Meaning of the name Ann

Meaning of the name Ann

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Meaning of the name AnnWhat is the Meaning of the Name Ann?

Throughout my studies, I’ve come across thousands of names, but the meaning of the name Ann is what fascinates me greatly. That is why today I decided to share with you some of the most interesting information on the meaning of the name Ann that I have gathered.

Meaning of the name Ann: The etymology of the name Ann is “A Merciful person.” The origin of the name Ann is “English,” but it is arguably derived from various historical languages as the variant of the names Anna, Anne, and Hannah in Greek and Ancient Hebrew. The name Ann is exceptionally popular all around the world due to the fact that Ann was the name of the sainted mother of the Virgin Mary.

This is not it, and there are several other interesting facts and information about the meaning of the name Ann that you should not miss. Continue reading to learn the untold facts about the meaning of the name Ann.

Origin of the name Ann:

The name Anne comes from the Hebrew Hannah meaning “grace.” Anne is also the name of the mother of the Virgin Mary and happens to be very popular in Christian countries. The name Anne is very famous in the Bible. It is also worn by Joaquim’s wife whose story is recorded in the Gospel of James. Joaquim and Anne obtained the grace of God and gave birth to their only son after 20 years of marriage. Anne is today an emblematic figure of Christendom. Nearly 287,000 people currently bear the first name Anne in France. This name reached its peak of popularity in 1971 with 6782 babies. The derivatives for the name Ann are Anna, Annette, Annia, Annie, Annick, Annette, Annouette, Anaelle, Anais, Annaise, Aneth, Anika, Anita, Aniouta, Anouchka, Anneto, Nancy, Nais, Nanette, Netty, Ninon

Local Origin of the name Ann:

St. Anne is none other than the mother of the Virgin Mary, that is, the grandmother of Jesus. After twenty years without children, an angel appeared to her to announce that she would have a decent, and it was Marie. Legend has it that she took refuge in Brittany after the death of Jesus. She is the Patroness of Brittany, women in childbirth, mothers, and widows.

Different Country Variations of Ann:

  • • Portuguese ann
  • • Polish ann
  • • Norwegian ann
  • • Maltese ann
  • • Macedonian Ен
  • • Lithuanian Ann
  • • Latvian ann
  • • Italian ann
  • • Irish ann
  • • Icelandic Ann
  • • Hungarian ann
  • • Greek Άννα
  • • German Anna
  • • Galician ann
  • • French ann
  • • Finnish ann
  • • Estonian ann
  • • Dutch ann
  • • Danish ann
  • • Czech ann
  • • Croatian Ana
  • • Catalan Ana
  • • Bulgarian Ан
  • • Bosnian Ann
  • • Belarusian Эн
  • • Basque ann
  • • Albanian ann

Nicknames of the name Ann:

Ann – Ana, Anny, Anne, Nanny, Annie, Anita. Fancy

Male first names:

Anes: Hans: Hani: Anh: Hany: An: Hanz: Han

Female names:

Anna: Ana: Hanna: Hannah: Hana: Annah: Ani: Anny: Ann: Hanah: Anah: Anh: An: Ane: Anni: Any


The name Ann is classified in the 215th position of the most given names. Therefore, it is a very common name. It is estimated that there are at least 2749700 people in the world who have received this name, which represents 0.038% of the population. The name Ann is composed of three letters. It is relatively short, compared to the other names referenced in our database.

The wife of Saint Joacher and mother of the Virgin Mary, who will give birth to the Son of God, Saint Anne is the subject of an important cult in the East in the 5th century. Then in the West, where are dedicated to the grandmother of Jesus many sanctuaries, important centers of pardons and pilgrimages, as in Sainte-Anne d’Auray, Brittany, and Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Quebec, Canada.

In Annecy, Savoie, Anne Michelotti is attracted by the Host of the tabernacle from her earliest childhood. Later, to serve the poor in which the girl also sees Christ, she founds a new religious family: the “Servants of the Heart of Jesus.” And until her death, in Turin, Piedmont, in 1888, Anne tirelessly devotes herself to those who suffer: “light of love illuminating the slums of the big city, fire warming all those she approaches and sign of pure love of God for all men, “says Paul VI, blessing her in Rome in 1975.

Anne Maugrain, 34, and Anne Hamard, 51, are massacred in hatred of the faith, in Angers, between All Saints 1793 and October 1794. They will be beatified by John Paul II, with a hundred other martyrs of the Revolution, in 1984.

Traveling companion of Thérèse d’Avila who esteem her for her great helpfulness and good humor, Anne de Saint-Barthélemy participates in the foundation of the Carmels of Pontoise and Tours. She prays to her friend Teresa as a saint, publicly, immediately after her death; which attracts reprimands from her confessor. Therese appears to her, “very glorious and resplendent” to console her: “Ask me what you want, I’ll get it for you,” she told her.

Personality Traits:

Anne is very suspicious and feels safe with the people she loves. She needs their support to successfully cope with the problems of life. Sensitive, she loses her self-confidence as soon as her family no longer believes in her skills. She needs reassurance all the time, or she can not do anything.

Anne always looks friendly. She loves to make new friends and discover other interests. She is however acerbic with people who do not inspire confidence.

Anne does not take unnecessary risks. It always carries out a feasibility study before starting a project. Thanks to this method of work, she avoids failure. Anne knows how to learn from her mistakes. She seeks every day to improve and does everything to excel.

Being a perfectionist, Anne is never happy. It is not enough for her to complete a mission: she needs to get the best results in everything she does. Anne has a sense of professionalism and is always serious. She avoids collaborating with people who lack willingness.

Anne always takes the necessary step back before embarking on a new project. When she is sure that the latter will succeed, she gives herself thoroughly and does not let herself be influenced. It stops only when it reaches its goal and faces all the obstacles it encounters.

She is a dynamic and determined girl and, despite her young age, knows very well what she wants. When you enchant yourself with a new doll, you’ll hit your foot until you can. And believe, she knows how to do this. She was born to be the head of the house, and Mama will have to be strict to make her understand who gives the orders. She is also a very intelligent, creative and independent girl. Encourage this side, and it goes far!

Ann as a child will be a small leader. It is she who will command and organize the games with little friends, and even invent new activities. Creative and original, its beach is not wheel and doll play. What she really likes is to invent new, different things. With all this talent, she can also be a little overbearing. She’s going to make the jokes, but she’ll give the orders. The adults around you should have a firm grip on taming this little girl.

She is an enlightened girl, ahead of her time. Throughout childhood, he will surprise those who are around with her humanity, her delicacy, her goodness. It will not be difficult to see her making two little friends stop fighting over the pink pencil, and with all the intelligence of the world, convince them that blue is the color of the sky and is as beautiful as the rose. She is idealistic and will get bored whenever she sees some injustice or things she does not agree with. Do not ignore your little girl’s intuition.

Ann is also considered to be “A woman of secrets. Although calm and impassive, Ann is not inactive; she never panics, acts with seriousness and serenity and has her feet on the ground. Ann is quite introverted and does not give up easily, she is also shy, reserved and lacks self-confidence. One does not always know what she thinks and her silences, which one could take for “sulkiness” or hesitations, are in fact moments of observation and reflection for Ann. Ann is very objective and does not grab all that is around her, on the contrary, she likes to help those around her. It could be said that Ann has a morality, a system of values, very conventional beliefs, she does not want to shock even if it happens to feel like it. It is above all reasonable. Ann controls her intuition and brings her very little credit. Ann reflects on all her actions, weighing the pros and cons, sometimes at the risk of not acting. She does not realize that life is a game too.

Emotional Spectrum:

Ann is susceptible and withdrawn. Ann is not very emotional which allows her to have a very thoughtful side, let’s say a shy side. it’s just that Ann needs time to think and decide. Ann does not like fantasy; she has a seriousness, a sense of method that allows her to achieve her goals.

Personal Integrity:

She is of very good will. However, Ann does not always go to the end of things and tends, at that moment, to be dragged by the circumstances. Ann has a very strong professional conscience and is easily devoured by her profession, in which she takes refuge. Ann has a tendency to not listen, to overwork, exceeding the limits that her body can bear; yet she does not have a very good vitality. Although friendship is very important to her, she has few friends, but she has carefully chosen them. She likes what is organized, solemn; it is for her the respect of the traditions. It is necessary that Ann takes confidence in her, manages to combine discipline and fantasy and is not content with its weighted character. her sense of friendship is sincere, to both women and men. She is then, with her friends, capable of listening, of comfort, of cooperation. Ann has an analytical intelligence seeking the slightest detail of each situation; she has a very good memory and a precise word.

Always looking for affection, Ann needs to be loved and told. Nevertheless, it should not be jostled, disrupted by too many demonstrations, that complicates Ann ‘s sentimentality. Because very quickly misunderstandings sentimental can settle and Ann forgives with difficulty.

This is a complex field for Ann, sometimes synonymous with repression, it is, in any case, her secret garden.


Anne loves to spend time with her family and does her best not to get too far from her loved ones. For her, true happiness is the one we taste with those we love. For this happiness to continue, she does everything in her power to create a good atmosphere in her family cocoon.

Anne hates the change she sees as a brake on her growth. For her, having to change means starting all over again. It preserves its habits as much as possible to better evolve.

Anne is a romantic who aspires to live a relationship worthy of a fairy tale. She does everything to make happy her soul mate and consecrates her all her life.

Travel and Leisure:

Anne loves to plan everything and does not like the mess. She never does anything to chance because she always has a purpose. She tends to impose her ideas as she believes she is always right. If Anne were an entrepreneur, she would be demanding and authoritarian. She can not bear indifference and gets angry when ignored. She always finds original ideas and does not hesitate to show them in public. Anne loves calmness and harmony. For her, travel allows you to recharge your batteries and acquire the will to face the problems of life.

Career and Money:

Due to the trustworthy character of Ann, she is definitely able to reach the leadership roles in terms of responsibility and authority. People will tend to trust her both professionally and personally, which is something that she will be able to cash on. It is already evident from various other signs that we have discussed that Ann is potentially a leader. In addition to that, Ann will also be ahead of her time in terms of thinking ability and attitude towards life. Nonetheless, because of her position, she can be prone to becoming a slave to her work and potentially a workaholic. That is the reason why she must consider being very careful about balancing her work life with her personal and social life. Only if she is very careful, she will be able to manage that. Since you attract money, money attracts you. However, sometimes you would just need to give yourself more time than going after all that money.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Ann:

Biblical character, Anne is the mother of Samuel, the child she has after a long period of infertility, prayers, and tears, in Rama, Palestine, in the 11C. It consecrates it to God at the temple of Silo and says its Magnificat, a song of praise from which Mary, the mother of Jesus, will be inspired (1S 1 and 2,1-10).

Aquamarine is the precious stone associated with the name Anne. This is a member of the family Beryl. The name of this stone derives from its color bordering on the sea. Aquamarine has long been regarded as symbolizing eternal youth and happiness. The ancestors have long believed that one could invoke the demon of hell by depositing this stone in the mouth. They also thought that the water in which one dipped an aquamarine becomes a remedy for the eyes. Cancer is the astral sign that best defines Anne’s character traits. The natives of this sign are known for their determination. They do not easily give up their dreams even if they face enormous obstacles. Cancer also makes sense of the family and kills itself at work to provide a better life for those they love. They are people who stand out for their loyalty. They never do things that might harm the lives of those they love. On the contrary, they are always present for them and do not hesitate to lend a hand if needed.

Traditional Color for the name Ann:

White is the color of the first name Anne. For Westerners, this color symbolizes perfect balance and unity. For many generations, this color was associated with purity, marriage, and virginity. In certain situations, white is even associated with the divine and with perfection. Natural white is rare in nature. This color has the advantage of adapting to all others, including red, blue, green and brown. However, do not exploit the white abusively so as not to create an empty and bland atmosphere.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Ann:

The number for the name Ann is 2. This indicates that you are very loving and understanding. The person of number 2 loves to pay attention to others, especially to the loved one. Fear of illness always makes you look for a healthier diet. They are very attentive and understanding. Because it is very diplomatic and has great ease of adaptation, it coexists very well in all the environments that it frequents. She is very modest in love and always compares it to sex.

Calculating and interpreting personal numbers gives you self-knowledge and, therefore, better use of each other’s potentials. In addition, it allows the understanding of actions and reactions, as well as the periods of life, and respective challenges and achievements. Through the qualities of numbers, we know what stimulates us, the way others see us and what we come to do and learn in this life. By understanding the numerical vibrations, we come into contact with our superior strength and in harmony with the forces of the Universe, which leads us to spiritual evolution. All numbers have positive and negative characteristics, harmonic or conflicting vibrations. It all depends on who is under the influence of these vibrations.

From the name Ann, one arrives at three elements, including Ambition, Personality, and Expression. The Ambition Element or soul element of Ann represents the “true self,” “essence,” what drives, the reason for being in this world, its goals and desires. For this part, the ambition number for Ann is 1, which indicates performing things, as well as encouraging, advising and guiding others. Personality (or Appearance) element of Ann represents the way she relates to the world. It indicates how others see you. It’s your business card. According to your personality number 1, you are dynamic, independent, original, creative and very hard working. You demonstrate courage, leadership, decision, and desire for power.

Flowers and Foods for the name Ann:

If Ann was a flower, she would be a Calas. It indicates that your presence is like that of a goddess, you are a leader, and you have power over others. Your bearing is fine and delicate, projecting dynamism and elegance. Even if you were in sandals and without makeup, you know how to look elegant because that is what you transmit.

Famous People Last Names with the name Ann:

  • Anne of France: the lady of Beaujeu “Capetian princess regents during the minority of her brother (1462-1522)
  • Anne of Austria: Queen of France (17th century)
  • Anne de Joyeuse: favorite of Henry III and admiral of France (1561-1587)
  • Anne de Brittany: Queen of France (1477 – 1514)
  • Anne de Boleyn: Queen of England (16th century)
  • Anne Brontë: English poet and novelist (19th century)
  • Anne BROCHET: French actress, played in “Cyrano de Bergerac.”
  • Anne Boulet: called Mademoiselle Mars, French actress (1779-1847)


Ann is a strong, balanced woman who has a very serious and rigorous conception of life that is sorely lacking in madness.


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