Meaning of the name Asher

Meaning of the name Asher

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What is the Meaning of the Name Asher?

There is little literature on the meaning of the name Asher. However, we have made an extra effort on research to pull out all the exciting things and the facts about the meaning of the name Asher. Here is a compilation of all the exciting things that we have found on the meaning of the name Asher.

Meaning of the name Asher: The etymological meaning of the name Asher is the person who is “blessed” and “Happy.” The origin of the name Asher is primarily Jewish, and it comes from the old testament originally. However, the name is also heavily borne in the Bible for the 8th son of the maid of Jacob’s wife, Zilpah in the bible. The name is not very popular and can be considered unique.

There are a lot of other things that you can learn about the meaning of the name Asher. If you want to know about the personality and the destiny of someone with the name Asher, keep reading to learn some exciting things about the meaning of the name Asher.

Origin of the name Asher:

The origin of the name Asher is Hebrew, and the original word means “lucky or blessed.” It is a biblical name that is for the eighth son of Jacob, but his second through Zilpa who was a servant of Leah.

Local Origin of the name Asher:

In the Bible, Asher is one of the sons of Jacob, and hence the name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel In the Middle Ages, a large percentage of Europe had the custom that trades inherit within the family. This greatly facilitated the ability to identify a particular group. For this reason, after a few generations, the denomination of these was linked to the activity they performed. However, some lineages are called this because of their physical characteristics, which are more noticeable. From we get the importance of the study of the protagonist name. Asher is the “Man of choice.”

Different Country Variations of Asher:

  • Asher
  • Asser

Nicknames of the name Asher:

Ash/ Ashi/ A/ Sher/ Shay

Popularity for the meaning of the name Asher:

The first name Asher is so rare in the US that it is hardly possible to make valid statistical statements about him. However, the comparatively few observations we have about Asher suggest that, although the name is in all social strata, in recent years it has been chosen quite frequently by parents from a well-off milieu. Asher often has a family home that is above average regarding socio-economic characteristics such as “education,” “income,” and “wealth.”

Asher is a masculine given name. Occasionally Asher is also used as a maiden name, for example as a second name. If two boys meet with the name Asher, then that’s something special. Because in the US the name Asher is comparatively rare. Although this name is awarded several times each year, only about 2 out of every 100,000 boys have been called Asher in recent years.

Asher has five letters and starts with an A. You might say now that you would probably have come to it by yourself. But what you may not know yet is that the letter A is the most popular initial letter for boy names. 11.8% of all boy names common in German-speaking countries begin with this letter. Incidentally, the second most common initial of boy names is S.

Personality Traits:

Asher is of aggressive and explosive temperament. Asher is a loud, angry, and very emotional headed whose actions are sudden and reactions are often impulsive. Psychically speaking, Asher has several possibilities, he has had trouble choosing and finally he is looking to find himself continuously. It seems that this uncomfortable and indecisive situation is much more present in the meaning of the name Asher than in others. Asher wants to believe in truth, in an exemplary morality and hates everything that may seem like compromises. He has a real sense of friendship that can even go as far as sacrificing. Asher does not trust it too much, which is a shame since it is pretty good, he prefers to stay in a rational world. Moreover, his strong masculinity sometimes leads to an evident lack of psychology about women.

People with the name Asher are workers, disciplined, and obstinate. They like rigor and hate what is futile. He is the right person who often surrounds themselves with many friends, and their company is delightful. Asher is open-minded and welcoming, and they also know how to preserve their secret garden. They are honest, of a demanding morality, and sometimes authoritarian. They like to order but sometimes lack diplomacy.

Asher can be very emotional; they always strive to keep their cool. Being entrepreneurial, active and volunteer, they have a strong working power, and nothing resists them. People who are called Asher are also charming, elegant, their strength of seduction is undeniable. Their morality is more or less fluctuating according to circumstances. Sensitive dreamers: Loyalty is not their strong point, because they fall quickly in love.

Emotional Spectrum:

Asher is very sensitive to what others may think of him and to the opinion that we can have of him. It is this explosive side, sometimes violent, which constitutes the most striking element of this type of character. If Asher can seem aggressive at times, it is much more possible that he feels compelled to obey a deep sense of justice, which guides him and sometimes goes beyond him.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Asher:

This firm will is the most significant characteristic of Asher ‘s personality; it is he who allows him not to feel coward and to have confidence in him. The spearhead of Asher, his activity is productive and hectic. Asher judges himself and judges others to the importance of their movement, which is why he happens to develop inferiority complexes. He has an excellent vitality, even if he sometimes tends to abuse it. His sociability is versatile, and Asher refuses to feel overwhelmed so that Asher can seem very cold. He is also very susceptible, almost flayed, he cannot bear betrayal and lies. Under the look sometimes a little suspicious, sometimes a little shy of Asher, is hiding a man with a big heart. The dynamism and the power of his integrity are remarkable.

His intelligence is thick but not always very fast, mainly because the meaning of the name Asher is often undecided and has difficulty making decisions. He is somewhat shy, but he has intellectual honesty and is quite capable of giving himself thoroughly when he believes in a thing or a being.

Rooted in life, Asher chose to live fully. His sensuality and sexuality are demanding, and Asher is exclusive in his relationships. Asher is very independent, and that’s why we should not neglect him. Asher needs love to understand, but not an invasive love rather than a reasoned tenderness.

An iron will, great honesty and morality makes Asher a rather difficult being. However, he is also a man of quality, faithful, reliable, whose heart is full of love.


Those who carry this name enjoy their romantic relationships. He is a happy person, who strives to maintain stability in his relationship with his partner. If her partner supports her in her goals and goals, he considers him one more reason to strengthen her feelings towards him. But, if you do not find someone who values it, you will suffer some disappointments.

As this meaning of the name Asher also relates to the goddess of love and desire, it is this same influence that also goes hand in hand with him.

One of the aspects of life that enjoy most is the family. He is already well dedicated to the things he does, and in the family, it is not the exception. He likes to keep the family together. Usually, he takes the lead in holding family meetings where they can all be together. He also loves children. Asher becomes a good father because of the way he looks after her family. He will become a good husband because not only is he attentive to her partner, but he also likes to depend on him to take the lead.

Career and Money for the meaning of the name Asher:

Asher has a characteristic that favors in this field. Because he is delicate and meticulous, he finds it attractive to be able to devote herself to studies. Asher likes to complete his objectives. Therefore, he delivers with proper determination and delicacy. Also, his personality is linked with plans and activities to perform. When you intend to carry out studies, you see them clearly as an object to be delivered to fill it as you want.

Of course, Asher can become highly intelligent, educated, and wealthy. But what about his parents? Was Asher already prosperous from the birth, or does he come from more straightforward circumstances? As always, this can only be said “on average,” with each Asher it can, of course, be very different. In general, however, the name Asher has been particularly popular with parents with above-average education, above-average income and a low risk of poverty in recent years. Therefore, many people also expect the name Asher subconsciously associate with a well-educated and well-off home-based family for the generation of present-born boys.

Life’s Opportunities:

In the workplace, Asher is also very dedicated. He likes to do the work with subtlety and a lot of attention. He is responsible and has a vocation towards what he does. That is why in the labor field is a person that many want to have.

Due to the way he does his work, some jobs go well with his personality. As, tender children; caring for the elderly; caring for the sick He does not fulfill my obligation, but he does it because he enjoys every moment of his life.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Asher:

1. Eighth son of Jacob with Zilpah, the servant of Leah (Gen. 30:12, 13, 35:26). He had four sons

and one daughter (Gen. 46:17; 1 Cr. 7:30) and was the founder of a tribe. See Aser 3.

2. Possibly a village near Shechem (Joshua 17: 7); unidentified. Some

commentators believe that this Aser is a reference to the territory of the tribe.

3. The tribe that originated with Aser 1. In the distribution of Palestine among the 12 tribes,

Asher received the fertile coastal strip north of Mount Carmel as far as Sidon (Joshua

19: 24-31). However, the tribe conquered and occupied its territory only partially, and

He never expelled the inhabitants of Aco, Tire, Sidon and other Canaanite or

Phoenician cities (Judges 1:31, 32). His land lent itself very well to the cultivation of the olive tree,

which seems to allude to the prophetic blessing that Moses pronounced on the tribe (Deut

33:24, 25; cf. Gen. 49:20). Aser did not join in the fight against Hazor in the time of the

judges (Judges 5:17, cf 4:10). Map VI, B, C-3.

Texts and late Egyptian inscriptions of the times of Seti I (c 1322-c 1304 BC) and of

Ramses II (c 1304-c 1238 BC) speaks of the interior of Phenicia as * Isr, which

may refer to Aser. It was one of the tax districts into which

the country in the time of Solomon (1 Kings 4:16). Ana, the NT prophetess who was in the

Temple of Jerusalem and who recognized the baby Jesus as the redeemer of

humanity, was of the tribe of Asher (Luke 2:36). Ezekiel includes Asher, among other

tribes, in his prophecy of the restoration of Israel (cp 48). In the vision, John saw 12,000

sealed sawmills (Rev. 7: 6).

Traditional Color for the name Asher:

The meaning of the name Asher associates with the blue, color of the sky, travel, infinity, and lightness. Blue represents sincerity, loyalty, knowledge, and intelligence. It also refers to immortality and freshness. Calming color, blue inspires calm and brings calm. Blue also promotes generosity and perseverance.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Asher:

The number that represents Asher is 6. With this numerology, the idealistic characteristics that it has, the responsible person and the fact that it seeks the meaning of life.

Flowers and Foods for the name Asher:

If Asher were a flower, he would be the Poppies. It means that you are vibrant and creative. For you, everything is an inspiration. You are receptive to new ideas, concepts, patterns, ways of being and dressing. Asher is always willing to explore different perspectives. He is free-minded, sometimes you tend to be scattered.

Famous People Last Names with the name Asher:

  • Asher Peres (1934-2005), Israeli physicist)
  • Rapper Asher Paul Roth (American rapper)
  • Asher Brown Durand (1796-1886), American painter)
  • Athlete Asher Allen – football player
  • Asher Roth – rapper
  • Author Arthur Asher Miller (US author)
  • Asher ben Jacob (Person from the Bible, father of one of the 12 tribes of Israel)


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