978 with only 60 births. Having enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in the early 80s, this name, whose current trend is stable, is regularly chosen by future parents.

Different Country Variations of Felix:

Felix is a name for the male sex. It has variants in feminine such as Feliciana, Felisa, and Felicia. It is due to the language that his way of writing and pronouncing varies.

In this way, we have that in Italian it is Felice, in Polish, it is Feliks, in Galician, it fizzes, among others. According to numerology, the number that best describes your personality is 1. Felix is helpful, kind, despite having a poorly contained aggressiveness, due to his deep emotionality. Communication should be encouraged since it quickly falls back on itself when it feels misunderstood. A unique feature of this name is the variety of his name days. At least 11 memorial days are deposited for this first name. Variants of the name are for example Felice, Felici, Felicia, Felician, Feliciano, Felician, Felicitas or Feliks.

Phelix (Biblical Greek) Feliu (Catalan) Felix (French) Felice (Italian) Feliks (Polish) Felix (Portuguese) Feliks (Russian)Feliks (Slovene) Felix (Spanish)

Nicknames of the name Felix:

Feli/ Flix/ Flex/ Fips/ Fule/ Flexi/ Felu/ Fili/ Flixi/ Fixi/ Fille/ Fifi/ Fefe/ Flixe/ Fexi/ Febs/ Fex/ Felle/ Fele/ Felo/ Feix/ Fexe


In the 90s, he even placed in the top 10 most famous names in the US. Although he could not always defend this top placement in the following years, Felix is still one of the most popular male names.

Praised since Roman times, Felix is a male given name that has passed through several generations. Its popularity is currently stable. Felix stands out for his great elegance, good humor, and optimism. He is also known for his sociability and excellent communication skills. Among the variants of Felix are Félis, Feliz and Felice. Numerous historical figures are so named, including the Prince of Parma Felix de Bourbon and the Roman aristocrat Felix III. A large number of artists also bear this name, including conductor Felix Mendelssohn, painter Felix Vallotton and singers Felix Mayol and Felix Leclerc. In the sports field, we can mention the footballer Felix Magath and the Austrian paratrooper Felix Baumgartner.

Felix’s personality is also characterized by his strength, his progressive attitude, and his creativity. Felix can be a very efficient and determined person if he proposes it.

Personality Traits:

A certain duality marks the character of Felix. On the one hand, it is imbued with wisdom, specific knowledge of the world that their plant totem the fig tree represents well. On the other hand, it can be unpredictable, very responsive as evidenced by his animal totem: the jaguar. Not easily influenced, Felix is very balanced despite this duality that characterizes it. He knows how to be an extrovert when he opens to the world and has a real desire to do good and to communicate, but he can also be introverted into his well-ordered universe. Felix conveys a whole system of values, and he becomes moralistic for those around him. Felix acts with precision and efficiency because his intuition is powerful.

Felix has a reserved personality

It is characterized by being a very reserved person who does not like to follow what others do, follows their paths, which is why sometimes it can be considered a bit strange.

In some moments they stand out among all because they are vital and very energetic. However, at other times they close in and do not show anything receptive. Everything that is different attracts him, and one of his greatest pleasures is to be independent.

It also stands out for being a person with high strength, for having a progressive attitude and great creativity. If you propose it, you can be a very efficient and determined person.

Meaning of the name Felix as Friendliness

His pleasant and kind character distinguishes Felix. Being courteous and attentive, this man is particularly endearing and good company. He attracts the sympathy of others thanks to his good mood and his contagious sense of humor. With high sensitivity and a certain softness, Felix leaves no one indifferent. Mastering his emotions perfectly, he rarely gets angry and is always conciliatory.

Meaning of the name Felix in Social life

Quiet in nature, he does not like arguments and prefers to argue in case of problems. However, it is better to avoid annoying him, because if pushed to the end, Felix will get into a big crisis of anger. Being a bit sensitive, he does not readily accept criticism, especially if it deems them unfounded. Each act of Felix being dictated by excellent moral values, he generally embodies a model of common sense for those around him.

Felix is Loyal and Honest

Known for his loyalty and honesty, he always ensures that his actions do not harm others. Being an artistic personality, Felix is distinguished by his innate sense of beauty and his appeal to luxury. He is fragile, delicate and needs to feel supported and loved to flourish. Being friendly, communicative and endowed with an exemplary spirit of openness, Felix integrates without great difficulty into any social group. Besides, he attaches importance to human contact and social exchanges.

Meaning of the name Felix in Life Philosophy

Although he likes being surrounded by his family, Felix is a man who holds firmly to his independence. Hating the monotony, he continually tries to escape a routine life by traveling and leaving for new adventures. Releasing an attractive charm, Felix seduces the fair sex with his elegance and delicacy. Once he has found his better half, he will love and give himself without restraint. His romantic wish is that he will do everything possible to ensure the happiness of his companion and to make her life a fairy tale.

Emotional Spectrum:

Felix is very sensitive so he can cause real explosions in the home, school or work environment. Felix has a real sense of friendship that can reach its limits when friends turn into disciples. He is highly prone to questioning, which is why Felix can easily oppose, but always in a smart way with a real desire to do better.

Personal Integrity:

His will is powerful, sometimes too much since it can turn to obsession. Felix becomes tyrannical and quickly takes his desires for realities. Felix needs to step back from a distance, from the perspective of the situation, especially since his willingness to question himself pushes him to doubt constantly. Much more comfortable in the design than in the realization, Felix adapts quickly and efficiently as long as he has the hand on the event. His resistance is amazing. Felix does not fear overwork. Sociability of his character is quite complicated because Felix lacks some moments of diplomacy. He is used to being too direct in his exchanges and often wanting to impose its morality. At the limit of excess, we can think that Felix is too much.

Meaning of the name Felix in Intelligence

Felix is very curious and turned towards the unknown because of being eager for knowledge. He wants to know everything, and at any cost, so he also possesses an analytical intelligence which helps him perceive everything in detail.

Felix is very sensitive to all useful events, whether good or bad. This is especially true since he has a real emotional memory. Being possessive, he is driven instead by a desire to come closer, to help, instead of a real concern to possess. Felix likes to defend those he considers weaker. Felix needs to have a clear picture of things since his sensuality is demanding and forceful. Only moral reasons can allow him to dominate them.


Meaning of the name Felix in love

Felix in love is characterized by always loving with freedom. He will always respect the space of his partner. In effect, Felix regards the same on the part of his ideal woman and has confidence in each other when entering a relationship.

Felix is not at all jealous or possessive, because of the trust and respect he feels towards the woman he loves. In terms of romance, we can say that Felix is a teacher. He always satisfies his partner with attention and surprises. This is why Felix should not go wrong in love, and his relationships are stable.

Meaning of the name Felix in family

Felix is not a particularly homelike person. However, the family occupies an important place in his life. Felix tries to maintain a good relationship with all his family members, even though he does not put a special effort into this.

Although he is not initially enthusiastic about the idea of being a father, he will want to do it once he reaches his most important goals. Felix becomes a responsible, devoted and understanding father but also something authoritarian.

In the field of love is a happy and charming man who falls in love very quickly and despite being considered strange is quite successful with women. However, it costs him to formalize a relationship towards something more serious.

When there is a conflict between his friends, he works as a good speaker and counselor so that in his presence there will only be peace. He is a friend who can be trusted with closed eyes, so he is appreciated.

Career and Money:

Meaning of the name Felix in studies

Felix is an intellectual boy and active. Therefore, he has a lot of potentials to stand out in reviews. Having adequate motivation, whether aspirations or goals to achieve or simple, healthy competition, could be among the best.

He is a somewhat individualistic person, but if he needs to help others and it does not affect him in any way, he could do it. Maybe he does not have too many friends during the school stage. However, his colleagues respect him for who he is, and he has sincere friends.

Meaning of the name Felix at work

At work, Felix is characterized by trying to innovate. He is possibly working on the creation of business expansion of his own. As we already mentioned, Felix has the potential to do what he proposes, as long as he is motivated.

If you do not set up your own business, you may decide to work in jobs where you can be independent. Perhaps you are interested in photography or writing or graphic design, because of the innovative and artistic nature of your personality. But since he is someone who is interested more than all in his independence, he would go for things that earn him his freedom. However, he is adaptable, so can also work in the repair of electronics.

Life’s Opportunities:

In the workplace he likes to be the leader, so every day he strives to do his job well to reach the highest position in the company. He thinks that this way, it will make the company grow as he will make the best decisions.

He will be a worker focused on innovating and creating new things. He stands out pretty well in positions such as director of a bank branch or as an assistant director, anyone who puts him in charge.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Felix:

Having lived towards the end of the third century in Abilene, Tunisia, Felix was arrested by the Diocletian police with other Christians while taking part in a Eucharistic liturgy. He was imprisoned, martyred, and then put to death in Carthage on February 13, 304.

In Rome, towards the end of the 16C, Felix de Cantalice is the appointed questor of the Capuchin monastery. His honesty and simplicity are the joy of all his colleagues. Saint Philip Neri, who knows the gifts that the humility of the monk conceals, sends him Charles Borromeo, the cardinal-archbishop of Milan, to submit to him the rules of the new institute he has just found in his diocese.

Symbolizing good humor and abundance, citrine is the precious stone attributed to Felix. Attenuating aggression and sadness, it promotes in him a great joy of living.

Traditional Color for the name Felix:

Orange is the color associated with the name Felix. Toning color, like Felix, orange infuses the right mood around him. It reflects his sense of humor, his optimism, and his communicative nature.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Felix:

The number 1 perfectly reflects the meaning of the name Felix. He is strength and individualism, and this is what best characterizes Felix’s personality in addition to audacity. Felix also differs from others by being an active, independent, determined and a fighter man. He is capable of reinforcing his sense of diplomacy and his affectionate and kind nature.

Flowers and Foods for the name Felix:

The flower for Felix is Lilies. The meaning of this flower is that you are very empathetic towards the feelings of others. You are always thinking of others. You are charitable and well-intentioned. Because of your social attitude and being attached to others, you tend to have good karma, however, sometimes being so connected to other burdens problems that are not yours precisely.

Famous People Last Names with the name Felix:

Felix ARVERS: poet, playwright (1806 – 1850)

Felix GRAY: singer

Felix HOUPHOUET BOIGNY: politician

Felix LECLERC: Felix Leclerc was a Quebec singer-songwriter, poet, writer, and actor.

Felix LEVITANT: cyclist

Felix LOPE DE VEGA: writer

Felix MANTILLA: tennis player

Felix MARTEN: singer – actor


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