Meaning of the name Diana

Meaning of the name Diana

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Meaning of the name DianaMeaning of the name Diana

What is the Meaning of the Name Diana?

Today we will talk about the meaning of the name Diana. It is a name that represents kindness and everything related to love and romance. It is very common to see it in English-speaking countries where it is more common in religious cultures.

Meaning of the name Diana: Diana’s name comes from the Latin language, where its meaning is “A Clear Woman,” “The Celestial Woman,” “Full of Light” or also “The Woman of Sublime Nature.” Not to mention that this majestic name reflects the curiosity and energy to know everything related to the unknown. Origin of the name Diana is ancient Roman, and it comes from the goddess of the moon and children in Roman mythology. It is a popular name and a prevalent one in many parts of the world.

Many families used this name for their female daughters to transmit the power and legacy in them. Continue reading to learn more of these interesting facts about the meaning of the name Diana.

Origin of the name Diana:

Diana originates in the Latin language and means “divine woman.” In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the moon and the childbirth hunting her Greek equivalent is Artemis. It has been one of the most famous names for a long time, especially in European countries. It was popularized by Princess Diana of Wales sometimes nicknamed Lady Di who died tragically in a car accident in 1997.

As many of you have probably guessed, Diana originates from the Latin deity Diane. The latter is one of the goddesses who defended nature and its inhabitants. As the goddess of the hunt, she is the equivalent of Artemis in Greek civilization.

It is a name trendy in the first centuries before its popularity began in the Middle Ages. Diana aroused the interest of many parents during the Renaissance, particularly in Italy, France, and England.

In the year 1201, Diane was born in Bologna (Italy) into a respectable and wealthy family. From a very young age, she finds her vocation and chooses to become religious despite the disapproval of her family. She decided to found a convent of Dominican women and preaches many values and made the reputation of the convent, before dying in 1236.

Local Origin of the name Diana:

Born in Bologna, Italy in 1201, Diana was a beautiful, intelligent and rich girl. Diana belongs to an illustrious wealthy family. She gives up all her wealth and decides to become a nun against the advice of her family. Later, Diana participated in the founding of a convent of Dominicans under the direction of Saint Jourdain and became abbess. She died there in 1256.

Different Country Variations of Diana:

Dajana (Croatian) Diane, Dianne (French) Kiana (Hawaiian) Diána (Hungarian) Diāna (Latvian) Dijana (Macedonian)Dijana, Dajana (Serbian)

Nicknames of the name Diana:

Didi/ Diddy/ Dia/ Dina/ Iana/ Diani/ Didschi/ Dana/ Nana/ Dini/ Dany/ Nani/ Ani/ Ana/ Dada/ Dida/ Dine


In Russian, Spanish, German, French and English countries the name “Diana” is quite popular. Diana is ranked as 219th most popular surname in the United States. It was most popular during the 1950s and later the popularity of Diana as a name started to decline. However, we still find it to be widespread in the US and abroad.

Personality Traits:

Diana is an endearing person who will try to balance the two great tendencies that make up her character: her angry side, and her deep sense of dedication. Her animal totem is the doe which explains the emotions and anxiety that sometimes seize her. She is an extrovert and always have an eye on the world. Diana never devotes herself to others and has a strong sense of honor which cannot be easily influenced. As a highly objective person, Diana can sacrifice everything she possesses. However, she hates being deceived or fooled.

Diana has a composed Personality

Whenever she has a specific mission to accomplish, she does it with strong self-confidence. Diana accepts excuses for the mistakes of others but finds it hard to forgive her own mistakes. People with the name Diana prefer to act according to their reasons that they draw from their philosophy and code of honor.

The name Diana is a courageous Girl

Diana appears to have a serious, severe and determined aura. However, behind this hides a compassionate girl. Their courage and their autonomy characterize their personality. Girls named Diana are neat women and give importance to their appearance. Diana is always at the forefront of fashion. They are known for their charm and their seduction. She knows how to value herself and defend her honor on every occasion.

Meaning of the name Diana in Friendliness

They are jovial, spontaneous and know how to appreciate life as it comes. Some people may notice their vulnerability, so they stand firm and independent to recover from these moments of weakness. They are known and recognized for their great ambition and perseverance.

Diana relies more often on their feelings and their impressions than on reasoning. Sometimes lacking in logic, their weakness lies in their sensitivity to flattery and good feelings.

Meaning of the name Diana in Materialism

Diana pays more attention to material happiness and comfort more than anything else. Lack of Money is her biggest nightmare. They are neither prudent nor a miser when it comes to spending. In financial and material terms, they tend to depend on others. Her sympathy and persuasiveness allow her to obtain money often without any harm. Diana is far from being economical and has a real need to learn how to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Emotional Spectrum:

Meaning of the name Diana in their emotional life suggests that Diana can be demonstrative and affectionate. They are playful and can have more than one love in their lifetime because of having a charming personality and a strong emotional side. Diana finds the meaning of life in the many romances she lives. She is the kind of girl who would give up completely when she is in love.

Diana is exceptionally emotional which makes her very nervous. Nevertheless, Diana manages to sublimate this emotionalism by turning it into a devouring and exciting experience. She remains perfectly in control of herself on all occasions. She has a real sense of friendship. For her, there is nothing better than being able to illuminate a soul in sadness or solitude.


Meaning of the name Diana in Love

In terms of love life, Diana’s features make her a woman of every man’s dreams. Besides, she is a woman who would do anything to make her partner happy. Apart from being compassionate and faithful, Diana gives herself entirely to the relationship she has with that particular person and will always be aware of everything that happens to her.

Diana will always be in those terrible situations that occur within her private life with her partner. However, she will give all her support and help her partner in solving the problems.

Meaning of the name Diana in Family

As for the relationships that Diana has with her loved ones, she is not very affectionate towards them. Diana does not like to get into their problems, but the great confidence you have in your family makes it very easy to dispose of their obligations and her responsibilities.

Your relationship with your loved ones is not very close, but you still know how to treat them properly and make them come to terms with the problems that arise between them. Diana is an influential family member and helps them progress.

Career and Money:

Meaning of Diana in the Studies

Speaking of Diana in the field of studies, she is a young woman who stands out in being responsible with all her obligations. She will always show that she is worthy of being among the best in the class and generally gets along very well with her classmates. It is clear that she knows how to work as a team.

Diana is very good at working in a team, either with fellow class or with people she has never met. Also, you will rarely see them working alone as well because they like to undertake their projects without others’ help.

Meaning of Diana at Work

In terms of work, Diana is a woman who stands out in being organized and responsible for her obligations and likes to work efficiently like a perfectionist. These qualities will help you solve the most difficult tasks in a fast and efficient way, together with great results.

Diana will feel comfortable in any profession that involves helping others. That is why it will not be strange to see them working in social sectors or helping the needy. Moreover, they also take an interest in works related to science.

Life’s Opportunities:

Professions that interest Diana are mainly focused on the social field such as medicine or justice. They love human contact and appreciate being useful and even indispensable. They can make a career in the field of communication where the right presentation is a requirement. Some of them can be talented in financial areas.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Diana:

Diana is a rare female name with a somewhat stable popularity rating. Their emotions and their mood swings represent them. Those around her also admire her spontaneous nature.

The astrological sign corresponding to the character of Diana is Gemini. They usually follow their intuitions which can be productive. She is also sensitive, emotional, and quickly moved by injustice. Being chilly and greed is one of their cute sins. Like Gemini, they create a mysterious and enigmatic aura that may be of interest to the suitors. They believe in love and never refuse to live grand adventures.

Traditional Color for the name Diana:

The color associated with Diana is red as they are passionate women. This color expresses the strongest feelings: love, passion, anger or hatred. It also reflects the sensuality, which is one of the great qualities of Diana. Red can reassure or bring comfort in some cases.

Diana’s personality is also related to yellow color. This connotes the joy of living and dynamism. It creates a party atmosphere and brightens the environment, even the gloomiest ones. However, it represents certain vices including lies, infidelity, and treason.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Diana:

The number that represents Diana is 11. It implies that she is a very affectionate woman, who is always aware of the people around her. You do not hesitate to show your love and feelings. You have a strong sense of companionship, affection, and attention. With a lot of encouragement and creativity that you already have, you can solve work problems without serious setbacks. Her weak point is her perfectionism, which can make her anxious under challenging situations.

Flowers and Foods for the name Diana:

According to the meaning of the name Diana, your flower is Margaritas. You are a great friend, and you know how to listen to those around you. Sometimes you are difficult to access, but when you connect with someone at a higher level, you are one of the most loyal friends that exist. For you getting angry is difficult.

Famous People Last Names with the name Diana:

Diana DORS: actress

Artist Diana Krall – jazz artist

Diana Ross – singer

Writer Diana Bridge – writer

Diana Chang – writer

Actress Diana RIGG: actress, notably played in “Melon hat.”

Diana ROSS: Singer

Princess Diana SPENCER: Lady Dy


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