Meaning of the name David

Meaning of the name David

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Meaning of the name David

The meaning of the name David has mostly been forgotten about since its Hebrew origins of the 10th century B.C. Here, however, you can learn more about the biblical name David and what it means.

Meaning of the name David: Derived from the Ancient Hebrew name Dāwîḏ, the name David means “to love” or “uncle.” It’s a masculine name that’s frequently found in the Hebrew Bible and has since spread to other religions and cultures.

Origins of the Name David

The name David has Hebrew origins, appearing first in the Hebrew Bible. Also known as the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible describes the second king of Israel who ruled the region in 10,000 B.C. as King David. Before claiming the Holy Land’s throne, David lived as a shepherd herding sheep on his family’s farm. David later befriends King Saul’s son Jonathan. When King Saul begins to fear that David will take the throne, he attacks him. David wins the battle, however, to become the king of Israel.

David is also described in the Hebrew Battle during the battle with Goliath. A Philistine giant, a Goliath, seeks to destroy David. King Saul offers to provide young David with armor and weapons, which he declines. Instead, David uses a rudimentary sling to strike down Goliath. The story of the battle between David and Goliath is written about in numerous religious scriptures.

The Hebrew Bible contains many passages recounting the meaning of the name David, both before and after his claim of the throne. In several versions of the New Testament, Jesus is even described as a descendant of King David.

The popularity of the Name David

Statistics show that David is one of the most popular boys’ names in the United States. Out of every 28 newborn boys, an average of one is named David. What’s unique about the name David is that it’s always been popular in the United States. In 1880, when birth records were first collected, it was the 18th most popular boys’ name in the country. In 1940, David was the 7th most popular boys’ name. And just two decades later, its popularity had peaked, with David ranked as the most popular boys’ name in the United States.

David is a favorite boys’ name in Europe as well. In 1975, David was the most popular boy’s name in Ireland. In the United Kingdom, it currently ranks as the 9th most popular boys’ name.

There are several popular feminine variations for the meaning of the name David, including Davina, Daveigh, Delilah, Devina, and Davida.

What is the Meaning of the Name David?

This time we will look into the meaning of the name David. It is a masculine proper name very little information. But it has religious ancestry where many variants of it can be found in most of the countries of the World.

Meaning of the name David: As for the origin of the name David, this name is Hebrew. David comes from the Hebrew “Daoud” Means: “loved by God” (Hebrew: of dôdi, beloved, darling.). One of the first appearances of the name David is in the Bible. David was the king of Israel, considered a hero to his people. He is known for beating the giant Goliath by throwing a rock with his sling. The meaning of David is “the beloved.”

There is so much more than you can learn about the meaning of the name David, but we have tried to put together all the information concisely for you. Continue reading to explore a person named David.

Origin of the name David:

David is derived from the Hebrew word Daoud which means “darling” or “beloved.” David is the second king of Israel in the tenth century. Still a teenager, he duels the giant Philistine, Goliath, thanks to his slingshot. His victory made him famous. He is also known for being a poet. His story is recounted in the Old Testament. His birthday is celebrated on December 29th.

Local Origin of the name David:

David is the second king of Israel and one of the greatest prophets, from 1015 to 976 BC. Young shepherd, he kills the giant Goliath with his sling. Sacred king, he makes Jerusalem his capital. He is a poet king, and even today Jews and Christians feed on his psalms. After his death, the people hope that one of his descendants will be the Messiah.

Different Country Variations of David:

  • In Basque: Dabi.
  • In English, French, and German: David (varying the pronunciation).
  • In Italian: Davide.
  • In Russian: Давид

Nicknames of the name David:

Dave/ Davi/ Dino/ Dada/ Danny/ Dadu/ Dato/ Dav/ Dadi/ Dada/ Dabsi/ Dadi/ Dida/ Davo/ Davu/ Vido/ Vidi/ Dava,


The name David became popular in Europe from the end of the Middle Ages. Currently, nearly 930,000 people are named David in the US. Many names are currently derived from David including Davy, Dave, Davina, Dove, Vida, and Davidia. David originates in Hebrew and means “adored.” It has been one of the most popular male names over the centuries and in different spellings around the world. It works like a surname like that. Throughout history, it was popular with royalty. The most famous carrier is David the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and the ancestor of Jesus Christ.

Personality Traits:

David is tremendously emotional, angry, nervous, always boiling. David sometimes reacts impulsively and even from time to time with violence. Independent and combative, it is not easy to handle and has excellent obstinacy. David has a multitude of facets that disturb and disconcerting, especially since at first, it seems to grasp the complexity of his character, but it is not so. His great self-confidence and self-confidence are often only facades that allow him to pass for a “hard” while giving him time to think. She is right, even if she is quite changeable according to the events. His loyalty, his commitments are not always up to his original intentions. Very intuitive and possessing a very surprising spontaneous psychology, David knows to use it effectively; it is good to listen to him without getting caught up in his game.

As a man of his word, David is fully committed to his activities. Laziness is a word that does not fit into his vocabulary. Being authoritative, he has a sense of detail and ensures that everything is done in the standards. David is sociable and has no trouble integrating and quickly adapts to any situation. People who are named David are also quite attentive, and they always listen to their family and do not hesitate to give their opinion or to provide advice.

David is a Perfectionist

David always finds something to improve in every situation. He is ambitious and likes challenges and sees them as ways to self-evaluate. They can also be demanding and impose surrealist goals and work hard to achieve them. His enthusiasm, his optimism, his developed interpersonal skills and his power of conviction allow him to see the doors open more easily.

Meaning of the name David in Social Life

David is friendly and a diplomat who always finds the right words to solve a problem or to negotiate a contract. He can put a person in his place tactfully. As a result, he may be very interested in the political sphere, an ideal platform to put his ideas forward and share his vision of the world with others. His Napoleonic side pushes David to see things big. He does not skimp on his efforts to realize his dreams. Behind his authoritarian hand hides a sensitive man who needs reassurance.

The meaning of the name David in Perseverance:

Pushed to the limit, David may lose patience but is also able to quickly recover to regain control of the situation and intelligently bypass obstacles in front of him. Its mysterious side makes it secret, but this trait of character also makes all its charm. David does not hesitate to use his charm to attract the attention of people he likes. He wants to explore what life can offer him. Being affectionate, David is a father and a warm and tender husband. He remains attentive to his children and always makes them a priority. A person named David is extremely possessive towards his partner and suspicious as he thinks that the world is filled with people of bad faith and therefore tends to overprotect his family. Moreover, he needs to feel close to those he loves to be able to relax.

David’s Sense of Humor:

With a great sense of humor, David takes life on the bright side. He likes to laugh and make others laugh. Brave and laid, it is not easy to handle. He quickly discards the hypocrites and pushers of his life and surrounds himself with trusted and competent people.

Emotional Spectrum:

The meaning of the name David in terms of emotions is healthy. David has a strong emotivity which, coupled with the explosive aspect of his character, plays him many tricks, he then tends to flee and to want to start from scratch when obstacles present themselves. It is quite suggestible even if it is not the image it gives, it must give him time to think, without trying to convince him at the moment. He ends up weighing the pros and cons and often adopts the point of view of the other. Just like his animal mascot, the ram, David is a go-getter for whom butting is not a problem. It is a protester who, nevertheless, avoids different and complicated situations. Because it is in these moments in particular that David will tend to flee. It’s hard for him to

Personal Integrity:

As an eclipse David sometimes plays the volunteer, sometimes shows a singular stubbornness, and sometimes binds his will to his active imagination. David’s action often lacks continuity and David tends to scatter. That’s why he needs discipline and rigor to get a job done. Especially since David is dreamy, very imaginative and sometimes a little lazy. His vitality is excellent, and David has a remarkable resistance, even if he is very nervous internally. David has a deep sense of friendship, but his sociability is uncertain and variable. He may, in turn, want to make a number and want to be surrounded by an audience, like closing entirely and return to his shell. David sometimes too much, his dynamism is essential and as much as it amuses him. If this is not the case, he dives into absolute silence and hides behind a timidity of facade, feigning indifference.


David in Family

The family has a lot of value for David. He is good at relaxing the environment and solving problems that may arise as soon as possible. If he has children, he is very affectionate with them, especially if the affection is reciprocal. He gives a lot of importance to sincerity and tries to instill that value in his children, besides he lends his help when they need it.

The Meaning of David in Love

Regarding the field of love, men called David are true lovers and characterized to demonstrate the confidence towards your partner. Even so, he is a faithful person to his suitor and will never leave his closest friends aside. Being in this loving way and always attentive.

As for the most intimate, David loves to be a very close and attentive person. In a relationship you can find enough peace, it is scarce to see a problem with your partner. It also stands out of being a person with a strong personality in a relationship, where it makes decisions. People called David to focus on finding the ideal person to accompany them in their long life.

Travel and Leisure:

The features that define David most are his sincerity, order, and clarity. He tends to follow established rules and respect order, but at the same time, he loves to try new things, travel, meet and discover new cultures. The meaning of the name David suggests that he likes challenges. However, he thinks very well what to do and the best way to do it, to be prepared in any situation. David loves clear things, and he does not support the lack of transparency, so he says what he thinks without qualms.

Career and Money:

The Meaning of David in the Study

In the academic responsibilities, the so-called David is the most outstanding, with a positive mentality and at the same time very busy. Where his original personality helps him focus on those most difficult tasks in the class. Always his creativity makes him consistently one of the best in the class.

He also usually influences other colleagues for decision making, likes to plan, execute and contribute ideas for a more significant result, which will help him in his future profession, where every day seeks to learn more, to increase their performance in addition to never leaving aside their academic responsibilities.

Although he is very sure of himself, he is capable of carrying out projects where his ingenuity and astuteness will put him to the test, which is very common in his studies and can lead him to situations that need help from others. He likes to work with his classmates, due to his friendly and attentive personality.

David in the workplace

The meaning of the name David explains his roles as a professional. At the time of striving in the work that stands out most, the so-called David, use the ingenuity, which is the analytical instrument they possess and entrepreneurial ability, whose tool is essential to achieve success with others around him and even in their jobs.

That is why any challenge presented in your work will accept it with pride and affirmation, giving all its potential to solve it. It is a person whose mind is busy most of the time with challenges. In the professions that stand out, David can be chemical engineering, mathematics, human resources, etc.

Most professions that stand or the like David, are those who need their utmost dedication, naming, for example, the sector of services and public relations. He is highlighted as a reasonable person in his position due to his personality and great responsibility.

Life’s Opportunities:

In the workplace, David is an intelligent and enterprising person, loves to learn new things, so any challenge seems interesting. He tends to take the objectives of his work as something very personal, using all his potential to achieve them, because when he does, he feels satisfied with himself. He is a person who needs to have his mind occupied with new challenges since routine work makes him lose interest and causes boredom. He feels comfortable in professions related to the service sector, focused on public relations since he likes to know how people act.

Spiritual Meaning of the name David:

The spiritual meaning of the name David suggests that he is a leader. The sign of Aries influences David’s character. Behind his harsh air hides a nice man. Sociable, he easily integrates into a group. Intelligent, he knows how to take advantage of his relationships to achieve his goals.

Authoritarian, he does not like domination and prefers to set up his own business rather than being under the orders of someone. He wants to be the leader and does everything to become and stay. Frank, he prefers to confess directly to a person his four truths instead of keeping them for him. Although he tends to criticize, he has difficulty recognizing his own mistakes.

David loves competition and does not hesitate to redouble his efforts to show his originality and skills. He is not resentful. However, he needs time to forgive. Of a complex nature, David can punish as hard as he can love.

David can be Hyperactive

David likes to be in the heat of the moment. He wants to act faster than his shadow. Failure does not destabilize it. Methodical, he always finds a plan B when his action plan does not succeed.


Anyone called David is interested in professions revolving around art, ICT, and politics. He may also be interested in journalism. David loves change. Resourceful, he always finds an opportunity in every situation. Passionate, he can run two hares at a time when he likes what he does.


David has his principles and never departs from them. Demanding, he tends to impose his ideas. Enthusiastic, he is dynamic and works hard to obtain satisfactory results. Although he sometimes asks his loved ones for advice, David often follows his intuitions. David is associated with Opal, stone evoking joy, diplomacy, and health.

Traditional Color for the name David:

David is represented by the green, symbol of freedom and obstinacy. It means that he transmits patient and emotional well-being. A person with a preference to use these tones can be one that, in their day to day is peaceful, orderly and patient.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name David:

Lucky Numbers: The 4 brings luck to David. 4 is related to individuals who seek reality and sincerity above all, they are direct, realistic, fearless and quite meticulous people. What you see is what is available. They usually outsource everything they feel and all the plans they want to make. They do not trust what they cannot see and do not often believe in what is not demonstrably true.

Flowers and Foods for the name David:

The flower for the name David is Gannets: Your presence is like that of a goddess, you are a leader, and you have power over others. Your bearing is beautiful and delicate, projecting dynamism and elegance. Even if you were in sandals and without makeup, you know how to look elegant because that is what you transmit.

Famous People Last Names with the name David:

  • David A. Siqueiros: Mexican painter and theorist (1896-1974)
  • David ARQUETTE: actor, notably played in “Scream.”
  • David Ben Gurion: Israeli politician (1886-1973)
  • David BENNETT: German actor, notably played in “Le Tambour.”
  • David Arquette – actor
  • David Bauer – hockey player
  • David Carr – football player
  • David Carradine – actor


The main pitfall to avoid for David is to fall into waiting or flapping. David needs a good mental structure, subject to a strong discipline of life and a stable family to realize itself fully, and so everything will be possible to him.


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