Meaning of the Name Briana

Meaning of the name Briana

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Meaning of the name BrianaWhat is the Meaning of the Name Briana?

The name Briana is a relatively newer name, and it was challenging to gather all the information on the name. However, we have come up with some fascinating facts and information on the meaning of the name Briana.

Meaning of the name Briana: The meaning of the name Briana is “Strong” and “Ascending.” The origin of the name Briana is Celtic, and it can also be traced back to the Irish origin. The name Briana is used for females and has great popularity in the US and other countries all around the world.

There are various other exciting interpretations and facts about the meaning of the name Briana. Keep reading to learn more about it.

The origin for the meaning of the name Briana:

The name Briana has a Celtic origin. Thus, the meaning assigned to it is “high,” “noble,” “strong.” This name defines a woman determined to face any situation in life and does so with integrity. Also, she is a person of noble feelings and with excellent friends. The name Briana is used in women. This name has been formalized in various regions of the world. As it is desirable to the ear, it becomes a reason that moves many parents to use it in their girls.

Local Origin of the name Briana:

Briana is the feminine form of the name Brian which means “hill” therefore the meaning that has greater strength and importance is “noble person”, for which it is understood that she is a woman with a warm, trustworthy personality and high strength, where her sympathy allows her to be surrounded by many people.

Different Country Variations of Briana:

The two most essential origins for the meaning of the name Briana are English and Irish. In recent times stamped female form, only since about 1970 spread. About the male form Brian: taken from English; of Irish or Breton origin; spread as the name of the Irish national hero Brian Boroimhe

American Meaning: The name Briana is an American baby name. In American, the meaning of the name Briana is Strong.

Celtic Meaning: The name Briana is a Celtic baby name. In Celtic, the meaning of the name Briana is Strong. She ascends — Feminine of Brian.

English Meaning: The name Briana is an English baby name. In English, the meaning of the name Briana is: She ascends. Feminine of Brian.

Irish Meaning: The name Briana is an Irish baby name. In Irish, the meaning of the name Briana is Strong.

Nicknames of the name Briana:

Bri/ Bri/ Bria/ Riana


The name Briana has been popular in many parts of the world, including the United States and Europe. It has also been listed among the top 100 most popular baby names several times.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Briana:

Briana has a personality outside of usual standards. Her decisive and robust side does not overshadow Her sweet side, reserved and full of delicacy along with Her enthusiasm and charisma since they have always been a remarkable piece of Her personality. It is a person who gives free rein to their creativity, therefore, will still be creating and inventing.

Never stop until you achieve the goals you want to meet. She is a warrior since to surrender will never go through her head. She is not dishonest and will never play dirty to succeed.

In the love plane, she fully trusts herself; she is very expressive and affectionate so that the affection shows her pleasure, and tries to take control and keep the flame burning in the relationship.

She feels comfortable with loneliness which does not mean that apart from her closest family and friends. Briana is aware of what her family needs. She is the role of mother will be quite uneasy since she will not be able to lose sight of her children. It will be loving and a good example to follow.

More about the Briana name personality

Briana is full of surprises, and she is hot. With her, you never know if she will explode or start laughing. She is very emotional and has sensitive skin. It’s always necessary that Briana be in movement, that she moves, that she smiles, that she is noticed. Briana has supreme self-confidence and is extroverted; she actively participates in the life of the world. However, she has a careless side and is struggling to stabilize, finding her balance.

Briana often exaggerates her reactions so much to be noticed as to give herself a countenance and to impress her audience; she is still not easily influenced. Very demanding in this area, Briana has a morality for herself and others and can quickly be hurt or irritated by the failures in their behavior of those around her. Especially as the entourage of Briana, such as her home, are the real center of gravity of her life. Intuition and sensitivity are one in Briana and confused. She has telepathy, a flair, a charm of which she tends to abuse.

Emotional Spectrum:

Briana is so passionate that she often has unpredictable reactions, mixing joy and sadness. This strong emotivity makes Briana sensitive and nervous. Briana is surprisingly fast in her responses; she is ready for anything if she feels in danger if her family or her job are. Briana can throw herself body and soul into a cause that she considers. Not very sensitive to chess, no systematic opposition, and if there is opposition, it is always sportingly. Briana knows how to have an objective vision of life.

Personal Integrity:

A powerful will to the point that Briana is sometimes careless, to see tyrannical. To counterbalance this, it is necessary that Briana evolves in a stable and just environment. Briana is very attracted by her interior and is attached to her home, to her family, much more than to her professional life. Therefore, in this area, Briana is hesitant and tends to want often to change professional orientations. Satisfactory enough, Briana nevertheless needs a balanced diet, even if it has a strong resistance. Briana is very friendly; she likes to receive, she is a perfect host. Easily adaptable, Briana feels comfortable everywhere and with everyone. A dynamism in “sawtooth” that varies when everything is fine and when everything goes wrong.

Very curious, lively, imaginative, full of fantasy and sharing, Briana has a superficial intelligence that allows her to have a complete and rapid vision of each situation. Briana remembers everything that touches her, moves her, revolts her because she has an excellent emotional memory.

From distant aspects, even sometimes cold, Briana is very affectionate, and even “blue flower”; but she hides behind this wild side, for fear of passing for “childish” or out of modesty. Briana is immoderately possessive. Faithful and much more sentimental than Briana wants to show, her sexuality is not very simple. Indeed, family and social taboos complicate her sensuality.

Relationships for the Meaning of the name Briana:

In the field of love, Briana is a person very dedicated to the relationship. From the beginning, she likes lasting relationships that transmit security. She for her part, strives to be reliable in the relationship. Therefore, take care of your partner and is ready to solve any situation that may affect them for worse. Also, it is characterized by being expressive. One of the things that you value a lot about your partner is that you know how to listen to them. And on the other hand, she is not limited to the moment of showing her feelings.

In the case of Briana, she acts with high integrity and with total honesty. That makes her have a good relationship with her family. She likes to meet regularly with those she loves. Organize family events, to share with your family. She feels she has the power to handle the whole family, which sometimes brings him problems with Her partner.

On the other hand, she loves her husband and children very much. She strives to be a good mother. In addition, she transmits security and tranquility to her children.

Travel and Leisure:

Briana is a free soul and a traveler of the world. Rather than getting into Hollywood to become rich and famous, she would prefer spending her money and savings on traveling and gaining experiences. For the leisure part, she would like to do things that are intellectually more satisfying, such as reading a good book instead of spending time doing nothing. She always likes to keep herself and her day productive.

Career and Money:

Briana is very optimistic about progress and has a very high vision of herself. Your desire is to reach the top. Although she is ambitious, she does not show it in an excessive way. She likes to be admired and to recognize her achievements. she has great honors. Briana is one of the most outstanding students in the class. she wants to have the foreground in everything. She has so many skills that she can easily perform in any profession she wants. Briana likes to experience new things and has the willpower to achieve what she proposes.

Briana is very firm in labor matters. Therefore, she uses all Her energy to do Her job well. Act with patience and at the same time with great caution. It is something that favors her.

Life’s Opportunities:

Your goal is to play the role of a leader. she wants to have a successful and luxurious economic life. One of Her greatest wishes is to be able to obtain Her own company and be able to handle everything, as and what she wants. She does not want to settle for just being an employee, but one day to be the manager of the company.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Briana:

Chrysoprase represents the general temperament of Briana. Symbol of spring and a new life cycle, it is also a stone of metamorphosis and maturation. With the ability to regulate blood pressure and strengthen the heart, this gemstone can also protect the eyes from infections and bring deep sleep or repair. While bringing joy and promoting harmony within the home, chrysoprase also helps social success. This gem is recognized for its other virtues such as the prevention of domestic quarrels and the protection against evil or nightmares.

Traditional Color for the name Briana:

The color that best reflects Briana’s personality is green. Translating the plant world, this color is the worthy representative of Briana’s love for the environment. Symbol of hope, green also refers to the goodness, charity, and regeneration of the soul. Being a soothing color, it is also invigorating and refreshing. Fostering friendships and reinforcing the love, green makes you more conciliatory and more understanding. The color of luck: it also refers to concentration and stability. By the force it transmits, the green contributes to the treatment of old emotional wounds while bringing peace.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Briana:

The number assigned to Briana is 2. This number describes a person who is trustworthy, as well as being friendly and friendly. Often, she is surrounded by friends who are attracted by Her personality.

The number 1 is part of the personality, so the energy that radiates Briana is something unique and inexplicable, being a person capable of solving their own problems and that of others.

The 11 is part of her soul, showing that Briana is a person close to the spiritual and religious, able to have a free thought without detachment from the religious principles of Her family.

Flowers and Foods for the name Briana:

The flower for the name Briana is Orchids. It means that you are a perfectionist down to the smallest detail. For you, efficiency and organization are key pillars in everything you do. Your good habits make you successful in your work, although sometimes you tend to leave family and effective relationships aside.

Famous People Last Names with the name Briana:

  • Briana Ashley Jungwirth (ex-girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson)
  • Briana Babineaux, 24. Gospel Singer.
  • Briana Banks (* 1978), German porn actress)
  • Briana Bette, 31. Instagram Star.
  • Briana Jones Chase, 22. YouTube Star.
  • Briana Monique, 22. YouTube Star.
  • Briana Scurry, 47. Soccer Player.
  • Brianna Fraser (the character from the TV series “Outlander”)


Briana shines when she is surrounded by those she loves and those who love her. This happiness, this joy of life allows him to succeed Her life, above all on a personal level that matters to her more than the professional plan.


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