Meaning of the name Andrew

Meaning of the name Andrew

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Meaning of the name AndrewWhat is the Meaning of the Name Andrew?

Meaning of the name Andrew has various implications and historical stories which became a reason for its popularity. Let’s look at the meaning of the name Andrew first.

Meaning of the name Andrew: From the Greek language, the name Andrew comes from the word Andros which means “brave,” “virile” or “distinguished among men.” The name Andrew goes back to the name Andreas as well. The Romans brought the name Andreas to Europe. The name was also widespread in Palestine. The Normans brought the name to England. Especially in Scotland, England and Scandinavia, the name Andrew has been famous in many variants since the Middle Ages.

To learn more about the meaning of the name Andrew, keep reading to find out what the name Andrew reveals about his personality and his charming attributes.

Origin of the name Andrew:

First name Andrew is famous around the 1950s. At first, it was quite rare, but it almost disappeared in 1958. However, the fame managed to win the hearts of parents, and in the following years, its popularity rating increased slowly. Nonetheless, it reached the pinnacle of popularity in 1998 before experiencing a more or less stable growth curve to the present day.

Local Origin of the name Andrew:

Appearing in the early 1950s, the name Andrew has received a craze over the years. However, in 1958 it was used very little. Subsequently, the number of children given this name has increased. It is in 1998 that it became the most popular before certain stability. Typically, Andrew is a charismatic boy with a strong personality. He is dynamic and courageous and does not let the difficulties of life defeat him, and he is always looking for solutions to move forward. Able to gain the upper hand over others, he manages to impose his ideas and desires without having to raise his voice. The name Andrew has many derivatives, including André in French. We can also find Andrea, Andreas, Andres or the diminutive form Andy.

Different Country Variations of Andrew:

Andrew – English

André – French

Andrea – Italian

Andreas – German

Nicknames of the name Andrew:

Ehrendrew/ Drew/ Andy/ Drew-Drew/ Andrewi


Andrew is a popular name in many countries, and it started becoming famous in the 1950s. In 2019 it is ranked as the 37th most popular name.

Personality Traits for the meaning of the name Andrew:

With a strong personality, Andrew is an energetic being who is often exuberant. However, this attitude hides a sensitive character often overwhelmed by violent emotions. Being hyperemotional, Sensitivity is something that often dominates Andrew. By continually having the nerves on edge, Andrew ends up being angry and even aggressive. Because of a stubborn side, he rarely diverts his decisions.

Moreover, being a courageous and determined personality, Andrew has a keen fighting spirit. For him, everything comes back to competition, and he does not hesitate to do everything to win and achieve his goals. Stimulated by the difficulty, Andrew hates to follow the course of events passively. He prefers to carve his way and support the choices that are his own. Possessing a developed fighting spirit, he considers that life is a competition, which pushes him to give himself the maximum to succeed and be first in all areas.

Andrew also has a very sharp sense of justice. Sometimes he is idealistic and may show violent reactions when confronted with actions that offend his sense of morality. Naturally altruistic Andrew also appreciates helping his neighbor, so much so that they do not hesitate to join many charities or humanitarian organizations. The person having this name may show violent reactions when confronted with actions that offend his sense of morality.

Emotional Spectrum:

Highly emotive, but always in control, Andrew goes head-on into things and allows his intuition freely rein which enables him to extricate himself from delicate situations and adapt to all types of lifestyle. Andrew can be influenced but has strong self-confidence. Being irritable, susceptible, jumpy, aggressive and an actor at heart, Andrew enjoys playing his part and impressing those around him; though for the latter, he shows an extreme reactivity.

Personal Integrity for the meaning of the name Andrew:

He is very attached to his family and will make many efforts to be in harmony with those around him. Andrew is a supporter of peace, even though he can sometimes declare war. He often has a developed aesthetic sense, which makes him interested in art or beautiful things. Andrew will look for the comfort of a cozy nest. In love, he is often difficult, as he seeks perfection. That is why, because of his intransigence, Andrew runs the risk of letting happiness pass by without seeing it. He is dictatorial, punctilious, and full of high principles. He is not always easy and runs the risk of breaking the relationship quickly since he is still thinking of finding an exceptional person. But does such a person exist?

Behind this impressive facade, Andrew hides a significant weakness and is far more delicate than he appears. He is nearly irreproachable in some cases, but that depends on the circumstances. He is never in real opposition to anyone. For Andrew, there is always a common ground. His intuition is infallible, and as he possesses a real sense of business, this assists him in efficiently succeeding in his different enterprises.

Andrew is dotted with a strong persuasive force and holds strong opinions that he affirms voluntarily and precisely and always with a clearly defined motive. Andrew has a lively curiosity and rigorous professional conscience. His imagination is mainly practical and he self-imposes a severe discipline when he wishes to succeed at something.

More about the Andrew name meaning:

Andrew’s possessiveness appears very early in his relations with others, using his raw charm on all those around him from a very early age. For him, living is possessing, and approval is therefore essential.

Sensitive to flattery, Andrew needs to feel loved, needs to be told so too and also shown with declarations and demonstrations of love and tenderness. For Andrew, the family is sacred.

A firm will characterize Andrew. However, this can change into obstinacy, even aggressiveness if things don’t go as Andrew wants them to. This determination, bordering on audacity, is without doubt responsible for a significant part of Andrew’s success. Andrew cannot and should not be idle. Inactivity is something that is absent in his life, or it could develop into complexes. Andrew is tenacious, so when he acts, it is always with an idea in his mind and in the service of a superior cause that he will defend passionately and that often corresponds with his interests. He is naturally prudent.

This ability enables him to escape from numerous close shaves so well because Andrew has a prodigious vitality and high resistance. All of it is on the condition that Andrew doesn’t cede to the nervousness that can invade and submerge him at times. Andrew is very much at ease in the center of a crowd or meetings. He benefits from contact with others and often needs them to feel fulfilled. Friendship represents an essential value for him, and this can quickly become tyrannical at times, particularly with the certitude that everything belongs to him.


In the family, he is a person who cares too much about the welfare of their mother, father, and grandparents. Of course, in the case of the brothers, in case they did, it is something that they will always take into account. And it will be an excellent example for the family.

About friendship is a person loved by his friends, one of the things that characterize him most is that he usually gives his heart in a noble way to those people who provide him all their support, he is a great adviser, and the best of all is that allows friendship, discover great adventures.

Now it’s time to talk about love, and it’s a man who falls in love quickly, but when you find true love, he will become the most romantic and tender person that person will discover who gives his heart to him.

Travel and Leisure for the Andrew name meaning:

Traveling is a great way to live new experiences for Andrew. For him, it is a way to reflect, learn and find himself. He is born to travel, and it proves to be excellent therapy for him. It is a unique way for him to meet unusual and interesting people and create strong relationships with them. Andrew finds it to be an opportunity to acquire skills that are otherwise difficult to add up so fast.

Career and Money:

About the work is a person who is characterized by having proper planning, and this helps to have something very stable. You can play very well both as boss and employer and with a lot of leadership.

Life’s Opportunities:

You have the soul of a fighter, and you never throw in the towel. You are very active and can make decisions quickly. Andrew is very dynamic and is full of energy as well as very hardworking. You are very persuasive when it comes to defending your ideas. The challenges do not scare you, and you love the competition.

Andrew can go for all the professions in which they have to make precise and fast decisions: careers related to the economy, marketing, the police force, the army, etc. You can also be a great entrepreneur. Medicine could also be your thing, as long as you have a prominent position or work on your own: surgeon, kinesitherapies, and dentist. You could also try your luck with some elite sport

Spiritual Meaning of the name Andrew:

We celebrate the Andrews on the same day as Saint Andrew, which is November 30. In the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, he is considered the second apostle of Jesus, while in John’s, he was one of the first two apostles. In the Bible, he was the one who introduced Simon to Jesus, and he also brought the little boy through whom the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and the fish took place.

Andrew perfectly symbolizes the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Just like the latter, he is sincere and upright. He will always honestly say what he thinks even if it can hurt others. Andrew is always looking for adventure and change. He still goes forward to provoke fate to get what he wants. Like Sagittarius, Andrew loves challenges. Physical or cerebral competition is the best way for him to tame his hyper—emotivity, so he will never retreat before a small problem. Andrew is also a boy who needs space and freedom. The constraints and responsibilities are not made for him, even if he does not disdain them occasionally.

The stone that best fits Andrew is turquoise. Provoking personal fulfillment, it will help to let go at the right time. His influence will also increase his sense of friendship and responsibility. Because he is hypersensitive, Andrew is calm and feels a sense of peace, thanks to the turquoise. The turquoise reduces his nervousness while helping him to get along with those around him.

Traditional Color for the name Andrew:

The color best symbolizing Andrew is yellow. Synonymous with joy and cheerfulness, it perfectly matches its main character traits. Radiant and cheerful, it brings happiness and enthusiasm by its very presence. This warm and dynamic color is also the part of his personality that is full of energy and continually seeking competition. It also reflects his sense of friendship and the loyalty he shows to the people he appreciates.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the meaning of the name Andrew:

Andrew’s favorite figure is 3. When influenced by Andrew, his creative abilities will be stimulated. He will be pleasant and courteous while knowing how to communicate effectively with those around him. His dynamic side will also be encouraged, which will enable him to resist the blows of fate. However, if he is not careful, the number 3 will affect his emotions and push him little by little to isolation.

PERSONALITY number for Andrew is 22. Reliable, remarkably consistent Personality Number 22 makes Andrew emanate an energy that can help him meet all his goals. This number drives him to leave something to the world, a contribution that lasts over time. It can be a discovery, a business, or something else. Andrew is a born leader, has great innovative ideas and wants to tell that to the world.

Marked by a master number, Andrew has a strong personality which gives him an edge over others. He is active, energetic, dynamic and bold, and his temperament is passionate. Adaptable and malleable, Andrew will know how to assert his rights and his ideas gently. Besides this being true, he can also demonstrate firmness. He has multiple projects and great views. However, it would be necessary for him to know how to apply them.

More about the name Andrew:

Nevertheless, the action is his escape valve, since his great nervousness does not put it to shelter his emotional crises. He will submit more to his destination and remain in the background, but this will allow him to lead a more comfortable life. However, as a general rule, the difficulty stimulates him. He has a very keen sense of justice, and he reacts violently to any iniquity.

Everything that is human affects him and often has a fraternal ideal that makes him interested in others or adheres to groups and associations with social or political purposes. He is also a very intuitive man, although he prefers to show his logical spirit. He can oscillate between an absolute possessiveness and certain altruism. As a child, Andrew is willful and a good student since he works actively. For someone like Andrew, group activities should be encouraged which would allow him to develop his sense of solidarity.

Flowers and Foods for the name Andrew:

The iris is the flower that best symbolizes elegance. Ideal for people with style but reserved. But it also symbolizes eloquence and wisdom, so it is the best option when we want to praise someone we love. Of course, it is essential to take into account the color, since the yellow iris represents passion, while the white iris represents the purity of friendship.

Famous People Last Names with the name Andrew:

1. Andrew Zuckerman: Andrew Zuckerman is an American director and a photographer known for his hyperrealistic shots.

2. Andrew Andrew Fox: known as “Andrew J. Fox,” starred in the “Back to the Future” series, fell ill with Parkinson in the early 1990s, and became involved with his foundation for Parkinson’s research. Canadian-American actor. Year of birth: 1961.

3. Heath Andrew Ledger: Oscar winner as supporting actor in 2009. Australian actor. Year of birth: 1979.

4. Andrew Carnegie: became the wealthiest man of his time as a major industrialist in the steel industry, donating much of his fortune, including Carnegie Hall in New York. American industrialist. Year of birth: 1835.

5. Andrew Russell Garfield: plays in “Boy A” 2007 and “The Social Network” 2010, is the new “Spiderman” in “The Amazing Spiderman” 2012. American-British actor. Year of birth: 1983.

6. Andrew Jackson: seventh President of the United States of America 1829-1837. American politician. Year of birth: 1767.

7. Andrew Johnson: 17th President of the United States of America 1865. American politician. Year of birth: 1808.

8. Andrew Lloyd Webber: Praemium Imperiale 1995, Oscar winner for “You Must Love Me” from “Evita,” composer for musical, including “Cats,” “Starlight Express” and “The Phantom of the Opera.” English composer. Year of birth: 1948.


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