Meaning of the name Barbara

Meaning of the name Barbara

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Meaning of the Name BarbaraWhat is the meaning of the name Barbara?

It was difficult to collect the information on the meaning of the beautiful name Barbara. However, we have pulled out a lot of information on the meaning of the name Barbara. Here we have created a detailed account on all the meanings of the name Barbara for you.

Meaning of the name Barbara: If we study the etymology of the name Barbara, we find the literal translation for the meaning of the name Barbara to be “foreign or strange.” Primarily the origin of the name Barbara is Greek barbaros. However, the meaning of the name Barbara can also be translated as “Traveler from a foreign Land.” The Name Barbara is hugely popular around the world, especially in the English-speaking countries, including Medieval Britain from the time of St Bara in the 3rd century.

Apart from the concise meaning and origin of the name Barbara, there is a lot that you can learn about the name Barbara. If you are interested in knowing all about the meaning of the name Barbara, keep on reading the article.

Origin of the name Barbara:

The name Barbara derived from Beard. Comes from the Greek “barbaros.” The name Barbara derives its roots from the Latin barbarae, synonymous with the word “foreign.” In Roman times, Her name means “barbarian.”

The name Barbara began to spread in early Christianity. It becomes popular in the United States from the nineteenth century. Of a great beauty, Saint Barbara converts to Christianity and decides to take a vow of chastity. To force her to deny her faith, her father locks her in a tower and sets her on fire. Cunning, Barbara manages to escape. However, her father manages to find her and cuts her head. Barbara’s birthday is honored on December 4th. Barbara’s nicknames include Barbe, Barbie, Bärl, and Barbera.

Local Origin of the name Barbara:

The name Barbara comes from the Greek word meaning “The one that is foreign.” Barbara likes to be extroverted and praised by other people who also value her worth, tHer can make her seem a little egocentric, however, she is a natural person who is always aware of her own in a positive way.

She is hearing that Her daughter, Barbe, has become a Christian. Her father, a frenzied pagan, makes her judge. The judge orders that she be tortured. Refusing to apostatize, she is torn by iron claws, then ripping her breasts. Her father gives her the death blow by beheading her. This was happening in Antioch, around the year 300. She is loyal above all and proves to be a faithful person who can be trusted at any time. Barbara, despite being a person with character, is also very cheerful and friendly. Your real friends are few and to earn that position you must gain their trust, which is a difficult task. Never let the whole know until you prove you’re worth it.

Different Country Variations of Barbara:

German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish

The name derives from a word going back to the Indo-European, which describes the incomprehensible language of strangers on a noisy basis. spread by the veneration of St. Barbara of Nicomedia (3rd/ 4th century)

Nicknames of the name Barbara:

Babsi/ Babs/ Babsi/ Babis/ Barbi/ Babi/ Babsili/ Barb/ Basia/ Bibi/ Baba/ Babschi/ Barbel/ Baja/ Babsch/ Barbe/ Babse/


Barbara is a very popular name in many English-speaking countries as well as in Europe. The name is especially popular in Christians.

Personality Traits:

Her animal totem is the fox, and just like her, Barbara is suspicious, smart and unpredictable. Barbara is an exciting person, very emotional and active, but complicated. An extrovert, Barbara needs to stand out, to be noticed and especially to have an audience to be comfortable. Pleasant, lively, curious and not easy to influence, she knows how to get out of all situations. On a whim, Barbara can do anything and everything. It is quite “disturbed” regarding faith, values, and morals. Barbara has a strong intuition and excellent qualities of seduction, but they are sometimes artificial. Barbara is not always right in her skin, and she does not want to show it, she hides her real face,

Barbara is a loving woman. Her humor is contagious. She carefully chooses her friends and decides to surround herself only with people of confidence. Mysterious, she is sometimes lonely and sometimes friendly. She often tends to shut herself up in her little bubble to protect herself from bad-faith and pushy-minded people. Barbara lives according to her principles. She does not act according to the will of others, but according to its values. She only works when she decides to do it. She does not let anyone convince her to think otherwise.

She knows perfectly captivate the attention of men and be desired. She can be friendly and bursting with good humor while being distant and inaccessible. For her suitors, Barbara is an enigma that they want to solve. She is not attracted to the possessive and strict men. It puts material security in the background and seeks above all emotional security. She wants to live a relationship based on trust. Indeed, the more she feels trapped by several regulations imposed by her partner, the more she will feel suffocated. She needs to live her life as she sees fit, to do the activities that fascinate her and to have fun.

Her critical thinking drives her to observe the world around her before making a decision. Although she loves freedom, she never goes headlong into an adventure without having measured the consequences beforehand. Diplomatic, she has no difficulty in rallying her loved ones to her idea.

Barbara is an intellectual. She is passionate about the professions around psychology, public relations, and politics.

Endowed with unflinching optimism, Barbara never despairs even in difficult times. She has confidence in herself. Enthusiastic in nature, she puts a lot of enthusiasm into her activities and is particularly demanding regarding details.

She uses her curiosity to move forward in life. She likes to cultivate herself and interact with other people. Moreover, living without constraints, without having to account to anyone, allows her to flourish.

Emotional Spectrum for the meaning of the name Barbara:

Being very sensitive, Barbara does not let anything pass, nothing escapes her, mainly if it can serve Her interests. Barbara has extreme and unexpected reactions. Being disconcerting, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by it.

Personal Integrity:

Barbara can “twist” others if that is Her will, she will! Sometimes Barbara feels like a mess, but it’s just a lure, she likes to scramble the tracks and keep a secret garden, she knows, in fact, very well what she does. Barbara has great vitality, a lot of courage, so she can easily overcome all the difficulties that life can put in her way. Very friendly, Barbara needs a public she knows how to find and envy. Very dynamic, almost excessive, Barbara likes to be at the center of everything, to give a show. Barbara has a great memory, a lively and analytical intelligence, which she sometimes uses for futile purposes, interpreting without pity the details and through her entourage. She is full of the joy of life. Barbara is very demonstrative in her feelings, she is even almost sometimes casual, but it is to hide her secret face better, that she does not deliver efficiently.

Being very complex, Barbara wants to be loved for what she is, but she still looks for herself often. Her sentimentality, Her sexuality is therefore marked by the contradiction. It can “crack” for someone who does not suit her and let pass the one that suits her, having failed to show Her true personality.


She is a person who gives everything in love, for her courage she dares to act when her feelings freeze her. With her partner, she is very sentimental and sensitive, but if she is betrayed she can be vengeful and a bit resentful. She likes to be pampered and cared for at all times and to argue with her is a lost cause, she is always right. Barbara is very attached to her family and puts them above everything else. Being great exemplary mothers are sometimes very overprotective with any member of their family. Because of her character, she is the leader of her family, an innate leader who loves her family above all other things.

Travel and Leisure:

Barbara would travel all around the world if she could. However, it takes someone to accompany her for her to be interested in tourism and travel.

Career and Money:

Barbara is a person very applied in their studies can achieve all school goals without problem to achieve their dreams.

She stands out in her classes for her excellent grades, but what makes her shine the most is her personality, since she is very popular among her friends and teachers.

At work she is very liberal and can be a perfect leader or boss, standing out in professions as a writer, humorist, stylist, publicist, politician, among others. All the goals that are proposed reach them without any problem what makes her an excellent worker and entrepreneur.

Life Opportunities:

Barbara is a woman of character. She knows how to impose herself and to make herself respected. Of a complex nature, she oscillates between joy and melancholy. She affirms her independence with pride. Sociable, she has no problem integrating into a group. Barbara works hard and dynamically to achieve her goals.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Barbara:

If Barbara were to be a precious stone, she would undoubtedly be the Emerald, a symbol of knowledge and truth. She reveals the sincerity of feelings in a couple. Barbara’s character is similar to that of the natives of Taurus. Stubborn, she is not easily influenced when she has an idea in mind. Quiet in nature, she overcomes all the obstacles that stand before her with high confidence in her. She does not tolerate being jostled. She wants to act according to her plan and at her own pace. Posed, she never decides in a hurry. A woman of her word, she always respects her commitments.

Like all bulls, she wants something substantial. To do this, she becomes very demanding in the choice of her prince charming. An extrovert, she does not like to comply with the rules imposed by society and her spouse. She wants to live as she sees fit without being frivolous.

Her honesty is one of Her most excellent qualities. She is not afraid to say what she thinks and is appreciated for it. Generous, she does not hesitate to help the neediest by becoming a volunteer.

Her critical mind pushes her to judge others easily. Determined, she knows exactly what she wants and gives herself the means to obtain it. She dreams of adventure and new sensations. Being a housewife is an option that Barbara does not consider well. She loves her freedom, protects her above all else and seeks a man who can adapt to her lifestyle.

To relax, she needs to take a step back, go on a trip or isolate herself in a quiet place. She can self-criticize to improve herself. Moreover, she avoids as much as possible to come into conflict with other people. She does everything to make her house a real haven of peace.

In Sparta, (Sparta) in the Peloponnese, Greece, a church is dedicated to St. Barbara in the 10C, when St. Nikon arrives in the city. A Christian woman from Kwang-Ju district, Barbara I’m is arrested, tortured and finally beheaded in mid-May 1801, the first martyred woman in Korea. The name Barbara has its origins in the Latin barbarae.

Traditional Color for the name Barbara:

Barbara is associated with the yellow, color symbolizing the celebration, the power, and the joy. It also evokes warmth, friendship, and affection.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Barbara:

Lucky Numbers: The numbers 4, 6, 21, 37 and 46 bring luck to Barbara.

Her personality number is 6; she is a charming person, refined, diplomatic, friendly and with a great sense of fashion. Utterly methodical, thoughtful and quite intellectual, sometimes gets stuck with some problems, but always manages to get out of all of them. Some defects that you may have could be indecision, doubt and your excess of having everything perfect. She is a person who loves the theoretical and not so much the practical, is always reorganizing Her ideas and theorizing some others. It opts for the branches of art that for other professions because it has a highly refined and aesthetic sense. When talking about the health of this, we can say that Her weakness is the intestines and Her gastric system.

Flowers and Foods for the name Barbara:

Sunflowers: You are very energetic, extroverted, optimistic, cheerful. You prefer the sun instead of rainy days. You enjoy life, and for that reason, you will live longer. You have an undeniable connection with nature.

Famous People Last Names with the name Barbara:

  • Barbara BAIN: actress, notably played in “Mission impossible.”
  • Barbara BEL GEDDES: actress in the series “Dallas.”
  • Barbara Billingsley – actress
  • Barbara Bush – First Lady to President George H. Bush and mother to President George W. Bush
  • Barbara Capanini: called Barbarina, Italian dancer and favorite of Frederick II (18th century)
  • Barbara CARTLAND: Novelist
  • Barbara McClintock – Nobel Prize winner for Medicine in 1983
  • Barbara Walters – Television news anchor and reporter


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