Meaning of the name Delia

Meaning of the name Delia

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Meaning of the Name DeliaMeaning of the Name Delia

Originating in Ancient Greece, Delia is a feminine given name that comes from the name of a Greek goddess. After digging into its etymology, I’ve found the meaning of the name Delia.

Meaning of the Name Delia: Derives from a byname of the Greek Goddess Artemis, the meaning of the name Delia means “woman from the island of Delos.” According to Greek mythology, Artemis is born and raised on Delos by her parents, Zeus and Leto.

Origins of the Name Delia

The name Delia originates in Ancient Greece where it is a word to describe the moon goddess. In Ancient Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the moon. She was born to Zeus, the god of thunder, and Leto, a resident of Kos.

Legend states that Delia came from the Greek island of Delos – a small island measuring just 1.32 miles that’s located near Mykonos. While most people referred to her as Artemis, some called her by an epithet or by name, the most common of which was Delia. In the Greek language, the girl’s name Delia was used to describe the woman from Delos, which is how this common name got its meaning.

Although it originated in Greece, the name Delia has since spread elsewhere in the world. It’s now a semi-popular feminine given name in over a dozen countries, some of which include Greece, Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

The popularity of the Name Delia

Delia is a moderately popular feminine name. According to birth records, it was the 126th most popular girls’ name in the United States in 1880. In 1920, Delia was the 393rd most popular girls’ name in the country. By 1940, Delia’s popularity had declined to the 426th most popular girls’ name in the country. Since then, the meaning of the name Delia has continued to decrease in popularity, though it still ranks as about the 1,000th most popular girls’ name in the country, with around 200 to 300 newborn girls receiving this name each year.

Many famous women, as well as a few famous men, have been named Delia. Delia Bacon, for example, is a famous American writer and scholar who performs authorship work for Shakespeare plays. There was also Delia Akeley, also known as Mickie, who is a famous American explorer. During the early 19th century, Akeley became one of the first Americans to visit the desert separating Kenya and Ethiopia.

Popular variants of the name Delia include Delilah, Dellya, Deliah and Deliya.


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