Meaning of the name Anthony

Meaning of the name Anthony

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Meaning of the name AnthonyMeaning of the name Anthony

What is the Meaning of the Name Anthony?

Over the years we have collected some fascinating information and facts about the meaning of the name Anthony. Here we have compiled a list of different definitions and new characteristics associated with the meaning of the name Anthony.

Meaning of the name Anthony: Regarding Etymology, the translation in literal terms and the meaning of the name Anthony is a man “who is priceless,” an “outstanding person” and a man with “inestimable work.” The origin of the name Anthony is Greek, and it is derived from Antoine which comes from “Anthonomos” in Greek. The meaning of “Anthonomos” is the man “who eats the flower.”

There is a whole lot of other things that you can learn about the name and the meaning of the name Anthony. To find out more interesting facts, keep on reading.

Origin of the name Anthony:

The etymology of the name “Anthony” is still the subject of a great debate now. Some researchers say that it derives from the Latin word “Antonius” which means “invaluable.” Others say that it comes from the Greek “anthos” which means “flower.” This name became popular especially in Christian countries thanks to Saint Anthony, a child from a wealthy family who decided to distribute all his goods to the poor to serve God. This name was a great success in the 1980s. It is very well received in English-speaking countries. Nearly 168,000 people have this name, which ranks today among the top 100 first names.

Local Origin of the name Anthony:

The name Anthony is common in several countries around the world, including North and South America, and Europe. The name can be found in different languages as well with a little or no variations. For instance, the name Anthony can be found in languages including Danish, Spanish, Norwegian, German, Czech and Swedish languages. Nonetheless, the name Anthony is most common in the English language and the English-speaking countries. The name is especially prevalent in English speaking countries.

Variations of Anthony:

• Ukrainian: Anton

• Swedish: Anton

• Spanish: Antonio

• Slovene: Anton

• Serbian: Antonije

• Russian: Anton

• Romanian: Anton, Antoniu

• Portuguese: António

• Portuguese (Brazilian): Antônio

• Polish: Antoni

• Norwegian: Anton

• Macedonian: Andon, Anton, Antonij

• Lithuanian: Antanas

• Limburgish: Antoon

• Italian: Antonio

• Icelandic: Anton

• Hungarian: Antal

• Hawaiian: Anakoni

• Greek: Antonios, Antonis

• German: Anton

• Galician: Antón

• French: Antoine

• Finnish: Anton, Anttoni

• Estonian: Anton

• Esperanto: Antono

• English: Antony

• Dutch: Anton, Antonie, Antonius, Antoon

• Danish: Anton

• Croatian: Anton, Antonijo, Antonio, Antun

• Catalan: Antoni

• Bulgarian: Andon, Anton

• Basque: Andoni, Antton

• Ancient Roman: Antonius

• African American: Antoine, Antwan

Nicknames of the name Anthony:

Male first names: Anton, Antony, Antton, Antoni, Antone, Antonn, Anthon, Anthone, Anthoni, Antonny, Anthonny

First names: Marc Anthony, Pierre Anthony, Jean Anthony

Some most common nicknames would include:

• AJ

• Ant

• Anth

• Anthony

• Antin

• Antoine

• Anton

• Antonino

• Antonio

• Antonius

• Antony

• Antwahn

• Antwan

• Maffa

• Nino

• Psycho

• Success

• Tito

• Tone

• Toño

• Tony

• Tony flex

• Twan


Anthony is among the most famous names in the United States. In the year 2017, the name Anthony was ranked as the 32nd most popular name. Then rank went up to 49th and back down to 41th in the year 2019. If you name your child Anthony, it is very much possible that someone with the same name would already be on the campus or even the same class as Anthony’s. Nevertheless, although the name is ubiquitous, it is still a lovely name to give to your baby boy. The name Anthony is used in men. Due to what its meaning represents, it has become a trendy name. Some of the countries where we can find it are the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, and others.

Personality Traits:

Anthony is the one who triumphs. These winners are characterized by will, intellect, activity, and mortality. Personally, they are exceedingly emotional, angry, nervous, and always boiling. Anthony sometimes reacts impulsively and even from time to time with violence. Apart from being independent and combative, he is not easy to handle and has excellent obstinacy. Anthony has a multitude of layers to his personality that disturbs the one who believes to grasp the complexity of his character especially at first.

One thing that helps him is his great self-confidence which is often only out of pretending that allow him to pass for a “hard” time while giving him time to think. He is right, even though he is quite changeable according to the events. The loyalty that he has and his commitments are not always up to his original intentions. Having very intuitive and possessing a very surprising spontaneous psychology, Anthony knows how to use it effectively; it is good to listen to him without getting caught up in his game.

Emotional Spectrum:

Anthony has a strong emotional spectrum which, coupled with the explosive aspect of his character, plays him many tricks. He also tends to flee and to want to start from scratch when the obstacles present themselves. It is quite suggestible even if it is not the image it gives, it must give him time to think, without trying to convince him at the moment. He ends up weighing the pros and cons and often adopts the point of view of the other. Just like his star, the Sagittarius, Anthony is a go-getter for whom to give headbutts is not a problem. He is a protester who, nevertheless, avoids conflicts and complicated situations. Because it is in these moments in particular that Anthony will tend to flee.

Personal Integrity:

Anthony has an ecliptic will, that is to say, sometimes Anthony plays the volunteer, sometimes he shows a singular stubbornness, and sometimes binds his will to his active imagination. His action often lacks continuity, and Anthony tends to scatter. That’s why he needs discipline and rigor to get a job done, especially since Anthony is dreamy, very imaginative and sometimes a little lazy. His vitality is excellent, and Anthony has remarkable resistance, even if he is very nervous internally. Anthony has a deep sense of friendship, but his sociability is uncertain and variable. He may, in turn, want to make a number and want to be surrounded by an audience, like closing entirely and returning to his shell. Anthony

If his imagination does not take over the rational, Anthony can be knowledgeable and very brilliant, but just like his activity, his intellect lacks stability. He may tend to tell his life rather than to live it. Subjective in the soul, Anthony colors any event of its mark and does not have an evident vision of the difference between fabrication and truth.

In his “go-getter” aspect, Anthony needs love and tenderness, but he is difficult to tame, and the demonstrations of affectivities must not be imposed on him or refused. Indeed, Anthony needs a right dosage that will allow him to feel good. His family can be for him refuge or a brake according to the education he has received.


Anthony is sometimes subject to sentimental repressions because he does not know exactly if he lives his love or dreams. His sexuality is strong but complicated as an unbridled imagination supplants it. Anthony is very pleasing to women, his seduction and charm are great, and he has a strong sensuality that he hides under his personality. The main pitfall to avoid for Anthony is to fall into waiting or flapping. Anthony needs an excellent mental structure, a strong discipline of life and a stable family to be fully realized, and so everything will be possible.

Meaning of the name Anthony with women

Although Antony has a devastating charm, he does not play the killer of hearts. He prefers to seek the woman of his life and live with her a romantic relationship worthy of a fairy tale. Anthony has a great sense of family and cares about his family. They can always count on him in case of concern.

Meaning of the name Anthony as a Father

Anthony is a model father who can bring calm to his family life. Every day, he gives his children a little time to explain the essence of life. He also takes the opportunity to instill in them good manners so that they later become model citizens. Anthony also closely monitors the studies of his children. He does not hesitate to help them with their homework or review their lessons when they notice an inevitable drop in level.

Meaning of the name Anthony as a Husband

Anthony gives a privileged place to his life as a couple. To offer his wife a relationship where true love is honored, he avoids mixing his emotional life with his professional life. He leaves aside his professional problems when he spends time with the loved one. His goal is to ensure that happiness continues to reign between them even if it faces many concerns. He never misses an opportunity to prove his love to his wife and treats her like a queen. Sometimes Anthony gets angry with his wife, but he always begs for forgiveness afterward.

Meaning of the name Anthony as a Friend

For Anthony, friendship is important and must never be defiled by human stupidity. He chooses his associates well and takes as a friend only the people who inspire his confidence. He takes care of his friends and is always present for them in case of problems. Anthony hates hypocrites and profiteers. He recognizes them immediately and avoids them like the plague to avoid getting into trouble.

Meaning of the name Anthony as a Person

Anthony is a lonely man. He has an intense imagination, and it is challenging to understand. Your feelings, thoughts, and interests are very different from the rest. He struggles to get the ideal girl because he is very dedicated to other things like his studies, hobbies or his job. It is not easy for him to have loving relationships. He is a little shy and feels that sometimes he finds it difficult to socialize with them. However, this does not mean that he does not want to get married. His dream is to see a beautiful lady to accompany him throughout his life and be with him when he wants to experience new things.

Meaning of the name Anthony in Family

Anthony loves his family very much. However, he is cautious with them but does his best to keep them on the sidelines. That is because his parents exert a significant influence on him. Therefore, they want their son to handle things as they wish. But Anthony is very independent. It bothers her that they want to manage their lives, they believe in the ability to be self-sufficient. Moreover, since he was young, he wants to form and establish his own family. He is waiting for that beautiful woman who becomes an excellent wife and mother.

Travel and Leisure:

Anthony is not an adventurer. He does not like change on a professional or sentimental level. He finds happiness instability and does not hesitate to do everything to preserve his work and make a career.

Career and Money:

Anthony has a great perspective on life, and he wants to achieve all his achievements. He has a lot of imagination, and this produces a great curiosity about the unknown. The fact that he is so curious makes him risk knowing or experiencing new things. He loves to study. Reading books is his greatest passion. Loves being in the library, is one of his best hobbies. It is common in him to meet with family and friends who share his same interest in reading and thus can discuss the topics they have studied before.

Anthony plans to be able to work independently. Take advantage of who can, to achieve their goals. He works with high precision because he likes to be responsible for the activities assigned to him. He is demanding of himself. He is not very attracted to the idea of having a boss or that someone tells him what to do. He is very independent, and that makes it difficult for her sometimes to be able to follow orders or to submit to the laws of others.

Life’s Opportunities:

Anthony is curious and interested in everything. He never misses an opportunity to make discoveries and develop his knowledge. For him, life is continuous learning, and everyone must always seek to expand his knowledge.

Anthony is endowed with high intelligence. Before acting, he always takes the time to weigh the pros and cons. By taking a step back, he usually manages to solve even the most delicate of problems. He never goes headlong to avoid failure. He prefers not to act in case he is not sure of succeeding instead of making a double blow and regret bitterly in case of failure.

Anthony often gives himself moments of solitude and calm, especially when he prepares to lead a big project. By doing so, he can quickly identify the various factors that can hinder the smooth running of his plan. During this phase of reflection, he analyzes the feasibility of his project and does not hesitate to give up if insurmountable difficulties arise.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Anthony:

St. Anthony the Great was born in Egypt in 250, in a well-to-do family. Orphan and heir to 18 years, this son of wealthy decide to leave everything for the service of God. He distributes all his goods to the poor and goes to the desert to lead a life of hermit and prayer. Other loners will come to join him, thus is born the first monastery. Saint Anthony is the precursor of monasticism. On June 13, we celebrate St. Anthony of Padua. Ruby is Anthony’s lucky stone. This precious stone is closely linked to devouring passion and peace. The old belief associated with this stone a power of protection, in particular financial.

Traditional Color for the name Anthony:

If Anthony were a color, he would be red. The latter connotes the joy of living, dynamism, and will. He is often attached to passionate love and has a warm atmosphere. This color can refer to love, sensuality, courage, and ardor as it can apply to anger, sexuality, danger, and prohibition.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Anthony:

For Anthony, his number in life is 7. It means that he is an intelligent person, and this allows him to excel in the various fields of life. Besides, he is someone who gives the best he can to those he values. Anthony is celebrating on January 17th. Anthony is a person full of energy and endurance. He does not admit defeat easily even in the face of critical situations. He is a tireless worker who stops only when he reaches the goal he has set for himself.

Famous People Last Names with the name Anthony:

1. Anthony Armstrong Jones (photographer)

2. Anthony ARMSTRONG JONES: Photographer

3. Anthony Asquith (Director)

4. Anthony ASQUITH: director – Writer “The underside of the millionaire.”

5. Anthony Delon (actor)

6. Anthony DELON: actor, notably played in “Chronicle of an announced death.”

7. Anthony Eden (politician)

8. Anthony Eden: English politician (1897-1977)


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