Meaning of the name Emily

Meaning of the name Emily

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Meaning of the name EmilyMeaning of the name Emily

What is the Meaning of the Name Emily?

This time we will analyze what meaning of the name Emily and its origin is. This information will help you to know how Emily is in your family and work environment. You will also identify other essential details of her personality. If you know someone with this name, do not miss the meaning of Emily and its interpretations that we are presenting to you.

Meaning of the name Emily: Origin of the name Emily comes from the Latin term Aemilius, which means “hard worker.” Therefore, the meaning of the name Emily is “the one that is laborious.” This name is the English form of Emilie and the female form of Emil. She belonged to the family of the Aemilier, which was originally a Roman family name.

To learn more about this beautiful name, keep reading and find out some of the most exciting things that we have collected for you about the meaning of the name Emily.

Origin of the name Emily:

Derived as the English form of the Latin name Emilia, the name Emily means “hard worker.” It’s a female version of the name Emil. As a given female name has been used since the end of the 19th century. It was the name of a character in the tragedy of William Shakespeare Othello. This name has been among the most popular female given names.

Emilie de Rodat, originally from Auvergne and daughter of a chatelaine, is not an example of wisdom during her youth. After the revolution, noting the lack of religious teachers, she decided to devote her life to the education of poor children. In 1819, she founded in Villefranche the order of “Holy Family.” Thirty-seven communities were created. She died on September 19, 1852.

Local Origin of the name Emily:

Emily has origins in the Latin “Aemilius” whose meaning is “very hardworking.” In this way, we can say that the meaning of Emily refers to hard work. Thus, Emily means “one who is very hard-working” or “one who tries very hard.”

The traits that define Emily are her great confidence in herself and her clarity of ideas and thoughts. She is organized, her life goals are clear, and Emily knows how to get what she wants.

Emily knows how to handle her emotions and does not let them get in the way of any important decision. She does not allow herself to be controlled by her emotions since every decision she makes is well thought out.

Different Country Variations of Emily:

Aemilia (Ancient Roman)

Emilia, Emilie (Danish)

Emillia, Emiliya (Bulgarian)

Emilia, Emmi (Finnish)

Émilie (French)

Emilie (German)

Emílie, Emilie (Czech)

Emilija (Croatian)

Nicknames of the name Emily:

Emi, Emmi, Emy, Emma, Amy, Emel, Milly, Elli, Mimi, Lilly,


The name Emily holds the 96th position as the ranking of the world’s most common surnames. This name can be considered as a common name all around the world. Around 5,000,000 people globally have this name composed of 5 alphabets.

Personality Traits:

People named Emily are quite reactive, and they lack a little confidence in themselves, which sometimes makes them aggressive. They often take refuge in their dreams to escape reality. Qualities of being sensitive, flirtatious, and very feminine with their devastating charm affect their sentimental life, which is often a jagged one.

Emily has a great deal of self-control, which allows her to deal with sometimes delicate situations. She often takes the time to think before jumping into action. Fortunately, because Emily is passionate, her emotionality and her thirst for action push towards extreme solutions. This girl is an extrovert, who easily exteriorizes her reactions and who adapts to the outside world with great ease. Emily is objective in her judgments but subjective in her affectivity. She is animated by irresistible confidence in herself when she gives besides that it is for her friends as for a just cause. There exists in Emily two types of morality: a very rigorous individual, formidable and a collective morality or circumstance which is much more flexible. As she can break through very quickly, do not lie to Emily as she sees things. Her intuition is excellent and allows her to discover the secrets of life.

Meaning of the name Emily in Definitive features

The features that define Emily the most are its intensity, its clear ideas, and self-confidence. She is a realistic woman, who has clear goals in her life and knows what to do to achieve them. This girl has high confidence in herself and does not let her emotions control herself, keeping them at bay so that she can make the right decisions in each situation. It shows a strong and compelling character, for that reason, it is a very intense person, and that does not leave anyone indifferent.

Emily is a lively person

Emily arouses the admiration of others by its enthusiasm and cheerfulness. She is always in a good mood, shows great dynamism in all her activities and shares her positive aura around her. Having a particular taste for human contact, Emily is sociable and gifted in communication. She is attracted by new encounters and quickly becomes friends. As someone who shares good advice and always listens attentively to others, she often becomes the confidante of those around her. Emily is also understanding and tolerant.

Meaning of the name Emily in Humanism

Demonstrating real altruism, Emily is interested in the fate of others and does not hesitate to reach out to those who need it. Her sense of friendship, sympathy, and compassion make her a reliable and dignified friend. Although communicative and open to others, Emily is no less shy. She does not try to shine in front of others. However, she likes to be admired and to receive compliments. This girl appreciates that those around her recognize her qualities and real value. Her route often distracts her loved ones by her outbursts of anger.

Emily is Methodical and thoughtful

Emily never acts without having carefully drawn up a plan of action. She will never go headlong in an unknown situation and will evaluate the pros and cons before starting an activity. An individual named Emily has a sense of detail and always gives the best of herself in all her endeavors. This girl can be demanding to others and to herself to achieve perfection. Being extremely organized, Emily hates working in disorder and abhors anarchy. As she aspires to live in comfort, Emily spares no effort and shows a great determination to achieve its ambitions. Armed with her audacity and her courage, this girl recoils before any obstacle and overcomes all adversities. She teaches a particular interest and a great curiosity for various subjects. Thanks to her relational ease, Emily will find her vocation in the trades of commerce, public relations or the press.

Emily can be Seductive

Emily attracts men with its charm and elegance. Idealizing love, and demanding in the choice of her partner, she is looking for a smart, organized and elegant man. Of a suspicious and reserved nature, Emily will have trouble revealing her feelings and will often be mistaken for a distant and cold woman. Once she has found the ideal man, Emily will show extraordinary fidelity. She will also be dedicated and will ensure the comfort and safety of her partner.

Emotional Spectrum:

Emily has an extreme emotional spectrum which is very intense. However, she still manages to control by keeping her cool and without ever falling into nervous excitement. It is difficult to dissuade her, to make her renounce such or such action unless one manages to convince her that this one did not fit with her mission. If she believes and if she likes she can move mountains. However, if she doubts, it seems to her that everything is falling around her. Emily loves thrills. However, for her, it’s all or nothing, especially in terms of sexuality.

Personal Integrity:

Extreme integrity characterizes Emily. It allows her to carry her family at arm’s length, not to be allowed to walk on her feet. It shows a very rigorous will or adaptation depending on the circumstances. Very early in life, Emily knows what she wants to do in life and what mission she is mostly. She is rather proud, and her friendship is sometimes brutal, but when she grants it. This girl is remarkable in solicitude and fidelity. Her dynamism lives up to her bubbling psyche, which does not always make it easy to live, but exciting to see live.


Meaning of the name Emily In friendship

Emily is a friend that everyone wants to tell. Everyone feels comfortable and safe at their side because she transmits that innate trust that characterizes her. It is reserved for her emotions, and she is so used to keeping them under control because she hates to be weak. That may offer the wrong idea of being a woman who can handle everything and does not collapse at all. Only her closest friends know that she suffers as much as others.

Meaning of the name Emily in Family

Emily has an excellent relationship with her family. Since she was a child, she is educated, obedient and hardworking, which is why she is a model daughter and makes all her loved ones very proud. If she has children, Emily will educate them with a lot of freedom, but always teaching them the value of effort and perseverance.

Emily usually maintains family relations on good terms. Since she is a girl, she is obedient to the authority of her parents, respectful and hardworking. She is a pride for all her loved ones since she is an exemplary girl.

Growing up, Emily remains affectionate, kind and respectful. By having children, they are raised with the values with which they have built them. Besides, she is always very understanding, and allows them to express themselves freely but without ever losing mutual respect.

Meaning of Emily in love

In the field of love, we can describe Emily as a very romantic person. She knows how to seduce whoever she likes indirectly because she does not want to go too much to the point in this sense. Believe in true love and lifelong loyalty, you could also meet your soul mate at any time.

Work is significant for Emily. However, she can leave it in the background when it comes to love. Love is an essential pillar in Emily’s life, and for that reason, she can become a cautious, loving and dedicated couple.

Emily needs a person with whom to share ideas, interests, and opinions. Growing intellectually along with the person you love is essential to her.

Emily is a romantic woman who believes in the existence of her soul mate. She does not like to conquer her partner, and rather she prefers to wait until they seduce her. Nevertheless, she knows how to behave to be more attractive to the person she likes. When you establish a relationship, at last, you can delegate your work to a second level to dedicate yourself to your partner with greater attention. She needs to share interests and opinions, to be able to grow intellectually with her partner, since for Emily it is something essential in a relationship.

Travel and Leisure:

Often of a young character, awake, cheerful, mischievous and spontaneous, Emily likes to talk up to the elbows with her friends, with whom she loves to laugh and have fun. Sometimes she is just looking for ease. This girl often has a sense of humor and likes to make beautiful speeches. They express themselves, communicate, exchange, create, passionate and often govern their actions. Everything interests you, which can lead you to disperse or prevent you from fully delving into a subject. Sentimentally, it is not as simple as it seems. Her flexible and open side is captivating and can give some impression of lightness, but it is not so. Emily is very tolerant but, without warning and abruptly, she will provide you with something to understand that it was exceeded. Sometimes it is very authoritarian and dominant. Her motto could be: “Those who love me, follow me.”

Career and Money:

Meaning of Emily in studies

In the study, we can say that Emily is an exceptional student. She is very responsible and organized as a student, qualities that will also lead to the workplace. Emily is a committed student, sets her goal and strives to achieve it.

Emily is an exemplary girl in studies as she loves the merit of standing out as a great student. This girl is responsible and has excellent oral and written communication skills. Likewise, she is very good at teamwork and cooperative in these activities.

Meaning of Emily at work

In the workplace, Emily is characterized by her great responsibility and firmness. She can transmit confidence and hold leadership positions. In the profession, she performs she looks for positions of leadership because she loves to organize and direct the tasks of a team under her charge.

A girl named Emily is an excellent leader and an example to follow thanks to her high performance. She is also a worker with strong will and determination. Always work hard to meet the objectives set. Thanks to her firmness, organization, and goodwill, she can guide a team with high efficiency. She has the endowment of the word and knows how to give orders without the need to trample on her side or lower the mood of any.

Life’s Opportunities:

There are several possibilities: Emily can be oriented towards commercial professions, which demand dynamism and mobility. She can privilege activities related to oral or written expression, teaching, languages. Or choose an independent career, a liberal profession, compared to creativity, public relations, the multiple domains of communication or artistic expression, the audiovisual, the media, or fashion.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Emily:

The character of Emily is similar to that of the Virgin. In pursuit of perfection, the native of this sign never leaves anything to chance and is very meticulous in all her endeavors. Her thoughtful mind encourages her to study a situation carefully before making a decision. As an ambitious person, the Virgin works hard and exploits all her potential to achieve her goals. Attentive to her family, she is always ready to help them. Discretion is a quality common to Emily and the Virgin. They do not like to boast about their accomplishments but appreciate that others recognize their real value. In love, the Virgin carefully selects her partner and gives her confidence only after having judged that the person is worthy of her respect.

If Emily were to be a precious stone, she would be sapphire. This gem symbolizes fidelity and wisdom. She reinforces her dedication to her partner and strengthens her commitment to friendship. Sapphire also evokes trust, truth, peace, and harmony.

Traditional Color for the name Emily:

The name Emily is associated with blue, the color of the sky, travel, infinity, and lightness. Blue represents sincerity, loyalty, knowledge, and intelligence. It also refers to immortality and freshness. Being a reassuring color, blue inspires calm and brings calm. Blue also promotes generosity and perseverance.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Emily:

As a symbol of creativity, expression, and sociability, 3 is the lucky number of Emily. The 3 attenuates Emily’s shyness and develops her relational ease as well as her communication skills. Under the influence of 3, Emily is overflowing with sympathy and is pleasant to live. The three also reinforces optimism and allows Emily to resist the various obstacles that cross her path. She is an individualistic, determined and independent woman. This girl is also someone active who can adapt to different situations.

Flowers and Foods for the name Emily:

The right flower for Emily is Poppies. It means that you are vibrant and creative. For you, everything is an inspiration. You are receptive to new ideas, concepts, patterns, ways of being and dressing. These people are always willing to explore different perspectives. For this flower, the associated personalities are free-minded. Sometimes you tend to be scattered.


Famous People Last Names with the name Emily:

  • Emily Alexander – model
  • Actress Emily Blunt – actress
  • Emily Bronte – writer
  • Actress Emily Watson – actress


Her reactions are fierce, sometimes even violent. Emily’s opposition is strong, and she categorically refuses to give in when she believes she is right. Failure does not destroy her, and the most vexing and cruel disappointments only reinforce her fighting spirit.


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