Meaning of the name Daniel

Meaning of the name Daniel

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Meaning of the name DanielWhat is the Meaning of the Name Daniel?

Daniel is one of the most famous names among the Christian community. Upon researching, I found out that the meaning of the name Daniel is one of the most admired names around.

Meaning of the name Daniel: Daniel is considered one of the most important names in Abrahamic religions. Its origin is Hebrew. It’s meaning is “God is my strength.”

This name has a Hebrew origin. Its name comes from the word Dāniyyêl. This word is in many manuscripts. Of course, thanks to the evolution of the language, the name is more comfortable to write. Daniel’s name means friendship, closeness or closeness. As you can see, the name has several meanings, but they all show that Daniel’s personality is going to be very friendly.

The origin for the meaning of the name Daniel:

This name has a Hebrew origin. Its name comes from the word Dāniyyêl. This word is in many manuscripts. Of course, thanks to the evolution of the language, the name is more comfortable to write. Daniel’s name means friendship, closeness or closeness.

As you can see, the name has several meanings, but they all show that Daniel’s personality is going to be very friendly. Of the historical figures, we could highlight Daniel the prophet, who is undoubtedly the most relevant historical figure. However, he is not the first “Daniel” named in the Bible, since before him there were two more men with the same name and in different times, which shows relatively frequent use of this name in Hebrew antiquity.

Local Origin of the name Daniel:

Multiple variations of Daniel are in Basque, Italian, Hungarian, Israeli, Czech, Swiss, French, Finnish, Ukrainian, and Spanish language.

Different Country Variations of Daniel:

  • Danele (Basque)
  • Daneil (Eastern European)
  • Daniele (Italian)
  • Dacso (Hungarian)
  • Daniyel, Dani (Israeli)
  • Danko, Dano, Danek (Czech)
  • Danila, Danil, Daniell, Daniil, Danya, Danilka, Danylo (Russian) Dainéal, Dainial (Irish Gaelic)
  • Taneli (Finnish)
  • Dannel (Swiss)
  • Donelo, Danialo, Nilo, Nelo (Spanish)
  • Danilo (Ukranian)
  • Danial (French)
  • Daneel (Dutch)
  • Deiniol (Welsh)
  • Daniels (Latvian)

Nicknames of the name Daniel:

Nicknames Related to the name Daniel Include;

  • Danal
  • Danyal,
  • Dan,
  • Danyel,
  • Dannie,
  • Danny,
  • Daneal,
  • Dane.


Daniel is one of the most famous names. It has the quality of being a classic name that in turn continues to be modern. In 2007 it became the name of the most placed child, a total of 6,755 children with this name throughout Spain. There is a total of 290613 men whose name is Daniel, which means a percentage of 12.722% of the total population, with an average age of 26.0 years worldwide. In the United States, it is the 15th most popular name. There are 606.92 people named DANIEL for every 100,000 Americans.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Daniel:

While you have stable conditions in your life, you may encounter a few issues in business through an inclination to dissipate. Any medical problems would appear as the pressure in the sensory system due to stress. Individuals with challenges are attracted to you as they remember you as one who gives sensitivity as some valuable guidance or help.

You have a liberal quality to your temperament. Daniel should be cautious against giving more than you get or you will wind up managing without because you have helped another person. Be that as it may, there is a propensity to accept a weight of duty regarding others, which prompts stress. The name of Daniel is powerful, optimistic and helpful, driven to desire to be an administrator to inspire humankind overall. You adore individuals, family, home, and companions and endeavor to be a parent to the entire human race.

Emotional Spectrum:

Your personality is full of charm. You are a person who will always be the center of attention. Your character screams grace, loyalty, and admiration. You can never fail in impressing people through your ideas. You sometimes feel like you are too unique for the world. The mind will always set you apart from the rest of the world. When you feel like you are not sure what to do, give yourself some time and think about everything. The answer to all your queries is in your self. Only you can find out the answer to the questions. You will always impress people in your area and field. Your emotional control is remarkable. Use it in your favor!

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Daniel:

Daniel is dependable and liberal. An admirer of his family who thinks about them and endeavors to fulfill others. He is generous and requires warmth to be upbeat. He looks for the endorsement of others, particularly maternal and fatherly and likes to feel better and bolstered by them. Daniel with his friends is genuine and is even ready to point the finger at himself for something he didn’t do to spare a friend. He gets a kick out of the chance to feel some companionship.

Then again, in this plane (the cherishing) more often than not gives more than what he gets. However, this isn’t an issue.  He gets a kick out of the chance to make a great deal with his accomplice, making it delicate. It is additionally sorted out and concrete. He has a scientific personality and can have extraordinary thoughts. Daniel tends to put the prosperity of others above. He is likewise an agreeable individual who deals with his loved ones and who trusts effortlessly in others.


You encounter genuine troubles conveying your feelings. Daniel has a tangled emotional world. You can be horrid and happy meanwhile and never anytime acknowledge it which impacts your association with others. Daniel is a closed book. You like keeping insider certainties. He would lean toward not representing yourself to people. You acknowledge the life and having some great occasions. Indeed, you are subject to them. Without fun, you can’t relax.

Travel and Leisure for the meaning of the name Daniel:

Traveling is not your domain. You prefer to stay in the city at your apartment and enjoy the cozy winters. You cannot be a famous hitchhiker. Your passion for arts and design will make your stay at home and work on your projects. You would rather sit on a sofa and read a book with a hot cup of coffee.

Career and Money:

You are a trustworthy and down-to-earth person. You know how to lead people, and people will follow you. Your kind nature will attract many people to you. This quality will help you in becoming a good businessman. You can run a business significantly. You can generate leads and draw the right amount of customers. Your employees will always be happy with you. People will love working for you which will enhance the productivity of your organization. Hence, you will never run after money in your life. You will always find money running after you.

Life’s Opportunities:

First, people named Daniel are the ones closest to God. Second, they have this charm and luck of having millions of opportunities in their life. Third. If your name is Daniel, never get upset. Your life is full of possibilities. You can pick any of them and lead a happy and pleasant experience as you desire. Lastly, you will find millions of doors of opportunity.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Daniel:

Daniel was an observed Jewish researcher and ace mediator of dreams.; He traveled to Babylon after the annihilation of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. He is renowned for effectively deciphering the famous “writing on the wall” and marvelously enduring the lions’ cave. His book is the ordinance of sacrosanct Jewish compositions.

Of the historical figures, we could highlight Daniel the prophet, who is undoubtedly the most relevant historical figure. However, he is not the first “Daniel” named in the Bible, since before him there were two more men with the same name and in different times, which shows relatively frequent use of this name in Hebrew antiquity.

Traditional Color for the name Daniel:

Yellow and White are the colors for people named Daniel. Where Yellow color represents the joy and the light a person or an object carries, the white color represents the cleanliness. Daniel is a person who enjoys his life and lives with elegance. He knows how to blend these two and make the best out of it. You will never see a person named Daniel upset. People admire his personality, and many want to become like him. He is a role model of many.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Daniel:

The Expression number is 9: Your little nine wants to play the elder sibling. He is a well admired elder brother. They are incredibly touchy to the necessities of others, exceptionally sympathetic. Nines are frequently inventive, marvelous and aesthetically capable. Socially naturally, your young nine may end up to be extremely mindful about being green and offering back to the earth. Continuously urge your little nine to be social and engaged as they are not stable in these territories.

The Soul Urge number is 6: Soul urge six children love to feel required. They go towards the energy about others. Number sixes feel most satisfied when the majority of their diligent work will get the acknowledgment of people around them.

The Personality number is 3: Personality three youngsters see life as a gathering. They anticipate an active nature brimming with fun, immediacy, and imagination. Threes love to chuckle and to make individuals snicker and have an upbeat route about them.

Flowers for the meaning of the name Daniel:

The traditional flowers for the name Daniel are Daisy and Carnation. Carnation symbolizes beauty and pride. People named Daniel to take pride in characters and skills. Their life is full of challenges which they overcome perfectly. They know their personality has the charm and the talent to make all the impossible things possible. Daisy symbolizes innocence and honesty. It is relatively useless to find a person named Daniel who is not entirely loyal to their people. People trust Daniel.

Famous People Last Names with the name Daniel:

There are many famous people with the name Daniel.

  • Daniel Leroy Baldwin, American actor
  • Novelist Daniel Defoe, English novelist
  • Daniel “Dan” Beard, founder of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Husband Daniel Parke Custis, first husband of U.S. First Lady Martha Washington
  • Daniel Webster, American politician
  • Pioneer Daniel Boone, American pioneer
  • Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Lloyd Danielson), American professional wrestler
  • Son Daniel Parke Custis, Jr., son of Daniel Custis and Martha Washington
  • Daniel C. Roberts (1841-1907), hymnist
  • Actor Daniel César Martín Brühl (González Domingo), German-Spanish actor
  • Daniel, Biblical prophet
  • Son Daniel, son of King David and Abigail (1 Chr. 3:1)
  • Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket, American novelist
  • Actor Daniel Dae Hyun Kim, Korean-American actor
  • Daniel Ruggles, U.S. Confederate general
  • Cheif Daniel, chief of the sons of Ithamar (Ezra 8:2)
  • Daniel Lemkus, vegan lifestyle YouTuber from New Zealand.

What is the Meaning of the Name Daniel?

The meaning of the name Daniel is quite lovely and pleasant. We all know at least one Daniel in our lives, here you will find out everything about the meaning of the name Daniel.

The Meaning of the name Daniel: The name Daniel derives from the Hebrew “dayan” and “el.” The translation for the meaning of the name Daniel is “judge and God.” The name is hugely simplified in all the cultures and countries of the world. It is very much likely that someone you know may have Daniel as their given name.

Daniel is a person of integrity, and there are many exciting things that you can learn about the meaning of the name Daniel. Continue reading to find out more.

Origin of the name Daniel:

The name Daniel is derived from the Hebrew Dayan and el. Daniel means “judged by God.” Christianity allowed the first name Daniel to become popular and famous. According to the Old Testament, Daniel is a prophet, thrown twice in the lions’ den. Spared by these felines, he has always escaped unscathed. His birthday is honored on December 17th. Daniel the Stylite is a Syrian monk. He is known to have spent thirty years of his life at the top of a column to pray to God.

Born in 409 in Syria, Daniel becomes a monk and adopts the style of life of the Stylites, fools of God recluse voluntarily on the top of a column, exposed to all the bad weather. Great characters come to consult him while climbing to the scale. He died at his post in 493 at the age of 84, after remaining 33 years on his column, without ever getting off.

Local Origin of the name Daniel:

The meaning of Daniel is unique, since its purpose is based on the root Dan, which means “judge” and in the term El, which is related to the divine, therefore, Daniel means “Judge of the divine,” or “Sacred justice. “Sincerity, closeness, friendship or family are some of the meanings attributed to this name. It is a trendy name because of the character named Daniel in the Bible in the book of Daniel and the way he was saved from the cave of the lions because of his faith in God. The name became popular after the Crusades and had remained popular ever since.

Different Country Variations of Daniel:

• Arabic: D? Niy? L

• Armenian: Daniel

• Basque: Dane

• Breton: Deniel

• Bulgarian: Danail

• Croatian and Slovenian: Danijel

• Czech and Slovak: Daniel

• Dutch: Daniël

• Finnish: Daniel

• Georgian: Danieli

• German, English, and French: Daniel

• Greek: Daniél

• Hebrew: Daniyyel/ D? Niyyêl

• Hungarian: Dániel

• Icelandic: Daníel

• Irish: Dainéal, Daniél, Dónall

• Italian: Daniele

• Japanese: Daniel

• Lithuanian: Danielius

• Persian: D? Niy? L/ Danial

• Persian: Dani

• Portuguese: Daniel

• R? Maji: Danieru

• Romanian: Daniel

• Russian: Daniil

• Sardo: Danièli

• Serbian: Danilo

• Swedish: Daniel

• Syriac: Daniyel

• Turkish: Danyal

• Welsh: Deiniol

Nicknames of the name Daniel:

Dani/ Danny/ Dan/ Danni/ Danna/ Danjo/ Dane/ Dima/ Danu/ Dati/ Dana


One of the virtues of this name is its almost the same writing and pronunciation in the most spoken languages of the world, such as English, Spanish, German and French. This simplifies its internationalization and understanding in almost all the world. That is why we can find a Daniel in any part of the planet.

After the Second World War, the first name Daniel quickly became popular. There are currently more than 998,000 Daniel throughout the US. Several names were inspired by Daniel including Daniela, Dany, Danielle, Dan, Danielo and Danitza.

Personality Traits:

Daniel has two personalities, the first: calm, peaceful, smooth and the second much more tormented, fighting for his life, in his presence. Influenceable, personal, [first name] must fight against a certain wait-and-see attitude that characterizes it. Victim of introversion that leads him to retreat on himself, his motto: “today can be or tomorrow” If he sometimes shows confidence in him, it is more by blindness than by real spirit of conquest, or else by total bursting, but the situation must really require it, so that Daniel take things in hand. Daniel does not want to complicate life and will obediently follow the “herd,” its morality is that of the majority, quiet, without surprise. A powerful intuition characterizes Daniel, and it feels the coming storms,

Daniel is trustworthy

People with the name Daniel usually tend to be honest and are quite generous. They are also characterized by being people with high sensitivity, where they always need the affection of their family and friends to find full happiness.

It is usually quite open, has an entirely analytical mind, is concrete, realistic and organized in their things…, Thanks to this can achieve success through their excellent ideas because it can turn something small into large with a simple thought. Tends to give importance to material things, but always putting the welfare of others above

Daniel and his Important Traits

The traits that most define Daniel are his sincerity, closeness, generosity, and sensitivity. In general, Daniel is usually quite open-minded and organized. His greatest against is his sensitivity sometimes extreme if he is not able to control it since he needs the approval of the people around him and his mood often depends on the opinions that he has from others.

Emotional Spectrum:

The meaning of the name Daniel in terms of emotions reveals that he has a weak emotional side. Daniel is a worried man who needs to reassure himself, to watch himself as he spends his life. For him, friendship is sacred and synonymous with tranquility. These reactions are a little dampened, and Daniel is a phlegmatic sentimental whose emotionality is not supported by a high activity.

Personal Integrity:

Daniel is a charming man and pleasant to live in. He is sociable and adapts quickly to all situations that come his way. Smiling, he has no problem to be loved by those around him. Tolerant, he is open-minded and very understanding. Daniel seems untouchable and always in a good mood, but deep down, he is particularly sensitive. He does not like to complain and does not want to bore his family with his problems. As a result, he prefers to suffer in silence and face his demons alone.

The meaning of the name Daniel in Ideology

Daniel flourishes with his family. Evolving in an environment filled with discord and violence can disrupt him and push him to flee or retreat. Daniel is an idealist who wants to live in a serene and happy world. He wants everyone to live in peace, be happy and everyone lacks nothing. Also, he does his best to contribute to creating a better world. He does not hesitate to commit himself as a volunteer in NGOs to help the neediest and the victims of natural disasters. Humanitarian-focused professions may be of interest to him.

Daniel is sentimental

Daniel is a hugely emotional person. He is not the kind of man who likes to flutter. When he is really in love, he is ready to do anything to make his partner happy. He wants to live a stable relationship and plans to start a family. His feelings make him blind and emotionally dependent on his companion. To be unfaithful to him is to destabilize him and destroy all his hopes for a better future. Indeed, he is quickly overwhelmed by his feelings, one of his most significant flaws.

Daniel’s Generosity

He respects the trust he has been given. Being generous, he does not hesitate to help his relatives. Thoughtful, he never makes a hasty decision. It tends to analyze the situation in which it engages before acting. Sure of his abilities, he continually seeks to progress. Faithful, Daniel is a romantic looking for a stable relationship.


The meaning of Daniel concerning his friends and family

Daniel with his friends is usually unconditional and is even able to blame himself for something he did not do to save a friend, it feels great to be part of a group and that his ideas are taken into account.

With his friends and family, he is generous, he always cares about them, attends to them and tries to satisfy himself by dedicating as much time as possible.

Daniel needs attention from others to achieve his happiness, he is a friendly person who takes excellent care of the people he cares about, he trusts people quickly, and this can cause him to suffer some disappointments with ease

The meaning of Daniel in love

The meaning of the name Daniel in love suggests that he has a unique ability to identify his partner’s feelings. This sometimes causes him to focus too much on the other person and forget himself until his emotions surpass him and he can end up in drama.

With his partner usually quite affectionate and often gives more than what he receives, but for this, it is not at all a problem, because as we mentioned before the so-called Daniel could be very generous in any aspect of their lives. He likes to connect a lot spiritually with his partner and with other people, being sweet and sensitive.

Daniel in Friends and Family

In friendship, it is simple relationships, often make friends easily thanks to your kindness. He is very generous with his friends and dedicates all the time he can, although he also needs the attention of others to be happy.

He cares a lot about his family, he is very close and develops close bonds of trust. She feels fulfilled attending to her family, although her sensitivity makes it sometimes cause dramatic and uncomfortable situations.

Career and Money:

Their ideas are related to the improvement and general welfare of a population, whether in science, medicine or the humanities.

Daniel is friendly and always seeks justice, so in the workplace, it is easy to get involved in work related to the welfare of the population, whether in medicine, science or humanities.

Life’s Opportunities:

Daniel is a curious person who wants to know everything. He likes to cultivate himself and does not count his time or money to become the best in his field.

Daniel is in a constant quest for material security. He wants to live in a cozy cocoon and protect his family from need. As a result, he does not hesitate to work hard. He needs to escape or go on a trip to relax and take a step back. Monotony kills him slowly. He needs to change and to see his friends flourish.

Perfectionist, Daniel is demanding in both professional and private life. He wants things to be well done and looks after them. His sense of communication can lead him to trades around the business, media and public relations.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Daniel:

Daniel’s character is very similar to that of the natives of Cancer. He seeks comfort and wants to live free from need. This guy tries as best he can to realize his dreams with the means he has and does his best to make his family happy.

These people are known for their kindness. He is warm with his family and is very affectionate. Sensitive in nature, A person named Daniel does not stand up to sharp criticisms and arguments. However, proudly, he tries to hide his weaknesses behind his bright and calm look. Rancorous, he has difficulty forgiving the harm done to him.

A person named Daniel tends to become overprotective with his family and is jealous of his girlfriend. This great romantic can excel, to do incredible things or plan a weekend for two or outings to restaurants to impress his partner and convince her to stay with him.

Loving Father

The meaning of the name Daniel as a father suggests that he is understanding and attentive to his children. He works hard to put them on the same footing as their friends. However, he knows how to set a limit to his kindness. It is sometimes authoritarian to put them on the right path and to push them to give the best of themselves to become responsible and respectable adults.

Like all Cancer, he aspires to live in a serene atmosphere. Simple and elegant, he has no problem to be respected.

If Daniel were to be a gem, he would be the Topaz. This stone symbolizes kindness and originality. It brings well-being and courage to the wearer.

Traditional Color for the name Daniel:

Daniel is associated with the yellow, a symbol of warmth and joy of life. This color also evokes knowledge and friendship. Also, yellow represents the ego and power.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Daniel:

The number associated with Daniel is 9. Lucky numbers: The numbers 17, 26 and 35 bring luck to Daniel. The meaning of the name Daniel in terms of numerology explains that he has great success. Daniel is supposed to receive several amazing opportunities in life, and he will be able to seize them if he keeps his eyes open.

Flowers and Foods for the name Daniel:

The flower for the name Daniel is Wildflowers. If there is something that is noticeable about you and you let it out, you are unpredictable. You are a free spirit, you are always looking for new adventures, and you are excited to think about what new surprise life will give you. You are outgoing and very funny.

Famous People Last Names with the name Daniel:

  • Daniel AUTEUIL: Comedian
  • Daniel BALAVOINE: French author, singer, and composer (1952 – 1986)
  • Daniel Baldwin – actor
  • Daniel BALDWIN: actor, notably played in “Vampires.”
  • Daniel BARENBOIM: French Conductor
  • Daniel Day-Lewis – actor
  • Daniel Radcliffe – actor
  • Daniel Webster – author


A discrete will that manifests itself on certain occasions, sound morality and a present, protective and loving entourage characterize Daniel and are the guarantors of its success.


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