Meaning of the name Eric

Meaning of the name Eric

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Meaning of the name EricMeaning of the name Eric

What is the Meaning of the Name Eric?

Meaning of a name can tell a great deal about someone’s personality. However, the name Eric has different ways of writing in all countries of the world, and all have various meanings. This interprets the meaning of the name Eric more interesting.

Meaning of the name Eric: The name Eric has many meanings, a different meaning in each country of the world, In Greece meaning of the name Eric is “Prince.” This meaning comes from Protonor and is from the second element. Moreover, the origin of the name is old Nordic, from the word “Erikr.” Breaking down this word, ei means “eternal” or “always,” ríkr means “ruler” or “prince,” which is also interpreted as “powerful” or “rich.” Eric is a proper name used to name the male sex of which there is a female variant, Erica, which is used in Latin countries. This name has its variants.

The people named Eric are characterized as practical and intelligent. They also have an entrepreneurial spirit that allows them to fight for a humanitarian ideal. Besides, people with this name are friendly, sociable, open, dynamic and active. They want to do everything and be the best people in all the issues that are part. There is a lot more to learn about the meaning of the name Eric. Continue reading to know about more interesting facts.

Origin of the name Eric:

The name Eric comes from the Scandinavian Eirikr. It originates from the Germanic substantive rik meaning “the master, the leader, the powerful.” Accompanied by an augmentative prefix, it means “the master of everything.” This is the most popular name given by Scandinavians. Norwegians, Swedes, Danes and the other peoples of Northern Europe are appropriating it from the 7th and 8th centuries.

Eric comes from the Scandinavian name Eirikr from rikr meaning “sovereign.” We also associate its Germanic origins with the word aina meaning “unique, total” and translating as “king.” He finds a different meaning in ehre for “honor” and ric for “rich and powerful.”

The name Eric is common in English and Scandinavian countries. It became the most popular name in the US in the 60s. The novel bearing the title “Prince Eric” significantly contributed to his fame. If the number of grants has significantly decreased today, some 307,000 people are so named in the hexagon. Eric is a Scandinavian king who succeeded his father’s throne in 1156. He strove to make his land prosper for four years. Eric protected his subjects and posed as the protector of the church, attentive to the fate of his people. He also led a crusade during which he undertook the evangelization of pagan Finland. He was assassinated in 1160 by a Danish rival following a mass.

Other Origins of the name Eric

In Iceland, its meaning also comes from the Protonic of the first element. It has the meaning “Solo” or “solitary” person. This conclusion was drawn after many years as they did not have any company.

Another meaning of this name would be in Finland, and this is from Proto-Germanic. It has an unusual and quite a bizarre meaning as it means: “powerful” or “ambitious” man. Since the people of those times called Eric or Erik were people with extraordinary strength and their ambition could lead them to take the life of another person just for money or leadership.

In Germany, its meaning is straightforward since it is only “Powerful.” This meaning was assigned to it in the 19th century, it is the 21st century, and we still do not know the reason why that meaning was placed. In Spain, the name Eric is not very common and therefore has no meaning in itself.

Consequently, by joining these words, Eric takes the meaning of “eternal ruler” or “always powerful.” In Greece, they consider the only meaning “prince” or “agent.”

Local Origin of the name Eric:

Eric originates in Old Norse and means “king forever.” What used to be popular among Scandinavian royalty was transmitted by several Swedish kings in Norway and Denmark. In English-speaking countries, it became a popular male name given in the 19th century.

The Germanic is the source of the origin of the name Eric and was mainly used in Western Europe and Anglo-Saxon countries. Many years ago, the name was used in Anglo-Saxon English but was changed by Scandinavian settlers.

In England, it was not a commonly used name, and it was not popularized until the Middle Ages. In the 19th century, it became a well-known name.

Different Country Variations of Eric:

Eiríkr (Ancient Scandinavian) Èric (Catalan) Erik (Croatian) Erik (Czech) Erik, Jerrik (Danish) Erik (Dutch) Eerik, Eerikki, Eero, Erik, Erkki (Finnish) Éric (French) Erik (Hungarian)

Nicknames of the name Eric:

Ric/ Rici/ Eri/ Ricki/ Richie/ Örœc/ Ero/ Eki/ Erici/ Rixi/ Erc/ Ärig/ Egi/ Eic/ Eke/ Eg/ Ette


The name Eric appeared in the United States around the year 1900 and remained uncommon until 1940. Its growth is notable, especially in bourgeois circles. His success increased during the second half of the twentieth century, and he currently holds the third place of the most popular male given name. Among the names similar to Eric include Erica, Erik, Erika, Rik, Ricky, Rico.

Personality Traits:

Eric is mysterious, not always easy to understand and often elusive. His qualities of imagination and adaptation are much more important than those of achievements which creates a shift, or “phase shift” that gives Eric a dark side. Due to his reserved character, one might think of him as “angry,” whereas Eric is usually just occupied by his thoughts. Being introverted, Eric is used to giving much more importance to his inner world than outside. He is not easy to influence and tends to take refuge in a skepticism that reassures him. A person named Eric has a rather strong morality. However, Eric needs to be able to express himself freely, and share an opinion.

Meaning of the name Eric as a Reserved Personality

Eric is a reserved person who does not readily reveal his feelings. He has a decided temperament in addition to the taste of risk and adventure. Endowed with a good spirit of initiative, Eric carries out his projects with a vested interest and contributes sufficiently to what this individual undertakes. Eric does not like stagnating or asking too many questions, and he prefers to act and sometimes does it without thinking. However, he is still an amiable and endearing person who likes to take time to know and listen to others.

Eric is a Leader

Being a good leader, he knows how to motivate his team to lead it to victory. As an ambitious person, Eric has a desire for success and wealth, and he is not afraid to provide the necessary efforts to reach the summits. Even if he is discreet, he cares a lot about his image and works at best. He can flourish in a certain way as he keeps looking for new adventures.

A Passionate Personality

Eric is passionate in love as in other areas of his life. He is very loyal and shows his attachment to his loved ones by listening to them. Eric gives time to his family and friends, always trying to maintain harmony in his relationships with others. You can count him as someone who is generous and not afraid to invest in a real relationship. He finds his balance in a delightful story by sharing and communicating. Eric is generous and is not scared to spend in a real relationship.


This name is characterized for being of a person in whom rationality and logic predominate. Eric does not allow himself to be led by simple passions. Before acting, he thinks about the consequences. This does not make him serious since he is an amusing person.

He is an intuitive and very communicative man with an imagination that is so big that it is sometimes difficult to keep his feet on the ground. Eric is calm and finds it difficult to face the problems that come his way in life.

Emotional Spectrum:

This is the weakness of Eric because he has a strong emotivity that causes him many problems. Eric is quite suspicious of friendship and love, and it is a real decision for him to decide if people are sincere. Eric has excessive and sometimes violent reactions, which serve to hide, to protect themselves from life. He likes to oppose and mainly suffers from failures, and all that can hurt his susceptibility.

Personal Integrity:

A relatively strong will but often blocked by a stronger emotivity, which causes blockages and hesitations. Hesitations especially, hold him back from living up to his ambitions. It is in action, in all its forms, that Eric is fully realized. Eric is disciplined, hardworking, and always looking for the solution of problems that he is the only one not to neglect. His health and vitality are excellent, and Eric is very resistant to fatigue. Such people can work nights, even if sometimes they have the risk of overwork. Preferring small committees to large gatherings, sociability is a source of anxiety and many hesitations for Eric. He is very balanced, and sometimes shows a great form of courage and faith in attacking complex problems. He knows how to be objective, but lacks confidence in him on certain occasions. That is why sometimes he would give up even before having started in the face of minor difficulties.

Meaning of the name Eric in Intelligence

Eric has powerful and synthetic intelligence that allows him to consider every detail of every situation. But this intelligence is also very disconcerting, as he holds on to simple problems and understands complex situations with ease. Eric has a very orderly memory and remarkable ability, while his curiosity is always motivated.

Meaning of the name Eric in Sentiments

Eric needs to feel safe, which is why he is very possessive both physically and sentimentally. Especially since he is sometimes a victim of the emotional repression, it can provoke in him a certain aggressiveness.

His sensuality is often hindered by repression of family or religious origins, and it can lead to concealing competitive rivalries.


Meaning of the name Eric in love

In the field of love, he is a passionate, tender, and a sensual man apart from being a good companion. He does not believe in what they say about how opposite attracts, and he would want to be with someone who is like him. His couple would be a jealous and possessive one- the one that is distrustful and bothered by anything. However, Eric knows how to compensate for other things. Admire your partner and let him know through compliments about what he does or about his appearance.

Eric can be very faithful to his partner. He tends to be a jealous and possessive boyfriend since he is very distrustful and anything angers him. This name suggests a person who is a little rough with his partner, but he knows how to take it so that it does not get out of hands. Eric tends to admire his partner a lot and shows it by telling him things like how beautiful you are or how beautiful you look today.


He loves and gets along with each member of his family. His family also values him for everything he does for them. Eric wants to form a large family, and as a father, he will be closely related to the education of his children.

Career and Money:

Meaning of Eric in studies

Eric is a brilliant and intelligent person although his strength is not booked. He always strives to be successful in any research that he will undertake or practice because he is also a perfectionist and likes to do things well.

This person is mainly inclined towards anything that has to do with numbers, calculations, plans, and information technology. It means that any type of engineering from mechanical to electrical is very favorable for him. Not only that, but he can also study physics, mathematics, and architecture, given that he has the skills that are needed for these careers.

Meaning of Eric at work

An individual who has this name has a particular attraction to the practical and not very technical professions. It means that he prefers to study engineering instead of philosophy. He tends to be a person who likes automotive repair businesses and has a small obsession with video games.

Life’s Opportunities:

In the workplace is a person who has multiple original ideas that can benefit the company where he works. He is clear about where he wants to go in the professional field, so he uses all his means to achieve his goals.

This name stands out in professions that are more practical than theoretical, such as engineering. He is also attracted to car repairs. Eric stands out as a good leader of projects and teams.

People with the name Eric are organizers or conventional. They can work in a wide range of sectors because they are people who care about doing things the right way and through planning. They are lovers of budgets, numbers, and long-term plans. Within this category are the accountants, specialists in databases, finance, development, editing, etc.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Eric:

The astrological sign associated with Eric is Scorpio, which makes him a great perfectionist. Eric is hardworking, ambitious, meticulous and he appreciates that we recognize his work. It can sometimes go through dark phases but rarely becomes pessimistic. Like Scorpio, Eric appreciates righteousness and sincerity and has a lot of trouble understanding betrayals. He shows himself strong and upright but does not hesitate to take a certain distance when he feels that one is trying to abuse his confidence or his generosity. He is cautious, but quite jovial and talkative when he feels good.

Onyx is the precious stone associated with Eric. As a rock rooting to the ground and stability, it is particularly suitable for the image of Eric. The latter seeks serenity and fulfillment in every task he undertakes. Onyx increases self-control and helps develop a sense of responsibility. Eric will need it to temper his influence on others. This gem brings strength and support, recalling the protective aura of Eric in difficult and critical times.

Traditional Color for the name Eric:

The color of the earth, neither sad nor joyous, the brown is associated with Eric. Synonymous with sweetness, it emphasizes the reassuring and protective side of Eric. Like a grown man, this man inspires a feeling of security to those who approach him and rub shoulders with him. He is an endearing person who generally has a positive influence on his family. Connected to the energy of the roots, brown is a color that deeply stabilizes Eric. Wearing clothes in this shade will encourage his tenacious and persevering character.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Eric:

Number 8 symbolizing power, justice, and expansion is associated with Eric. This number brings him happiness and accentuates his innate qualities. When Eric has a goal or an idea in mind, he does not deviate from his goal and sticks to the end. The number 8 is associated with prosperity, something that aspires Eric.

Expression number is 4.

The extraordinary number is 7.

Execution number is 6.

The active number is 8.

The hereditary number is 5.

Flowers and Foods for the name Eric:

According to the meaning of the name Eric, his flower would be Daisies. Daisies are ideal for loyal, cheerful and shy people who do not get angry quickly and who value friendship over other aspects of their lives. Therefore, if you are looking for a bouquet for that person who is always there when you need it and wants to thank them for their friendship, nothing better than a cheerful bouquet of daisies in different colors.

Famous People Last Names with the name Eric:

Eric BERNARD: Formula 1 driver

Eric BOYER: cyclist

Eric BURDON: Musician

Eric CANTONNA: footballer

Eric CARITOUX: cyclist

Eric CHARDEN: singer “Made in Normandy.”

Eric Chavez – baseball player

Eric Clapton: Nicknamed “slow hand” by his fan’s humorous homage to his virtuosity. He is ranked second place among the best guitarists of all time.


The success of Eric is mainly due to the obstinacy with which he achieves what he has imposed on himself. He is successful and all the more brilliant if his entourage succeeds in giving him the confidence he so badly needs.


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