Meaning of the name Faith

Meaning of the name Faith

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Meaning of the name FaithMeaning of the name Faith

What is the Meaning of the Name Faith?

I want to tell you that the name Faith is one of the best known and it has been quite popular. So, it’s time to talk about everything that tells us something regarding the meaning of the name Faith.

Meaning of the name Faith: Faith translates as faith. It is, according to the Christian religion, one of the three theological virtues that God bestows on man: faith, charity, and hope. Therefore, the meaning of the name Faith is “the one who believes and has confidence.” Origin of the name Faith comes from the Latin word fides, which has the same meaning mentioned above.

It helps us to tell you about what you will understand if this is the right name for that baby girl who is about to come into your life. That’s why we invite you to know everything that this beautiful name says. Another aspect to point out is that it is becoming one of the most exciting options. Continue reading because we have a lot more to tell you about Faith.

Origin of the name Faith:

Faith is a feminine proper name of Latin origin in its variant in English. It comes from fides, “faith, belief, trust.”

Faith originates in the Latin language and means “to trust to believe.” In religion, hope is the first of the theological virtues. It is also the name of several places in the United States. The famous bearer is the American singer Faith Hill. Faith has been a popular female name given in the United States for a long time, especially in Christian families.

Local Origin of the name Faith:

Local origin of the name Faith is from the abstract noun that denotes the quality of believing and trusting in God. The name began to be used in the sixteenth century and was very popular among the US of the 17th. The Puritans started in the 17th Century to use this English word as a first name. The English word itself goes back to Latin “fides” (faith, faithfulness, trust)

Different Country Variations of Faith:

Except for faith and fides, there are currently no variations of this name in other countries and languages.

Nicknames of the name Faith:

Fai/ Fay/ Fairy/ Faithy/ Faithi/ Fati


The name Faith is classified in the 800th position of the most given names. Therefore, it is a ubiquitous name.

It is estimated that there are at least 701500 people in the world who have received this name, which represents 0.01% of the population. The name Faith is composed of five letters. It is relatively medium in length, compared to the other names referenced in our database.

Personality Traits:

The features that most define Faith are its strong will, its extroversion, and happiness. She loves to have fun and amuse others. She is very communicative with everyone, captivating and jovial, seeking to please the people around her because she needs others to feel good. Her strong will make her move forward in life, always being faithful to her beliefs.

A curious and adaptable Person

Faith is a very flexible and curious person. She is interested in everything and has a great sense of observation. This, together with his astuteness and mental quickness, always help him find answers and get out of trouble. However, she will not be ambitious or give herself entirely to her work, since she loves to have fun and tends to look for comfort and ease. For this reason, she will focus on doing what she is told without setting very high goals.

Meaning of the name Faith in friendship

Faith is a woman much loved by her friends since she is the soul of the party. She always tries to entertain others and has an excellent capacity for communication and expression. Faith is very talkative, but her way of doing it is attractive. This girl loves that everyone listens attentively and is interested in her, bringing out some degree of vanity. With her friends she is generous and concerned, going to the moments of need.

An Admirer of Justice

Faith is a person who cares a lot about her family. She hates injustice, so she will always defend what is right for her people, drawing her claws when he feels they are hurt. A girl named Faith likes to please her loved ones and feels the constant need to feel loved and relevant to them.

A demanding but romantic personality

Faith is a passionate but demanding woman. Having a romantic relationship is paramount to her, but choosing her partner will not be easy for her. Find a perfect person for her, according to their criteria. So much demand and perfection will make this task difficult, preventing you from enjoying the game of seduction.

Faith has a strong Character. Religion has a great deal of femininity in her. She is capable of devotion for causes that she deems fair and always able to carry out all her projects with discretion. Faith likes human contact and inspires strong sympathy at first sight. This girl expresses herself more by action than words. She is masterful, not easy to influence, objective and has good self-confidence. According to the situations and moments, her morality and beliefs may change to become those that characterize Faith. She has something mysterious and indefinable that attracts and challenges. Her intuition is excellent and her seduction formidable.

Meaning of the name Faith in magnetism

Faith possesses a certain charm. Feelings occupy an essential place in their existence to the point that very often she lives in terms of her emotions. She only feels fully satisfied or happy when she loves, is passionate about someone, or when she feels useful. Being shy, tender and reserved, she does not like to stand out. Faith is always listening to others, as she is amiable, open and friendly. This girl is an excellent friend, who has the art of comforting when someone is suffering by finding the right words or gestures.

Meaning of the name Faith in Character

Faith is intuitive, has finesse, tact, diplomacy, which is why she is peaceful and seeks harmony above all. However, do not trust her sweet and submissive appearance, Faith can become a true tigress if you discover it in her raw mood, aggressiveness or lies, which is what she hates the most. Her emotionality certainly makes her amplify situations, which can reveal an angry side.

Faith is quite outspoken

She is a direct and blunt woman who appreciates specific situations and clear relationships. Hope is audacious, active, enterprising, and knows how to take advantage of the opportunities that come her way. This girl has a sense of material reality and concreteness. Girls named Faith is perfectly capable of assuming responsibilities, family or professional. She is self-sacrificing and enjoys helping a lot, which satisfies her human sense and her need to command. Although she is flexible and tolerant, she is no less obstinate either.

Faith is an Iron hand in a Silk Glove

Trust always thinks that she is right and tends to impose her opinions firmly. An iron hand in a silk glove with that sweet smile, that’s Faith. In childhood, she is a nice and affectionate girl. This girl is particularly often affectionate and demonstrative when she feels loved. Being very receptive to the family environment, Faith seeks to please and help. However, she hates inequity and will react very violently in case of flagrant injustice. Responsible from a very young age, she is a wonderful sister, always listening to her younger siblings.


Faith Likes the best things.

She likes harmony, peace, and is willing to give a lot of herself to maintain balance and please others. Faith is very sensitive to a productive life. Your balance ideally passes through the foundation of a home. She is perfectionist and scrupulous, totally capable of forgetting herself for those she loves. A girl named faith is an exemplary wife and mother. She’s demanding and can have a certain natural bitterness when she realizes that she gives a lot and receives little.


Emotional Spectrum:

An emotivity with subtlety and a great sense of friendship characterizes Faith and makes her endearing. All of her associations are faithful even when they are not strong enough, and they don’t change with her moods. Faith has a tremendous oppositional sense because she likes to say no, talks stubbornly and can explode when it comes to settling accounts. Faith is not very disturbed by heart but tends emotional repression.

Personal Integrity:

Faith has a powerful will. In some way, it is good that she is confronted with other voluntary characters. In this way, she is not tempted to take the destiny of all those around her in her hands. Her activity is sometimes quite “brutal” because Faith is a go-getter who acts with speed and audacity. She has definite ideas about things, people, what to do or not and how. She also has proper arrangements to ensure that others well regard her. Faith has an excellent vitality that she tends to abuse, sometimes bordering on overwork due to the lack of discipline. Faith likes contact, has a lot of fun meeting people and knows how to use smart social networks to fuel her ambition. Faith is very independent and lives very severely on the other side of the family. She is explosive, and its dynamism is relayed mainly by a strong will, intense activity, and real sociability.

Meaning of the name Faith Intelligence

With a rich, complete and synthetic intelligence, Faith can address several topics at once since she quickly captures the essence of the situations by flying over the details. Nevertheless, to neglect the details too much, and to be concerned only with the totality of the problems, Faith sometimes misses vital clues.

Being possessive, there exists a certain modesty in Faith and her feelings. She does not like to show off her affectivity and her tenderness. However, she must understand that she must express herself entirely and give herself more.


Meaning of the name Faith in friendship

She does everything on her part of being the best friend that her close friends can find, that’s why she will always show her unconditional love. The best part is that he becomes a person surrounded by great, loved ones.

Meaning of the name Faith in family

Faith is a woman who surrounds herself a lot in her family, in decision making, she tries to do it together, and it is not for nothing but when she approaches them. It is for an important decision and that she can change his life.

Meaning of the name Faith in love

This woman is someone with a desire to find love, never leave, and the truth is that it tries to find love. However, never open your heart until you see that person who seems peculiar.

Career and Money:

They like to please, show off and impress their environment. That is why they are so sensitive to their physical appearance, and they wear clothes of good taste, as well as jewelry. Girls named Faith to look for social status in their partner, and perhaps fortune as well. However, first of all, they want to found a family since sentimental life is significant for them. They appreciate having a cozy and comfortable interior in which they like to receive as perfect housewives. They also love adventure, travel, and change.

Life’s Opportunities:

Affective life and the realization of your partner will predominate over your professional ambition. If you choose an activity, you can do it based on your family environment. Otherwise, you will be particularly attracted to professions of counseling, help others, medical-social, or related to children (midwife, child care worker, teacher, psychologist). Moreover, they can be involved in artistic professions or others related to aesthetics, or associated businesses with money (finance, bank).

At work, she is an artistic woman by nature. Faith will be an excellent actress or also an outstanding playwright. Of course, we must bear in mind that she is a woman with a lot of desire to help, so as an environmentalist or veterinarian she would be something great.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Faith:


According to the meaning of the name Faith, we understand that they cannot sit still, and they are always active and dynamic. However, their results are not always up to their efforts as they are messy and have a confusing spirit. These women are curious, intrusive and easily pass from one topic to another, without necessarily reaching the bottom of things. They like change and often tend to question themselves, which can lead to some risks. But they prefer this to a routine and monotonous life, which would quickly tire them out.

Traditional Color for the name Faith:

Meaning of the name Faith implies that her best color is Pink. It means that they love their freedom and are inveterate feminists: for them, female emancipation is not a mere word! On the other hand, they have a certain seduction and an insatiable desire to live. They are beautiful and greedy and have the art of persuading that faith is gorgeous.

As girls, Faith needs stable references and a strict education, since they can quickly tend to impose their points of view and their desires by being capricious, jealous and possessive. It would be good to teach them to share from small. They also need to develop their sociability so that they are not too self-centered. Not very agreeable, they have a very critical and analytical spirit, while they are very susceptible.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Faith:

The number associated with Faith is 2.

Flowers and Foods for the name Faith:

According to the meaning of the name Faith, your flower is Sunflower. It means that you are awake, bold and rather authoritarian. It is possible that your character is angry. It cannot be said that their discipline or their flexibility characterize them. Faith tends to impose themselves in life and often seem harsh, even arrogant and proud. Being sure of themselves, they can often have airs of pride. However, they are even more sensitive to the physical signs of wealth.

You are a retailer, friend and happy. You may seem a bit shy, but everyone knows that you are quite social when you set out to do so. You have strong decisions. However, you are not one of those people who try to convince others that you have the right opinion. In part, you are one of those who “live and let live.”

Famous People Last Names with the name Faith:

Faith Hill – musician

Faith Ford – actress

Faith Bandler – writer

Faith Deveaux – writer


Chance, undeniable charm, and strong will are the guarantors of the success of Faith. Moreover, there is a mystery in her that she never wholly shares, and it makes her particularly fascinating.


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