Meaning of the name Bella

Meaning of the name Bella

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Meaning of the name BellaWhat is the Meaning of the Name Bella?

It was likely that you must have heard the name Bella in person or a movie. This name is quite common, and the meaning of the name Bella has been something that I have found to be very interesting. Here I have pulled together all the interesting facts about the meaning of the name Bella.

Meaning of the name Bella: The name Bella in etymology would mean a girl who is “beautiful” or “Pretty.” The meaning is as beautiful as the origin of the name Bella, as it is derived from French and Ancient Hebrew. Bella has been a name under the attention of billions of people for a long time.

A lot more is there to discover the meaning of the name Bella. If you like this name or know of a person who has this name, I recommend you to keep reading this article.

Origin of the name Bella:

Diminutive of Elisabeth and Isabella, it comes from the Hebrew “el, isha and beth” means: “God protects my house” is celebrated on February 22nd. Hebrew: de elisaba, my God, is fullness. Bella comes from the name Elisabeth which means “God protects my house” in Hebrew and “beautiful” in Latin. Famous for years in the US, this name became famous only from the 2000s in other places.

Local Origin of the name Bella:

Elisabeth is a popular name in the English royal family. Several Elizabeth succeeded each other on the throne of England. Conservative and concerned about family values, Elisabeth governs with the utmost respect for tradition. Many names are currently derived from Bella including Anna-Bella, Annabelle and Mirabelle.

Different Country Variations of Bella:

The variations of the name Bella in other languages are:

• In English: Isabel, Isabelle or Bella.

• In French: Isabelle.

• In Galician: Sabela.

• In German: Bella.

• In Spanish: Isabel.

Nicknames of the name Bella:

Bell/ Ella/ Bel/ Tinkabella/ Belli/ Bells/ Bee/ Bels/ Bebe/ Bellosh/ Bellik/ Ball/ Bello/ Bellisch/


The arrival of the Twilight saga, with Bella as the main character, has increased the celebrity of this name not only in France but everywhere in the world. Bella is a name that has become popular in the last decade and is taken into account as one of the main options for parents when they put the name of their children.

Bella is the variant in Italian of the name in Spanish Isabel, this is the evolved form of the name Elisabet, coming from the union of the two Hebrew terms “el” and “sb.” Any name that has the element He refers to God. The stem sb is related to the term Zabad (give) or Sheva (promise). That is to say, the name Bella means “God gives” or “God promises,” it can also mean “The one that God loves.”

This name was extended from old Europe to other countries in the form of Isabelle or Bella. The variant in the termination (beautiful) gives beauty and elegance.

Bella is a name of Hebrew origin, it is biblical, marking much the character of the people who share this name. One of the most critical characteristics of women named Bella is their kindness, charisma and sensitivity are people who are always helping others without expecting anything in return, they are beings full of light and peace.

Personality Traits:

Bella is full of surprise; she is hot. With her, you never know if she will explode or start laughing. She is very emotional and has sensitive skin. It’s always necessary that Bella be in movement, that she moves, that she smiles, that she is noticed. Bella has great self-confidence and is extroverted; she actively participates in the life of the world. However, she has a careless side and is struggling to stabilize, finding her balance.

Bella often exaggerates her reactions so much to be noticed as to give herself a countenance and to impress her audience; she is still not easily influenced. Very demanding in this area, Bella has a morality for herself and others and can quickly be hurt or irritated by the failures in their behavior of those around her. Especially as the entourage of Bella, her home, are the real center of gravity of her life. Intuition and sensitivity are one in Bella and confused. She has telepathy, a flair, a charm of which she tends to abuse.

Bella stands out for its elegance and simplicity. Her innocence is reflected naturally on her face. Graceful, she attracts men effortlessly. Her sparkling eyes reflect her joie de vivre. Bella can excel quickly in the field of haute couture or decoration for senior people. Luxury corresponds perfectly to her personality, noble and distinguished.

Being feminine, Bella knows how to put her assets in value without appearing extravagant. She teaches the notion of independence to her children and avoids brooding them like a mother hen. For her, being a good mother means respecting the personality and dreams of her children. Motivating them, teaching them perseverance, independence and self-control are missions that they invariably impose on themselves. As a mother, Bella imposes a strict education on her children. However, far from choking them, she instills in them the sense of responsibility and the notion of time.

Bella is a reserved person who has difficulty easily trusting. She protects herself from suffering by distancing herself from overly talkative people. She wants to keep control and avoids situations where she feels useless. Also, she runs away from any conversation she does not know enough. Modest, she does not like to boast about her success.

Bella avoids engaging in any claim, dispute or association. Her greatest wish is to live in peace, without creating more problems and without drawing attention to her. Also, she seeks emotional security. Its stability allows it to flourish.

Bella looks like an indifferent, stubborn and sophisticated woman. Difficult to define, it does not show any emotion on her face. This mysterious look attracts men like a magnet.

Bella sometimes has a confused mind. Her discretion about her private life often puts her in front of internal conflicts. She tries to solve her problems without asking her relatives for advice.

Bella is a messy little woman. Doing housework does not interest her. She prefers to hire another person to do it for her. Wallowing in front of the television is an activity that does not inspire her either. She prefers to go out, walk around, have fun or spend her time on the internet. Bella loves change. She gets tired quickly of a monotonous life where the routine reigns in master. She preserves her freedom as the apple of her eyes. Bella is a jealous woman. She fiercely protects her couple as Ali Baba does with her treasure.

Emotional Spectrum:

Bella is so loving that it often has unpredictable reactions, mixing joy and sadness. This strong emotivity makes Bella sensitive and nervous. Bella is surprisingly fast in her responses; she is ready for anything if she feels in danger if her family or her job are. Bella can throw herself body and soul into a cause that she considers. Not very sensitive to chess, no systematic opposition, and if there is opposition, it is always sportingly, Bella knows how to have an objective vision of life.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Bella:

A powerful will to the point that Bella is sometimes careless, to see tyrannical. To counterbalance this, it is necessary that Bella evolves in a stable and just environment. Bella is very attracted by her interior and is attached to her home, to her family, much more than to her professional life. Therefore, in this area, Bella is hesitant and tends to want often to change professional orientations. Satisfactory enough, Bella nevertheless needs a balanced diet, even if it has a strong resistance. Bella is very friendly; she likes to receive, she is a perfect host. Easily adaptable, Bella feels comfortable everywhere and with everyone. A dynamism in “sawtooth” that varies when everything is fine and when everything goes wrong.

She is very curious, lively, imaginative, full of fantasy and sharing, Bella has a superficial intelligence that allows her to have a complete and rapid vision of each situation. Bella remembers everything that touches her, moves her, revolts her because she has an excellent emotional memory.

Bella is from distant aspects cold. Even sometimes Bella is very affectionate, and even “blue flower”; but she hides behind this wild side, for fear of passing for “childish” or out of modesty. Bella is immoderately possessive.

She is faithful and much more sentimental than Bella wants to show, her sexuality is not very simple. Indeed, family and social taboos complicate her sensuality.


In the sentimental field, Bella is a loyal, faithful and passionate woman, when she has a partner she is committed to one hundred with her, she is very focused and knows what kind of person she wants to have by her side, in her youth she finds it difficult to see that couple because of your demands. Looking to love and be loved, the person who is with her should feel very lucky because Bella is a beautiful girl and a good companion. She wants to get the man of her life even though on the way she meets many who only want to cheat her, she will keep trying and searching until she gets that blue prince.

Bella is quite a family person. It usually promotes union, camaraderie, and solidarity in your home and tries to resolve conflicts that arise in the best way. In her free time, she prefers to spend time with her family or doing some volunteering; he does not have many hobbies. She is a beautiful mother; she loves to teach about goodness and values to her children so that they become good citizens and good people, she gets along very well with children and always realizes she has a word of encouragement for those who need it.

Travel and Leisure:

Bella is a free soul and always loves to travel. In her free time, she would like to spend more time in nature.

Career and Money:

Bella is a girl who does not like studying very much, she is somewhat lazy and does not usually do the tasks and jobs assigned to her.

In the workplace, Bella likes jobs where she helps other people, which is why she stands out in professions such as a nurse, teacher, doctor, social worker, etc. He is methodical and organized; he always follows her values and ideals, that is why he is doing so well in this type of work, everyone remembers her since he is such a good person that he leaves a mark on all the people he knows.

Life’s Opportunities:

Curious, Bella is a woman who does not feel comfortable until she can understand how things are going. She does not give up easily and can even go to her investigation to find out the truth. Not very friendly, Bella tends to fall back on herself. Due to this nature, if she is not careful, she might miss on some good life opportunities

Spiritual Meaning of the name Bella:

Isabelle de France, born in 1225, is the sister of King Louis IX, known as Saint Louis. She refuses to marry Conrad, son of Emperor Frederick II; to found a monastery of Poor Clares at Longchamps, near Paris. She takes the veil, and her life will be an example of holiness. She died in 1270. Like all Aries, Bella has a great natural charm. It impresses easily without much effort. She seeks stability in a couple and her work. Going on an adventure far from civilization is one of her greatest wishes.

Traditional Color for the name Bella:

The name Bella is associated with red. Courageous, she never gives up in the face of difficulties. Authoritarian, she does not hesitate to take things in hand when she faces an obstacle or a big event. Bella tends to impose her ideas and can sometimes seem haughty. Even if she does not show it, she has dreams of greatness. Proud, Bella is not the kind of woman who gets favors without working hard to earn them. She does not want to do anything to anyone and does everything to be as independent as possible. Red highlights the confidence Bella has in her abilities. Although she does not always manage to get first place in a competition, she does not get discouraged and persists until she reaches her goal.

This color reveals Bella’s passion for thrills. She likes to try new things and goes beyond her limits to get the adrenaline pumping. Sign of rebellion, the red emphasizes her way of life, without constraint, at her own pace and according to her principles. To bend to discipline is not her forte. She does not stay in place very long and keeps breaking the routine that tries to smother her.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Bella:

Lucky numbers for Bella is number 14 which brings her happiness. Another number associated with Bella is number 7.

Flowers and Foods for the name Bella:

Bella is Tulips. Such people are born leaders. They think. Clearly, you respect the label. Your attitude and your way of deciding to make others trust your criteria. You tend to be a traditionalist.

Famous People Last Names with the name Bella:

  • Bella Abzug – 20th-century writer and politician
  • Bella Dizhur – published author
  • Bella Doron – writer
  • Bella Freud – fashion designer


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