Meaning of the name Caleb

Meaning of the name Caleb

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Meaning of the name CalebMeaning of the name Caleb

What is the Meaning of the Name Caleb?

The truth is that although in its time the name Caleb was relatively well known, today it is not as common as it used to be before. To learn more about this beautiful biblical name keep reading further.

Meaning of the name Caleb: If you are looking for a name of Biblical origin with a meaning that is beautiful, Caleb might be just the right choice for you. The purpose of the name Caleb is translated as “dog.” However, it is not used in any derogatory sense. The origin of the name Caleb is ancient Hebrew as it is found in the bible, and Caleb is among the chosen ones of the God. The name has been popular due to its beautiful and robust history, but it has started to become less trendy during the last decade.

To learn more about the intelligence and wisdom that lies in the personality of a person named Caleb along with all the information and relevant facts, continue reading this article.

Origin of the name Caleb:

Kaleb is a variant of Caleb. Caleb is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. He is one of the people chosen by God to lead the people to the land of Canaan with Moses. The name Caleb comes from the Hebrew word “Kaleb” which translates as “dog.” It means being loyal to God as a dog is loyal to his master. However, the aptest meaning of the name “Caleb” is “to be faithful.”

Local Origin of the name Caleb:

Again, it must be said that this name has many derivatives, but it can be understood as “audacious.” This is recognized as the official meaning. At the same time, it is important to bear in mind that we can find the meaning to be “audacious and strong man” as another of the essential meaning.

Different Country Variations of Caleb:

Chaleb (Biblical Greek)

Kalev (Biblical Hebrew)

Chaleb (Biblical Latin)

Nicknames of the name Caleb:

Potash/ kale/ K/ Kale/ KK


The popularity of the name Caleb started to grow from the 1970s in the United States. The growth was exponential, and we could find the maximum number of people having the name Caleb in 2000s. After that, the popularity started to decline slightly, but it is still considered to be the name of around 0.36% of the US population in total.

Personality Traits:

Caleb is ready to do anything to get what he wants, even if he has to use force. Nothing can resist him. People having this name can be angry, demanding to educate and need discipline to not try to dominate others. Caleb is extroverted and needs others to express himself fully. One thing that he likes is to dramatize situations and abuse them. However, he is subjective, possessive and can always bring everything back to him.

Meaning of the name Caleb as a person

He has a very high self-confidence. He is almost insolent and tends to say “no” right away, and it is challenging to change his mind, especially since he is not easily influenced. It is a morality of circumstances, which depends on its environment. Caleb is not easily controlled, but he knows how to adapt his behavior and his beliefs according to events. Caleb is a born protester, he likes to be in opposition and is a leader who knows how to gather people around him and his beliefs. Caleb does not have the intuition, and he does not have time to ask questions, he prefers to go ahead even to make a mistake. The problem is that Caleb does not support failure. He has a robust conception of friendship, but it is often an invasive friendship.

Meaning of the name Caleb in intelligence

Anyone wearing this name is a brilliant man even though it’s somewhat complicated to know how to deal with them. Caleb has a noble soul, but he does not like to be living together all the time. He has his spaces to be alone. Besides that, he always tries to stay attentive, loves meditation and has a very spiritual side that only his people that he considers close will understand.

Meaning of the name Caleb as a friend

As far as friendship is concerned, he is a man with few friends but when he realizes the importance of those who are unconditional, he will never abandon them, and he will be one of the best friends any person can have.

Meaning of the name Caleb in relations

About the family, Caleb is a man who has good and bad seasons. He does not allow himself to be manipulated and sometimes he misinterprets things. But this does not mean that he does not love them. On the contrary, he does it, and it could be a significant economic and moral support.

The love seeks ways to make you and your partner feel happy. It is an unconditional feeling and people who have a relationship with someone who carries this name are extremely lucky. Caleb will try to give you everything you want in your partner and both of you can grow every moment.

Emotional Spectrum:

The emotional spectrum of Caleb is much more like an instrument which plays differently according to the circumstances. Rather than real feelings Caleb often has a mood for things. Caleb must “protect” himself from a systematic challenge. Like all nervous people, his reactivity is subject to considerable variations.

Personal Integrity:

Caleb has a powerful will, but if it can sometimes be an advantage, it also proves that on certain occasions it is a break. It becomes a motor for him when it comes to a real or imaginary competition, which makes him surpass himself. However, it can be disadvantageous to Caleb since this strong will makes him proud and gives him a sense of superiority. The activity of Caleb is sawtooth which provides him with an unstable side.

Meaning of the name Caleb in Strengths

An excellent vitality that he must not neglect with too much abuse. Caleb must, therefore, be cautious as his explosive nature leads him sometimes to behave unpredictably and irresponsibly. Caleb is very sociable, since he needs to be surrounded, and since he needs spectators. Above all, he loves that these meetings take him out of his reality. There is an inevitable lag in Caleb between the “appearance” and “being.” If it has a strong dynamism, the sawtooth activity does not always follow.

Meaning of the name Caleb in Sensitivity

Fast and crisp, Caleb has a superficial intelligence that allows him at a glance to get a clear idea of the situations, how to proceed, and make immediate decisions. Caleb wants to be loved more than he can love in return. He can be very demonstrative and has a hidden tenderness. Sometimes he is even repressed and needs a thorough understanding.


Meaning of the name Caleb in love

Qualities such as sincerity and kindness are part of Caleb’s being, and this attracts many girls. For Caleb to feel loved his partner is ideal for maintaining a stable relationship. It offers their entire company and a secure future for them.

He wants to grow emotionally, economically and mentally with his life partner. His actions echo its meaning: he is entirely faithful to his partner. Your partner is more important than anything, even more than your family.

Meaning of the name Caleb in the family

The man named Caleb is a respected being around him. He is a man who likes to be alone and meditate on his actions and what happens around him. Tends to have few friends, but does not abandon those who have shown sincerity to him.

Love your family, even if you are not always with them. Its defect lies in misinterpreting words or facts of other people, which makes you angry and turn you away. In spite of this, he returns to the nest to give emotional, moral or even economic support to those who need it.

Travel and Leisure:

People with the name Caleb are naturally voracious travelers. They love to explore a variety of cultures and meet new people. They are friendly and very much tolerant towards the differences in cultures. Their life philosophy is to study the variety of cultures as an identity of the people, and not as a way to discriminate against them. That is why wherever Caleb travels, he leaves a mark on the people who love to welcome him wholeheartedly.

Career and Money:

Meaning of the name Caleb in the study

Caleb does not stand out as a star student, but he is not lousy in his grades either. He likes subjects related to the imagination as the plastic arts. He is a collaborator both with his colleagues and with his teachers.

He does not like to argue or draw much attention, so he will not present himself as a student of extracurricular activities. He is quiet and peaceful, so he will not get in trouble or have a conflict with others. He likes the areas of psychology and philosophy.

Meaning of Caleb at work

As incredible as a man like Caleb may seem, he could devote himself to the spiritual world. The priesthood or spiritual mastery of yoga could enter into his vocation. Other professional activities that fit Caleb’s personality are medicine or homeopathy.

Taking into account the professional profile of Caleb, one could say that he is a man who likes to help others. Once again, his genuine and selfless personality enters. It offers its help to those who need it and does not seek to profit from it. It does not explore riches and success in the labor field.

Life’s Opportunities:

Regarding work, Caleb could be an excellent priest, yoga teacher, among other professions related to the spiritual side. Also, as an attractive alternative doctor who prefers the use of natural medicine, would be an excellent role for him.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Caleb:

The first time this name was used was in the Bible, so it is attributed to the Hebrew as its origin. Its official meaning is framed in the “Audacity of a man.” However, Kaleb in Hebrew means dog, which gives the meaning of faithful to this rare name.

The Bible tells us that thanks to Caleb’s audacity, the people of Israel were led to the promised land, and because of their courage, they obtained the approval and salvation from God. Until now, no female variant of this name is known, as well as no diminutive.

The date of the holy celebration for Saint Caleb is the 10th day of May in the Christian calendar.

Traditional Color for the name Caleb:

Red is the color attached to the name “Caleb.” This bright color is often associated with feeling and connotes love, sensuality, ardor, and courage. In some contexts, the red can refer to anger, sexuality, danger or even prohibition. The red also exudes a warm and dynamic atmosphere. In old belief, red was associated with hell, blood, and lust. It does not go unnoticed and creates an original atmosphere in the space where it meets.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Caleb:

Caleb’s personality number is 5. Caleb is a free spirit and always feels independent, with no ties to any place. He must take care of acting in an inconsiderate manner with other people.

Flowers and Foods for the name Caleb:

The flower for the name Caleb is Iris. The iris is the flower that best symbolizes elegance. Ideal for people with style but reserved. But it also symbolizes eloquence and wisdom, so it is the best option when we want to praise someone we love. Of course, it is essential to take into account the color, since the yellow iris represents passion, while the white iris represents the purity of friendship.

Famous People Last Names with the name Caleb:

1. Caleb Bradham (inventor of Pepsi-Cola)

2. Caleb Danvers (From the movie “The Pact – The Covenant”)

3. Caleb Ewan (cyclist)

4. Caleb Followill (lead singer of the band Kings of Leon)

5. Caleb Lane (Model)

6. Caleb Lockhart (a character from “Chasing Red”)

7. Caleb Logan Bratayley (American Youtuber)

8. Caleb Prior (figure from “Divergent”)


Caleb must sometimes face his responsibilities and be more patient. Caleb is capable of anything, as long as it has a goal to achieve, as long as it competes with a rival. This is the key to his success.


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