Meaning of the name Elijah

Meaning of the name Elijah

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Meaning of the name ElijahMeaning of the name Elijah

What is the Meaning of the Name Elijah?

Elijah is an intriguing and unique name, so we invite you to discover the meaning of the name Elijah so that you feel the importance of this name. Not only can you know what this name implies, but you will also discover the meaning of the name Elijah and its origin.

Meaning of the name Elijah: The literal translation of the name Elijah is “Jehovah is my God.” In terms of the origin of the name Elijah, its beginnings go back millennia in the past, when ancient Hebrew was spoken. Elijah’s predecessor is “Eliyahu,” whose direct connotation was “my God is Jehovah.” Therefore, it can be said that this name, of exclusive masculine use, carries in its meaning the most important name of the universe, that of God. More than 300 thousand people in the world take this name with pride. The statistics show that more than 3% of the world population decides to place his son Elijah.

You will come to understand how she acts in essential fields such as love, family and work. Continue reading to discover more about the meaning of the name Elijah.

Origin of the name Elijah:

Biblical name (meaning ‘Yahweh is God’) of an Israelite prophet whose deeds are recounted in the first and second book of Kings. The victory of Elijah over the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel played an essential role in the maintenance of the Jewish monotheistic religion. This story, and the other stories in which the figures, including his conflicts with the queen of Ahab, Jezebel, and his prophecies of destruction, are among the liveliest in the Bible. For some reason, it has not been widely used as a name given by Christians, although it was one of the names used by the first Puritan settlers in New England, and recently it has also been adopted among black Muslims.

Local Origin of the name Elijah:

Elijah originates in the Hebrew language and means “Jehovah is my God.” According to the books of the Kings, Elijah was a prophet in Israel in the ninth century BC. As a male given name, it has been used for centuries, but recently its popularity in the United States has increased considerably.

Different Country Variations of Elijah:

Other Languages & CulturesIlyas (Arabic) Elias, Eliou (Biblical Greek) Eliyyahu (Biblical Hebrew) Elias, Helias (Biblical Latin) Ilia, Ilija, Iliya (Bulgarian)Ilija (Croatian) Eliáš (Czech) Elias (Danish)

Nicknames of the name Elijah:

Eli/ Lijah/ Elay/ Lij/ Elish


The name Elijah is ranked in the one 352nd position of the most used names. With this information, it can be implied that it is a common name.

It is estimated that there are at least 34,775 people in the world who have received this name, which represents 0.005% of the population. The name Elijah is composed of six letters. It is relatively medium in length, compared to the other names referenced in our database.

  • Australia # 50
  • United States # 11
  • UK # 82
  • New Zealand # 25
  • Netherlands # 244
  • France # 454
  • Canada # 59

Personality Traits:

Either Elijah is sentimental, or he is phlegmatic. One always hesitates to reach out to them. Their animal totem, the snake, illustrates this feeling well. His lack of confidence makes him a little fearful and easily influenced. Elijah often does the opposite of what he says and in the end, is often the opposite of what he thinks he is. Nevertheless, he is introverted, and his inner life is very developed, especially since he has a lively imagination and a great emotivity.

Interested in religions, as in occult beliefs, Elijah likes what he sees as what he can guess, even though paradoxically his morality is far more intellectual than mental. Anyway, Elijah knows how to adapt to the circumstances. Elijah has a high power of seduction. He pleases women, as much as it is very intuitive and so captures things with ease. However, his latent pessimism serves him well often.

Meaning of the name Elijah in Social Life

They are friendly, curious and independent, lovers of freedom. Being energetic and voluntary, they care about their brand image and take care of their appearance, their attitudes, their gestures, to be looked at and admired. As distinguished and seductive individuals, they do not lack charm (although they are not always aware of this) and often they are creative. They have great vitality.

Elijah has a daredevil nature

Your professional performance is essential, although its rhythm of action is irregular. They have gifts of organization and have more aptitude to command than to execute. Being proud, sometimes they can be blunt. Being less patient and intolerant, they can have fits of anger and outbursts, where they can exceed certain levels. However, in the same way, they know how to show excellent control of themselves, especially in public.

Elijah as a Child

As children, they are a little scattered (especially if they were born on 5, 14, 23 in May. However, they are also capable of being severe and rigorous (especially if they were born a 4, 13, 22, 31 in April. They need both security and calm, as well as activity, which is why it is recommended for them to do sports. They are not always very disciplined and need to affirm themselves. Elijah demands autonomy with their education. However, you must be firm, since they would be more easily tempted by the “pleasure principle” than by the “reality principle.”

Meaning of the name Elijah in Hobbies

Their background of restlessness and uncertainty leads them to seek safety. Often as lovers of nature, they like tranquility, calm, order, punctuality, although sometimes their acts come into conflict with their principles. They want authenticity, naturalness, and simplicity. In love, they privilege stability. However, Elijah is sensual and hardly resists temptation. These people are very much in demand!

Emotional Spectrum:

Her emotivity is very closely linked to her affectivity, and she makes him shy in many ways. Elijah is not very responsive in responding vigorously to oppositional attitudes. Her sensuality is highly dependent on her sentimentality, Elijah can sometimes be shocked by some realities and by the significant problems of life that she has trouble accepting and conceiving.

Personal Integrity:

Elijah is somewhat flexible, and if it is voluntary, it is more to protect itself. Such an action is to defend instead to attack. Casual and dreamy nature does not prevent him from achieving the goals he has set, especially if he has someone who helps to make them. His tendency to laziness is fortunately counterbalanced by generally satisfactory health, even though Elijah can reach its intellectual limits because it is subject to overwork. If Elijah willingly agrees to give and receive. However, he has a mean sense of friendship because he remains very independent and he does not support social constraints. This individual is much more comfortable in individual conversations than in front of great speeches. However, if Elijah chooses a confidant, he will be faithful to it.

Meaning of the name Elijah in Intelligence

Curious about everything with an excellent memory, his intelligence is somewhat synthetic, because Elijah captures the essential sense of something at a glance. On the other hand, he has great difficulties in transforming conception into realization. Shy and discreet nature of Elijah causes a problem in portraying feelings which can block him emotionally. Only if the blockers disappear, he acquires excellent freedom of expression. Elijah then appears as very understanding and end what makes him very seductive.


Meaning of the name Elijah in love

Elijah is characterized as having a noble spirit in love. This quality is an essential component of his life. He needs to feel loved to achieve emotional balance. When he lacks affection, he does not usually make good decisions. For his part, he provides unconditional love.

He is unaware of the rejection and is always there, even if the love relationship is fractured. Maybe for having such a noble heart, Elijah finds people who take advantage of him. However, eventually, see who you value for their beautiful virtues.

Meaning of the name Elijah in family

We find Elijah to be a sensitive and dedicated figure emotionally dependent on his own. His love for the family is complete, and he has no limits. Elijah is a real being to his family. Whoever joins a man like Elijah should not worry about infidelity, because he is a truly faithful person.

Elijah greatly values the advice of his parents. While he is a teenager, Elijah is a young man obedient to his parents, and as an adult, he will look for his parents in search of advice.

Travel and Leisure:

Elijah has the right faculties of adaptation, which gives them a taste for travel, the desire to take risks at times and to question themselves frequently. They are reluctant to obligations and always remain awake and hurried. They like that everything goes very fast. But they are also restless people, who have nerves to the surface and need to channel their excess of nervousness through great mobility or the diversification of their interests. They are convinced that boredom appears with uniformity

Career and Money:

Meaning of the name Elijah in the study

Elijah does not stand out for being the most intelligent person as he does not have an analytical mind that leads him to explore knowledge. Instead, he uses the study of the basics to learn what is necessary for your daily life. Despite that, he manages to defend himself very well in his academic path.

He is interested in aspects such as art in all its facets. These sciences completely capture the attention of Elijah. For example, he feels attracted to music or theater, to the point of perhaps turning these disciplines into part of his professional life.

Meaning of Elijah at work

Someone who responsibly covers their assignments is the person named Elijah. It stands out for its positive attitude towards work, no matter what type it is. Elijah takes great care in everything he does, not with the intention of progressing but of doing it well. Your goal is to be someone respected for your hard work.

It bothers him to see laziness in others, but he does not criticize anyone for not leading life his way. Although he is a discreet person in his private life, he tends to handle himself very well in his contact with the public. This versatility in the personality of Elijah gives an advantage to him for professions where he has to interact with large audiences.

Life’s Opportunities:

Depending on whether the 4 or 5 is dominant in their key numbers, we will observe two significant types of professions: those that require great adaptation faculties, where action and dynamism are significant, linked with sales, travel, representation, speed, sports, creativity, professions related to the exact sciences, land, animals, nature, ecology, mines, as well as jobs in the Administration. On the other hand, you can also consider liberal careers, related to the universe of shapes and colors (luxury, art).

Spiritual Meaning of the name Elijah:

The astrological sign corresponding to the first name Elijah is Virgo. The native of this sign is friendly, optimistic and pleasant to live. She can be capricious when she does not get what she wants but never does anything that could jeopardize her relationship with others. She attaches great importance to friendship and family.

The Virgin woman is also creative and independent, and you never get bored with her. The latter always finds a way to spice up her days to escape the routine. The Virgo woman gets carried away quickly and does not still control her feelings. She can be furious when she disappoints her. In love, the native of the Virgin is faithful, loyal and sincere. She falls in love quickly and is capable of great things to conquer the person she loves. She does not hesitate to compromise to maintain harmony in her relationship but does not forgive treason.

The precious stones associated with the name Elijah are emerald and topaz. A stone of hope and love, the emerald represents all that Elijah expects from life. This gem promotes discernment, fidelity and helps to find happiness. The emerald helps to maintain balance in a romantic relationship. Under her influence, Elijah will be more confident and optimistic.

Topaz promotes inspiration, imagination and intellectual faculties in general. This stone is capable of establishing harmony and prevents conflict. As a result, it will help Elijah to excel in the work. This gem is also known to calm anxiety, depression, and headaches.

Traditional Color for the name Elijah:

The colors associated with the first name Elijah are blue and green. Blue symbolizes travel, intelligence, and loyalty. People who love blue are generous and understanding. This reassuring and soothing color will have a good influence on Elijah. She will have more confidence in her and will have the courage to do what she has never dared to do. Blue promotes concentration and improves intellectual abilities.

Green represents hope, loyalty, and generosity. It makes you more understanding, more forgiving and more optimistic. Green gives hope and helps to see life on the bright side. It promotes emotional healing and brings inner peace. With the green, Elijah will face difficulties with dignity and will not worship.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Elijah:

The lucky number of Elijah is 3. This number represents creativity, sociability, and sensitivity. This figure will have a beneficial influence on Elijah in the professional field. The latter will be even more powerful, more creative and more expressive. The three will help her to exploit his qualities to fulfill himself and to realize his dreams. The number 3 evokes a personality with artistic tendencies, that’s why it is the digit that best fits Elijah.

Flowers and Foods for the name Elijah:

The right flower for Elijah is Carnations. It means that you are not someone who is the latest fad of fashion, but that does not matter to you, your interests go beyond that. You are someone who bases your relationships on respect, so you respect others and seek to earn the respect of those around you. Loyalty is critical in your relationships.

Famous People Last Names with the name Elijah:

Elijah Wood – actor

Politician Elijah Cummings – politician

Elijah Dukes – baseball player

Athlete Elijah Jones – baseball player


His will is right in principle, if not in realization. Elijah leads his little boat quietly even if he would willingly pass the bar to someone else.


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