Meaning of the name Deborah

Meaning of the name Deborah

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Meaning of the name DeborahMeaning of the name Deborah

What is the Meaning of the Name Deborah?

One of the ways to know a person better is to study the aspects or characteristics defined by the name. Today I will take this opportunity to share my knowledge about the meaning of the name Deborah.

Meaning of the name Deborah: Deborah has a Hebrew origin and goes back to the old testament. In the Bible, the names are significant and were often designated according to the path and the missions that those people would have in life. In the case, the meaning of the name Deborah is “swarm of bees” or “which works like a bee.”

The meaning and origin of a name speak a lot about someone’s personality. By knowing the meaning of the name Deborah and its origin you can know the character of this woman. Continue reading to learn more about the meaning of the name Deborah and origin of this name.

Origin of the name Deborah:

Deborah originates in the Hebrew language and means “of a swarm of bees.” In the United States, it was more popular in the middle of the 20th century. Recently it has been decreasing. Deborah was a prophetess in the Old Testament and Rebekah’s nurse in the Book of Genesis. She was the only judge of the pre-monarchical period of Israel.

In the book of the judges of the old testament, she was a poet and prophet. Deborah was entrusted with the mission of bringing back people of Israel to the spiritual path. She ruled Israel, but not as a queen but as a figure of authority due to her prophetic gifts.

Local Origin of the name Deborah:

During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the name Deborah was trendy in the Jewish and Protestant community. It was not until the twentieth century that it spread outside this restricted circle. From 1965, it became a popular first name, and it was in 1989 that it experienced great popularity with more than 1,543 attributions. Today, it is not among the most famous names, but it is still appreciated.

Different Country Variations of Deborah:

Debbora (Biblical Greek) Devorah (Biblical Hebrew) Debbora (Biblical Latin) Debora (Dutch) Deborah (French)Debora (German) Devora, Devorah, Dvora, Dvorah (Hebrew) Debora (Italian) Deborah (Portuguese) Deborah (Spanish)

Nicknames of the name Deborah:

Debbi/ Debi/ Debs/ Debsi/ Dabsy/ Dede/ Debbo/ Didi/ Debo/ Dabby/ Dibby/ Bora/ Dora/ Bori/ Bebbs/ Bebbsi/ Boba/ Bobo


Deborah as a name has been most popular between 1980 to 2010. According to the records, it is estimated that around 738,356 girls in the United States are called Deborah since1880.

Personality Traits:

Deborah reflects a sensitive nature. She is friendly, and a homelike woman who loves and nourishes her loved ones with affection. You are a woman who is characterized by always being willing to help others. With her strong will, she can easily achieve what she wants. About love, she still wants someone in whom she can place her trust and give the best of herself.

Patient and organized

Deborah always ends anything with a formidable efficiency. Being phlegmatic and discreet, Deborah acts behind the scenes and shows up only upon need. Deborah has a healthy self-confidence and cannot be influenced. Changing her mind is difficult. She is entirely subjective and sees the outside world through her vision. Deborah can skillfully and cleverly captivate the people around her. She has an instinctive morality and social attitude. However, Deborah is honest. Her beliefs are traditional, and she follows any movement instead of initiating one. A girl named Deborah prefers to reason logically rather than relying on intuition. Her seduction is discreet and “slow,” and it takes a particular time to know and appreciate it.

Meaning of the name Deborah in Loyalty

Deborah is a sincere, faithful and loyal woman. She has a keen sense of justice and does not hesitate to fight and restore it. Her discreet and calm attitude can intimidate some. However, once the ice is broken, one realizes that she is a kind and warm woman. She gets along with everyone.

Moreover, she is the one who is called upon to calm an argument or a conflict. Deborah easily puts her trust in people, which sometimes gives her some nasty surprises. Malicious people tend to enjoy their generosity and kindness. These women are independent by nature while they display a real need for attention and tenderness. She is torn by her need for freedom and her deep attachment to the people she loves. Indeed, she is very attached to her family and friends.

Deborah is Emotional and sensitive

She is easily moved and sympathetic towards the pains of others. She is attentive to the needs of others and always ready to give advice. Frankly, she says what she thinks and lets people know if something is not right for her. Deborah can be capricious. Deborah cares for herself and gives great importance to the appearance without being a materialist. As a child, Deborah is a curious, intelligent and a sensitive little girl. She has a developed sense of aesthetics. A girl named Deborah already knows what she wants and how to get it. They will say what they think and let others know if something is wrong with her.

Emotional Spectrum:

Deborah is an introvert and does not easily make her emotions evident. One reason for this is her great attentiveness to her inner world. She has a real sense of friendship, but few friends which she has carefully chosen. They are useful and practical with a real sense of friendship, especially in her professional environment. This reactivity also depends on the circumstances and seems to be calculated and measured.

Personal Integrity:

We can find a tendency in her to wait until the last moment to decide or even to relax after her efforts. Her will often depends on circumstances. The perseverance of Deborah overcomes the hesitations that she experiences at the beginning. We can even talk about her stubbornness and relentlessness which almost always leads her to success. Deborah spares her vitality, and all in all her health is very good. The sociability of Deborah is not very regular and depends mostly on her moods. We do not always know what Deborah thinks and what lies behind her natural smile. Deborah is not very enthusiastic at all times and must often rely on her energy.

Meaning of the name Deborah in Intelligence

Deborah has a fantastic memory, a very lively curiosity, and analytical intelligence. She analyzes the situations in the smallest detail, sometimes losing sight of the general idea. Just like her emotions, Deborah does not readily show her intelligence. At first glance, one may believe that she is cold, whereas it is, in fact, a secret. She must have more confidence in others and open up to them. Deborah does not talk about her love life and anything about sexuality. These are topics that do not always make her very comfortable. If she is discreet in this area, she is still capable of real passionate impulses, as a sleeping volcano waking up.


They are idealistic women with a calm mind and a high spirituality. Deborah usually has an affinity to be friends with all people who have developed a great spirituality and personality since she is a compassionate and emotional woman. She is dedicated to meditation and finds it very satisfying.

Meaning of Deborah in love

In her love life, Debora is a tender, affectionate, very dedicated and committed. Although you can become somewhat dependent on your partner. She needs love and someone at her side to support her and give her encouragement.

Deborah is a woman who does not tolerate unpunctuality, nor does she settle with lack of responsibility. She wants a serious and responsible man with whom she could have a lasting relationship.

Meaning of Deborah in the family

Debora is a very kind woman, but with her family, she is more than just that. She continually offers her time and affection both to her children and her husband. Her parents are also significant in her life.

Sometimes you may have slight disagreements, and it may cause you great emotional pain. She needs to be well with her loved ones and enjoys being with them in quiet places with open air.

Besides that, she helps her children with their school duties since she likes to spend time with them to have better communication with them. She also tries to teach them the values that are important to her.

Career and Money:

Meaning of Deborah in studies

Debora is a very responsible woman, and with her studies, she is no different. In this area, you can see how much punctuality and responsibility matter to you. She always tries hard and has all her homework ready with time.

Being a very meticulous woman, she thinks, plans and executes her ideas with high efficiency. Debora also knows how to use deductive thinking a lot since she can analyze.

A girl named Debora strives to do everything correctly. She is considerate about the ideas coming from others if she is working in a team. Debora knows how to value the opinions of others just as she knows how to recognize when she makes a mistake. The latter bothers you but try to take things slowly. If something goes wrong, keep working.

Meaning of Deborah at work

At work, Debora does not have specific work tastes. There is no job that she likes especially, and almost no work that she dislikes. She could devote herself to nature, office work or even be her boss by setting up a small business for herself.

Wherever she works, she will have good relations since she is quite friendly and kind. Debora also needs help with what she can and always tries to give her best to achieve that.

In general, she stands out at work for her exceptional performance and sense of responsibility. Debora never delivers anything after the scheduled time as she is very timely and organized.

Debora is usually chosen as the boss for her excellent performance and natural leadership. The credit goes to your effort and character that you can handle these roles too.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Deborah:

Deborah is one of the few prophetesses of the Bible and the only woman among the Judges of Israel. As a result, this name is highly significant in the Jewish tradition. Moreover, there was a time when her attribution was restricted within the Jewish and Protestant community. It was not until the twentieth century that this name spread outside this circle. Deborah is a sweet, kind and understanding woman. She knows how to talk to people and gets along with everyone. She is also generous but is sometimes capricious and sulky.

Saint Deborah is honored on September 21st. Deborah is a character in the Bible, and her story is mentioned twice in two different chapters. She was married to Lapidoth and did justice under a palm tree in the tribe of Ephraim. She predicted the assassination of Sisera by a woman.

The astrological sign associated with the first name Deborah is Capricorn. A Capricorn woman is sweet and loving. She spreads good mood and joy around her but also needs a lot of attention to feel good. Being compassionate, she always wants to help others even if they do not ask her. She can also be capricious when she wants something. In the professional field, the Capricorn woman is a hard worker. Behind the woman with the angelic look is hiding a real fighter. She is ambitious and does everything to succeed. She has an excellent capacity for analysis and discernment, making her very effective in assessing the situation and making the right decisions.

The precious stone associated with the meaning of the name Deborah is garnet. This gem symbolizes fidelity, truth, and goodness. It is used to recharge vital energy and develop self-confidence. Garnet is also used to restore harmony and serenity.

Traditional Color for the name Deborah:

Orange is the color corresponding to the meaning of the name Deborah. Warm and pleasant, the orange symbolizes the joy of life, activity, and optimism. It promotes communication, stimulates creativity and soothes the mind by emptying it of all negative energies. The orange will have a good influence on Deborah by increasing its qualities. This shade is ideal to find the joy of living after a day of stress. It helps to decompress and feel good.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Deborah:

Within numerology, Deborah is represented by the number 9, which reflects a very philosophical personality. They have great mystical qualities and occult sciences. Deborah is extremely sensitive to changes in the mood of others. They enjoy art, music, and beauty.

This number symbolizes creativity, sociability, and sensitivity. She will be a great asset in the world of work primarily in the field of creativity and communication. Under the influence of this figure, Deborah will feel more comfortable in public and will no longer be afraid to speak.

They are very reliable people- always concerned about the welfare of others. Somehow they feel responsible for the people who are less fortunate. They will always be seen in some humanitarian work or looking for ways to create the common good.

Deborah has a very bold personality; a quality that is always reflected in her relationships. They are also charming people who do not have difficulty making friends, thanks to their friendly and kind nature that always attracts others.

They are observed as teachers, spiritual teachers, advisors or in matters that have to do with psychology and therapy. The slightly negative side of the people represented with the number 9 is that sometimes they can become a little dramatic about how they see life because they are susceptible. They can almost see through people and situations.

Flowers and Foods for the name Deborah:

Your flower is Gerberas. It means that you are a trader, a friend, and a happy person. You may seem a bit shy, but everyone knows that you are quite extroverted when you are set out to do things. You have strong decisions. However, you are not one of those people who try to convince others that you have the right opinion. In part, you are one of those who “live and let live.”

Famous People Last Names with the name Deborah:

  • Deborah Barrymore: Deborah Barrymore is an English actress.
  • Actress Deborah Foreman: Deborah Foreman is an American actress.
  • Deborah Gibson – musician
  • Personality Deborah Norville – television news personality
  • Deborah Abrams – jazz artist
  • Musician Deborah Allen – musician
  • Deborah Harry: Deborah Harry is an American singer and actress.
  • Tennis player Deborah Jevans : Deborah Jevans is a British tennis player.
  • Deborah KERR: Deborah Kerr is a Scottish dancer and actress.


Deborah only achieves her goal through her efforts. Although it sometimes starts slowly, it always ends up taking a “cruising pace” and goes far in life. Nevertheless, she must become a little more human and open to life.


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