Meaning of the name Caroline

Meaning of the name Caroline

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Meaning of the name CarolineWhat is the Meaning of the Name Caroline?

All of these years of my research has taught me about the meaning of thousands of years, including the meaning of the name Caroline. Here are some of the most amazing facts that are associated with the meaning of the name Caroline.

Meaning of the name Caroline: The meaning of the name Caroline is “A song of Happiness,” or “joy” or “Freewoman or man.” The name is used for the females as well as males, and the origin of the name Caroline is Latin as it is derived from the Latin word Carolus, which was used as a cognate for the name Charles, meaning a full-grown man. The name is hugely popular all across the west.

This is not all, and there is a lot of other interesting information and various facts about the meaning of the name Caroline. Keep reading to learn more about the meaning of the name Caroline.

Origin of the name Caroline:

Caroline originates in the Germanic languages and means “free woman.” It is a feminine form of Carolus ultimately derived from Charles. Caroline has been one of the most popular female names over the centuries and in different spellings in different countries around the world. It was a popular name within royalty including several queens of Britain. Caroline was also the name of the younger sister of Napoleon Bonaparte.

In 1794, Charlotte went to celebrate her eighty years with her sisters in the Carmel of Compiegne when she was arrested and sentenced to death with fifteen of her companions; all accused of “forming between them dangerous meetings for the Republic.”

Local Origin for the meaning of the name Caroline:

The name Caroline also comes from the Greek “Karl” which means “male.” Its popularity began in the 1950s when it was popular mainly among Christian families. In France, she was successful in 1978 with nearly 6,000 births of girls named Caroline. After this year of glory, her fame has declined, but she remains a name regularly assigned. Its popularity in Christian countries is due, among other things, to the story of Caroline Kozka, a girl killed by a Russian soldier in 1914 who was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1987. This name is currently worn by many celebrities, including Caroline de Monaco and Caroline de Haas

Sweetness, joy, and friendship are united in one woman, in the subtlety of this name Caroline. The origin of the name Caroline is from Germany and comes from a root, which has flowed other names both male and female, such as Carlos. You can get this name in several languages, such as Carolina.

Caroline means extroversion, kindness, and communication. That is why she can have friendly relations with many people. The women called Caroline, have a rather easygoing personality, is a very extroverted woman, who has good ties with anyone. Her kindness owns her soul and does not bother her to take her out of her comfort zone. She loves to meet new challenges to adapt to new situations. These women have a lot of friends, and they have friendly relationships with anyone.

Different Country Variations of Caroline:

  • Carlyn, Caroline, Carolyn, Karolyn(English)
  • Carolien(Dutch)
  • Carolin, Karolina, Karoline(German)
  • Caroline, Karolina(Swedish)
  • French: Caroline.
  • German: Karoline.
  • Italian: Caroline.
  • Karolina, Karoline(Danish)
  • Karolina, Karoline(Norwegian)

Nicknames of the name Caroline:

Caro/ Line/ Carli/ Lini/ Carlie/ Carrie/ Lilli/ Carline/ Caz/ Alin/ Cari/ Nina/ Lina/ Calli/ Caco/ Carin


This name is greatly popular in France, the US, the UK, Germany, and many countries in the Europe.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Caroline:

Caroline is enthusiastic and involved in everything she does. An extrovert, she does not hesitate to show in public that she is capable. Compliments give her the strength to improve. Caroline is always looking for first place. She loves to compete with the best to better measure her skills.

Caroline likes to act alone to reap all the honors. However, she does not hesitate to ask for advice when she is sure that she is not able to carry out, on her own, a mission. She recognizes people who are better than her and takes into account what they say.

Being a nice person, Caroline smoothly weaves friendships with others. However, she chooses her friends well to avoid falling on scammers and profiteers. Caroline is cold against people who do not trust her.

Caroline is frank and does not like people who lie all the time. She always keeps her promises even if she makes sacrifices. She considers her friends as full members of her family and sinks into disappointment when one of them hurts her. Caroline does not hesitate to remove from her list of friends those who disappoint her, because, for her, friends must help each other in all circumstances.

Caroline has a small authoritarian side. She tends to believe that she is always right and imposes her ideas. Caroline finds the reason, however, when she confronts herself with smarter ones. She loves to measure her intelligence quotient, and for that, Caroline does not hesitate to talk to people who are known to be smart.

More about the personality of the name Caroline:

Caroline loves to work and excel in everything she does. She is quick in the execution of her tasks and few people manage to follow her. She does not tolerate mediocrity and seeks to achieve great results in everything she does.

Caroline is always ready to take on new challenges. She cashes failure very well and learns lessons to improve. Caroline never loses confidence in herself, even in the face of huge problems.

She is cheerful, secretive and somewhat withdrawn. Caroline does not give much difficulty and has difficulties to open up to the rest of the world. She is captative and that from the youngest she, she needs to own at all costs, she is a born owner. Introverted, Caroline is enclosed on itself and folds quickly and durable when faced with setbacks and disappointments. Not easily influenced, Caroline is also vindictive. A robust morality, which corresponds much more to true respect of the laws and the conveniences than to a sincere desire of virtue. Caroline is wary of intuition, instinct, and therefore ultimately gives it very little credit. She is no more confident about her charm, her power of seduction, which many consider cold, but yet reliable and valid.

Emotional Spectrum:

The weak emotional spectrum of Caroline, the way she “curls up” is compensated by a strong will and a lively activity. This reactivity is for Caroline the expression of a struggle against itself and against society, which often leads to repression or even an inferiority complex. Her confidence in her is much less stable than one might think, and even Caroline can be shy when she is uncomfortable.

Caroline is protective. She chooses her friends well to avoid scammers and profiteers. Caroline likes to take care of her family and shows her love on a daily basis. She is gentle and affectionate with the people she loves. The meaning of the name Caroline is also caring for her friends because she sees them as full members of her family. However, Caroline is not easy to have. Intelligent, she quickly recognizes people who seek to harm her and intervenes before they have time to do anything. The name Caroline is celebrated on November 18 in honor of St. Caroline.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Caroline:

Caroline is an amicable person with a lot of friends. She has a great sense of humor and spreads her optimism, which is why she is always surrounded by people and making new friends. You can always count on her; she knows how to listen and give wise advice to those who ask her. First of all, she is a fair woman and respectful of the rights of others, demanding, in turn, to be treated in the same way.

Caroline loves family life, is very attentive to her loved ones and has a good relationship with them. She loves to have a good time, so it is usual to propose activities and offer new plans to spend time with family and have fun together.

In love, Caroline is a seductive and very faithful woman. Because of its natural charm, it usually carries the singing voice but without being too authoritarian, just because it comes up with many plans and drags its partnership with its enthusiasm. She takes her relationships very seriously and never cheats on her partner, fidelity is essential to her, so if she finds out that they have cheated on her, she will have no qualms about ending the relationship.

More about the personal integrity of the name Caroline:

Caroline has a strong will and a keen sense of dedication and even sacrifice. However, if Caroline cannot express her will, she tends to flee. This activity is significant, very intense and it has psychological resonance on Caroline since the latter tends to take refuge in work, in action to escape specific emotional or social responsibilities. In principle, the vitality of Caroline is excellent, but it tends to take refuge in psychosomatic illnesses, which it provokes unconsciously as if to flee specific responsibilities.

We can not say that Caroline is very friendly, or very comfortable in society. Caroline ‘s sociability finally comes into play only when it is vital. If this dynamism is active, it does not always support the action enough, that is to say, that Caroline sometimes picks up in action and does not still go to the end of the company. It is that it tends to hesitate, to tergiversate

Caroline has a strong sense of detail in the analysis of situations; her intelligence is analytical. Caroline has a great practical reason, which allows it to adapt to any real situation whatsoever.

Pretty likely, very early, Caroline must gain confidence in herself, but also in others, to learn to love. It tends to be sometimes selfish for fear of discovering too much, giving too much. She then takes refuge in her shell, even coming to doubt the affection that one carries to him.

The sensuality of Caroline is very sophisticated and it conceals many emotional conflicts and sexual blockages. Insofar as Caroline almost always doubts the sincerity of the Other, of her statements, she is still suspicious and does not trust.


The meaning of Caroline’s name in love is that she is a very faithful woman, she will never deceive you with another person. Caroline is a very trusting person, but if she finds out about any deception, she will not hesitate at any moment to break the relationship. She is the one who thinks that love is of one person.

On the emotional level, she is very seductive, practical and likes to take the lead. When she finds the man of her life, she does not let it escape.

Caroline with her family is very special; she is very attentive, likes to have fun and is always organizing activities so that the members of the family do not get bored. She teaches her children many rules and teaches them honesty. It also gives them the tools to be creative to succeed. Caroline is sweet, cute, friendly and very affectionate, she likes family life, as well as being surrounded by friends or loved ones.

Career and Money for the meaning of the name Caroline:

For the women called Caroline, in the plane of the study, they are brilliant and organized, they are women who like to take challenges and come out triumphant of them.

Caroline is a woman who stands out in any activity that is proposed. It is very intelligent and has the organizational capacity. She has high material goals and ends up getting what she wants, yes, with a lot of work and effort.

In the workplace, Caroline can be an intelligent woman; she strives to have what she wants and what she wants. It has an excellent organizational capacity; it does not worry about the challenges that it poses, it adapts to any situation and easily solves specific problems.

Caroline never lacks a smile and spreads it to everyone around her, if she works on her own, she always has something to entertain herself with and never gets bored. She takes all her work with a lot of humor, and teamwork is one of her best performances. This makes these women successful in their work if someone who works with her has any difficulty, she does not hesitate to reach out to you to solve their problems.

Your friends feel very good working with her. She is a woman that you always know you can count on, she always listens to others and knows how to advise those who seek an opinion. She has a great sense of justice, respecting the rights of others.

Life’s Opportunities:

In the workplace, Caroline is an intelligent woman, with excellent organizational skills and who strives to obtain what she wants. She does not worry about being confronted with new and complicated challenges; she adapts to any situation without bothering him. In general, Caroline always works in a good mood and with a smile. For this reason, her colleagues appreciate her and form a perfect team with her. When someone has problems, is the first to lend a hand. You will always see her busy and entertained; she never gets bored.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Caroline:

Caroline is a model of strength and gentleness, but also of loyalty and joy for her ten brothers and sisters on the Kozka farm, the house that everyone calls “the little church” because of the intensity of community prayer. Family, near Tarnow, Poland. She was only sixteen when she was stabbed by a Russian soldier defending her virginity on November 18, 1914. John Paul II proclaimed Caroline Kozka “martyr and blessed” in Tarnow in 1987.

Aries is the astral sign that best reflects Caroline’s personality. The natives of this sign are known to be calm and peaceful. They avoid all disputes and do not hesitate to position themselves as a mediator in case of quarrel. Aries also have a sense of family. They are ready to do anything to guarantee happiness to those they love and kill themselves at work to offer luxury and comfort. Aries love children. They quickly forget their stress and fatigue when they have a good time with their offspring.

The ruby is the stone associated with the name Caroline. This is the most precious gem in the world as it is both rarer and more expensive than diamonds. This stone is better known as “Ratnayake” in Sanskrit, which means “King of Precious Stones.” The ancestors have long believed that the ruby provided wisdom, success and good health to the one who holds it. They also thought that this gemstone could solve heart problems. The ruby is used in jewelry to crimp precious jewels made of gold and silver. The ruby is appreciated by women as it connotes devouring passion.

Traditional Color for the name Caroline:

Red is the color that best reflects the character traits of the so-called Caroline. This color refers to the devouring passion and happens to be an ambiguous color. It relates to different conflicting concepts including sensuality and sexuality, love and anger, danger and courage and ardor and prohibition. Red is known to be warm, penetrating and energetic. She is often associated with hell, blood, and lust. It’s a warm color that draws its strength from its flashy character. Red goes well with brown, white and black.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Caroline:

The number associated with Caroline is 1.

Flowers and Foods for the name Caroline:

The flower that suits Caroline the best is Lilies: You are very empathetic towards the feelings of others. You are always thinking of the others. You are charitable and well-intentioned. Because of your social attitude and being attached to others, you tend to have good karma, however sometimes being so connected to other burdens problems that are not yours precisely.

Famous People Last Names with the name Caroline:

  • Caroline Herschel – astronomer
  • Actress Caroline Gilchrist Rhea – actress
  • Caroline Bird – writer
  • Writer Caroline Caddy – writer
  • Caroline HUPPERT: Director “Signed Charlotte”
  • Businesswoman Caroline KENNEDY: American businesswoman
  • Caroline LOEB : Singer: “It’s cotton wool.”
  • Queen Caroline Mathilde: Queen of Denmark (18th century)
  • Caroline of Brunswick: Queen of England (early 19th century)


There are two characteristic trends in Caroline: There is very possessive Caroline, voluntary and active and Caroline with a tendency to escape when the conditions for success are not met. It’s up to her to find the solution to this duality.


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