Meaning of the name Cora

Meaning of the name Cora

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Meaning of the name CoraWhat is the Meaning of the Name Cora?

With my research, I’ve pulled out some fantastic interpretations of the meaning of the name Cora. If you are looking for any information on the meaning of the name Cora, this is the right page to learn everything.

Meaning of the name Cora: the meaning of the name Cora is “Maiden.” The origin of the name Cora is Greek, and it comes from the Greek word “Kore,” which means a girl or a maiden. The name became much popular in English speaking countries after the American writer, James Fenimore Cooper used it in her book named “The last of the Mohicans,” giving the name to a beautiful dark-haired heroine.

There are some other cool and interesting facts and information associated with the name Cora. Continue reading to learn more about the meaning of the name Cora.

Origin of the name Cora:

Cora is most likely a variant of Corinna. Corinna originates in the Greek language and means “maiden.” Corinna was the name of an ancient Greek poet, as well as a pseudonym of the English poet Elizabeth Thomas. Although with different spelling was popularized by the 1994 film Corrina Corrina starring Whoopi Goldberg. The name Cora was popularized by James Fenimore Cooper in her novel The Last Mohican.

Local Origin of the name Cora:

The etymological provenance of Cora is little known at present; it is only known that it derives from a Greek name. Cora is a name out of the ordinary, and few people have designated this name. It can be used for both sexes.

Different Country Variations of Cora:

The name Cora can be found in ancient Greek, German, French, Greek, Portuguese, Romanesque, and Spanish Probable meaning; Greek “kore” = the girl, but also as an independent short form of various names that begin with “Cor.” “The girl / the virgin” (Greek) OR “the hearted one” (Latin) OR “strong as a horn” or “from the family of Cornelius” (Latin); Nebenform of Kora, a short form of Cordula and Cornelia. Cora is a musical instrument in West Africa, a 21-page harp-lute.Cora from Romanesque: Corazon = the heart

Nicknames of the name Cora:

Coco/ Cori/ Coci/ Coro


Cora is a popular name in the US and other English-speaking countries. However, it is unique at the same time. Several celebrities also used the name as their stage name.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Cora:

Freely independent and unethical, they are very intuitive. Rather dreamy, they charm by their softness and their sensuality. Serious, hardworking, they do not lack humor. They stand out for their discretion but are not erased. On the contrary, they are very present, active and productive. Their perseverance makes them successful.

The features that most define Cora are her energy, authority, and courage. If they propose it, they acquire a great intellectuality since they love the possible and the impossible. They adapt to any situation, fighting for what they want since they need to feel fulfilled and improve personally and professionally.

At work, Cora is generous, always looking for ways to help society. But her best practice will not be done by serving others, but from positions of power. Being subordinated to another who exercises authority costs him, becoming irritating. For this reason, she can be an excellent political leader. She works well leading a team and knows how to accept the proposals of others if she considers them better than her own. She is impulsive and courageous in her plans, creating ambitious projects. The problem is that sometimes she feels misunderstood or poorly supported and this creates a lot of frustration.

With her friends, she is very friendly and adapts quickly to any situation and plan that they propose.

More about the personality of the name Cora

She feels a great affection for her family, doing everything possible to make them happy. However, her ambitions and impulsiveness can cause her family not to understand her, and before this, she is very susceptible and disappointed. As a mother, she plays a somewhat distant role, but always concerned about the education of her children.

In love, Cora is a passionate woman, but very demanding with her partner. Sometimes even possessive and somewhat jealous. It compensates, on the other hand, the fact of being very romantic believes in the magic of love and unravels in detail with your partner in a completely disinterested, to show how important it is for him.

Attractive and zesty, challenging to resist Cora whose spirit is adventurous, exciting and therefore not easy. Especially since Cora goes headlong and often finds herself in very complicated situations that she has trouble getting out of. Extroverted, everything is exteriorized at home and Cora has a real need for contact with the world. Possessive, she loves having subjects and Cora has such self-confidence that she is considered a proud person. Always in motion and therefore difficult to follow, Cora always has complicated plans and even sometimes Machiavellian in mind, especially since it has a fertile imagination. Cora needs to see to believe and her morality is often variable. A fairly average intuition which Cora uses little,

Emotional Spectrum:

Cora perfectly controls her emotions, which perfectly supports her strong activity. Cora is a true cult of friendship and despite her strong desire for independence, she dreams no better than being surrounded by her friends. Remarkable, when things do not take the direction that Cora wants, she needs a manager on whom she blames for any failure. Oppositional, not in principle, but because Cora thinks to hold, alone, the exact vision of things and situations, it is very subjective.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Cora:

Cora is unstoppable, and any setbacks or hesitations of the Other are perceived as a failure. Nothing stops her and too bad for those who do not want or can not follow her. Very active, with Cora it must move, she and her entourage. Very catchy and ambitious, she is naturally attracted by the exhilarating professions and why not risky. She adapts herself very well to situations as long as she is master of them, but much less easily when they depend on the will of others and thus experience difficulties about discipline and hierarchy.

Cora has the vitality that goes with her temperament, that is to say: explosive. But like any memorable character, health is subject to a very active and often unbalanced life. Although this passion sometimes scares the entourage of Cora, she is, despite everything, always surrounded because, with her, something is still happening. If Cora is excessive, her enterprising side always wins. This dynamism invades Cora, each parameter of its character. She has a real passion for life that is both endearing and disturbing.

More about the personal integrity of the name Cora

Her intelligence is much more practical than “brilliant,” it is put at the service of her actions. Cora has a superficial knowledge that allows her to immediately have an overview of situations, not bothering with details, which can nevertheless play tricks on him.

Quite versatile regarding affection, Cora binds, unties very easily and very quickly; we can not expect from her a constant and regular tenderness. Her affectivity is a mixture of friendship, sensoriality, and sexuality, which does not leave indifferent and does not go unnoticed.

Everything about her is a call to sensuality. Cora sometimes gives way to violent impulses; she is passionate, angry and adventurous. For Cora, it’s all or nothing; it’s a sensuality based on the notion that gives it a life hectic in this area and only a great love can slow down.


Cora is a fickle person in love. Today she can love intensely, and tomorrow she can feel that the person next to her is a hindrance to her life plans. For this reason, the effective relationships of Cora are not satisfactory, nor lasting. This situation can get worse if in your past there has been a history of family dysfunction.

Now, not everything is negative for Cora in the love aspect. If you spend time and effort in this area, Cora can get a stable relationship, although it will always have ups and downs. When she decides to give up her heart, she could feel in prison and often feel the desire to flee. However, this attitude is the result of a fear that her heart will get hurt.


If Cora develops in her childhood in a functional family, she will be able to keep the link in the future. Otherwise, it will put the sea and land in between. The reason is that Cora understands that she needs to establish relationships that favor her personal development.

Also, if it turns out to come from a dysfunctional family, Cora will have a hard time forming a stable family. However, she strives to achieve it, and love for them will be the key to achieving it. The family issue makes Cora vulnerable, but when she matures and confronts her weaknesses, she can overcome her traumas.


Career and Money for the meaning of the name Cora:

Even when their effective relationships are dormant, this is not the case with studies. Cora shows with her acts that her priority in adolescence is studied. Reaching academic goals could compensate for the failure in their interpersonal relationships. Cora dreams of getting very far, in the professional field, that’s why she makes an effort in studies.

Take the initiative in large-scale projects. Take the voice of hand in group work, because you know how to develop as a leader. Although she likes to have fun with her friends, Cora is not distracted from her studies, which often causes her to miss the fun.


Since Cora has made a supernatural effort to gain experience in her work, she always stands out from her peers. Your employer is happy with your willingness to solve any need that arises. She earns the respect of colleagues, subordinates, and bosses because she acts with honesty and respect.

Any profession that performs it will execute with work ethic. On the other hand, you need to have not only a right attitude but also aptitude. Otherwise, you will fail. You can stand out more in professions related to the management and administration of companies. Also, as it is expressed before large audiences, social communication and journalism could also be a trade for Cora.

Life’s Opportunities:

Cora loves to develop all aspects of her academic life. Enriching your vocabulary and approaching the sciences is your passion. It is usually distracting in that world of thoughts that make it escape, and this is the reason for some attention calls.

However, the effort with which he dedicates himself to having good grades rewards those mental “lapses.” His companions are very fond of him, although some fear of approaching him. And it is that his personality reflects from time to time a few great expressions of egotism in a schoolgirl.

In her work, she will dedicate herself to giving the best of herself, even when her effort is not well paid. She considers the recognition of her bosses as an exemplary employee of great value. When she does not succeed, she feels disappointed in herself and tries to improve what is needed.

His co-workers make him a leader. However, on more than one occasion this brings you problems. His egocentrism can develop in this case, although he knows how to recognize the excellent work of his colleagues. Even so, an important position always generates envy around him.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Cora:

Cora originated in German as an independent short form of ‘Cordula,’ ‘Cordelia’ and ‘Cornelia.’ Another possible derivation: from the Greek name ‘Kore’ meaning ‘girl, virgin.”Kore’ was another name for Persephone, a Greek goddess of the underworld

The character of Cora is similar to that of the natives of Sagittarius. She feels a great thirst for freedom. Cora does not like going out with a strict and severe man. She is looking for an understanding, caring and stable partner, emotionally as well as materially.

Hypocrisy is a defect that Cora refuses to adopt. She is frank and direct, a character much appreciated by her superiors.

Warm, she is generous with his family and capable of great sacrifices. Cora is enthusiastic about everything she does. She loves competition and does not get discouraged easily.

Authoritarian, she is methodical and able to hold a position of responsibility. She is demanding and fussy. In love, she is loyal and jealous. She does not hesitate to release her feline side to defend her marriage.

The Topaz is the gemstone that suits Cora the most. She evokes her fiery temperament and originality.

Traditional Color for the name Cora:

Red is the color that best reflects Cora’s character. She can love with passion, severely punish and protect her as a lioness.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Cora:

Lucky numbers: The numbers 9, 14, 33 and 40 are fortunate to Cora.

Flowers and Foods for the name Cora:

Your flower is Gerberas. It means that you are a good friend and a happy person. You may seem a bit shy, but everyone knows that you are quite extroverted when you set out to do so. You have strong decisions. However, you are not one of those who try to convince others that you have the right opinion. In part, you are one of those who “live and let live.”

Famous People Last Names with the name Cora:

  • Artist Cora Brooks – artist
  • Cora Frost (actress, singer & writer)
  • Character Cora Hale (the character from the series Teen Wolf)
  • Cora Lansquenet (a character from the movie “Miss Marple: The Wax Bouquet”)
  • Writer Cora Mitchel – writer
  • Cora Sandel – writer
  • Wife Cora Schuhmacher (wife of Ralf Schuhmacher)
  • Kora (figure from “The Legend of Kora”)


Cora is constantly questioning and challenging others. If it is difficult to live with Cora, it is very boring to live without.


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