Meaning of the name Alexander

Meaning of the name Alexander

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Meaning of the name AlexanderWhat is the Meaning of the Name Alexander?

With a comprehensive study of the meaning of the name Alexander, we have come across some extremely interesting facts about the meaning of the name Alexander. Here we have put together everything that the meaning of the name Alexander can tell you.

Meaning of the name Alexander: In etymology, if we translate the meaning of the name Alexander, we would get “A defender of Men”. The origin of the name Alexander is primarily from Ancient Greek languages. Alexander is greatly popular in almost all parts of the world due to its amazing historical background.

Apart from the meaning of the name Alexander and its origin, there are a lot of other interesting information that you should not miss if you know any person who’s named Alexander. This can help you learn a lot about that person.

Origin of the name Alexander:

To discover the origin of the name of Alexander we have to go to ancient Greece, which gave rise to his name joining two terms widely used at that time. The first of them, Alexein, is related to the protection or defense of something, while the second term, Andros , comes to refer to a man, emerging the proper name of Alexander.

This name has been proudly worn by numerous important historical figures, such as the well-known Alexander the Great, a great conqueror, but also an explorer and lover of the sciences, as well as the great Alexandre Dumas, writer of The Three Musketeers or El Conde de Monte Cristo.

Local Origin of the name Alexander:

This masculine given name comes from the Greek “Alexein” and “Andros”. They mean respectively “repel” and “man, manly, warrior”. In other words, this first name means “the protector of men against an enemy”. Saint Alexander is honored on April 22nd.

Different Country Variations of Alexander:

Alexander in other Languages has slight variations.

  • In Dutch it is Aleksandr
  • In English it’s Alexander
  • In French Alexandre
  • In German it is Alexander
  • In Italian it is Alessandro
  • In Russian it is Alieksander, Saxha or Sasha.
  • In Turkish it is Iskander.
  • Ital .: Alessandro
  • M: Alexandre
  • Port .: Alexandro
  • Rum .: Alexandru
  • Russ .: Alexandr
  • Span .: Alexander

Nicknames of the name Alexander:

Alex/ Sanja/ Olec/ Alus/ Ali/ Xander/ Alec/ Al/ Axi/ Alix/ Lex/ Alexi/ Sascha/ Aley/ Lexl/ Alexus/ Ander/ Sasha/ Ali/ Alexei/ Xandi/ Lexi/ Sander/ Sandro/ Lexus/ Lexander/ Sunny/ Sola/ Lexan/ Atze/ Lexa/ Sano/ Axi/ Xande/ Asik/ Xanni/


The birth curve in the US is quite impressive for the Alexander. The peak is between the late 1980s and the 2000s. During this period, there were just under 10,000 newborns under this name.

Personality Traits:

Alexander is a phlegmatic person who likes to enjoy life and will pass the time. He is not lazy, but everything depends on the action in which he must invest his time. Alexander is an extrovert who needs contact with others so that he doesn’t feel alone. We can believe it to be suggestible, because he says yes with ease, but he is not likely to shock by real convictions. Love is his whole life and Alexander makes a happy mix of feelings, sexuality, greed. Alexander has a very strong morality, one could believe that it is morality by omission, that is to say, a kind of morality that would take its source in a certain absence of activity. However, it is not, Alexander has a real value system that he believes in and is attached to. The friendship is for him of the order of the sacred, it is not necessary to touch his friends, and this true cult is present since the youngest age of Alexander. Alexander is an intuitive person, with a remarkable flair, who knows how to have a philosophical conception of things.

Alexander is a very likable person and this can be read on the features of his jovial face. We notice his presence, even if he does nothing special. His charisma is quite impressive and he has great success with the fairer sex. It evolves very easily in society and adapts quickly to all kinds of situations. Moreover, he usually knows how to get out of the most delicate situations in a surprisingly natural way.

During his childhood, Alexander has some difficulty concentrating, especially at school. A little too lively, he prefers to spend his time having fun, laugh and play. Even if this trait helps him to make friends and to join groups very easily, it can be harmful to his schooling, especially if the child is not followed closely. Therefore, his parents must impose a great deal of discipline on him so that he places his studies in the foreground.

In society, Alexander rarely encounters relationship problems. The heat that emanates from his person is felt from the first moments, his interlocutors immediately feel confident and the ice often breaks almost instantly. He is open, willing and confident. These character traits give it an attractive charisma. His ease of speech is always a valuable help in difficult situations, such as professional interviews for example. Communicative and very talkative, Alexander always finds something to say and we never get bored with him. In addition, he has gifts of imitator that he often uses to entertain the audience. Even when he is upset, he knows how to get around the situation fluently. When he remains oddly silent, is rare enough,

In love, Alexander never does things in half: either he is very in love and faithful to his companion, or he collects adventures. In the first case, he is very demonstrative, generous and romantic. He likes to share and communicate, and often experiences strong moments with his partner. The latter will appreciate it, because of its authenticity, which tends to become naive at times. However, we must be careful because Alexander is very jealous, even possessive when he is in love. In the case where we are dealing with Alexander the executioner of hearts, we face a real speaker who makes many women succumb. He hypnotizes with his carefully chosen words and plays with his charming look. His air of eternal adolescent is a great asset of seduction which he does not deprive himself.

Emotional Spectrum:

He is weak, certainly, but the life of Alexander is not for all that without worries. Finally, he is a big worrier who needs to be reassured to watch his life. Everything is quiet for Alexander, however, behind this phlegm, there is a being full of talent and imagination, able to cause interesting surprises.

Personal Integrity:

There exist for Alexander several types of activity, those, few, where he will invest with pleasure. Then come those where he will participate with obligation, very little enthusiasm and motivation. Finally, those that he will prefer to leave to the others judging that the work which one is afraid to avoid doing oneself is a benefit for the one who will do it. Alexander is full of vitality. His health is satisfactory. Nevertheless, he can be overworked in the event of too much activity. How Alexander could he live without the others, whereas he expects everything from others. Those to whom he does not hesitate to do the tasks that were initially entrusted to him; those who allow him not to be alone, who are there for him, around him. So yes, Alexander is very sociable. If it’s the desire to do something, a project that slumbers in his soul, a hope that settles in the hollow of his brain, then yes, we can talk about dynamism, otherwise, it’s rather a word that is banned from his vocabulary.


As we mentioned before Alexander is a protector by nature, this makes him very jealous but passionate, he looks for couples with a low self-esteem because he can protect them and with which he can live that adventure that he lacks, and if you are a couple of some Alexander do not worry about an infidelity since he is faithful and respectful with the person he loves without hurting her.

Alexander’s family life is usually very boring because it does not give him independence. They do not usually go on vacation and trips are discarded. He overprotects his children and usually isolates them from sports activities for fear of having an accident. With the passage of time, the distance of their loved ones will appear.

Career and Money:

Alexander, despite being very dedicated in his studies, it is very difficult for him to fit a specific subject or branch, he has great skills neither for the areas that are of calculations and clearings, but neither in the scientific or architectural areas, that is, drawing or similar to this.

When talking about work is very active and life is not complicated by minimal things, is able to perform several functions at the same time and solve work problems with incredible ease; It is not easy for you to find a job of your total pleasure, it is not very good with money management.

He is intolerant to blood so he cannot practice a profession related to something of health, but when he manages to find a job according to his ideal job, he gives himself completely to it and takes out all his weapons so as not to lose his job, since he knows that finding another ideal job for him would be almost impossible.

Life’s Opportunities:

Since communication is Alexandre’s favorite field, commercial, social and expression (written or oral) and audiovisual professions are ideal. Occupations related to the medical or legal field are also recommended.

Spiritual Meaning of the name Alexander:

The native of Pisces has almost the same character traits as Alexander. Talkative, comic, friendly and jovial, his circle of friends is very vast. He is frivolous and resists bad temptations so that his love conquests are very numerous. Curious by nature, he likes to try all sorts of things but does not always finish what he started because he found “better to do” along the way.

Alexander is Greek and Christian. On his way to Lyon, he narrowly escaped the persecution that cost Bishop Pothin and young Blandine, as well as more than forty others, their lives in June 177. But denounced by a servant, he was arrested, tried and tortured. Then he died crucified at the beginning of the year 178.

The emerald, which is the stone of renewal and hope, is relative to the unparalleled sincerity of Alexander. It conveys great harmony and great inner beauty. Alexander’s quality of heart is as bright and transparent as this gemstone.

Traditional Color for the name Alexander:

The red, which translates passion, ardor, and danger, among others, is undoubtedly the color that befits Alexander. The latter is always lively and lively. His jovial personality and great strength of character are reflected in this energetic, warm, enveloping and penetrating color.

Lucky Numbers and Numerology for the name Alexander:

The 3 and 9 are Alexander’s numbers. The first reflects his sense of communication and open-mindedness. It is easy for him to move forward in life, whatever the obstacles. The second is synonymous with altruism. This proves once again that Alexander is a very generous being and likes to help his entourage.

• The hereditary number is 8

• The active number is 3

• Expression number is 11

• The intimate number is 2

• Realization number is 9

Flowers and Foods for the name Alexander:

Alexander’s flower is Orchids. Orchids mean that you are a perfectionist down to the smallest detail. For you, efficiency and organization are key pillars in everything you do. Your good habits make you successful in your work, although sometimes you tend to leave family and effective relationships aside.

Famous People Last Names with the name Alexander:

• Alexander “Alec” Gideon Lightwood (Figure from “The Mortal Instruments”)

• Alexander “Alex” Brandt (fictional character (alarm for Cobra11))

• Alexander “Alex” Hofmann (former German motorcycle racer)

• Alexander Barta (ice hockey player)

• Alexander Baumjohann (football player)

• Alexander Becht (German actor)

• Alexander Blok (Russian writer)

• Alexander Bommes (Former German handball player and television presenter (inter alia “asked-hunted”)


Alexander is rich in possibility and has many qualities that his nonchalance and his phlegm do not always allow to express themselves. Nevertheless, Alexander is easily satisfied with his fate and therefore by the same token, he is generally in a good mood, not asking himself too much question and spreading around him a quiet joy.

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