Meaning of the Name Anna

Meaning of the name Anna

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Meaning of the Name AnnaMeaning of the Name Anna

Through rigorous etymological research, I’ve uncovered a wealth of information about the name Anna and what it means. On this page, you’ll learn the historical meaning of the name of the Anna.

Meaning of the name Anna: Originating from the Greek name Ἅννα and the Hebrew name Hanna, the meaning of the name Anna is “favor” and “grace.” The name Anna has origins dating back to thousands of years to the bible.

Origins of the Name Anna

One of the first written usages of the meaning of the name Anna is in the New Testament. In the Old Testament, Hannah was used to describing a prophetess who proclaimed that a then-infant Jesus was God’s son and humankind’s savior. When the New Testament was written around 50 to 70 A.D. The name, Anna is a substitute in place of Hanna.

In the New Testament, the meaning of the name Anna was also the name of the Virgin Mary’s mother. Saint Anna, also referred to as Saint Anne, was the biblical grandmother of Jesus, according to both Christian and Islamic religions. It’s believed that the name Anna is the combination of joining the names Ann and Anne.

Different Country Variations of the Name Anna

  • English: Anabel, Anabella, Anamaria, Anna-Bella, Annabeth, Annmarie, Anne
  • Spanish: Mariana, Ana Laura, Ana Luisa, Ana Maria
  • Swedish: Aina, Anette, Anika, Annika, Anja
  • German: Anelie, Anke, Anika, Anja
  • Greek: Annaki
  • French: Anais, Ann, Annelle, Annette, Annie, Anouk, Annabelle

The popularity of the name Anna

The use of Anna and its variations in the Bible introduced the name to millions if not billions of people. Over time, it grew to become a popular girls’ name, not just in the United States but elsewhere in the world as well.

In 2017, The meaning of the name Anna ranked as the 53rd most popular girls’ name in the United States. Also, it is the 75th most popular girls’ name in the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, it’s even more popular in other countries. In 2016, Anna ranked as the single most popular girls’ name in the Netherlands and the 11th most popular girls’ name in Italy.

The modern-day popularity of the meaning of the name Anna also attributes to its use among celebrities, musicians and other famous people. American singer and songwriter Tina Turner, for example, has the birth name of Anna Mae by her parents.

Born 1985, Anna Kendrick is another American celebrity who has this name. Famous for her roles in “The Twilight Saga,” “End of Watch,” “50/50” and “Cake,” the American actress has helped popularize the name Anna in the United States. Of course, Anna Kendrick and Anna Mae Bullock are just two modern-day famous people with this name. Others include Anna Farris, Anna Gunn, Anna Paquin, Anna Passey, Anna Hopkins and many more.

SO What is the Meaning of the Name Anna?

There is a significant amount of literature on the meaning of the name Anna because of the strong history. Here we have compiled the various definitions and other information on the meaning of the name Anna for you.

The meaning of the name Anna: In etymological terms, the meaning of the name Anna includes “favor” or “grace” or “beautiful.” The name Anna comes from Anne. Comes from the Hebrew “Hannah,” means “graceful” and its celebrated on July 26th. Hebrew of Hannah: grace. The name Anna has vast popularity around the world.

Origin of the name Anna:

Anna comes from the Hebrew name Hannah, which means “grace.” This name is trendy in the US from 2001. Saint Anna is the mother of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. Without a child for 20 years, an angel told her that she would be the mother of a little girl, whom she will call Marie. At the death of her grandson, Jesus, she takes refuge in Brittany. She is also known to be the protector of mothers and widows. The feast of St. Anna celebrates on July 26th.

Local Origin for the meaning of the name Anna:

There are several variants of the name Anna, ranging from the Channah used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament, and Anna in Hebrew. Apart from that, many names come from Anna in different languages, including Annie, Anne, Ana, Ania, Annabelle, Annick, and Anita. In the old testament of the Bible, the name Hannah is used instead of Anna. Anna is the modernized version of Hannah that appeared in the new testament.

Different Country Variations of Anna:

  • Ana(Macedonian)
  • Spanish Ana, Anabel, Ani, Anita(Spanish)
  • Ana, Anabela, Anita(Portuguese)
  • Georgian Ana, Anano, Ani, Anuki(Georgian)
  • Ana, Anca, Ani(Romanian)
  • Slovene Ana, Anica, Anika, Anita, Anja(Slovene)
  • Ana, Anica, Anja, Anka, Jana(Serbian)
  • Croatian Ana, Hana, Anica, Anita, Anja, Anka, Ankica, Jana, Nensi(Croatian)
  • Ane, Anne(Basque)
  • Anke, Antje(Low German)
  • Annag, Nandag(Scottish)
  • Anne, Hannah, Anaïs, Annette, Annie, Anouk, Ninon(French)
  • Antje(Frisian)
  • Channah(Biblical Hebrew)
  • Channah, Hannah, Chanah(Hebrew)
  • Hannah(Arabic)
  • Hena, Henda, Hene, Henye, Hendel(Yiddish)
  • Nainsí(Irish)
  • Ona(Lithuanian)
  • Quanna(African American)

Nicknames of the name Anna:

Female names: Ana, Hanna, Hannah, Hana, Anne, Annah, Ani, Anny, Ann, Hanah, Anah, Anh, An, Ane, Anni, Any

Some favorite nicknames for the name Anna are:

  • Ana
  • Ananas
  • Anet
  • Anika
  • Anka
  • Ann
  • Anna
  • Annabannana
  • Annabella
  • Annanas
  • Anne
  • Annette
  • Annie
  • Anny
  • Anya
  • Banannana
  • Rihanna

More nicknames for Anna:

On, ana, Änalein, AnAn, Anana, Pineapple, Änchen, anee, Ani, Ania, Anica, Anichka, Änie, Anje, Anjka, Anjo, anjula, Anjuta, Anjutachka, Ann, Änna, Anna Bannana, Anna Wanna, Anna-Panna, Anna-Popanna, Annatollka, Annie, anney, Änni, Anni Banani, Anni-Irish, Annie, Annilein, Annio, Annora, Annsi, Anny, Annynanny, Anona, ange, Anzhi, Anschisweet, Äntchen, Aentschi, Anushka, Any, Anyu, Ouch, Ckanna, Ennie, Fanna, Hanna, Mpanna, Nana, Nani, Ntanna, Nyuta, Sanna, Sanni, Schlanna and Xfanna


Anna is an extremely popular name, and it is well known is almost all parts of the world. At as also been in the list of the top-ranked and most common names in the history.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Anna:

Derived from Hannah, Anna is the name of a sweet and sophisticated woman. The women who have this name have a great personality and are both kind and warm. Being capricious, they become angry when they do not get what they want quickly. They impose on themselves a great discipline to reach their goals and tend to impose it also to their people.

Anna is a name given to many famous women like Anna Kournikova, Russian tennis player; Actress Anna Karina, actress, and French singer; Anna Atkins, British botanist; Actress Anna Amendola, Italian actress; daughter Anna Freud, daughter of Sigmund Freud and psychoanalyst; and Novelist Anna Seghers, German novelist.

Although she is serious in her professional life, she keeps her child’s soul in her personal life. She likes to sulk and make quirks to her partner. Fidelity is something that she respects above all else.

She is Coquette; Anna likes to notice when she gets on her 31. Sometimes narcissistic, she can be locked in on herself if her partner does not show him enough consideration.

She is optimistic and courageous; she is a real fighter. Anna is also a down-to-earth woman. She is frank with her interlocutors and does not quickly trust people she does not regularly meet.

More about the personality traits of the name Anna:

The features that most define Ana are her sincerity, sensitivity, and impulsiveness. She does not like to lie, something that can cause problems in his life, is sincere before everything. That’s why she does not wish to manipulate, and she always wants to be right.

In the labor field, its main characteristics are optimism and creativity. If you are facing difficulty, always try to find a way to overcome it, it is your key to success. She does not like feeling inferior to his peers, so she always tries to be right.

Ana needs to be surrounded by her friends, to whom she gives prime importance. Maybe the personality of Ana does not please anyone, due to her stubbornness and frank sincerity, but with her friends, Ana dedicates to the maximum, is a reliable and good friend.

Ana brings the best of herself to her family. She is very close to everyone, she gives herself 100% and tries to spend as much time as possible with them. If you have children, focus on educating them the best you know, and share their love equally among all of them.

In love, Ana is idealistic and passionate. She does not support the infidelity of his partner, so she is usually quite jealous. As in other areas of his life, on the emotional level, Ana also wants always to be right. Both the latter and jealousy can cause specific problems in their relationships if they are not able to control them.

Emotional Spectrum:

Anna is so passionate that she often has unpredictable reactions, mixing joy and sadness. This strong emotivity makes Anna sensitive and nervous. Anna is surprisingly fast in her results; she is ready for anything if she feels her family or her job are in danger. Anna can throw herself body and soul into a cause that she considers. Not very sensitive to chess, no systematic opposition, and if there is opposition, it is always sportingly, Anna knows how to have an objective vision of life.

Personal Integrity:

Anna is an intuitive woman. Her sixth sense has almost never deceived her in her choices. His intelligence awakens his curiosity and his desire to cultivate himself. Passionate, she invests body and soul in what she undertakes. Anna does not tolerate neglect and mediocrity.

Generous and affectionate, she places a lot of importance to her family. Sometimes angry, she gets carried away easily if her interlocutor is not of the same opinion as her. Authoritarian, she demanded that everything be impeccable and finished in time, a character that earned her the praise of her superiors but also the objections of those around her.

More about the personality of the name Anna:

A powerful will to the point that Anna is sometimes careless, and may seem brutal. To counterbalance this, it is necessary that Anna evolves in a stable and just environment. Anna is very attracted by her interior and is attached to her home, to her family, much more than to her professional life. Therefore, in this area, Anna is hesitant and tends to want often to change professional orientations. Satisfactory enough, Anna nevertheless needs a balanced diet, even if it has a strong resistance. Anna is very friendly; she likes to receive, she is a perfect host.

Easily adaptable, Anna feels comfortable everywhere and with everyone. A dynamism in “sawtooth” that varies when everything is fine and when everything goes wrong. Being very curious, lively, imaginative, full of fantasy and sharing, Anna has a superficial intelligence that allows him to have a complete and rapid vision of each situation. Anna remembers everything that touches her, moves her, revolts her because she has an excellent emotional memory.

Relationships for the meaning of the name Anna:

She likes to share good times with her children. She happens to arrange her schedule to be with them. Sometimes severe, she does not tolerate her children neglecting their studies and their future and does not hesitate to put them back on track when they disappoint her.

Anna is an extroverted woman. She likes to enjoy life and have fun, a character trait that can strengthen her relationship with her partner if she has the same vision of the world as her, but who can move away from him if she does not understand enough. Anna considers trust as the cement of her marriage. As she tends to impose her ideas, she often comes into conflict with her spouse. Being naughty, she likes to surprise his partner and make his dream.

Anna is a woman who is true to herself. She does not like to hide what she is from her friends and lets them discover all her personality traits unreservedly. For her, friendship consists in accepting the other with her faults and her qualities, if not nothing. Loving to be surrounded and listened to, she does not hesitate to consult her friends when she is facing difficulties. She loves to discuss, to exchange, even if opinions diverge.

More about the relationships of the name Anna:

In love, Anna is by being very dedicated, passionate and Romanesque. She is a little dreamer and fantasizes about a man that makes her feel safe and safe at all times. She is also a compassionate woman, with very changing emotions, she can be jealous and possessive.

Anna is also a very seductive, amble and charismatic girl. She has the facility to communicate his ideas and emotions which helps in the effectiveness of his affectionate relationships. She is also an amiable person, so it is not difficult for him to meet candidates for such links.

In the family, Anna takes the role and responsibility of putting the members of her family in a good mood. Her excellent spirit is hugely contagious, and if she is not, she gives so much importance to her family that she is usually always trying to cheer them up.

Travel and Leisure:

Anna likes to travel because she enjoys the “air of freedom.” Given the global context, she loves to visit all kinds of places and explore all sorts of cultures to learn more about people. Since she has a very beneficial personality, she also likes to get indulged in philanthropic and volunteer activities that have a purpose behind it.

Career and Money:

Anna is a disciplined and strict woman in the professional world. She knows how to lead a team and motivate her. Anna knows how to separate her professional life from her personal life and does not let herself be overwhelmed when Anna works. She has a great sense of humor and knows how to make others laugh, not necessarily by jokes, but by her actions and her enthusiasm. Anna likes to have fun and enjoy life in joy and good mood.

In the academic field, Anna is a very social person. She will make many friends at this stage of his life. She is also a cooperative and altruistic girl; if she can contribute something with her knowledge, she will do it without hesitation.

But Anna stands out not only for her sociability and her talkative nature. In the studio, you can do very well thanks to the fact that she is a very creative girl. She is also optimistic that if something costs her, she will not lose her calm and will put his best effort to solve it.

At work, Anna is full of kindness and sociability. Her personality will help you open many doors in the workplace where you decide to work.

Life’s Opportunities for the meaning of the name Anna:

Anna is an artistic woman, so you may choose careers related to this field and even be excellent in these. We can find Anna as a singer, painter, actress or dancer, among other professions of this medium. She is one of those people who know how to see beauty in the most insignificant details.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Anna:

St. Anne is none other than the mother of the Virgin Mary, that is, the grandmother of Jesus. After twenty years without children, an angel appeared to him to announce that she would have a decent, and it was Marie. Legend has it that Anna took refuge in Brittany after the death of Jesus. She is the Patroness of Brittany, women in childbirth, mothers, and widows.

First, this name Anna is also related to citrine, a stone whose reputation is to increase the wealth of its owner. Citrine corresponds to Anna’s character: always in a good mood, voluntary and audacious. She talks about her loyalty and energy at work. Second, she likes to help her loved ones and advise them. Anna associates with the sign of Leo.

Furthermore, she knows how to put her skills to good use and tends to dominate those around her. Determined, she sets big goals that she reaches quickly. Kind, she shows a great generosity and can be appreciated for what it is.

Traditional Color for the name Anna:

The name Anna associates with the orange color that demonstrates his boldness, strength of character and intelligence.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the meaning of the name Anna:

The name Anna is fond of the number 3, a number that evokes his creativity and perseverance. According to her active numerology, Anna is a woman who loves change and hates being in the routine. As soon as she feels she begins to sink into a monotonous life, she puts her plan B in motion to find a new way to escape and let off steam. She is talented and has a great sense of persuasion. Her impulsiveness and impatience are among her biggest faults.

Flowers and Foods for the name Anna:

If Anna were a flower, she would be a Rose. Anna disseminates her goodness to the people around her. She is a person who is passionate about life, romantic and who loves to spend time with their loved ones. You are romantic, respectful of elders and tend to be striking.

Famous People Last Names with the name Anna:

  • Anna (figurine) (figure from the opera “Nabucco” by Giuseppe Verdi)
  • Writer Anna Andreyevna Akhmatova (Russian writer, considered the best Russian writer)
  • Anna Battke (athlete (pole vault))
  • Gymnast Anna Bessonova (Ukrainian gymnast)
  • Anna Carin Helena Cecilia Olofsson (Swedish biathlete)

Many famous women were already called Anna

  • A famous fictional character Anna Karenina: Leo Tolstoy wrote this novel of the century with the eponymous protagonist.
  • A Fashion Queen Anna Wintour (1949): The British journalist is considered as the boss of the successful fashion magazine “Vogue,” as the most influential woman in the fashion industry.
  • An athlete Anna Kournikova (1981): Anna is not necessarily one of the most successful, but certainly the most well-known tennis players: As a sex symbol with several advertising contracts, she is in the media even after her tennis career.
  • Opera singer Anna Netrebko (1971): The world-renowned Russian soprano has sung at the most important opera houses in the world.
  • A beautiful agent Anna Wassiljewna Chapman (1982): Anna is not only a former Russian agent but also a model, fashion designer, and TV presenter.


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