Meaning of the name Amelia

Meaning of the name Amelia

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Meaning of name AmeliaWhat is the Meaning of the Name Amelia?

We have been able to research various interesting meanings of the name Amelia. We have summed up our entire study in this compact article to share everything about the meaning of the name Amelia and her personality.

Meaning of the name Amelia: In etymological meaning, the meaning of the name Amelia is translated from Greek as “Sweet and delicate”. It has different origins, including Teutonic in which it means “a defender and Latin in which it means “industrious”. It is an extremely popular name around the world.

There is a lot more than you can discover about the meaning of the name Amelia. You can learn about her personality, likes, dislikes, and destiny by learning about the meaning of the name Amelia. To find out more about it continue reading.

Origin of the name Amelia:

It comes from the amal root meaning work and from the Greek amala means “sweet, delicate”. It was widely spread in Europe and the US during the 19th century, becoming a name worn by queens and princesses such as Amelia, Princess of Orleans and Queen of Portugal.

Local Origin of the name Amelia:

Emilie de Rodat decided to devote her life to educating poor children. Indeed, by noting the lack of religious teachers, she founded the order of the Holy Family in Villefranche. 37 communities will be created afterward.

Different Country Variations of Amelia:

• In Spanish Amelia

• In German Amelie

• In French Amélie

Nicknames of the name Amelia:

Referring to girls named Amelia and taking into account that the name itself is very beautiful, we use few nicknames. Among these are “Ame” or “Melia”, and they are used by their friends and relatives to address her with affection. There are several other nicknames for Amelia, such as Amy, Meli, Ami, Mela, Lia, Melia, Ami, Mila, Mill, Mia, Mel, Blackbird, Millie, Amelinha, Ame, Meja, Melitta, Elia, Melita, Emma, Emeli, Milsy, and Lee.


Since its first attribution, the name Amelia has been constantly increasing since the end of the 20th century. It reached its peak of popularity in 2005 when most people with Amelia were recorded.

Country Wise Ranking of the name Amelia is:

  • Australia (NSW) 6
  • Canada (BC) 20
  • England/Wales 1
  • France 179
  • Ireland 12
  • Netherlands 196
  • New Zealand 7
  • Northern Ireland 4
  • Norway 75
  • Poland 6
  • Scotland 8
  • The United States 17

Personality Traits:

Amelia could be a little strange and emotional, and she has a certain mystery. Her sensitivity is such that she often feels obliged to hide her emotions and hide them behind a mask of impassibility. Being an idealist, Amelia is the type of girl who lives in an illusion and often has difficulty coming down to help those around her. Her high aspirations often lead her to disappointment, resulting in violent nervous breakdowns or depression. Very attached to her inner balance, Amelia prefers to fall back on herself rather than open to others. By confining herself to the role of the observer in society, she ends up having a persistent feeling of loneliness. While growing up, it is quite possible that Amelia will live this marginalization to her advantage, by asserting herself original and creative. In her young age, Amelia is a fragile child, complexed by a feeling of inferiority. For her to flourish and live a stable childhood, it is essential that she feels loved and supported by her family and loved ones. When this is the case, Amelia is at her best and is able to develop her abilities. She will wish to please those she loves and will not hesitate to make sacrifices to achieve her goal.

To channel your emotions and turn your dreams into something concrete, it would be wise to introduce one or more artistic activities such as music, painting, dance or theater. Amelia loves calm and serenity. To choose, she would rather spend time alone than participating in a group activity. However, this does not prevent her from being a faithful and loyal friend. Her relatives know that despite her absences, Amelia is among those who just need to call for them to come. This tendency to introversion pushes her to unusual reflections on marvels or strange phenomena. Sometimes, her reflections give her an extraordinary logical mind. In love, Amelia has a certain penchant for complications. Amelia is romantic and sensitive. She is a dreamer who aspires to live in osmosis with her other half. Faithful to her originality, it is sometimes difficult to understand her attractions. For her relationship to work, it is important that her partner is patient and intuitive, because Amelia does not communicate, but wants to be guessed. In professional life, Amelia will be attracted to the world of psychology. During the first years of her professional life, she will be submissive, dependent and passive, but will gradually become active, authoritarian and responsible. Once her character is well forged, she will have a certain fondness for the powerful or authoritarian professions.

Amelia is an entrepreneur and has a great capacity to achieve what is proposed through effort, dedication and a spirit of perseverance. She is a woman who gives great importance to her family and friends. Despite having a strong character, she is a very kind person when dealing with others.

Her personality can be a bit strange and mysterious. She is a very sensitive person, which sometimes leads her to hide inside herself so as not to be hurt or show her own vulnerability, which can make her seem very cold but she is really only protecting herself.

Amelia appreciates the natural, the calm and the solitude, she carries within herself the ability to marvel and is attracted by everything that comes out of the ordinary. For her, it is necessary to be in constant action since she is a woman who always seeks change.

At work level, she is someone very focused and methodical. What makes her stand out in any work activity she develops. The product of their own anxiety and nervousness cannot be allowed that things are not done at the right time.

With regard to love, it is not easy to find a partner because she can be very closed when it comes to expressing feelings and emotions, which makes it difficult to establish a relationship and make it stable.

Emotional Spectrum:

Amelia is rather introverted and therefore does not easily manifest her emotions, especially since she is much more attentive to her inner world. She has a true sense of friendship, but few friends, carefully chosen, useful and effective and a real sense of camaraderie especially in her professional environment. This reactivity also depends on the circumstances and seems calculated and measured.

Personal Integrity:

Patient and organized, Amelia always arrives at her ends with a formidable efficiency. Rather phlegmatic and discreet, Amelia acts behind the scenes and shows up, reveals herself only when the need is real. Amelia has a strong self-confidence and cannot be influenced. It is difficult to change her mind. She is quite subjective and sees the outside world through her vision of things. She can skillfully and cleverly capture those around her. She has a morality much more instinctive than dictated by laws or responding to a social attitude. Thus, at times, it seems to her, if the circumstances so require, that certain principles may be transgressed. However, Amelia is honest. Her beliefs are, after all, traditional, she follows the movement more than she initiates. Amelia prefers to reason logically rather than rely on intuition. Her seduction is discreet and “slow” that is to say that it takes a certain time to know and appreciate.

Amelia has a tendency to wait until the last moment to decide or even to relax her efforts in progress. In fact, her will often depends on circumstances. The perseverance of Amelia overcomes the hesitations that she experiences at the beginning, one can even speak sometimes of obstinacy, which leads her almost always to the success. Being prudent and organized, Amelia spares her vitality and her health is on the whole very good. Amelia’s sociability is not always very regular and depends largely on her moods and the precise purpose she pursues. We do not always know what Amelia thinks and what lies behind her natural smile. Since she is not always very enthusiastic, Amelia must often rely on her own energy.

Amelia has a formidable memory, a very lively curiosity, and an analytical intelligence; that is to say that Amelia analyzes the situations in the smallest details which sometimes leads to losing sight of the general idea.

Amelia does not talk about her love life and everything about sexuality, these are topics that mostly makes her uncomfortable. Although she is discreet in this area, she is still able to real passionate impulses, like a dormant volcano that wakes up. Just like her emotions, Amelia does not easily show her feelings. At first glance, one may believe that it is cold, whereas it is in fact secret. She just needs to have more confidence in others and open up her affectivity.


On the subject of love, the qualities that represent her positively sometimes turn against her. A clear example is her constant honesty, and this because sometimes she does not measure her words and can hurt others. You can have several crashes with your partner as she is strong and tends to always maintain her posture.

Even so, when a man fits perfectly with her and manages to understand her while maintaining harmony, everything will flow like magic. Whoever can achieve it will receive in return the love of a faithful woman and always a fighter for what she loves.

Amelia is a very homely woman, she will be a girl who loves her parents and siblings if she has them. Whenever she has time, she will look for ways to share with them and visit them. The warmth of your home is comforting for her and necessary for a better quality of life. These girls will defend their family from any situation that threatens them like a beast. Although the formation of her own family is not one of her priorities, she hopes to have it one day. As a Mother, we can see that she could play a very good role.

Travel and Leisure:

Her number corresponds to those people of a free spirit with a great receptive capacity to enjoy the beauty and appreciate art. They are always looking for new experiences so they will always be looking for a way to travel to know new things and be in shape and creating their own vision of things. They possess an analytical thought that leads them to always be in search for the origin of all things. Sometimes they interpose their own need for freedom before the needs of others which can make them a little selfish or inconsiderate.

Career and Money:

What characterizes Amelia in academia is her determination to fulfill her goals and help her friends. This part of her life is strongly marked by her social life. Amelia’s performance in the studies is generally that of an average girl or even much older, never less. Her social life is reduced, but she is not inefficient or solitary because for her less is more. She is a great student and very altruistic. She will also strive to achieve her goals and help her friends as much as possible along the way. As we can get the idea, we know that Amelia has strong values that maintain her mettle. For this reason, it is not surprising that she rejects corruption and injustice at all costs. Impunity for the guilty is inconceivable. For this reason, and her strong moral we will see in professions in which she can claim justice. These girls were born to do good so that within these possible professions we can highlight the following:

• A lawyer

• Detective.

• Judge

• Police officer

Life’s Opportunities:

Amelia is pragmatic and she only achieves her goal by her own efforts. Even if it starts slowly sometimes, it always ends up taking a “cruising pace” and goes far in life. She must nevertheless become a little more human and open to life.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Amelia:

Amelia is symbolized by Cancer. The Cancer native is someone loyal, sensitive and protective. Amelia enjoys meditation and reflection. Solitude, therefore, does not scare her, even if sometimes it becomes too heavy and turns into marginality. Cancer loves to feel safe, its home being the only place where it really feels untouchable. For her, the affection and support of her family is what matters most. Chalcedony gemstone is for Amelia, which has the ability to provide serenity of the mind and thus echoes the calm of Amelia. It is also recommended for people who tend to be nervous and unconvincing. These are two reasons why it is the representative gem of Amelia.

Traditional Color for the name Amelia:

Symbolizing loneliness, gray is associated with Amelia for her introverted side. She is not very happy and this color has the advantage of matching with almost all other colors while inspiring calm and serenity.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Amelia:

The number 9 is an idealistic personality. It has the same emotional and dedicated tendencies as Amelia. The number 9 is not content to want a better world, it is active on its scale by being the best friend, the best collaborator, the best neighbor or the best citizen possible. The 9 evolves without entering a spirit of competition, but only in order to be fair and good. Being very interested in people, 9 understands and analyzes without judging.

Flowers and Foods for the name Amelia:

if Amelia was a flower, she would be a Bird from paradise. If your favorite flower is this you are a firm believer in yourself, you are not afraid to defend what you believe, you are free-spirited and maybe you like drama a little because sometimes you tend to create conflicts because of your personality and strong beliefs.

Famous People Last Names with the name Amelia:


Well-known personalities by the name Amelia are:


• Amelia “Amy” Shepherd (main character from Gray’s Anatomy)

• Amelia “Mia” Thermopolis (main character “The Princess Diaries”)

• Amelia Brightman (singer and songwriter)

• Amelia Curry (Person from the book “Amy on the summer road”)

• Amelia Earhart (American pilot)

• Amelia Kinkade : Amelia Kinkade is an American actress.

• Amelia Lily : Amelia Lily is an English singer.

• Amelia Opie : Amelia Opie is an English author.


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