Meaning of the name Charles

Meaning of the name Charles

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Meaning of the name CharlesWhat is the Meaning of the Name Charles?

The name Charles has been exceptionally unusual for me due to its diverse history and various origins. If you want to learn about the meaning of the name Charles, you are at the right place.

Meaning of the name Charles: The meaning of the name Charles is “The farmer man.” The origin of the name is English. However, it can be considered as a derivative of other roots. The name is hugely popular not just in the US, but also around the world.

There are tons of more interesting details that you can consider if you want to learn about the meaning of the name Charles. Keep reading to learn about some of the most interesting facts about the meaning of the name Charles.

Origin of the name Charles:

The name Charles is derived from the Latin Carolus, meaning “strong man.” The first name Charles began to make himself known in the aristocratic milieu. Worn by several French, English and Swedish kings, it quickly became popular.

At just 22, Charles Borromee becomes a cardinal of the Catholic Church. His perseverance and faith allowed him to win the title of Archbishop of Milan. Pope Paul V beatified him in 1609 and canonized him in 1610. Charles was also named for the eldest son and successor to the throne of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He also became famous for his first marriage with Diana Spencer aka Lady Di. Among the names derived from Charles include Karl, Carl, Charles, Charlie, Charlotte, Charline, and Charlene.

Son of Saint Canut, King of Denmark, in the eleventh century, Charles the Good is named Count of Flanders after the first crusade. He brings peace and justice to his county and is known for his love of the poor. He was murdered March 2, 1127, in the church of St. Donation in Bruges by a lord whose political intrigue he had foiled. 1649 is also the year of the death of Charles I, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland since 1625, which the Anglican Church honors as a martyr. Antoine Van Dyck has made him a famous portrait.

Local Origin of the name Charles:

This name of German origin comes from a word that means “man,” “virility.” It can also be translated as “lover,” “passionate.” Initially, this adjective was linked to other titles that could be granted to a man, depending on the function that he exercised. So then, this name gives strength and authority to whoever owns it. It is challenging to get Charles away from his goals or passions because nothing makes him change his plans. It is very determined, what is highly valued in the school and work environment. However, the love life can be complicated.

Different Country Variations of Charles:

English form of Karl. Other variations are Charlie, Charlet, Charley, Charlez, Charlot, Charlette, Arlette, Charlotte, Carel, Carol, Carole, Caroline, Cary, Karel, Karelle, and Karol.

Nicknames of the name Charles:

Chuck/ Charlie/ Charly/ Chase/ Charlou/ Chay-Chay


The name Charles is greatly popular in Germany, France, the United States, and other European and English-speaking Countries. It can also be found common as its multiple variants.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Charles:

As his animal totem the almond tree, it will break the hull to see what is hidden behind Charles. Because he often appears angry, proud, sensitive and grumpy, but it is primarily to protect a very strong emotivity. A man of action and reflection, adventurous, Charles has his inner world as rich and present as his outer life. While being very impressionable, he is nevertheless not suggestible. While developing a wild side, Charles, however, shows a good morality. Balanced, he makes the difference between beliefs, values and the rest of his life. A charm that is difficult to resist, that Charles knows and does not hesitate to use, even if it must resort to bluff to put himself forward.

Charles is a conservative man. He has his habits and feels safe living in the routine. Facing the unexpected does not enchant him. He is methodical, and he tends to plan everything.

Although he is quite communicative, he decides to speak only when his opinion is solicited. Being surrounded by his loved ones gives him the courage to face all the obstacles that stand before him. Indeed, behind his calm and confident air hides a sensitive man who sometimes has doubts about the right decisions to take. To do this, he does not hesitate to seek advice from people he trusts most: his parents and his girlfriend.

More about the Charles Name Personality

Charles is an intellectual. He likes to cultivate himself and lead fierce debates. Charles particularly enjoys talking to people who have the same thirst for knowledge as him. He knows how to impose his ideas and has no difficulty to be respected.

A loving family man, he can also be strict. He follows the education of his children closely and does not count the money he can spend to become respectable people. He encourages them to learn foreign languages, convinced that they could help them to open up to other cultures.

With a calm nature, Charles is reassuring to his entourage. His charisma and perseverance allowed him to reach a position of responsibility quickly. As a reliable person, he always respects his commitments and never does anything in half. He is a perfectionist and does his best to ensure that everything he undertakes gives perfect results.

Charles respects family values and does his best to keep his family together. He is tender; he is affectionate. Also, he tends to overprotect his own. Living in a family environment full of aggression and discord can destabilize it.

Charles is accommodating and he does not miss an opportunity to serve his family and friends. Severe, he can assume a position of responsibility. His sense of persuasion opens doors for success in the business world. Charles excels in trade, politics, economics, and justice.

Emotional Spectrum:

Very strongly linked to the desires, as he appears in the eyes of others. However, he is never tyrannical. Charles is confident within himself and at the limit of excess. However, he is very fair and objective. He knows how to recognize his mistakes and is ready to bear the consequences.

Personal Integrity:

Only when Charles has decided when it is necessary, can his will be powerful, even close to stubbornness. It is in an organized, disciplined setting that Charles must flourish because he has a tendency to be distracted and dispersed all the more because he does well what he loves and fascinates him, even if he has excellent adaptability. His life must be balanced to benefit from her remarkable vitality and excellent resistance. Charles has a great sense of friendship. He likes being surrounded by both man and woman and hates loneliness. If Charles readily accepts and overcomes situations, the fact remains that he is very likely.

Charles is remarkably intelligent, in both synthetic and analytical aspects, which is all the rarer and more precious. By looking at a situation in detail, Charles gets to see the whole question. Charles is starting for all the experiments even if it is necessary for that to be imprudent.

Charles wants to be loved, told, and so will he do the same. He is an enthusiast, however, who shows independence but who must sometimes learn to control himself without frustrating his sentimentality. Charles is very sensitive to seduction, love, and sexuality.

Relationships for the meaning of the name Charles:

While it is true that Charles is a good partner, he is also burdened by a link that stifles his goals or ambitions. Therefore, although he feels the need to have the company of someone loving to support him, he knows how to postpone his desire. He prefers first to achieve his stated objectives since his youth. After having established himself in an economic sense and feeling satisfied with himself, he will undertake the search for a faithful companion. He expects from her a total understanding and unconditional support. These are qualities that can make Charles think about formalizing the relationship in marriage.

When Charles has found a partner with whom he feels calm, he wants to enjoy time with her. Therefore, the possibility of having children in the short term is not considered. Instead, he usually plans many trips and other moments of solitude with his wife to enjoy without worries. However, if Charles does not get a wife, he does not feel disappointed. He knows how to take advantage of his bachelorhood to redefine his goals and become one in the world of work. Concerning his parents, he knows how to give them everything necessary in a material sense, so that he does not lack attention, even if he is not the one who gives them directions.

Career and Money:

Charles is a very disciplined child, who organizes all school tasks and fulfills them fully. He strives to have high grades. In areas such as mathematics, physics, geometry, and other sciences, it stands out with ease. Other subjects, such as literature, social and history, are not their strength, but maintain good averages. Some of his colleagues often rely on their knowledge to improve their grades, but Charles has antisocial tendencies. He does not like to share success or learning from his natural intellect. Even so, he learns to take advantage of this advantage, obtaining material benefits for his “help.”

When it comes to fulfilling a job objective, Charles does not place borders. Do everything necessary to achieve the proposed and even exceed the expectations of their bosses. For that reason, he rises to positions of great importance and responsibility in a short time. He has a keen vision for the business, which helps him start his own business from a young age. He knows how to make relationships with influential people in the commercial world, so he has financial support. Its self-confident and robust appearance gives it the correct impression to achieve job success.

Life’s Opportunities:

Charles is fighting hard to restore order and justice. He is in the constant quest for harmony and serenity. With a creative spirit, he is passionate about DIY and art. He is a true chameleon and adapts quickly to new situations. Moreover, he tends to embellish the truth to make it more interesting. He is easily influenced by soft words and tenderness, one of his greatest faults.

Charles likes to enjoy life. To do this, he does not hesitate to have fun by practicing each month an activity that pleases him.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Charles:

If Charles were to be a precious stone, he would be the Aquamarine, a symbol of marital bliss. This stone ensures health and serenity to those who wear it. Charles’s character is similar to that of Libra. Known for his kindness, he is warm with his family. Although friendly, he remains wary of people he barely knows. With a great sense of observation, he easily spotters and pushes them away from him and his family.

Charles lets appear a calm and confident air. However, under this mask hides a sensitive and angry man. He avoids at all costs to conflict with others. He seeks balance and peace in all circumstances. To do this, when he is angry, he has two options: either he prefers to distance himself and suffer in silence, or he puts the person who has hurt him in his place diplomatically.

More about the name Charles Spiritual Meaning

Refined, Charles hates vulgarity and failure. Even if he does not admit it, he wants to be the best in everything and make his family proud of him. He wants to live in a quiet and soothing place. To do this, it becomes very demanding regarding cleanliness. Like all Libra, Charles loves human contact. Staying at home, isolated from the world, kills him slowly.

Charles the Good is the son of St. Canut (or Knut), King of Denmark and first martyr of his country († 1086). As a child, Charles found refuge with Robert the Frisian in Bruges, Flanders. Armed knight, he takes part in the first crusade.

German Protestant from Tübingen, Charles Steeb seeks admission to the Catholic Church in Verona, Italy, where he came to complete his professional training. A conversion that costs him the break with his family, his friends, and the loss of many material benefits. Suddenly poor and alone, as an orphan, he abandons himself to God and will never regret it.

Traditional Color for the name Charles:

Charles is associated with red, a symbol of passion, triumph, and warmth. This color also evokes the ardor in the work and the strength. Also, it is considered a toning and reassuring tone. It also evokes anger.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Charles:

Lucky numbers: Numbers 2, 6, 8, 19 and 36 bring luck to Charles. The number 1 perfectly reflects Charles’s intellectual and solitary personality.

Flowers and Foods for the name Charles:

If Charles were a flower, he would be Tulips. Tulips represent those people who are very efficient and very organized. Those people who are constant in everything they do will identify with them.

Famous People Last Names with the name Charles:

  • Charles BARKLEY: basketball
  • Poet Charles BAUDELAIRE: French poet and critic (1821 – 1867)
  • Charles BERLING: actor (1958)
  • Actor Charles BOYER: actor
  • Charles BRONSON: actor, notably played in “A vigilante in the city.”
  • Male Actor Charles BUKOWSKI: actor
  • Charles CONRAD: Astronaut
  • Writer Charles CROS: writer (1842 – 1888)


Charles is lucky, without being aware of it. Charles darkens, passes and succeeds.


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