Meaning of the name Cole

Meaning of the name Cole

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Meaning of the name ColeWhat is the Meaning of the Name Cole?

The meaning of the name Cole has been a little hard to find. However, we have come up with some fascinating and unusual facts and interpretations for the meaning of the name Cole.

Meaning of the name Cole: The meaning of the name Cole is “young boy” or “From the triumphant people.” The origin of the name Cole is primarily English, and it can be considered as the short form or pet form of the name Nicholas, and it has been derived from the Old English. The name has been popular in the US and English-speaking countries.

There are lots of more exciting and beautiful facts about the meaning of the name Cole. If you are interested in getting to know about the personality of a person named Cole, keep on reading to learn about different interpretations for the meaning of the name Cole.

Origin of the name Cole:

Cole is an English name which is derived from the Old English, and it is used as the pet name for anyone who is named Nicholas. It is primarily an Anglo-Saxon form of Nicolas. It comes from the Greek “niké and Laos” means: “victory and people.” Cole is celebrated on December 6th.

Local Origin of the name Cole:

Cole is an English name derived from the Old English “tail,” which means “coal or black.” It could also be an abbreviated version of the ancient Greek name Nicola. Born in Asia Minor around 270, Nicholas was elected Bishop of Myre, Turkey. He participated in the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in 325 and suffered much from the persecution of Diocletian. He died in prison on December 6, around 350. In the eleventh century, the relics of St. Nicholas are transferred to Italy, thus fleeing the Muslim advance. The legend makes it a very popular saint since it even goes so far as to replace Santa Claus.

Different Country Variations of Cole:

Catalan: col

Croatian: kupus

Czech: Cole

Danish: cole

Dutch: cole

Estonian: Cole

Finnish: rapsi

French: Cole

Galician: col

German: Cole

Nicknames of the name Cole:

Coley/ Coli


The name is extremely popular as a pet name for Nicholas. It is also used independently and its considered to be among the most common names in the US and many other parts of the world.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Cole:

They always dream of a perfect world and do a lot of projects, but they do not always succeed. Proud, distant, they cannot stand mediocrity. They are very active men who undertake many things at once. Calm, weighted, tolerant, they are endowed with an astonishing cold blood. They have a chef’s soul and like to control. They are safe friends, but they seek solitude and tranquility more.

Phlegmatic Sentimental, Cole is patient, obstinate and often discreet in his actions, while being very efficient, obstinate and persevering. His animal totem “the ox” symbolizes this idea well, Cole is a force of nature that tends to go headlong and lead others in its wake by always using an influential but firm diplomacy. Extrovert, Cole actively participates in the life of the company and does not hesitate if it is necessary to pay off his person. Not easily influenced, very objective, reasonably confident, it happens to him to be shyness. Cole is a man of principle, and his morality is remarkable. To follow his values is to be serious, he is uncompromising, without weakness.

Inimical to daydreams and loneliness, the Cole seduces those around them with their natural charm and kindness. They stand out for their sense of friendship and solidarity. They are always in search of perfection, bordering on utopia. The Cole, by their evasive and dreamy side, tend to get lost in their illusions. Possessing a fertile imagination, they fail to distinguish the reality of the dream. Sensitive, they take refuge in artificial paradises and move away from the crowd. Cole favors solitary places and regularly engage in introspection sessions. They cultivate their spiritual and thoughtful side by taking time to meditate on the world.

More personality traits for the name Cole:

Cole undertakes several projects simultaneously without reaching them. Enthusiastic and active, they do not show the same interest for each of their companies. Nevertheless, Cole is dynamic people who shy away from any form of idleness. Although they appreciate the moments of solitude, they are nonetheless active and passionate.

Franchising and honesty are among the qualities of Cole. They do not mince words and hate any form of hypocrisy. They thus demonstrate an authoritarian and quite demanding side. Cole appears intolerant but can show understanding. Their sense of analysis allows them to maintain their relationships. They are also impatient and expect immediate results. This impatience means that Cole does not always finish their projects. They become quite angry and develop a cyclothymic mood when their eagerness takes over.

Allocated to all forms of injustice, Cole is distinguished by his generosity and kindness. However, they tend to hide their emotions because they fear treason. Obstinate, they ardently defend their ideas and take out all the necessary artillery. The Cole cannot easily be influenced, and deviate as best they can off the beaten path. They generally take different ways from others. Farms, the Cole has a great sense of duty. They take pride in their responsibilities and stop at nothing when it comes to honoring a promise. Men of their word, they trust only those who deserve it.

Emotional Spectrum:

Cole is wary of this emotionality and this rather “feminine” inclination, and so is intuition. For him, friendship is sacred, and he devotes a real cult to his friends. Cole is patient and stubborn, and that’s how he reverses the obstacles, it does not mean that he is not capable of movement of mood and small rages, but it never lasts very long. Cole is not affected much by chess and prefers to retry things patiently rather than abandon them.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Cole:

Explosive, Cole is very voluntary, but his headshots do not always make enough progress. Cole wants to show that he exists and is ready for anything for that. Average enough while the will is powerful. This is explained by the fact that Cole is quite slow and discreet in his achievements, patiently he builds but does not always reach the end of his experiences, as the world, in which he evolves, goes fast. If at first, it has difficulties to adapt, once the machine is running, nothing stops it. Good health, a vitality of “beef,” in Cole the physical manages to dominate everything else.

Cole lives according to his instinct, which is very good, but be careful that he does not overestimate himself. Sociability not exceptional, but Cole always acts with a heart towards those around him, and he has a real sense of friendship. Its dynamism is more critical than its activity so that Cole tends to talk more than actually to undertake. He is sometimes, despite himself, trained in situations that he does not control where his actions are not always up to his conceptions.

More about the Cole name personality:

Cole must realize that he must not promise more than he can do. He does not know where his actions are not always up to his conceptions. Cole must understand that he must not guarantee more than he can do. He does not know where his actions are not still up to his notions. Cole must realize that he must not promise more than he can do.

Cole has an analytical intelligence that allows him to cut, decompose each situation; he uses it with high efficiency and without wanting to shine. He weighs everything he does, everything he says and advances only when he has the assurance that it is what must be done, that each modality has been studied, without any hurry.

Sometimes forced to sentimental repression, for lack of feminine psychology, Cole had trouble expressing his most intimate feelings. Nevertheless, when he loves he shows an attachment and dedication challenging to break.

Linked to its vitality, its sensuality is not always distinguished by its delicacy, that is to say, that its sensuality is much more quantitative than qualitative. His sexuality, meanwhile, does not pose any particular problem, it is dependent on his feelings.


Those who give their hearts to Cole may feel frustrated. Cole is not able to show his feelings openly. On the contrary, he tries, by all means, to escape from love, because he fears to surrender and getting hurt.

He is very reserved in his love relationships, so his relatives will know little about them. Cole does not have much success in love, and perhaps it is the reason why she is reluctant to surrender. If he were disappointed in love, it would cost Cole to get his heart back.

Cole is very attached to his brothers, much more than his parents. With them, it has a special relationship that lasts with the passage of time. He could have conflicts with one of his parents, in many cases, he tends to be the father. Despite this, she will be aware of the needs of his parents, especially when they are older.

As we have already seen, Cole is not successful in love. However, if he were to start a family, he would be a conflicted and uncooperative wife. As a mother, you can be extremely strong and rigorous in your standards. However, this is a product of the fear that causes him to think about the suffering of one of his offspring.

Travel and Leisure:

Cole loves to travel and often likes to spend time among other people. He is an extrovert and has amazing social skills.

Career and Money for the meaning of the name Cole:

Cole likes to read, study, analyze and carry out his learning in practice. He wants to keep constantly updated, especially in the technological field. She is a very active woman, so she could take several university courses at the same time.

Technological and cutting-edge careers are those that most attract this man. That’s why he may study programming, computer science, systems engineering, or similar jobs. Although in these stands out for his passion for them, he would not rule out other options. For example, Cole could be an excellent writer, novelist, or copywriter.

Cole is an entrepreneur by nature and strives to achieve each objective that is proposed. He is always looking to improve his life and work expectations. Even, it can determine the risks, and for that reason, it is good for business.

Concentration is one of his most significant abilities, and he exploits it in his work environment. He is bold, quick, but very efficient in everything he does. Cole does not skimp on his time when she is passionate about a profession. She could excel in jobs where she has to work with advanced technology electronic devices. Also, it would extract the juice to the business of investments in the stock market and handling large amounts of money.

Life’s Opportunities:

Cole shows a particular interest in the arts such as aesthetics, decoration, painting or sculpture. They possess a real sense of beauty and turn out to be great art lovers. On the sentimental side, Cole seems to be attached to their partner and their children. They have a great sense of family and do their best to ensure the material and emotional comfort of their loved ones. Fidelity and loyalty are among the most noticeable qualities of Cole both in professional and private life. However, their Achilles heel is probably their somewhat jealous and possessive side.

Several types of trades correspond to the profile of Cole. They can practice in the field of medicine, consulting, business or finance. They embody good managers and excellent bank agents. Cole can also move towards professions related to gastronomy, hotels or real estate. They flourish in areas attached to authority or power.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Cole:

The astrological sign corresponding to Cole’s description is Sagittarius. The natives are known for their warm, frank, even brittle nature. People with this sign are also recognized for their need for freedom, as their balance depends on it. Sagittarius and Cole have intelligence and determination in common.

Quartz refers to Cole’s personality. This stone expresses above all the mysterious, the stability and the responsibility. Quartz helps in the channeling of energy and the accomplishment of essential missions.

Traditional Color for the name Cole:

The color that most reflects the character traits of Cole is purple. He translates dream, delicacy, and meditation. It is also a favorite color for its positive meanings like peace and friendship.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Cole:

Cole is analytical, and very successful in life, thanks to the number 7.

Flowers and Foods for the name Cole:

Orchids: You are a perfectionist down to the smallest detail. For you, efficiency and organization are critical pillars in everything you do. Your good habits make you successful in your work, although sometimes you tend to leave family and effective relationships aside.

Famous People Last Names with the name Cole:

  • Brandon Cole (Pro Skateboarder)
  • Football player Cole Bennett – football player
  • Cole Farden – football player
  • Actor Cole Hauser – actor
  • Cole Mcgrath
  • Actor Cole Sprouse – actor


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