Meaning of the name Ella

Meaning of the name Ella

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Meaning of the name EllaMeaning of the name Ella

What is the Meaning of the Name Ella?

Meaning of the name Ella has different ways of writing it in all countries around the world. In some countries, it is written differently because people name their children as they want and some names have no meaning.

Meaning of the name Ella: It is believed that Ella is a diminutive of Emmanuella, which means “God with us.” Sometimes it is used as free short form of names ending in “-Ella,” such as Graziella, Gabriella, Cinderella, etc. The origin of the name Ella is Hebrew. The name is quite popular because it has possibly been derived from multiple other names.

Stories and interpretations related to the meaning of the name Ella are fascinating. If you want to learn all about a person named Ella, keep on reading and get all your answers.

Origin of the name Ella:

The real origin of the name Ella is relatively ambiguous. It would come from the Hebrew term “El-Yah” translating as “Lord God.” It would also be a diminutive of the first name Ellie. Ella’s other etymology is “immutable”, a Hebrew word meaning “God is with us.” It would be in this case a diminutive name Emmanuelle. In the Greek language, the meaning of the name Ella is “glare of the sun.”

Ella is celebrated on February 1 in honor of St. Ella who lived in the thirteenth century. She married Guillaume Longespée (prince), but he died in 1226. The religious life noticed her she led during her widowhood. She founded a monastery of Augustinian sisters and became the first abbess. She honored this monastery for more than 30 years before dying in 1261.

She is more likely a diminutive of Eleanor. Eleanor most likely originates in the Greek language and means “compassionate sympathy.” Some sources also suggest a Latin origin and the “wholesome” meaning. Eleanor was the name of several queens, as well as princesses. The most famous bearer of the story was, probably, Eleanor of Aquitaine the queen consort of France and England in the 12th century. More recently, the name was popularized by Eleanor Roosevelt former First Lady of the United States.

Local Origin of the name Ella:

Ella is the wife of William Long Sword, brother of Richard Lion Heart, in the 13th century. During a storm, on the ship that brings him back from the crusade of the Holy Land, he thinks he sees Ella holding with his hands the big mast that the wind threatens to break. Convinced that his wife Ella saved him, he decides not to deceive her anymore. Widowed in 1226, Ella founded a monastery in England. She died there saintly in 1261.

Different Country Variations of Ella:

Alia (Ancient Germanic)

Nicknames of the name Ella:

Elli/ Elly/ Ello/ Lilly/ Ellu/ Elsa


Ella is a feminine given name that has become popular in the United States, Germany, France, and England. The popularity of this name has been increasing since the 2000s.

Ella is known for its vivacity, spirituality, self-confidence, and generosity. They develop a great sense of responsibility and value affection.

This is popular with several variants as well among which we quote Elia, Eliane, Elly, Ellie, Eliette and Aella. Many celebrities have worn this name including Ella Fitzgerald (jazz singer), Ella Maillart (writer), Ella Guru (painter), Ella Raines (actress) or Ella Kovacs (athlete).

Personality Traits:

Ella is somewhat moody, nervous and very emotional and therefore she quickly loses her cool. She may seem at first disdainful, pretentious and arrogant, but in reality, she is somewhat anxious, tormented and in any case, susceptible. Very curious and not easy to influence, Ella is slightly shy and very subjective, she brings everything to herself and often shows bad faith. In short, she has a somewhat tricky character but full of life. Her morality, her principles vary according to events. Ella’s only constant is her faith in herself and her “superiority” towards others. Ella reacts to chess as it tends to blame others. Ella is far too down to earth to give real importance to intuition.

Meaning of the name Ella in Social Life

Ella has an endearing personality that seduces those around them. Their ease of speech and their communicative nature favor their friendly ties. She does not encounter any difficulty in expressing her feelings. Their cheerful side distinguishes them. Girls named Ella do not hesitate to share their emotions with their loved ones. Ella particularly appreciates exchanges and enriches the discussions that she often initiates.

Meaning of the name Ella in Intelligence

They bear witness to many spiritual aspirations and are interested in philosophical topics. Ella love to learn and ask different questions about the world. With a sense of sharing, they like to share their knowledge and discoveries. This nature already demonstrates the great generosity of Ella.

Meaning of the name Ella in Nature

Being adaptable and tolerant, they are ready to make concessions for the good of others. They have a real gift of self and are fully involved in humanitarian projects. They love the movement or activity and seem to be in pursuit of action. Indeed, Ella hates procrastination and abhor lazy people. They are attracted by the strange and the infinite. She shows a significant interest in discoveries of all kinds. Enriched with their experiences and knowledge, Ella is endowed with a sense of resourcefulness. Their curiosity often helps them out of embarrassment.

Ella is a Creative Person

Their creativity is one of Ella’s greatest assets. Having artistic fiber, they are endowed in creative activities due to their fertile imagination. They are full of good ideas and are distinguished by the innovative nature of their proposals. This interest in art reveals Ella’s quest for recognition. Indeed, they seek the respect and admiration of others by impressing them in every way. Ella looks after her appearance and carefully choose her accessories. They are very attached to the physical and more worn on what is outside. Nevertheless, their curiosity leads them to the depths and encourages them to analyze. Ella has a real sense of analysis, and they are excellent observers.

Meaning of the name Ella in Justice

Endowed with a sense of justice, Ella does their best to defend the vulnerable and are capable of great mercies. They like to be helpful and seem attracted by social and charitable professions.

Professions that can match the personality of Ella are trades where travel is frequent. Being passionate about travel, they thrive in occupations related to tourism, travel and can very well practice the job of tour guide. They are also popular in businesses related to medicine, psychology, counseling or teaching. Their artistic potential can be exploited in the choice of occupations related to art.

Meaning of the name Ella and Human Qualities

She is a woman with excellent qualities, among which the most outstanding is her capacity to gain the attention of others. Ella is not an intense or demanding person, and naturally, her charming personality opens the way to get what he wants.

Naturally and effortlessly she is very elegant and distinguished. Ella is always surrounded by friends who appreciate her for her contagious joy and that aura of charm that still surrounds her. This aura makes everyone feel close to her.

As for the professions that you can develop at the work level, you have many fields in which to stand out and regardless of the work you progress without a doubt. You will look for a way up to where you want to go.

Ella is an indecisive personality

Ella is usually an indecisive woman who will take too long to find her true nature. Therefore, even in adulthood, she will be influenced by bad habits and people who are not reliable. Educators recommend that girls named Ella be educated early on what is right and what is wrong to avoid any deviation in their characters.

When these people reach adulthood, they tend to be more respectful and knowledgeable about life. Therefore, empathy is one of their main characteristics and also the one that stands out the most. By their way of being, they will like the ideological formation and will hate extremes of any kind. This rule applies explicitly in love, social, politics, and other areas.

Emotional Spectrum:

Emotional Spectrum of Ella is far too strong and gives Ella time to think. This is why she sometimes tends to have offensive and insolent words and speaks wrongly. Strong reactions, great nervousness, and invasive emotionality characterize Ella and explain her impulsiveness. She gets these bursts of disconcerting anger which are often intended to hurt or destroy.

Personal Integrity:

Ella is intelligent, knows it and wants to let it be known to others. She often forgets to question herself. They are always thinking, calculating, and intrigued. She has an analytical memory which leaves no stone unturned for her academic success in that area.

Ella has a very nervous, impulsive and selfish way of loving. She is very possessive and even brutal sometimes. She mostly justifies that by saying that it is “her” way of loving.

Ella has difficulty expressing her sensuality, and the raw image she conveys leads to a series of misunderstandings with those around her. Her sensuality is careless, and Ella tends to idealize her future partner who makes her confused between reality and fantasy.


Meaning of the name Ella in love

Ella is an idealistic woman in love. She usually sees her beloved through a veil of illusion living in a world of fantasies. Because of this, it is frequent for her to suffer love disappointments when she collides face to face with reality. You can show a submissive, flexible and emotionally dependent appearance of your partner. But this is just a facade.

The real Ella in love is authoritarian and dominant. At the slightest weakness of his beloved companion will make her take advantage and take the reins of the relationship. Their passivity and submission seem to be genuine, but it takes time to see what it is like in reality.

In love, the women called Ella are very faithful, you can even forgive anything but infidelity. When they fall in love, they are very dependent on their partner, so they long for a stable and lasting relationship that eventually becomes a beautiful family.

Meaning of the name Ella in family

She is a family woman who strives to fulfill the dictates of her conscience. The one that tells you that you should spend more time with your family than with work. Ella will have to listen to her conscience if she does not want to lose valuable family moments.

In the case of Ella, two aspects of her family life can be observed. If she is married, her husband helps her to be more homelike and take more care of her children. When she is a single mother, it is challenging for her to reconcile her family life with her work life.

Ella as a Friend

With her friendships, Ella is used to being a very dedicated person, which everyone can trust because she will not hesitate to help the people she wants. Among the crowd, she is recognized as the most refreshing, funniest and most charitable friend. With her relatives, Ella is a dedicated and at the same time cautious person, since, at times, she mistrusts her blood for the beliefs they have. However, they become very kind people with the members of their family that needs it.

Career and Money:

Meaning of the name Ella in study

Being eccentric by nature, she questions at the outset all truth that comes before her lightly. She is analytical, and before showing her conviction for any statement, she prefers to go deep until she reaches the bottom. She is diligent and methodical, responsible and efficient, and can achieve high levels of understanding of material realities.

Ella has a scientific inclination. Her longing to discover knowledge up to the infinitesimal makes her reach far in the study. The understanding of the quantum state of matter is her passion. The careers of physics, aeronautics, quantum physics, and related sciences are good for her.

Meaning of the name Ella at work

She has strong convictions. Besides, an extraordinary unstoppable physical and moral strength is always her biggest savior. This is expressed in the workplace where she is not only characterized by hard work, but also by other things. Although she manifests a friendly attitude that helps mitigate labor problems, Ella gets upset by injustice.

She has great aspirations in the work she does. Ella hopes to make her mark in world history by providing maximum quality in what she does. But not only do you aspire for this, but you also want to quantify your effort in the form of wealth and material goods. Ella likes to enjoy the prestige and a high. However, she prefers a decent lifestyle.

For being a lover of all the arts, Ella will try to dedicate herself to music, even if she is not going to prosper. However, she will be devoted to the search for jobs that require a lot of intellect, dedication, imagination, and creativity.

Life’s Opportunities:

According to the meaning of the name Ella, girls named Ella are destined to be persuaders or entrepreneurs. They get the energy of teamwork and the connection with individuals. While the assistants are empathic, the persuaders enjoy the sensation of power and influence over others, the achievement of objectives and the assumption of risks. Lawyers and politicians stand out in this type of personality, as well as professionals in the field of sales, business management, administration, development, and human resources.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Ella:

The astral sign defining the character of Ella is Gemini. People born under this sign are known for their great eloquence. They are exciting and know how to catch the attention of the public. The natives of this sign are good company and always find topics of discussion. They are focused on discoveries and particularly enjoy escapades promising new experiences. The flexibility of their personality also characterizes individuals from the sign of Gemini.

The precious stone reflecting the nature of Ella is the diamond. It represents purity, power and wealth. This gem would be endowed with several strengths including the possibility to grant wishes. Diamond awakens creativity, facilitates cash flow and contributes to the balance of personality. Known for bringing vitality, the diamond makes active and dynamic and helps in the realization of projects. It promotes a sense of understanding and gives clairvoyance.

Traditional Color for the name Ella:

The color associated with Ella’s personality is yellow, which is known for its radiance. Intimately linked to the sun, this color reflects the generosity and epicureanism of Ella. Yellow has other attributes including power, light, and joy. However, it is a color that also refers to adultery, lies, and arrogance.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Ella:

Ella presents a numerical nature 7. This suggests her attributes of an independent and impartial attitude. She is an independent person who achieves high goals with dedication.

Flowers and Foods for the name Ella:

The flower for Ella is Rose. This is the universal flower because unlike others it grows in all regions of the globe. We find it in a large number of compositions. Roses symbolize the purity and innocence of a relationship, yellow roses represent joy, and red roses suggest love and respect.

Famous People Last Names with the name Ella:

  • Ella FITZGERALD: singer (1918 – 1996)
  • Ella Maillart: French explorer and writer
  • Ella Fitzgerald – musician
  • Ella Bloor – published author
  • Ella Cummins – published author
  • Ella D’Arcy – writer


Finally, Ella spends part of her life dreaming that she is acting and feels very distrustful of others. She must learn what the other person is and how to respect and love them.


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