Meaning of the name Benjamin

Meaning of the name Benjamin

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Meaning of the Name BenjaminWhat is the Meaning of the Name Benjamin?

Benjamin is indeed a great name in sound and meaning. It is famous all around the world which made me much interested in learning more about him. Here I have brought together all of my study on the name Benjamin that I found from the literature and other sources.

Meaning of the name Benjamin: In etymology, the meaning of the name Benjamin is the “Son of the Right.” The origin of the name Benjamin is primarily Hebrew and derives from the old testament and the new testament. However, due to its popularity, it is also known as “Ben Yamin” in Arabic where we find its roots too with the same meaning.

This is not even the start of what the meaning of the name Benjamin can tell you about the personality and destiny of someone who is called by this name. Continue reading to find out more exciting new things about any person with a name Benjamin.

Origin of the name Benjamin:

The name “Benjamin” originates from the Hebrew Benyamîn meaning “son of fortune,” an expression that refers to luck and blessing. Benjamine, Benji, Yasmina, and Yasmine are the derivates of this name. This Hebrew term may also mean “son of the old days” to indicate the suffering endured by the mother during childbirth. This first name appeared for the first time in the Old Testament. This is the first name of Jacob’s and Rachel’s son. It was adopted in the Middle Ages by many Jewish families. Around the 17th century, it attributes to English Protestants and Puritans. At the end of the 1970s, it was very successful in other countries.

Local Origin meaning of the name Benjamin:

A dynamic and active deacon, Benjamin wreaks havoc among the faithful of Zarathustra in Persia in the fifth century. The religious authority is disturbed by it, orders its arrest and throws it in prison. On his release, two years later, he redoubles his ardor. This time, this is too much. Benjamin is tried and sentenced to death. He will suffer the torture of the pal, in 422.

Different Country Variations of Benjamin:

Benjamín in other Languages:

  • Arabic, it is (Binyāmīn)
  • Asturian is Benxamín
  • Basque is Benkamin
  • Breton, it is Benoni
  • Catalan, it’s Benjamí
  • Corsican it is Benghjaminu
  • Czech it is Benjamin
  • Esperanto, Benjamen
  • Galician is Benxamín
  • Greek it is Beniamín
  • Hebrew it is Binyāmîn
  • Hungarian it is Bejámin
  • Italian in Beniamino
  • Latin its Beniamin
  • Lithuanian it is Benjaminas
  • Polish it’s Beniamin

Nicknames of the name Benjamin:

Benni / Benji / Ben / Benny / Beni / Benja / Bene / Benno / Beno /


Benjamin and its derivatives are trendy names because of its affiliation with all the major religions of the world. It is also common to know a person named Benjamin in your area and even in the movies. Benjamin is a social being. He appreciates human contact, and his greatest misfortune is to find himself alone. He is always listening to others and is present for them in joy as in pain. Benjamin is very appreciated for his dedication and his intelligence. He can succeed where many people have failed. This name includes many celebrities such as Benjamin Franklin, politician, Benjamin Constant, politician and man of letters, Benjamin Harrison, 23rd president of the United States, and Benjamin Stora, historian. This name is trendy in French-speaking countries and is frequently attributed.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Benjamin:

A person holding this name will be passionate, aggressive, and eye-catching. Benjamin needs to focus on blooming fully, and a secure, essential to his balance. Extroverted with a wide opening on the outside, Benjamin is continuously in need of knowledge and recognition. He is quite sure of himself and in some cases delighted with himself. Not very suggestible and entirely subjective, Benjamin sees the world, things, as he wants to see it.

He is very possessive and just like his animal mascot, the Cobra when he “wraps” around an idea, a person, it is very difficult to change his mind. Benjamin has a good morality. His morality is a real “pillar,” but he exercises it and follows it, without excessive rigor and formalism. His intuition is mediocre, Benjamin does not trust his and even fears his a little. He has his feet on the ground and prefers to know where he is going, what to do and how to do it.

More Personality traits for the meaning of the name Benjamin

It also means “the preferred man” that means that the people named Benjamin have great luck in both work and love; In the Bible, Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob and Rachel, at that time he was called the youngest son of a family with the one before him, “the Benjamin”.

Benjamín is very loving with the people he considers close. He always tries to surround himself with people who have the same vision as him, he is very considerate, attentive and unique, he is a leader by nature, something that helps him in the jobs he knows about taking situations that can occur to him both at work and in his daily life and his perfectionism makes him very sensitive.

By its name, it associates with a success superior or higher than that of the rest. People with this name always tend to have a vision of progress on a large scale and long term not only because its name destines it, but also has excellent dedication to achieve their goals, as far as love is going well as it knows about carrying a good relationship.

Emotional Spectrum:

Benjamin has a Beautiful sensibility, built around a real sense of family, friendship, and traditions. Benjamin is reasonable in his reactions if he “gets carried away” in certain circumstances, he is careful. Daniel surrounds people, and there is some animation around him. Sensitive to chess, Benjamin has a keen sense of opposition, which is why he easily contradicts his interlocutors, even when this opposition is not justified.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Benjamin:

His will is excellent but irregular, Benjamin may be passionate about some things without apparent cause, just as he can indulge in some indolence. Active, but not too much, never in excess. He likes to learn, to study, it is an opportunity for him to shine and surpass himself, as to overcome others. He places great importance on professional success. It is remarkable this vitality, but Benjamin needs the outdoors, to compensate for the excesses of city life. Extremely friendly, Benjamin continually seeks to be surrounded, this search for permanent contact is an integral part of their way of life. Just as the family is for him an essential framework, he has a certain sense of independence. Benjamin is very calm and very poised.

Benjamin has a straightforward behavior, whether in seduction, as in his passions. He tends to say what he thinks with some brutality. The sexuality of Benjamin is demanding, conquering and it can only be strong. He goes on the attack very quickly, and Benjamin tends to think that the gesture is sometimes better than the word.


When we talk about the subject of love in Benjamin, he will always be proud of the couple he has, and that is why he will always strive to make his partner feel proud of him.

He is a family man; he does not like the routine Benjamin is always innovating in the relation with trips or activities out of every day, so he feels that his partner will never get bored of him. When falling in love, Benjamin seeks to create a permanent bond with his partner so that when go through difficult situations can move forward together.

Career and Money for the meaning of the name Benjamin:

It is a person who is very open to study and progress; his mind is always in function of capturing information without any problem or impediment. For Benjamín a person without studies is nobody since he thinks that this is a primordial requirement in the life of any person so he will always be in constant search of learning.

Regarding work Benjamin is always innovating with brainstorming, he stands out in any action that he exercises, but as the boss or manager of a company, Benjamin exploits his potential more, since in itself he is a man of leadership before any situation.

Benjamin is in all the capacity to own his own business without the need of a partner or person to help him since he can only have a successful business empire if he wished.

Life’s Opportunities:

His intelligence is analytical; he needs to have a detailed vision of each situation to grasp the ins and outs and understand them well. Only then he will be able to make the most out of the opportunities that he will get in life.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Benjamin:

First, The astral sign related to this name is Aries. Impulsive and capricious, the native of this sign has the same character traits as Benjamin. Like Aries, Benjamin is very generous and full of imagination. The ram also stands out for its hardworking side and determination to reach a goal.

Second, the bright color affiliated with life, red is the hue associated with the name Benjamin. He needs to be active and to work; this color recalls the voluntary and dynamic side of Benjamin. Red brings the assurance and protection that Benjamin needs in her romantic relationships.

Third, the name Benjamin represents Rubis stone. This gem, of a sublime red color, symbolizes divine love and loyalty. It also evokes passion and happiness. Evoking blood and fire, the ruby represents the courage and the hardworking side of Benjamin.

Lastly, regarding spirituality, Benjamin’s day is March, 31st. A dynamic and active deacon, Benjamin wreaks havoc among the faithful of Zarathustra, in Persia, in the 5C. The religious authority of the country is moved, orders the arrest and imprisonment of the Christian: two years of captivity that Benjamin uses to meditate and pray. As soon as he liberates, he will announce the Gospel and preach the right light, Christ, to people who adore fire, still causing many conversions but also the fury of the shah. Benjamin is tried and sentenced to suffer the torture of the Pal, about 425.

• January 18:

Twelfth son of Jacob and second son of Rachel, Benjamin is the eponymous ancestor of a tribe of Israel. His coming to Egypt is told in the story of Joseph, his brother. Gn 42-45.

• October 9:

Religious teacher of the Lasallian Institute, Benjamin undergoes martyrdom in Turón, Spain, October 9, 1934, aged 25 years.

Traditional Color for the meaning of the name Benjamin:

Bright color affiliated with life, red is the hue associated with the name Benjamin. This color recalls the voluntary and dynamic side of Benjamin. Red brings the assurance and protection that Benjamin needs in her romantic relationships.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Benjamin:

  • The active number is 5
  • Expression number is 11
  • The hereditary number is 6
  • The intimate number is 3
  • Realization number is 8

Flowers and Foods for the name Benjamin:

The bulb for Benjamin is Astromelias. This flower represents friendship, and you are a good friend. You are full of surprises and always positively manage situations.

Famous People Last Names with the name Benjamin:

  • Benjamin “Ben” Foster (US actor)
  • Singer Benjamin (Ben) Bledsoe (singer)
  • Benjamin (Ben) Géza Affleck-Boldt (US actor, director, and scriptwriter (Oscar winner))
  • Singer Benjamin (Ben) Kowalewicz (singer and songwriter of the punk rock band Billy Talent)
  • Benjamin Auer (footballer)
  • Tennis Player Benjamin Becker – tennis player
  • Benjamin BIOLAY: French author, singer, and composer (1973)
  • Actor Benjamin Bratt – actor
  • Benjamin Britten : English composer (1913-1976)
  • Director Benjamin CHRISTENSEN: director (1879 – 1959)
  • Benjamin Coblyn – football player


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