Meaning of the name Ezra

Meaning of the name Ezra

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Meaning of the name EzraMeaning of the name Ezra

What is the Meaning of the Name Ezra?

For those who think that the meaning of names is related to the destiny of their lives, this information will be of interest to them. Meaning the name of Ezra is interesting, and it has a lot of transcendence.

Meaning of the name Ezra: In case of Ezra, his etymological antecedent refers to strength and vigor. In English, it means “God’s help.” As for the origin of the name Ezra, it comes from the Hebrew language. In general, in Hebrew culture, the names had a fascinating meaning. It is a name that is used frequently in the eastern part of the world, in Israel to be more specific. However, it has come to be used in the West, in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The name that the person would carry would describe the personality of the person who has it. Know everything there is behind the meaning of the name Ezra and its origin. Besides, continue reading to learn more about the personality characteristics that stand out from this anthroponym.

Origin of the name Ezra:

The origin of the name Ezra is Hebrew which comes from a related word “Ezer”. This word essentially means ‘help”, which is how we can consider the meaning of the name Ezra as “the help from God”.

Different Country Variations of Ezra:

Esdras (Biblical Greek) ‘Ezra’ (Biblical Hebrew) Ezras (Biblical Latin)

Nicknames of the name Ezra:

Ezzy/ Ez/ Ezzie/ Esi


The name Ezra is ranked on the 3,666th position of the most used names. We can say that this name is quite common.

It is estimated that there are at least 111500 people in the world who have received this name, which represents 0.002% of the population. The name Ezra is composed of four letters. It is relatively short, compared to the other names referenced in our database.

Personality Traits:

Ezra combines quick reactions, vigorous activity, and intense emotivity which make her a very dynamic person with strong anger. Like his animal mascot, the squirrel, Ezra needs to feel safe to thrive and always achieves his goals through patience and perseverance. Being introverted, Ezra falls back on herself in difficult situations, not to flee, but rather to take the time to think about the situation and to set up a plan of action. Ezra is not easily influenced. Ezra is rigorous in his behavior, and a real system of moral values dictates his life. Having a great sense of intuition which Ezra uses even if it happens to him in front of an “illumination” not always to know what to do with it.

Meaning of the name Ezra in Character


A certain calm force is filtered through his character, which on the other hand is reserved and balanced. Ezra is reassuring and enemies to complications of life. They seek to please and live in harmony with others. The feelings occupy an essential place in their existence. In them, everything is handled by arrows, either if it is about choosing clothes, a book or a professional choice. They are also beautiful friends who are always available, generous and hospitable. Ezra knows how to share. They are particularly sensitive to aesthetics, beauty or art, exquisite refinement, sensual and hedonistic. Sometimes narcissistic or quietly flirtatious, they can show themselves perfectionists, or even maniacs to the point of focusing on some small details, which are paramount for them.

Meaning of the name Ezra is Social Life.

Being extroverted, they are sociable but often influenced especially by the people they love, as well as by their family. They often doubt, both in their professional choices and in their affective inclinations. His will is not always dominant in the face of sensory demands or feelings. However, they are active and workers even though their rhythm is irregular. In general, they have a great professional conscience.

Ezra as a Child

Children named Ezra are charming, tender, sweet, affectionate and use their charm on their parents, whom they know how to manipulate perfectly with sweetness and skill. They are very concerned/eager to please and will have a hard time supporting an imbalance or a family disharmony. They will prefer to be disinterested in their family and flee, rather than endure tensions. Injustice is unbearable and makes them react immediately. The community encourages them, and the group activities would be convenient. Besides, all kinds of artistic activity must be supported, which could lead to a future profession.


Meaning of the name Ezra in Hobbies

Ezra loves to please, to enchant, to bring warmth and consolation to others. That is their will. A sentimental sphere is essential for them as they are always in search of the soul mate. However, the problem of choice is not so evident for these Romeos whose hearts often doubt, and who find a strong attraction in themselves. The family is also important, and Ezra will be remarkable and attentive parents.


Ezra has a charming personality

Ezra has a natural charm that is unmatched. Her tenderness and sincerity do not go unnoticed. Ezra’s innocent look easily attracts men who want to protect and fill it. Being stubborn, she does not easily give up when she has a goal in mind.

Ezra is a modest woman. Being shy, she prefers to remain discreet and avoid chatter. Moreover, this character allows her to protect herself against people of bad faith. Behind her calm air hides a sensitive woman who has trouble with arguments and personal remarks. As an angry person, she can easily get carried away when she feels assaulted or betrayed.

Meaning of the name Ezra in Nature

Ezra is not a complicated woman. She wants to live a stable relationship, based on trust. To be unfaithful to her is to cut the bridges with her definitively. Indeed, she can be very resentful. The presence of his companion gives him the courage to face all the problems that stand in front of her. Ezra is looking for a loving, caring and understanding man. Men to women must, therefore, refrain from courting her because she wants a stable relationship. With good advice, Ezra manages to cheer up his spouse when he faces failure.

Ezra gives a lot of importance to her look. She dresses with taste while remaining as elegant as possible. She knows how to put her femininity forward and captivate attention without seeming vulgar.

Ezra is a smart person

When asked, Ezra always thinks twice before acting. It tends to plan everything and prepare for the unexpected. Being stubborn, she is not accessible to reason. To convince her to adopt another point of view, she must be tactfully spoken to. Ezra wants to improve. To do this, she does not hesitate to take a step back to self-criticize. She is demanding of herself and imposes ambitious goals. Her kindness drove her to be generous and devoted to the neediest. Therefore, she can engage as a volunteer in NGOs or apply for professions revolving around the humanitarian.

Meaning of the name Ezra in Life Philosophy

As a loving mother, Ezra instills in her children a sense of responsibility. She lets them make their own decisions and make their own mistakes. She also encourages them to develop their ideas. Its goal is to help them become independent and enterprising people. Moreover, she does her best so that they always have confidence in themselves despite the difficulty of the tests they have to go through.

Although she spends a lot of time with her family and work, Ezra still manages to find time for her. She practices sport regularly to eliminate fats and to relax.


Emotional Spectrum:

This emotivity is essential and gives Ezra an unusual sensitivity and a taste for adventure. It also gives her a tendency to emotional effusion. Ezra likes the opposition and is difficult to convince, especially since it is not easy to influence. She is objective does not see that her comfort and is fully invested in causes that seem right. If Ezra is sometimes shy, it’s because she does not always trust her. Sensitive to hearts she does not break any. On the contrary, the anger passed. She goes on all fronts.

Personal Integrity:

Ezra has a powerful will but is discreet because she does not like being on the front of the stage. Ezra needs a well-established plan to act and is determined only through action. She has a robust professional conscience, courage, and stubbornness to achieve her goals, especially professional ones. Ezra likes difficult trades, those where she puts herself in danger, where she pays for herself.

She must be careful not to overwork since if she has good vitality and resistance, she tends not to listen to herself and go beyond the limits her body dictates. Ezra is relatively friendly as long as everyone stays in their place and does not encroach on their space, their realm. She is, in any case, an excellent comrade who has a strong sense of friendship and is looking for faithful and sincere friends on whom she can rely. You will notice a little shyness where you do not expect because its dynamism is a bit behind its activity.

Meaning of the name Ezra in Intelligence

Ezra has a very developed critical sense and is adept of harsh criticism, even if it is always without malice. Her intelligence is lively and analytical.

Ezra does not like grand declarations, demonstrations of tenderness. She is somewhat discreet and has difficulty expressing her feelings, even if she is affectionate. A girl named Ezra has tremendous emotional memory.

Somewhat reasonable, Ezra prefers her professional life in his private life, which distances him from her desires. His sensuality is expressed when the secure setting of a sentimental life rich with confidence because Ezra is afraid of being betrayed. Besides, her sensuality is sometimes complicated, due to repressions caused by her education.


Meaning of the name Ezra in love

She loves her partner with passion. Ezra is a woman who feels intensely everything that happens around her. This girl expects her partner to indulge in every whim, and she does the same with him. As a lover, she is romantic and sensitive in the privacy, although he does not show it to the naked eye.

Although for Ezra it is inconceivable that her partner is unfaithful, sometimes, you can throw a little dog in the air. However, do not consider this a betrayal, as it is clear that you love your partner. This attitude could ruin one or another of their relationships.

Meaning of Ezra in the family

Ezra’s main weakness is her family. Anything that affects them can crumble the stability of this girl. For example, with her parents, she is cautious and attentive. However, you will have to work hard to devote enough time, especially when you get into work.

She aspires to be an exemplary family father, of whom her children feel proud. For Ezra, sincere love and morality are factors that are essential to be head of a home. Because of this, she strives to display these qualities in her family environment.

Career and Money:

Meaning of the name Ezra in study

Even if she is not a star student, Ezra will make every effort to pass her academic course. Learning is essential to her. However, she is easily distracted from her goals. Dismiss the areas of study that are not of interest, to concentrate on those that are.

Ezra has a hard time respecting the schedules and rules so that she will need limits from her parents and guardians. In the future, this attitude could bring problems, if Ezra does not assume her obligations with responsibility.

Meaning of Ezra at work

Work is a critical aspect of Ezra. According to her profession, Ezra will develop like a fish in water. For this, spend as much time as necessary, even if you have to sacrifice essential activities. Among those activities could be their hours of rest and family time.

Ezra hopes to receive the admiration of his co-workers and their bosses. She could perform well as a leader, but she will have to struggle with the need to prevail. Ezra will not want to get her hands dirty during her work, so she aspires to office positions. Managing your own business would also be a workable option for Ezra.

Life’s Opportunities:


Undecided at the time of the professional choice, they may be tempted to look for the facility by taking up a family business. If not, they will be tempted by two major orientations: the artistic or aesthetic sphere, activities where they feel directly useful with others (medical, paramedical, justice), everything related to comfort, real estate, home, gastronomy, the family and their well-being.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Ezra:

Ezra’s character is similar to that of the natives of the Virgin. Ezra wants things to be done correctly. To do this, she does not hesitate to invest personally in the monitoring and evaluation of the projects entrusted to her. Ezra has the qualities necessary to become a leader. She knows how to motivate her team and direct her without pushing her to the limit. Eternal unsatisfied, Ezra is fussy with every detail. This quality makes her a model employee.

Like any native of the Virgin, Ezra is an organized woman. She never leaves anything to chance. Everything this girl does is calculated to the millimeter. She does not support change. The routine gives him a sense of security and stability.

Ezra has beautiful virtues

Ezra’s practical sense helps her to solve all the problems that stand before her calmly. Sensitive, she tends to get carried away for trifles.

Having a shy nature, she is reserved and speaks only when her advice is sought. Distrustful, Ezra trusts only her relatives. She carefully selects her friends and surrounds herself only with reliable people.

Pushed to the end, Ezra can become distant and cold. In fact, instead of complaining of the harm done to her, she prefers to shut herself up in her little bubble and suffer in silence.

Ezra is a modest woman, and she does not like to boast about her success. She does not work hard to please others, but to satisfy her ego. Intelligent, she wants to cultivate herself and is not afraid to give her opinion.

Traditional Color for the name Ezra:

The pink color highlights Ezra’s femininity, tenderness, and romance. She also evokes her great capacity for seduction. Agate is the stone that best defines Ezra, full of energy and tenderness.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Ezra:

The numbers 7, 10, 13, 15 and 27 bring luck to Ezra. Every person has an active number, and for Ezra, it is 7. It denotes a person with a lot of determination and courage.

Flowers and Foods for the name Ezra:

For Ezra, the appropriate flowers would be Poppies. It indicates that you are vibrant and creative. For you, everything is an inspiration. You are receptive to new ideas, concepts, patterns, ways of being and dressing. Ezra is always willing to explore different perspectives. You are free-minded, sometimes you tend to be scattered.

Famous People Last Names with the name Ezra:

Ezra Pound – poet

Athlete Ezra Butler – football player

Ezra Lincoln – baseball player

Athlete Ezra Sutton – baseball player


Ezra succeeds thanks to a certain stubbornness and professional choices that she values. She will not sacrifice her professional life for “domestic” life.


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