Meaning of the name Christina

Meaning of the name Christina

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Meaning of the Name ChristinaMeaning of the Name Christina

There’s a great deal of confusion surrounding the meaning of the name Christina. After researching the origins of this name, I’ve uncovered the story behind the name Christina and what it means.

Meaning of the name Christina:

The meaning of the name Christina is “follower of Christ” or “believer of Christ.” It originated in Ancient Greece where most of the population follows Christianity, making Christina an appropriate name.

Origins of the Name Christina

The name Christina originated in Ancient Greece, with some of the first documented uses occurring in 12th to 13th century Sicily. Encompassing more than 9,900 square miles of land, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. With Christianity being the prominent religion at the time in Sicily, as well as the rest of Greece, some of the families here chose the name Christina for their newborn girls.

The name Christina is a variation of the Latin name Christiana. Families throughout Greece and Portugal have used variations of Christiana such as this as both surnames and given names for centuries. However, the given name Christina didn’t appear until around the mid-1200s.

Different Country Variations of the Name Christina

  • English: Chris, Christian, Christy, Chrissy, Chrissie
  • French: Cristelle, Cristabelle, Crestienne
  • German: Crista, Christiane, Christianne, Christin, Krista, Kristin
  • Spanish: Christiana
  • Swedish: Kjerstin, Kolina, Kristina, Kerstin, Kia
  • Italian: Christiana, Cirstina, Christabelle

Popularity of the Name Christina

Christina peaked in popularity in 1985, during which it ranked as the 12th most popular girls’ name in the United States. That year, federal officials say that 16,593 newborn girls were given the name Christina. The name Christina has since become less popular in the United States, though it’s still believed to in the top 300 girls’ names. And considering there are tens of thousands of girls’ names, that’s no easy feat.

The popularity of the name Christina has also led to the rise of male variations of the name. Christian, for example, is a common boys’ name with the same meaning as Christiana. Chris is another male variation of the name Christina, which is a shortened version of Christopher.

Long before famous celebrities like Christina Ricci and Christina Aguilera came along, members of Royalty were given this name. Christina of Denmark was the daughter of Danish King Christian II, making her the princess of Denmark. And Christina of Sweden, the daughter of King Gustav II Adolph, was the queen of Sweden. With the name Christina running through royal families, it helped polarize the name for the world to see.


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