Meaning of the name Claire

Meaning of the name Claire

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Meaning of the name ClaireWhat is the Meaning of the Name Claire?

There is many etymological studies and data on the meaning of the name Claire. Here are some of the most exciting details about the meaning of the name Claire and its interpretation.

Meaning of the name Claire: From an etymological point of view, The meaning of the name Claire would be “Pure”, “Clear” and “Clean”. The origin of the name Claire is primarily Latin, and it comes from an adjective in ancient Latin word “Clarus” which means clear and bright. The name is popular all around the world, English speaking countries, and especially in the US, Italy and France.

There is more to learn about the meaning of the name Claire, as the meaning of the name can tell you a lot about the personality of an individual. Continue reading to find out the most amazing facts and information about the meaning of the name Claire.

Origin of the name Claire:

The Latin term from which the name Claire originated comes to mean: “that which is clean, pure and diaphanous”. It is also closely related to a Latin adjective previously used to refer to a convocation. One of the most outstanding qualities of Claire is her honesty, linked to a firm character. This makes her a woman with physical and moral integrity. Other of her beautiful virtues are related to her ability to express himself through speech. This innate talent is very useful for Claire at her workplace. Although what pleases her most is having free time to live experiences with her family and the beings she loves.

Local Origin of the name Claire:

Claire is a French form of Clara. Clara originates in the Latin language and means “bright and clear”. It is the female form of Clarus. Clara is a more modern spelling than before the spelling Clare was more frequent. Clare was the name of several saints being the most prominent Clara of Assisi of the founder of the Order of the Poor Clares. It can be translated as “glorious” or “illustrious”. Claire is also related to the word “clamo” whose meaning remains the same.

Born in a wealthy and noble family of Assisi around 1195, Claire cuts her beautiful blond hair and takes the veil at the Benedictines. Later, she placed herself under the authority of St. Francis and founded the order of the “Poor Ladies” who will be called the Poor Clares and who live in utter destitution. She died on August 11, 1255.

Different Country Variations of Claire:

The name Claire can be found in French, Italian and English languages apart from the ancient versions. A name derived only after the time of the Romans from the Latin word ‘clarus’ or its female form ‘clara’; known by the name of St.Clare of Assisi, the founder of the Order of the Clares

  • English Clare
  • In French Claire
  • Italian Chiara

Nicknames of the name Claire:

Clairchen/ Cleo/ Clary/ Clairi/ Clay/ Cley/ Cle/ Clairis/ Clairebar/ Clairechen/ Cleri/ Clairlie/ Clähar


Claire is a feminine given name clearly outpaced by its male equivalent Clair. It began its success towards the 1940s and reached its peak in 1984 with more than 3,925 allocations. Several names are among the derivatives of Claire: Clare (English), Clara (Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish), Klara (Germanic countries), Chiara (Italian), Clarinda, Chiarella and Chiaretta. Count among the celebrities who have taken and highlighted this name: Claire Bonnafé (writer, painter), Claire Castillon (writer), Claire Fercak (writer), Claire Danes (actress), Claire Chazal (journalist) and Claire Bloom (actress).

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Claire:

The feminine name Claire represents a transparent, clean person, a word originally applied to qualities of voice and sounds.

She is a woman who in front of the situations of life is always capable of expressing decision, audacity, a great desire to live is reflected in her. She is an enterprising woman, who can often appear taking the lead to direct a situation in the best way. As it says the origin of her name that derives from “clarus” and in a religious environment means that free of sin and that born to be illustrious.

The nature of Claire is emotional, is a woman who always shows kindness to others, also reflects much sagacity and cordiality. She always seeks harmony and can be a very persuasive woman. She is a woman who always expresses herself independently with respect to the ideas she has and the ideas of others, she strives to maintain original concepts, ideas that are their own, even if they do not agree with those of the rest. Love the things that have value what can make it something presumptuous, love brand clothes, distinguished manners.

The personality of Claire in the meaning of the name

The people called Claire are especially noted for their communicative character. They certainly represent extraversion because they share with others all their feelings, good or bad. They seduce their entourage by their liveliness and cheerful nature. The Claire are charming women who capture the attention of the audience with their elegance and eloquence. Generous and jovial, they can be real teasers because they always know how to set the mood. They are deeply attached to their social environment. The Claire appreciate social exchanges and discussions of all kinds. Their open-mindedness allows them to integrate without any difficulty any social group. Their adaptability also facilitates their integration into a team or community.

Great observers, the Claire generally adopt the appropriate behavior in all circumstances. Seductive, they like to feel surrounded and admired to maintain their personal balance. They are distinguished by their intelligence and their ability to express themselves. Indeed, the Claire have no trouble communicating. They always catch the attention of the public by animating conversations. Their broad general culture puts them at ease on all kinds of subjects. Sometimes spiritual, sometimes intellectual, the Claire oscillate between two rather different inclinations.

More about the personality of the name Claire:

They develop their critical spirit by indulging in intellectual games. The Claire are sometimes cerebral and have fun analyzing everything scientifically. Pragmatic, they show a certain mistrust of new theories. They hold fast to their knowledge and take the time to assimilate the new data before adhering to a new ideology.

The Claire are distinguished by their artistic fiber, manifesting themselves by a great sensitivity to any form of art. They have a taste for beauty and are particularly interested in architecture, painting and literature. The Claire find an expression of happiness in everything they encounter. They are unfailingly optimistic and are also distinguished by the delicacy of their minds and wisdom.

In the two-man relationship, the Claire are relatively demanding of their partner and set their own criteria. By dint of seeking perfection, they go from adventure to adventure and their love experiences are troubled.

The name Claire has great meaning:

She is an exciting woman, with rapid impulses. Sometimes angry but often disconcerting Claire has a balanced character allowing her to bear on general life a sound judgment. Discreet and efficient, when Claire has an idea behind her head, she works hard and patiently to achieve her ends. Pay attention to Claire when she does not dominate herself, when she brings out this critical spirit, this very decided mind about people and things. Claire is not easily influenced.

She has a great confidence in her that she does not always show and a very subjective vision of life, seeing everything through her perspective. Initially Claire has a great morality, is dedicated and faithful, but its explosive and passionate character often leads her out of her moral framework. The Claire’s intuition is staggering; she evaluates situations and people fairly quickly and in general quite rightly. Her seduction, both physical and mental, is great, she does not abuse and let rather “speak” her spontaneous psychology.

Emotional Spectrum:

Fortunately, Claire is emotional if not with a couple so strong “activities and will” you might think it’s a robot devoid of feelings. Claire has a very strong sense of friendship with both women and men and needs to feel surrounded by people from early on. Not easy to maneuver, Claire has a strong emotional memory and is therefore quite resentful and can for months, for years, keep in mind facts. She has a keen sense of opposition and is stubborn in the idea that she is making events, people, however she can quickly change her mind if it is made clear that she is wrong. Claire is sensitive to chess more because it annoys her than because it defeats him.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Claire:

Perseverance and will characterize Claire quite nicely. Especially since this strong will is based on great activity, strong reactions and a well-hidden emotivity. But beware of this cocktail that sometimes causes violent explosions quite unexpected. Claire does not know how to stay in place, she always needs new projects and the bigger the company is, the more Claire is stimulated. Very resourceful, she has an overflowing imagination, a natural charm and a living memory. Maniac

Claire tracks everything and likes comfort. her vitality is very good and allows her to deal with health problems when there are, even if Claire has a certain carelessness in this area. Very sociable, Claire likes to receive, even if it has to be done on its terms, with its principles. Very balanced in her family, it is at the heart of it that it is fully realized. Claire is very generous and engages fully in the action, with all her being, whether the task is boring or not, as long as the goal is worthwhile.


Claire can be defined as a transparent woman with great vision of the future. Therefore, she will not accept a relationship that offers something inferior to this. In fact, whoever wants to win Claire must spend a long time forging a solid friendship with her. In this way, earn their trust and affection. But it is not all, when it comes to declaring your love you should consider plans for a future together. Claire does not like to waste her time on empty relationships. So then, from the beginning try to plan every aspect of the relationship, because this makes her feel safe.

Everything Claire has, or wants, she plans for it. It conforms to an already formed plan and in this way achieves its objectives. In the same way, when she has her family, she tells her ideals to her husband, so that together they reach certain goals. For example, before having children, Claire wants to have some economic comfort, and even some savings for unforeseen events. Thus, when it is time to bring a baby to the world, Claire feels satisfied and pleased. Since you know the resources you have, you can give your little one the best. Motherhood perfects her as a spouse and as a woman.

Career and Money for the meaning of the name Claire:

For Claire, having the highest grades is a challenge. Some areas are not your forte, so you should try hard. But the results obtained are worth it for her. Her teachers love her because she has a good behavior and is not afraid to reveal who disobeys institutional norms. That innate courage is developed over time. For that reason, tends to decant their university studies to careers related to law or politics. These, in turn, allow her to fully deploy her capacity for expression.

Claire probably obtains high positions in the company for which she works. she has excellent qualities to be a leader. At the same time, her capacity for expression, help her to relate with people of great importance. The use of means of communication to express an ideal does not frighten him. She also has the aptitude to carry out manual works, such as hairdressing, manicure, handicrafts and other types of crafts. It is possible that Claire takes advantage of this ability to start an independent business.

Life’s Opportunities:

The main traits of people named Claire are their artistic sensitivity, their sense of justice, meticulousness and critical thinking. They are also recognized by their altruism and their communicative nature.

The Claire are attracted by professions where human contacts are privileged: pedagogy or teaching, medicine, justice, hospitality, animation, tourism or hotels. They can also move towards journalism, writing and art professions where they give free rein to their flourishing imagination.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Claire:

The Claire are celebrated on August 11 in memory of St. Clare or Clare of Assisi. From her real name Chiara Offreduction of Favarone, Santa Claus was born on July 16, 1194 in a noble family. She was especially known for having founded the Order of the Poor Ladies, renamed the Order of Poor Clares, which she placed under the supervision of the Franciscans. She died in her hometown, Assisi, August 11, 1253.

The astrological sign corresponding to the character of Claire is Sagittarius. The natives of the sign are recognized for their free and independent spirit. They claim their autonomy in all their businesses. Sagittarians are also warm, jovial and playful. They share with their loved ones their joy and their sorrows. Tolerant, they do not support orders and advice.

The precious stone of Claire is quartz, reflecting concentration and relaxation. This gem develops professional abilities by stimulating motivation. Quartz is also known to bring clarity and refine the mind. It helps in decision-making by developing clairvoyance and driving out dark thoughts. It is therefore a stone that offers optimism and seems to act on smoking.

Traditional Color for the name Claire:

The color attributed to Claire is red, symbolizing power and courage. It is a color associated with power and influence, referring to the authoritarian nature of the Claire. Red denotes violent feelings and is related to warmth as well as emotionality. This color is intrinsically linked to passion and sexuality. The red also reflects the triumph, revealing the fighting and victorious spirit of the Claire.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Claire:

Within numerology, Claire is credited with the number 8, which reflects the people destined for success. Reflecting always a great tenacity is able to manage in an organized way that leads to a constant progress to where you want to go in life. She is a very independent person who is not afraid to take the lead to lead others and herself on the path of business success.

Often the number 8 represents executives and managers able to lead their staff and push it to reach its full potential. The number 8 also reflects an enthusiasm that is contagious and inspiring, they are people who never let life’s opportunities go by without being taken advantage of. They look for their efforts and achievements to be recognized and never fear the competition. What places them habitually in jobs that have to do with politics or business.

Flowers and Foods for the name Claire:

The flower that represents Claire is Rose. Gifting roses is the best choice when we want to have a detail with a happy and adventurous person, but also for romantic people, feminine and elegant dreamers. The best of all is that we can find them in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that best goes with the occasion, with the person who will receive them and with the message you want to convey. For example, white roses symbolize the purity and innocence of a relationship, yellow roses represent joy and red roses love, and respect.

Famous People Last Names with the name Claire:

  1. Claire Bishop – published author
  2. Actress Claire Bloom – actress
  3. Claire BLOOM : actress
  4. Musician Claire Daly – jazz artist
  5. Claire Danes – actress
  6. Actress Claire Danes (Actress (Romeo and Juliet))
  7. Claire de Lune (Claude Debussy’s Piano Piece)
  8. Character Claire Farron (aka Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns)


Claire ‘s luck is mainly due to her seduction, her generosity of heart and her courage, which allow her to succeed her life.


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