Meaning of the name Evelyn

Meaning of the name Evelyn

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Meaning of the name EvelynMeaning of the name Evelyn

What is the Meaning of the Name Evelyn?

The personality that hides behind the meaning of the name Evelyn is vibrant and exciting. That is why many parents chose this name. It is worth looking into the depths of meaning of the name Evelyn. Let’s see below who she is and how she behaves in the essential aspects of life.

Meaning of the name Evelyn: It is believed that the meaning of the name Evelyn is derived from Eve, which means “hawwâh” in Hebrew and “alive” in the English Language. The origin of the name Evelyn goes back to the Old French-Norman name ‘Aveline’ which was originally a surname. ‘Aveline’ is a diminutive of ‘Avila,’ a form of ‘Ava.’ A name like that of Evelyn may not enjoy great popularity. However, by learning about the meaning of the name Evelyn and its origin, we will find interesting things about the personality of women who have it.

Names describe objects of nature or qualities of divinity. The meaning of the name Evelyn is a feminine name related to several meanings that go from hazelnut to a source of life. To know the relationship between their meanings, their origin and the most outstanding aspects of their personality, continue reading the following article.

Origin of the name Evelyn:

Evelyn is derived from the name Aveline. Aveline is a diminutive of Ávila. Ávila originates in the Germanic languages and most likely means “yearned for.” It is the name of a Spanish city in the province of Castilla y León and is famous for being one of the cities with the most significant number of churches in the world. Avila works as a surname as well as a proper female name is somewhat rare in the United States. Originally Evelyn was popular as a male name. Currently, it is more famous for girls, probably due to its similarity with the name Evelina. Evelyn works as a surname as well.

According to the Book of Genesis, Eve is the first woman, wife of Adam, mother of Cain and Abel, fashioned from the coast of man. Saint Eva was martyred in the early centuries of Christianity. She is the boss of Dreux. Nothing is known about her life.

Local Origin of the name Evelyn:

Evelyn is a feminine name whose origin and meaning are not entirely clear. Different sources indicate a different background and meaning. It is said that Evelyn comes from Hebrew, and have as meaning “to give life.” Perhaps this meaning comes from the name of the woman called Eve who gives birth to live and was expelled from paradise along with Adam.

The other possible origin and meaning of this name come from the word “Hiyya” from the ancient Greek. Even so, this meaning is not very different from the first since many agree that food is life, as well as water.

Different Country Variations of Evelyn:

Swedish: Evelina

Scottish: Aileen

Polish: Ewelina

Lithuanian: Evelina

Italian: Evelina, Lina

Irish: Aileen, Eibhlín, Eileen

Hungarian: Evelin

German: Ava, Evelin

French: Eveline, Évelyne

Finnish: Eveliina

Estonian: Evelin

English: Aileen, Alene, Aline, Avaline, Aveline, Avice, Avis, Eileen, Evelina, Ilean, Ileen, Ilene, Lina

Dutch: Evelien, Eveline

Ancient Germanic: Ava, Avelina, Aveza, Avila

Nicknames of the name Evelyn:

Eve/ Evi/ Evy/ Evele/ Elly/ Lynn/ Ivi/ Lina/ Leny/ Ebbi/ Linni/ Ebi/ Lyne/ Eni/ Veli


It is a name that became popular in the US in the seventeenth century through the popularity of a novel. Its origin is Greek and comes from the word “hiyya” and means a source of life, angel of tenderness, a fruit of wisdom and also means hazelnut.

This beautiful feminine name in spite of being related to several meanings the most used and known is the one that is related to “source of life” as most experts can affirm concerning this feminine name that has had a great boom for centuries in the US.

Personality Traits:

Full of life

Evelyn is full of life, very emotional and reactive. However, we can say that her behavior is often shameless or even insolent which makes it sometimes irritating. Nevertheless, her gaiety is contagious. Like her animal mascot, the lynx, Evelyn observes, judges and particularly likes to be involved with everything.

Evelyn is a little on her own

She is somewhat shy unless if she remains curious about the outside world. Evelyn is not easily influenced. Evelyn thinks that she is above the law and the customs. Evelyn makes her morals, principles, and values. It is no longer just instinct or intuition. Evelyn can charm and seduce. If it is necessary to listen to her, it is also required to avoid that she takes herself too seriously and that her pride takes the top.

Meaning of the name Evelyn in Nature

They are passionate people who seek great love. Being elegant and charming, they like to seduce. As they are also very balanced and voluntary, they are women of action. Their characters are also very organized and methodical, which is why they are also beneficial. Evelyn is not very expansive, and her inner life is prosperous. They are dangerous, modest, and rather solitary. Their strict morals make them generally uncompromising.

Meaning of the name Evelyn in Social Life

You can stand out for being someone who likes to draw attention and please others. It can cost you to spend time alone, so you make an effort to satisfy and always be surrounded by people.

Relating to others is not difficult for Evelyn because she has a sweet and charming personality, so she has no problems making friends and pleasing others. They even prefer to do other things and will follow the plans that others have in order not to have to deal with their loneliness, the same happens at the family level.

This relaxed and loose personality will significantly benefit you at work since by generating trust in people you are very well given any action related to the treatment of the public, journalism or sales. It is someone who quickly gets people to be open and willing to share information. In terms of love and relationship can be a very dependent woman, due to that fear of being alone or being abandoned.

Emotional Spectrum:

Fortunately, her emotional side very present and her significant emotionalism can offset a strong will and a high activity both on the edge of tyranny. Always in opposition, especially with the current society which is too readily accepted or undergone. The failures in no way defeat Evelyn since it considers that she is in no way responsible for it and that they are due to others.

Personal Integrity:

Evelyn wants everything suddenly and right away. She has a great deal of confidence in her since she only believes in herself. With an overflowing activity, Evelyn has the impression of being able to do everything and devouring for those around him. Her appearance of excellent health is a little deceiving. However, the health of others interests her much more than her own. Evelyn is friendly when she feels like it. She can welcome someone who “likes” her like throwing others. Nevertheless, if Evelyn accepts and the other manages to live up to her expectations, then she is one of the most faithful friends. Capable of “getting by” under all circumstances, Evelyn likes to command, to obey, and to follow.

Meaning of the name Evelyn in Intelligence

She has an analytical intelligence. Like the lynx, Evelyn observes, analyzes and does not let anything pass. Being very possessive, she likes what belongs to her and wants to own this and those she loves. Evelyn wants to be loved and to be a subject of discussion, like a queen. In terms of sensuality and sexuality, it’s all or nothing. Everything depends if Evelyn likes or not. She still tends to have a troubled life on an emotional level.


Meaning of the name Evelyn in love

Evelyn is characterized as being a very reserved woman, and she is even insecure at times. In love, this leads her to be shy or even blunt, because she may feel the need to keep people away. She is very dreamy and loves purely, but fears getting hurt in love.

When Evelyn takes the courage to reveal her feelings to the person she likes, she runs the risk of not being reciprocated and withdrawing again. However, the ideal boy for her should love her for what she is, and should be interested in how little she can show off her personality.

It is necessary to emphasize that Evelyn is a woman who is interested in astrology, esotericism, religions, and spirituality in general. Besides, she is not very festive and likes the tranquility of home, reading books and watching movies. The love of her life must know how to understand it and also share her interests.

Evelyn Meaning in the Family

Evelyn is not fond of any social gatherings, which includes family reunions. However, she will assist all of them because she values her family. She is very sentimental, and the support of her family is an essential pillar in her life. Evelyn also has a great fear of being left alone and not being loved.

Career and Money:

Meaning of the name Evelyn in Studies

Evelyn in the studio is known for being a curious girl. She is also equipped with an excellent capacity for analysis. Applying this to the academic environment she is a born researcher, which makes her an outstanding student, very intellectual and cultured.

Her great capacity for analysis makes her a perfect girl in all academic matters related to logic. Evelyn is also an organized and responsible woman. She always fulfills her duties. Adding this to everything said above, Evelyn is an outstanding student with excellence.

Meaning of the name Evelyn at work

Evelyn will enjoy any quiet work that does not require too much interaction with other people. She is interested in scientific discoveries and technological innovations. Besides, you may also be interested in psychology, psychiatry, and professions related to medicine.

Life’s Opportunities:

Girls named Evelyn are Creators or artists. Creators tend to avoid working in structured environments and with a lot of pressure. On the contrary, artistic expression excels in spaces where their abilities of originality, creativity, and visualization can be freely developed. The careers that adapt to the creators are musicians, dancers, painters, artists, graphic designers, editors, marketing directors, and others.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Evelyn:

The astrological sign associated with the Evelyn’s personality is Gemini. Like the natives, they amaze by their kindness and their sense of duty. Evelyn honors their commitments and takes the necessary steps to keep their word. This zodiacal sign also characterizes the reliable and trustworthy nature of the Evelyn. The franchise also defines them and the natives of the flag. They also demonstrate a need to attract the attention of others.

Moldavite is the stone assimilated to the characteristics of Evelyn. This gem is known to stimulate clairvoyance and insight. It is also known for promoting the expansion of consciousness by developing spirituality.

Traditional Color for the name Evelyn:

The color of joy par excellence, the yellow corresponds to the nature of the Evelyn. Symbolized by the sun, this color reflects the generosity of Evelyn who constantly shares their joy of living with their loved ones. In Eastern folklore, it is a free color of the emperors, which is how it is referring to power. The defects attributed to this color are treason and lies.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Evelyn:

Evelyn is characterized by and reflects the qualities of number six. She is a very restless and reserved woman, perhaps at times she also seems lonely. Another word that also characterizes Evelyn is mysterious. Evelyn’s personality number also portrays her as a very spiritual and intuitive woman. She is responsible, just and with a great sense of truth. They are very good at mediating conflicts and enjoy art and beauty.

Flowers and Foods for the name Evelyn:

The best flower according to the meaning Evelyn is Lilies. It means that you are very empathetic towards the feelings of others. You are always thinking of others. People represented by this flower are charitable and well-intentioned. Because of your social attitude and being attached to others, you tend to have good karma, however, sometimes being so connected to other burdens you with problems that are not precisely yours.

Famous People Last Names with the name Evelyn:

Evelyn Cromer Baring: Diplomat and British Politician (1841-1917)

Evelyn Lear: American soprano

Evelyn Taft – meteorologist

Evelyn Keyes – actress

Evelyn Waugh – novelist

Evelyn Waugh: English novelist (1903-1966)


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