Meaning of the name Ava

Meaning of the name Ava

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Meaning of the Name AvaWhat is the Meaning of the Name Ava?

The meaning of the name Ava has a rather interesting history and some fantastic facts associated with it. Here is some of the essential information that we have collected on the meaning of the name Ava.

Meaning of the name Ava: The meaning of the name Ava is “bearer of good news.” The origin of the name Ava comes from the Hebrew “hawwâh.” The meaning of the name Ava is also interpreted as “beautiful, radiant, joyful.” The name is famous all around the world, especially in the US and other European countries.

We have further details to share with you about the meaning of the name Ava. Continue reading if you want to learn more about the meaning of the name Ava.

Origin of the name Ava:

The name Ava is derived from Hebrew H’wwah, synonymous with “live.” Other hypotheses tend to prove that this name comes from the Latin Eva.

The name Ava began to exist from the eighth century. The celebrity and actress, Ava Gardner has primarily contributed to the fame of this name in English-speaking countries. Its popularity rating in other countries is changing timidly, ranking it in the category of rare names. Ava is the niece of King Pepin the Short, father of Charlemagne. After being cured of blindness, she decides to enter the monastery. Her birthday is honored on April 29th. The name Ava gave birth to several other names including Avelaine, Eve, Evita and Avelina.

Local Origin of the name Ava:

Being blind, the young Ava suddenly covers the view during a pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Renfroe, in Denain, in Artois, the ninth century. Full of gratitude for this favor received from God, she consecrates herself to Him and takes the veil at the monastery founded by Saint Remfroid in the previous century.

As we mentioned, the name Ava is celebrated on April 29th.

Different Country Variations of Ava:

Although Ava may have various meanings in different languages, these meanings may not be clarified or fit into the original definition of the name.

  • “sound/melody” (Persian)
  • “the strong” (old Saxon)
  • “water” (Frisian)
  • Another form of the Latin greeting “Ave.”
  • Avis in Old French = bird
  • A form of the Irish Eibhlin
  • Old High German: “water.”
  • The first woman Eva, also Havva (Hebrew)
  • Voice (Afghan)
  • West Frankish-Romansh short form was meaning “wife, wife.”

Nicknames of the name Ava:

Avy, Avi, Avachen, Evi, Awo, Hawa, Awa, Hava, Havva, Ahava


The name Ava can be found in different languages including Hebrew, German, English, and Persian. Therefore, the name Ava has hot demand all around the world.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Ava:

Ava is a great romantic. She tends to idealize her love life. Ava is demanding of her rules. She does not tolerate infidelity, an act that she punishes severely. Ava needs to evolve in a stable family environment to flourish. Violence and frequent arguments can drive her away and traumatize her.

Ava distinguishes herself from her colleagues by her charisma and elegance. She knows how to be respected and has no difficulty in imposing her ideas. Although she enjoys daydreaming, she is serious when she has a job to do.

Ava is a delicate woman to pin down. Sometimes friendly and smiling, sometimes distant and silent, she is a mystery to her companion. She knows very well how to be desired.

Being poised, Ava demonstrates superior wisdom in each of her words. She always gives excellent advice to her family. With an iron will, Ava will stop at nothing when she has a goal in mind. This perfectionist personality invests body and soul in her work until she gets satisfaction. She is also impatient and wants everything done quickly and correctly.

More about the personality of the name Ava:

Having a sensitive nature, Ava sometimes lets herself be overwhelmed by her emotions, one of her most significant weaknesses. She gets angry easily for trifles. However, she quickly manages to pull herself together.

Ava is somewhat moody, nervous and very emotional and therefore she quickly loses her temper real quick. She may seem at first disdainful, pretentious and arrogant, but in reality, she is slightly anxious, tormented and especially susceptible. Being very curious and not easy to influence, Ava is somewhat shy and very subjective. She brings everything to herself and often shows bad faith. In short, she has a slightly tricky character, but she is full of life. Her morality and her principles vary according to events. Her only constant is her faith in herself and her “superiority” towards others. Ava reacts to failures as she tends to blame others. She is far too down to earth to give real importance to intuition.

It is a great name to give to your child. This name is celebrated on April 29th. The derivative of this name is Aviva the character of Ava and her dominating traits typically include Intellect, Reactivity, Emotivity, and Dynamism. The favorite plant that goes with this name is the strawberry.

The personality of the name Ava is a romantic person:

She dreams of a love affair which can be compared to something as good as fairy tales. With great elegance, Ava demonstrates a great deal of gentleness in all her actions. Although the list of her contenders is long, she remains faithful. Ava has shown great wisdom. Her practical sense helps her to solve all the problems that come before her quickly.

Regarding fighting, Ava loves competition and invests body and soul in her activities to achieve her goals. Famous Ava filmmakers include American actresses Ava Gardner and Ava Gaudet, and Hungarian actress Ava Lazar. Ava also excels in the world of literature, including Ava de Göttweig, the poet.

Emotional Spectrum:

Her emotivity is far too improvised to allow Ava time to think. That is why she sometimes tends to have hurtful and insolent words, and tends to speak wrongly. Strong reactions, great nervousness, invasive emotionality characterize Ava and explain her impulsiveness. She may demonstrate customary bursts of disconcerting anger, which often have the purpose of hurting or destroying.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Ava:

She has a goodwill principle. However, Ava often deflates and therefore does not go to the end of things. Ava lack of continuity in the effort and gives the illusion of being always in action. In fact, she confuses action and agitation. The health of Ava is subject to her psyche. She is also very sensitive to fatigue and overwork. Mixing the useful with the pleasant, as far as possible, Ava likes to be surrounded. However, her sociability remains complicated and not fully satisfactory. Activities and dynamism do not have the same magnitude. Ava needs success to exist, and she has a great capacity for it. However, she lacks the sense of humanity and does not hesitate to abuse things and people.

Ava is smart, knows it and wants to let it be known. She often forgets to question herself. Ava is constantly thinking, calculating and intrigued by different things. She has an analytical memory, leaving nothing to pass.

It is very nervous, impulsive and selfish affectivity that characterizes Ava. Without any offense, she tends to be very possessive and even tyrannical.

Ava faces difficulty when expressing her sensibility, and the sharp image she conveys leads to a series of misunderstandings with those around her. Ser sexuality is capricious, and Ava tends to idealize her future partner which somewhat gets her confused when it comes to differentiating life and dream.


Ava is a flirtatious woman. She knows how to attract the gaze of the male on her. She considers the look like a reflection of the soul and lifestyle of a person. As a result, she reserves a monthly budget for her shopping.

Ava is a loving mother, and she is able to put her personal interests in the background and prioritize the happiness of her children. She listens to them and encourages them to develop their creativity and analytical skills. She strives to bring harmony to her home. In addition, it encourages solidarity.

Ava is completely loyal in friendship, she respects the privacy of her friends and is a good counselor. Being a very thoughtful personality, she never takes unnecessary risks. Frankly, she is not afraid to say directly what she thinks, a quality much appreciated by her friends. Indeed, hypocrisy is a character she refuses to adopt. She also tends to be a foodie and an epicurean, based on which Ava grows and lives life to the fullest. She likes to have fun and build new relationships. Besides, she dreams of adventures. Monotony is her worst enemy. She needs change to feel alive. She has difficulties with the hierarchical system of companies and prefers to practice as a self-entrepreneur. Most probably she will be soon her own.

We see Ava as an inveterate romantic. She loves ballads and small details. She expects her partner to treat her like a princess. For her to keep her partner in love and happy is the bread of every day. She likes to celebrate special dates.

More about the relationships for the meaning of the name Ava:

For her, not only is it enough to have a relationship, she hopes that it will be lasting. She dreams of forming a stable home with her Mr. Right. A betrayal shatters her heart. However, she is willing to fight to get the one who deserves her heart. She is completely faithful when she falls in love.

The woman named Ava also shows what kind of home she was raised in. It brings tranquility, peace, harmony to the home. She loves her parents infinitely, and all her achievements are for them. She would fight to give back the efforts they have made so that she achieves her goals.

We have learned that Ava is a very emotional girl and woman, and that is reflected in her family environment as well. She feels empathy when her relatives suffer in terms of health or suffer injustices. Ava would leave everything aside when her family needs it. She is communicative and faithful to the family nucleus.

Career and Money:

Ava is a born artist. Creativity goes hand in hand with her academic training. She is proactive, participative and collaborative. Ava does not allow disagreements to forbid her from forging a future for herself and her family. However, both studies and work are in the background against love and family.

Among the women who indulge the most in their work, Ava might even be in the top ones. She accepts responsibilities and makes the work her own, which allows her to perform 100%. Ava usually seeks to pursue professions that allow her to express her ideas, but do not fall into despair. She analyzes the environment and builds according to her capabilities and the means available to her.

Ava looks for opportunities wherever, and it is because she believes in honest work. She maintains a waiting attitude to any door that opens. When she is exhausted, and everything has not gone as she thought, she reinforces herself to start over. It reflects her good spirits even when she thinks she is defeated.

Life’s Opportunities:

The vocation of Ava has inclined towards the defense of the underprivileged: Law, Nursing, and Public Service. Attached to any career that she decides to exercise, Ava has qualities of philanthropy that opened other doors on the road. She is humble, accepts advice and strives to improve.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Ava:

The character of Ava is similar to that of the natives of Taurus. She seeks stability in both her personal and professional life. She wants to live in comfort and be able to spend without counting. Faithful, she wants to engage with the right man who is sincere and understanding. In addition, she flees men too jealous and strict.

Ava can be described as a cyclothymic personality, which means that she is sometimes prone to mood swings. She wants to advance at her own pace and does not support domination. Although she is sensitive in nature, she never makes a decision on a whim or impulsively.

Ava is courageous and overcomes all the obstacles that stand before her with courage. She remains optimistic even in difficult moments. She derives her determination from the support and affection of those around her.

Like all bulls, Ava is an honest person. She is generous with her family and does not hesitate to reach out to them when they are in need. To forget her stress, she prefers to meditate in the middle of nature or to isolate herself in a quiet place.

Stubborn, it is difficult to change her mind when she has an idea in mind. Although she is friendly, Ava is a suspicious woman. She prefers to observe a person’s behavior before starting a conversation with her.

With a creative mind, Ava is interested in crafts that revolve around the artistic world, architecture or advertising.

If Ava were to be a gem, she would certainly be the Emerald. This stone evokes sincerity of feelings, love, and protection.

Traditional Color for the name Ava:

Ava’s character is highlighted by the color green, which is a symbol of stability, hope, and freedom. This color has soothing and toning virtues.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Ava:

The numbers 4 and 40 bring luck to Ava.

Flowers and Foods for the name Ava:

Ava is a sunflower. Sunflowers are a perfect choice for those people with high energy optimism and extroverts. Not in vain these beautiful flowers are associated with the sun and the summer months. If that person you want to give flowers to is able to light up every room they pass through and know how to enjoy the small pleasures of life, sunflowers are the best option.

Famous People Last Names with the name Ava:

  • Ava Acres Actress, Frozen
  • Actress Ava Allan Actress, Becoming
  • Ava Bianchi Actress, Cures Anything
  • Actress Ava Cadell Actress, Commando
  • Ava Del Cielo Actress, Chapter 39
  • Actress Ava Deluca-Verley Actress, The Way Way Back
  • Ava DuVernay Miscellaneous Crew, Spider-Man 2
  • Actress Ava Fabian Actress, Dragnet


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