Meaning of the name Emma

Meaning of the name Emma

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Meaning of the name EmmaMeaning of the name Emma

What is the Meaning of the Name Emma?

For all human beings, it is essential to maintain communicative relationships with others and to know them better. This often complicates us, but today you will learn about the meaning of the name Emma. Then we have more to share about meaning and origin of the name Emma. Discover her personality and get some fantastic surprises.

Meaning of the name Emma: Origin of the name Emma makes it a mighty name. Being more specific, its etymology comes from the word Ermin. Among the most common translations, Emma means “Woman with strength.” This makes her a fighter and capable of resisting anything. Origins of the name Emma are English, Hebrew, and German. Famous women have this name as Emma Watson or Emma Marrone.

Meaning of the name Emma is associated with several historical events and found in many cultures. Continue reading to learn more about how the meaning of the name Emma affects her personality.

Origin of the name Emma:

The name Emma comes from two origins. The first etymology of Emma would be the Hebrew term “imanu-el” translating as “God is with us.” It would also have a Germanic root stemming from the word “ermin” meaning “omnipotence.” The Germanic origin could also refer to “home.”

Emma also originates in the Germanic languages and means “universal woman.” Recently Emma has been one of the most popular female names given in the United States Europe and New Zealand. It was the name of several long queens in history, and also the name of Jane Austen’s famous novel later made into in many movies. More recently it has been popularized by the British actress Emma Thompson and screenwriter.

History and Origin

Emma is a proper name of Germanic origin (Ermin) which means “whole” or “universal.” In English-speaking countries, it is one of the most common and widespread female names; It was the most popular female name in the United States in 2008. In Spain, according to the INE, in 2014 there were 22,558 people with that name, indicating the fact that it is one of the names that is spreading the most in the country -as the average age of these people was only 18 years old.

The first name Emma already has a long tradition in Germany. Already in the late 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, Emma belonged to the ten most frequently assigned female names ever. After a period of declining popularity, there has been a substantial increase in popularity since the mid-1990s. Since the end of the 2000s, the name is regularly found in the top 10 most popular names. In 2010, Emma was even the most popular female name in the US.

Emma is celebrated on April 19 in memory of Saint Emma. She lived in the eleventh century, descended from a large family and was noted for its generosity. She married a count named Ludger, then consecrated his widowhood to prayer and rendered service to the poor. Emma was the founder of two monasteries in Westphalia. St. Emma died in Bremen on April 19, 1040.

Local Origin of the name Emma:

Although there are some doubts about this name, it seems important to note that many people consider that this is a name of English origin.

Two different origins are possible. As an independent first name, Emma has an Old High German origin. As a derivation of Old High German “irmin” (=all-encompassing, all-seeing) Emma can be interpreted as “the all-encompassing” or “the all-over-looking.”

Besides, Emma is a short form of names that begin with the elements “Erm” or “Irm.” In this sense, different meanings are conceivable.

Interpretation of meaning of the name Emma

“Woman full of energy” is how you will popularly find this name’s meaning. It is necessary to point out that there are derivatives such as: “the one that is filled with energy.” That is how you will better understand everything it tells us.

A story of Emma

Count Ludger’s wife in the Rhineland, Emma finds herself a very young widow. Rather than remarry, she devotes herself to the poor and building churches. Emma also founded two monasteries. She died in Bremen on April 19, 1040.

Different Country Variations of Emma:

Ema (Croatian) Ema (Czech) Irma (Georgian) Irma, Irmuska (Hungarian) Irma (Lithuanian) Ema (Portuguese) Ema (Slovak)Ema (Slovene)

Nicknames of the name Emma:

Emmi/ Em/ Emu/ Amy/ Emmel/ Emsi/ Ema/ Emschi/ Emmo/ Emse



The name Emma is ranked in the 161st position of the most given names. Therefore, it is a ubiquitous name.

It is estimated that there are at least 3403600 people in the world who have this name, which represents 0.047% of the population. The name Emma is composed of four letters. It is relatively short, compared to the other names referenced in our database.

Personality Traits:

Emma is an autonomous woman who seems more active on their own rather than in groups. They demonstrate self-control and demonstrate their great sense of repartee. Being prudent, they know how to anticipate problems and stand out above all for their sense of resourcefulness. Their insight always helps them find the best solutions in an emergency. They make the right decisions through their determination and spirit of analysis.

Emma has a charming personality

Emma is lovely and original. She captivates the attention of the audience with her great eloquence and her ease of speech. Being active, they always seek activities and different any form of idleness. They feel the need to spend themselves regularly as their balance depends on it. Emma is like passionate women who put their heart into the work. Their determination leads them to the end of their businesses using all available means.

Emma is of Flexible Nature

Because of their high mobility, Emma is happy to welcome the changes. They hate routine things and always find original ideas through their playful spirit. People named Emma sometimes show some instability because of their perpetual quest for movement. Their greed for discovery exposes them to some risks, despite their cautious nature. Emma is attracted by the unknown and the strange fascinates them. These ladies are capable of marking some spiritual and philosophical aspirations. Due to being jealous of their freedom, they do not support the constraints and always seek a way to free themselves from it.

Meaning of the name Emma in Sensibility

Endowed with an artistic sense, Emma is distinguished by their taste for the originality and their attraction for the creative activities. Their artistic nature blends well with their practical and analytical side. At home, they detect some points of susceptibility, but Emma knows how to hide their sensitivity behind their jovial and communicative appearance. They seduce their partners by their sense of sharing and their kind nature.

Emma’s Sense of Humor and Aesthetic Side

Pleasing themselves in games of seduction, Emma loves to impress others with their intelligence and good humor. They look after their appearance because they are deeply attached to their brand image. Emma is those who dare and who affirm without fear their personality. They have good taste in their dress style and choose their accessories with care. This artistic side sometimes denounces the mundane nature of Emma.

The professional orientations of Emma are mainly businesses related to banking, marketing, finance, accounting, and trade. They are also attracted by the liberal, medical, social and tourism professions. Their artistic fiber allows them to practice trades related to aesthetics such as hairdressing, plastic arts, etc.

Emma has a surprising Personality

Emma is full of surprise and hot-tempered. With her, you never know if she will explode or start laughing. She is very emotional and has sensitive skin. It’s always necessary that Emma remains in movement, that she smiles, and that she is noticed. Emma has great self-confidence and is extroverted. She actively participates in the life of the world. However, she has a careless side and is struggling to stabilize, finding her balance. Emma often exaggerates her reactions so much to be noticed as to give herself a countenance and to impress her audience.

Nonetheless, she is still not easily influenced. Being demanding in this area, Emma has a morality for herself and others and can quickly be hurt or irritated by failures and those around her. Especially since the entourage of Emma, her home is the real center of gravity of her life. Intuition and sensitivity are present in Emma to a great extent, and it confuses her completely. She has telepathy, a flair, and a charm that she tends to abuse.

Personal characteristics

Emma is an independent woman and a great personality. Wherever she goes, she makes her presence known. The truth is that she never stops. Emma is a woman who radiates happiness in every step she takes. You will achieve your goals in every situation of your life. She is a harmonious woman and surrounded by happiness.

Emotional Spectrum:

Emma is so passionate that she often has unpredictable reactions, mixing joy and sadness. This strong emotional spectrum makes Emma sensitive and nervous. Emma is surprisingly fast in her opinions. She is ready for anything if she feels her family or her job are in danger. Emma can throw her body and soul into a cause. She knows how to have an objective vision of life.

Personal Integrity:

A powerful will to the point that Emma is sometimes capricious or tyrannical. To counterbalance this, it is necessary that Emma evolves in a stable and suitable environment. Emma is very attracted by her interior which is why she is attached to her home and her family much more than to her professional life. This is why in this area Emma is hesitant and has a tendency to want often to change professional orientations. Satisfactory enough, Emma nevertheless needs a balanced diet, even if it has a strong resistance. Emma is very friendly, she likes to receive, and she is a perfect host. Emma feels comfortable everywhere and with everyone. A dynamism in “sawtooth” that varies when everything is fine and when everything goes wrong.

Meaning of the name Emma in Intelligence

Very curious, lively, imaginative, full of fantasy and sharing, Emma has a superficial intelligence that allows her to have a complete and rapid vision of each situation. Emma remembers everything that touches her moves her and revolts her because she has an excellent emotional memory.

From distant aspects, she is sometimes even cold. Emma is very affectionate, but she hides behind this wild side for fear of getting out of modesty. Emma is immoderately possessive.

She is faithful and much more sentimental than Emma wants to show. Indeed, family and social taboos complicate his sensuality.


Meaning of Emma in love

Women are cautious in love so in general they may seem reserved. Emma will spend a lot of time alone before getting the couple she considers ideal. That is the man who respects her space and autonomy over herself.

Emma’s sense of self-sufficiency reaches her even in love. She considers that autonomy is more important than anything and does not like to depend on anyone. They do not want to waste time in gambling and short relationships with temporary partners.

On the other hand, it will keep away any man who approaches her and has a touch of masculinity about him, since they hate this attitude. His ideal man must respect her space and independence while demonstrating how important she is to him.

Meaning of Emma in the family

Emma is a woman who as we can guess, has a busy enough routine. Even so, she will do what she can to make time for her relatives, whom she loves deeply. A field trip and lunch with her family will be enough.

When they form their own family, they will be good mothers even if they do not want to spend their days as a housewife. They consider that it can provide more to society in a job than at home. Of course, they will do this without neglecting their children in the least.

Meaning of the name Emma in History

Sister of St. Meinwerk, bishop of Paderborn, Rhineland, and wife of Count Ludger, Emma found herself a widow at a very young age. Rather than remarrying, she devotes herself to the poor and building several churches. She also founded two monasteries: that of Gurk, Austria, and the Abbey of St. Ludger in Werden, Westphalia, which she dedicated to the patron saint of her unforgettable husband. Dead in Bremen around 1045, Emma is buried in a church in the city. When, several years later, their tomb is opened, the body of the holy woman is reduced to dust, except her right hand, which had given generously.

Career and Money:

Meaning of Emma in the studio

These girls are willing to leave their home and go to another city to study if necessary. Her priority is to achieve a profession at an early age to guarantee her future. They will do whatever is within their reach to succeed and achieve their goals.

Within the university, she will make his life friendships, which although not many, will be lasting and sincere. He has no trouble helping others when asked and will do what he can for them.

Meaning of Emma at work

As for Emma’s personality in the workplace, she will show herself as a hard-working and dedicated woman. Her perseverance cannot be denied. She will be very independent, and he knows that he is self-sufficient. For this reason, she will prefer those jobs in which she does not depend on other people. Or at least, they set up their own business.

Her way of being a boss is somewhat harsh, although she is not cruel to her employees and only demands discipline. If they fulfill their obligations, they will be grateful by rewarding them with bonuses, gifts and things like that.

Life’s Opportunities:

According to the meaning of the name Emma, People named Emma are organizers or conventional. They can work in a wide range of sectors because they are people who care about doing things the right way and through planning. They are lovers of budgets, numbers, and long-term plans. Within this arena, there are the accountants, specialists in databases, finance, development, editing, etc.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Emma:

Scorpio is the astral sign that best defines the nature of Emma. The natives are famous for their kindness and generosity. However, they can be firm and determined, mainly when their image depends on it. Demonstrating little Scorpion know how to be essential and silent their deep feelings. The dull appearance of the natives of the sign is misleading because they can aggressively defend their ideas or beliefs. Invested and involved, Scorpion and Emma are the perfectionists and strict in their professional environment. They are also recognized by their stubbornness and their refusal to admit their mistakes.

Emma is a female name ubiquitous in Anglo-Saxon countries. It has not imposed itself on US territory since the 19th century. The highlights of Emma’s personality traits are their autonomy, originality, authority, and dynamism. They are also distinguished by their enormous appetite for life, their taste for adventure and their possessiveness.

This name has several variants including Ema (Swedish and Polish), Hemma (German, Portuguese, Spanish), Emmanuelle or Manu.

Numerous are the personalities named Emma like Emma Daumas (singer), Emma Stone (actress), Emma Watson (actress), Emma Colberti (actress) and Emma Goldman (anarchist).

The precious stone of Emma is the topaz, known for bringing peace and wisdom. This gem would also have various powers, including the awakening of inspiration and the fostering of creativity, and would offer clairvoyance. It also helps to get rid of anxieties and brings courage. Topaz was a stone much appreciated in the past.

Traditional Color for the name Emma:

Orange is the color that best responds to Emma’s character traits. This color conveys activity, truth, feeling and awakens the creative mind. It is also associated with intelligence and leads to inner peace. It encourages people to express emotions and reveal the truth.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Emma:

The number 1 denotes Emma as a determined, active and independent woman. She can also be characterized by a strong reserved and cautious attitude, as she is a very observant and analytical woman.

Flowers and Foods for the name Emma:

Her flower is Gannets. It means that your presence is like that of a goddess, you are a leader, and you have power over others. Your bearing is beautiful and delicate, projecting dynamism and elegance. Even if you were in sandals and without makeup, you know how to look elegant because that is what you transmit.

Famous People Last Names with the name Emma:

  • Emma Caulfield – actress
  • Emma Churchill – founder of the Salvation Army in Newfoundland
  • Emma Darwin – wife of Charles Darwin
  • Emma Lazarus – poet
  • Emma DE CAUNES: Actress
  • Emma Goldman: Revolutionary American Anarchist (1869-1940)
  • Emma Luart: Belgian soprano († 1968)
  • Emma SHAPPLIN: singer, French composer (1974)
  • Emma wife of Ethelred II: King of England, then Canut II the Great, King of


Emma shines when she is surrounded by those she loves and those who love her. This happiness and this joy of life allow her to succeed in her life, above all on a personal level that matters to her more than the professional plan.


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